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April 30th, 2012

News Report

Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at work on Robobugs. (1)

Vanessa Alarcon saw them while working at an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square on September 2007.

"I heard someone say, 'Oh my god, look at those,' " the college senior from New York recalled. "I look up and I'm like, 'What the hell is that?' They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But I mean, those are not insects."

Out in the crowd, Bernard Crane saw them, too. "I'd never seen anything like it in my life," the Washington lawyer said. "They were large for dragonflies. I thought, 'Is that mechanical, or is that alive?' "

That is just one of the questions hovering over a handful of similar sightings at political events in Washington and New York. Some suspect the insectlike drones are high-tech surveillance tools, perhaps deployed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Others think they are, well, dragonflies -- an ancient order of insects that even biologists concede look about as robotic as a living creature can look.

No agency admits to having deployed insect-size spy drones. But a number of U.S. government and private entities acknowledge they are trying. Some federally funded teams are even growing live insects with computer chips in them, with the goal of mounting spyware on their bodies and controlling their flight muscles remotely.

miguel de Portugal comments: And that was 5 years ago!  Can you imagine how much sophisticated this and other systems are?

(1)  News Report

April 29th, 2012

Commentary on the News   [via (Mr.) LP]
[our highlights]

Several items ...

First:  I read yesterday's News Commentary about Herranz. My first reaction was horror, and my second one was nausea. The nausea has now passed, but this story "hit" me more than many of the others I have seen recently, on your site and elsewhere. I am reporting this personal reaction, and leave to you the assessment of the significance of the reaction.

I looked back to see whether I had mentioned Cardinal Herranz in my book. I had done so; he is part of the denial/coverup apparatus in the sex abuse scandal (1).

The quote from the book follow:

In April 2002, Cardinal Herranz, an Opus Dei member whom John Allen describes as "the Vatican's attorney general," criticized "a climate of 'exaggeration, financial exploitation and nervousness' in the United States. Herranz also complained of a 'tenacious scandalistic style' in the American press." [106]  In 2003, the Cardinal said, "pedophilia is only minimally identified with the Church, touching scarcely one percent of priests. Meanwhile for other categories of persons, the percentages are much higher." [107]


[106] John Allen, "The Word From Rome," "A Look at the New Cardinals," National Catholic Reporter, October 3, 2003,, viewed 06/09/04.

[107] John Allen, "Vatican official comments on Geoghan murder," National Catholic Reporter, August 25, 2003,, viewed 06/09/03.


Second: I re-read the Sequence of Events earlier this evening. Within the last hour, I said inwardly: "Thanks be to God that the sequence has been compressed into a short time. Couldn't God just shorten things further, and move straight to step 14 (the gathering of the elect?)"

I got an immediate answer: That steps 1-13 of the Sequence will awaken some souls who would otherwise be lost. In other words, God will use the sufferings associated with the Great Tribulation to save as many souls as possible, souls that might not have "made it" without being shaken awake first. In other words, even the Tribulation is allowed as an act of love and mercy by God.

Do you wish to comment on this or to evaluate this? (If my "answer" is in error, please advise.)

miguel de Portugal comments: The immediate answer that you received is the procedure that we have been highlighting for years under the title of: Pain is the Megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear. (2)

That is why we, as one more reminder, just published - and were criticized for - the following:

As the saying goes, the  "Party Is Over", dear lady. Make no mistake.

The only thing left to do is pray for ourselves and others and to strengthen our faith to enable us to navigate through these most dangerous and treacherous waters of the Apocalypse. There is nothing else to do that will produce any kind of good fruit.

We were labeled as being "negative" by someone who has been with us for some years and who should know better.

It should be obvious to most (or so we thought) that what is meant by: "...pray for ourselves and others and to strengthen our faith to enable us to navigate through these most dangerous and treacherous waters of the Apocalypse" is precisely to reduce as much as possible the "volume of the megaphone" - that is, the pain required for the conversion of the wayward sheep.

Obviously your "answer" is not in error; it is right on target!

(1) False Dawn - Chapter 25
(2) Pain is the Megaphone....

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

New U.S. Stealth Fighters now at Iran's back door. (1)

America's most sophisticated stealth jet fighters have been quietly deployed to an allied base less than 200 miles from Iran's mainland, according to an industry report, but the Air Force adamantly denied the jets' presence is a threat to the Middle East nation.

Multiple stealth F-22 Raptors, which have never been combat-tested, are in hangars at the United Arab Emirates' Al Dafra Air Base, just a short hop over the Persian Gulf from Iran's southern border, the trade publication Aviation Week reported.

Air Force spokesperson Lt. Col. John Dorrian would not confirm the exact location of the F-22s, but told ABC News they had been deployed to a base in Southwest Asia -- a region that includes the UAE. Dorrian also stressed that the F-22s were simply taking part in a scheduled deployment and are "not a threat to Iran."

"This is a very normal deployment to strengthen military relationships, promote sovereign and regional security, improve combined tactical air operations and enhance interoperability of forces," Dorrian said.

miguel de Portugal comments: Sure!

(1) News Report

April 28th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Israel army chief says that other nations could strike Iran. (1)

Israel's military chief said Thursday that other countries have readied their armed forces for a potential strike against Iran's nuclear sites to keep Tehran from acquiring atomic weapons.

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz did not specify which nations might be willing to support or take direct action against Iran. Still, his comments were one of the strongest hints yet that Israel may have the backing of other countries to strike the Islamic Republic to prevent it from developing nuclear arms.

"The military force is ready," Gantz said. "Not only our forces, but other forces as well."

"We all hope that there will be no necessity to use this force, but we are absolutely sure of its existence," he told The Associated Press, adding that he was not speaking on behalf of any other nation.

miguel de Portugal comments: How convenient! Paving the way so that no one will know for sure who started it.

Then, another "Commission" will be appointed to investigate who fired the first shot and then it will fall into oblivion as most of those "Commissions" do after mocking the general public with their "findings".

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Benedict XVI calls in Opus Dei troubleshooter to uncover source of Vatican leaks. (1)

Cardinal given 'pontifical mandate' to hunt Holy See staffers releasing documents on corruption claims in 'Vatileaks' scandal.

Vatican staffers who have been leaking embarrassing letters about corruption and nepotism inside the tiny city state are to be hunted down by a crack squad of cardinals led by a senior member of the religious group Opus Dei.

Irritated by the anonymous release of documents to the press this year, Pope Benedict has named Cardinal Julian Herranz, 82, to lead a three-man team which will haul in staffers for questioning and rifle through files until they catch the perpetrators of what has been dubbed "Vatileaks".

A short statement printed on Thursday on the front page of the Vatican's daily newspaper warned the team had a full "pontifical mandate" to "shed complete light" on the whistle blowers, who have lifted the lid on alleged theft and false accounting.

Herranz was a long-time personal secretary to Josemaría Escrivá, the now canonised founder of Opus Dei, which has been accused of excessive secrecy, strict control over members and undue influence within the Vatican – a reputation pushed by Dan Brown's thriller The Da Vinci Code.

miguel de Portugal comments: Paraphrasing and old saying: The fox is now in charge of the security of the hen house.

(1) News Report

April 27th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Most of you may have heard a vague reference to some sort of "Noah's Ark for Seeds" that is somewhere in a very cold part of the world.

Of those who heard about it, most probably did not give it the proverbial second thought and moved on shrugging off such notion as the product of some fanatical apocalyptic group.

But wait! There may be more to it that meets the eye. Remember, "Where there is smoke.... there is a fire" as the saying goes.

From Wikipedia (1) we learn the basics about this "cute little project"....
[our underscoring]

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near the town of Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 1,300 kilometres (810 miles) from the North Pole.

The facility preserves a wide variety of plant seeds in an underground cavern. The seeds are duplicate samples, or "spare" copies, of seeds held in gene banks worldwide. The seed vault will provide insurance against the loss of seeds in gene banks, as well as a refuge for seeds in the case of large-scale regional or global crises.

The seed vault is managed under terms spelled out in a tripartite agreement between the Norwegian government, the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT) and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen).

Construction of the seed vault, which cost approximately US $9 million, was funded entirely by the Government of Norway. Storage of seeds in the seed vault is free of charge. Operational costs will be paid by Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Primary funding for the Trust comes from organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and from various governments worldwide.

So far so (innocuous) good. A very small investment, by all standards (US $9 million), made by a low key country (2). It could easily pass for a token expenditure by politicians seeking the "Green" vote - and nothing more... until... we decided to look at: (a) Who are the contributors; and (b) How much does it cost to keep it going.

Both (a) and (b) are key elements to find out what is really behind this seemingly innocuous project.

In a footnote (3) of the Wikipedia article we found out that, as of February, 10, 2012, the amount of money already collected to run the "cute little project" is no small change: US $171,282,164, with the total amount pledged so far being "a paltry" US $231,065,628.

Of course, the above provides another confirmation that the "Elite" have a very good idea where the world is heading and are preparing their come-back. The part that they do not know about is that: God has other plans and they will soon find out that those who consider themselves "The Elite" are not are part of "The Elect" (4).

(1) Wikipedia Article
(2) It was "low key" until Mr. Anders Behring Breivik decided to stage a massacre in order to "Save Europe".
(3) List of donors and amounts donated
(4) The Selection of the Elect

April 26th, 2012

News Confirmation  [via (Mr.) LP]
[our highlights]

I received some unexpected information last Friday (April 20th) that confirmed (in advance) your “News Commentary” post of April 25th.
I attended a business networking event. I sat next to a Japanese, a strategic planner from a prefectural government in Japan (a prefecture is similar to a province). He is here in the US for a 1-year fellowship at a major university in the California Bay Area. His specialty is environment and energy.

I asked him about Fukushima, and mentioned the reports I had heard here in the alternative press about contamination/possible evacuation of Tokyo. I was expecting him to debunk such claims.

Instead, the official said:

1. He does not want to return to Japan with his family, due to fear for their safety.
2. He is not concerned about the possible evacuation of Tokyo - but he did say that the Japanese food supply is contaminated.
3. He said that "Japan is over ... it is no longer developed country." [His exact words!] Previously, he had been concerned about helping Third World countries with development and energy issues; since the March 2011 disaster, he is now most concerned with his own country.
4. He said that Fukushima is not under control, and that there is not yet any way to control it.

All of this confirms all the ominous news reports about Fukushima, including the report you posted on the 25th.

Are you aware that.... there is a well established, and well funded, Coalition for Democratic World Government?

On their opening page (1) we read:
[our highlights]

We are a coalition of organizations working in various ways toward a civilized system of world law.

World Law Enforcement to:

    Ban weapons of mass destruction,
    Protect the Earth's environment,
    Prevent/stop international military aggression,
    Uphold basic human rights,
    Help eliminate poverty and hunger worldwide.

Individual Accountability--a Fundamental Concept: World law enforcement would apply to individual persons. We believe that it is dangerous and unjust to punish an entire nation for the crimes of its leaders.

Universal Accountability: Everyone would be accountable under world law, including all national and world government officials. No one would be above the law.

A World Constitution: Before law enforcement powers are given to any world organization, there must be safeguards against world tyranny. An essential safeguard is a world constitution with a global bill of human rights.

Global Structures: The world constitution (whether a modified UN Charter, or a document drafted independently of the UN) would provide for a democratic federal world government under world law.

The world government would include a democratically elected world legislature, world courts, and a world executive with a world peace force. These institutions would protect the rights and security of the people of the world, in all nations.

The Federal Principle--Unity with Diversity: The world constitution would grant certain powers to the world government and reserve other powers to national governments and to the people.

Stopping Aggression: If international military aggression occurs, the world government would act, in accordance with world law, to

    Protect innocent people on each side of the conflict,
    Stop the violence,
    Arrest and prosecute persons responsible for the aggression.

Essential, Not Merely Desirable

We think that a democratic federal world government is essential for the protection of the Earth's life support systems, because we believe:

     1.    That national and international laws are inadequate to protect the global environment and halt the proliferation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction;
     2.    That there is an urgent need for enforceable world law to protect the world's people and the future of our children;
     3.    That an adequate system of world law requires some form of world government;
     4.    That the only type of world government that would have any chance of being acceptable to the world's people would be a constitutional democratic federal world government under world law.

A democratic federal world government, founded on a world constitution with a global bill of human rights, will protect cultural diversity throughout the world and enable the human family to act as one to protect its common global home.

For a Who is Who among the support of the above enterprise Click Here. No, it is not another Conspiracy Theory; it is a fact.

miguel de Portugal comments: Given the irrefutable fact that the politicians in a country, like Spain or Belgium, for example, or in a union, like the European Union, for example, cannot even agree on the most basic covenants, the only way to implement the above (in the absence of Divine Intervention) would be, as we have been pointing out since 1993 (2), through sheer brutal force. That is the only "incentive" that man has shown, for at least six thousand years, he will respond to. Those who do not respond, quickly become fertilizer for the vegetation trampled during the battles.

Sarcasm? Cynicism? Hardly! Just condensing human history into one paragraph.
(1) Coalition for Democratic World Government
(2) The Establishment of One World Order

April 25th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Is Fukushima's Doomsday Machine About To Blow? (1)

Mounting troubles at Japan's hobbled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant now pose a real threat to human survival. If the area in which Unit 4 is struck by another 7.0 magnitude earthquake, there's a 70 percent chance that "the entire fuel pool structure will collapse" and massive doses of lethal nuclear radiation will be released into the atmosphere.

The disaster would release approximately "134 million curies is Cesium-137 -- roughly 85 times the amount of Cs-137 released at Chernobyl as estimated by the U.S. National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP)."

Experts believe that the amounts are sufficient to "destroy the world environment and our civilization", which makes containment "an issue of human survival."

"Japan's former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata... strongly stated that if the crippled building of reactor unit 4 - with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground - collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but it will also affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4. In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air. This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. ... Such a catastrophe would affect us all for centuries."

Murata's concerns have been brought to the attention of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, to high-ranking officials in the Obama administration and EU, and to leaders around the world. The reaction has basically been the same everywhere, which is, "It's Japan's problem. Let them deal with it."

There is no way to overstate the media's complicity in concealing critical information about the tragedy that is presently unfolding at Fukushima. If there is another earthquake, the media will certainly be every bit as responsible as the government officials who saw the danger, but chose to do nothing.

miguel de Portugal comments: "There is no way to overstate the media's complicity in concealing critical information" - that is "the name of the game" for everything now. As we have said many times before, do not expect to be notified ahead of time about the Apocalyptic events as they unfold, one after the other.

We thank the Family member who alerted us to this well hidden information so that we may use it as "Just another example" in the hopes that our readers understand the reality that we are teetering at the edge of the practically bottomless pit.
(1) Full Editorial

April 24th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

North Korea's military warned Monday of imminent "special actions" that would reduce South Korea's conservative government to ashes within minutes, sharply escalating the rhetoric against its southern rival. (1)

The statement, released Monday when programming was interrupted on North Korea's state TV by a special report, comes amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The threat from the North's military leadership comes amid concerns that North Korea may be plotting another provocation in the wake of an unsuccessful rocket launch condemned by the U.N. Security Council as a violation of a ban against missile activity.

North Korea characterized the April 13 rocket launch as a failed bid to send a satellite into space - not a disguised test of missile technology - but then followed up two days later by unveiling a new long-range missile at a military birthday parade for late President Kim Il Sung.

On Monday, the military warned in a statement carried by state media that it would launch "special actions" soon against the South Korean government and conservative media.

"Once the above-said special actions kick off, they will reduce all the rat-like groups and the bases for provocations to ashes in three or four minutes, in much shorter time, by unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style," it said.

miguel de Portugal comments: Sounds clear enough, doesn't it?

(1) Mainstream Media Source

April 23rd, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

ATK Secures .40 Caliber Ammunition Contract with Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (1)

ATK Wins Five-Year, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract for .40 Caliber Ammunition from Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ATK announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for .40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds.

ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. HST is engineered for 100-percent weight retention, limits collateral damage, and avoids over-penetration.

miguel de Portugal comments: Why would the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement need 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets, not legal in international warfare but legal to use in the US?

(1) Wall Street Journal Reports

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Shift on Executive Power lets Obama bypass rivals. (1)

One Saturday last fall, President Obama interrupted a White House strategy meeting to raise an issue not on the agenda. He declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.

"We had been attempting to highlight the inability of Congress to do anything," recalled William M. Daley, who was the White House chief of staff at the time. "The president expressed frustration, saying we have got to scour everything and push the envelope in finding things we can do on our own."

For Mr. Obama, that meeting was a turning point.

But increasingly in recent months, the administration has been seeking ways to act without Congress. Branding its unilateral efforts "We Can't Wait," a slogan that aides said Mr. Obama coined at that strategy meeting, the White House has rolled out dozens of new policies - on creating jobs for veterans, preventing drug shortages, raising fuel economy standards, curbing domestic violence and more.

Each time, Mr. Obama has emphasized the fact that he is bypassing lawmakers. When he announced a cut in refinancing fees for federally insured mortgages last month, for example, he said: "If Congress refuses to act, I've said that I'll continue to do everything in my power to act without them."

(1) New York Times Reports

News Report No. 3

Explosion, fireball reported in Nevada, California. (1)

Astronomers say a loud explosion heard across a large swath of Nevada and California on Sunday morning was likely caused by a meteor.

The sound of the explosion around 8 a.m. prompted a flood of calls to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Sierra Nevada in the two states.

The explosion rattled windows and shook houses from Reno to Winnemucca in Nevada, and from the Sacramento to Bakersfield areas in California.

miguel de Portugal comments: Nothing "to write home about". We just thought that it was interesting. It could have been part of the Lyrid meteor shower announced for that period. (2)

(1) News Report
(2) NASA Reports

April 22nd, 2012

News Report

Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July. (1)

For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.

Unknown to most of them, their problem began when international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of infected computers around the world. In a highly unusual response, the FBI set up a safety net months ago using government computers to prevent Internet disruptions for those infected users. But that system is to be shut down.

The FBI is encouraging users to visit a website run by its security partner, DCWG (2) , that will inform them whether they're infected and explain how to fix the problem. After July 9, infected users won't be able to connect to the Internet.

Most victims don't even know their computers have been infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems.

miguel de Portugal comments: In a nutshell, what this virus will do is: Without your knowledge, change the internet address that you may have entered and take you to a fake page mimicking the page that you intended to visit. Then, through the falsified page, they will feed you whatever mis- information they want to spread throughout the world.

Imagine if your computer is infected and you visit any of our pages, say, Private FYI&R, for example, and, on a page that looks identical to ours, you read that "miguel de Portugal has acknowledged his error about Opus Dei and now he will join the group". Then, what would you then think about all else miguel de Portugal has published for the last 14 years?

This is the ultimate stroke in dissemination of false information on a global scale. Imagine what will happen once a misinformed reader turns around and "Tweets" the seriously wrong information and/or place it on a Facebook type service.

For those of our readers who are not savvy about computers and internet matters, we have asked a close cooperator, whose professional field is computers and internet, to digest the information and present it as simple and straight forward as possible so that any of our readers could insure that their computer is not infected.

(1) News Source
(2) DCWG

April 21st, 2012

News Report No. 1

It is hard to avoid hearing about the sordid details of the trial of Mr. Anders Behring Breivik for the crimes he committed back on July 2011. The key questions that still haunts the prosecutors and judges are: (a) the logic behind Breivik's apparent madness; and (b) whether he really is part of a group as he claims to be.

They continue to mumble and fumble even though we placed the following clues on their hands on July 24th , 2011, via an e-mail sent to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC, and to the Government Administration Services in Norway:

May the Peace of God be upon Norway and its people!

After recovering from the shock of the tragic events in your fine country, we carefully reviewed what has been published about Mr. Anders Behring Breivik's background - as well as his cold acknowledgment of, and the logic behind, the crimes he committed.

This morning we realized the conceptual parallel between Mr. Breivik's plans and a historical novel (mostly actual history) published in Spain in the year 2010 - "La Cúpula del Mundo" by Jesús Maeso de la Torre (1).

The key players in this true historical drama were King Don Alfonso X of Castilla y León, the daughter of the Norwegian King [Haakón IV], Princess Kristín Hakonardottir (who was brought to Spain to marry the brother of King Don Alfonso), the Teutonic Knights, and an actual planning group to establish a Rex Mundi. All of this was taking place in the mid 13th Century.

Because of part of the work we do - to expose the real plans that do exist to establish such a Rex Mundi right now in the 21st century - we carefully reviewed the book "La Cúpula del Mundo" and confirmed the actual historical facts.

That work resulted in a document we published on January 17, 2011, and which we announced to our audience, which spans over 105 countries, as follows:

The Real Roots of the One World Order and Its Solid Germanic Foundation.

All pieces continue to fall into their unique places forming an exquisite mosaic that can only be properly be discerned by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We suggest that the above document be carefully reviewed and the referred to book read. It may shed all the light you may need about Mr. Breivik's mentality, and may help you to track down anyone else who may have been involved - physically or as an inspiration - in such a heinous crime.

At your service,

(signed with miguel's civil name)

(physical Address given)

(1) "La Cúpula del Mundo" by Jesús Maeso de la Torre, 2010, Random House Mondadori, S.A., Barcelona, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-253-4529-6
      At Amazon

It is obvious that they ignored our communication since they still are unable to connect the dots. We were going to send it again, this time via Registered Mail but God indicated that we should not. This may help you fully understand the following paragraph from a recent Private FYI&R:

On the nights of April 17th and 18th there was an almost eerie replay of the scene/situation described above. It also had to do with the launching of a nuclear war. This time, my reaction was extreme calm and no pleas for Mercy. The words that came out of my mouth were: We have been amply warned and sadly we have not responded as we should have. It is now too late.

This is why we do not lose any sleep over the collapse of the last Tower of Babel man has erected. It really is all over and its collapse, well deserved. Let us continue to pray.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Ousted Secret Service supervisor joked about Sarah Palin. (1)

One of the Secret Service supervisors ousted in the agency's ongoing prostitution scandal joked on Facebook that he was checking out former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as he protected her during the 2008 campaign.

David Chaney, one of two supervisors forced out of the agency this week, wrote: "I was really checking her out, if you know what i (sic) mean?" after a friend commented on the picture posted in January 2009.

In an interview with Fox News Thursday, Palin said the joke is on Chaney. "Well, check this out, buddy - you're fired!" Palin said.

Chaney posted at least two pictures of him with Palin, along with another in which a woman in a revealing bikini top stood in the background, looking at Chaney. The photo was captioned: "not in front of my son." Details of the photos and comments were first reported Thursday by The Washington Post.

Palin said the scandal is "a symptom of government run amok."

"It's like, who's minding the store around here?" Palin told Fox. "The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her."

Earlier Thursday, he White House had expressed renewed confidence in the director of the Secret Service in the midst of the sordid scandal, which threatens to become a serious political distraction in an election year. A key lawmaker who oversees the Secret Service predicted more firings there soon.

miguel de Portugal comments: We find this information quite disturbing. What kind of individuals are we hiring for such sensitive profession? Even if he had such a sophomoric intellect to get involved in the latest escapade in Colombia, the posting of that kind of information/photographs on a forum as Facebook escapes fundamental logic.

(1) News Report

April 19th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

On April 17th, President Obama announced a new series of steps to strengthen oversight over energy markets aimed at curbing illegal behavior and holding the people who manipulate those markets accountable. (1)

As the President said Tuesday the 17th:   We can't afford a situation where speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher - only to flip the oil for a quick profit. We can't afford a situation where some speculators can reap millions, while millions of American families get the short end of the stick.

miguel de Portugal comments: This move will generate more dangerous enemies for President Obama than anything else he has done since he took office. Of course he is right about "speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher - only to flip the oil for a quick profit"; the problem is that these speculators are on the "Board" that runs the World. (2)

We sincerely pray that the Secret Service agents responsible for our President's security pay more attention to him than to the prostitutes and other distractions tactically placed on their path.
(1) From the White House
(2) Meet the "Board"

April 18th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Euro debt crisis: Is Spain the new Greece? (1)

Spain has emerged as the new Greece – the focal point for the euro zone's ongoing debt crisis. This week, that crisis has begun escalating again.
Related stories

On Monday, interest rates on Spain's long-term debt rose above 6 percent, a level not seen since the last flare-up of the euro crisis. On Tuesday, Spain saw its costs of short-term borrowing nearly double from a month ago. Although investors snapped up its debt issues with enthusiasm, they demanded nearly twice the return that they did a month ago. Spain's 12- and 18-month government bonds went for an average yield of 2.6 percent and 3.1 percent respectively, up from 1.4 and 1.7 percent on March 20.

If its borrowing costs keep rising, then Spain will be unable to service its debt – a squeeze that has already forced Ireland, Portugal, and Greece to seek a bailout from the European Union. But Spain isn't Greece, it's far larger. The default of the euro zone's fourth-largest economy would shake confidence in the currency in a way that tiny Greece never could.

miguel de Portugal comments: What is of interest in this situation is that: Reporting from the street, so to speak, there are other European (and World!) countries in worse financial shape than Spain but the pounding on Spain has been, and continues to be,  relentless. Whether it was the previous Socialist government or the super austere Opus Dei influenced (controlled?) government - the pounding continues.

Now, Argentina has joined the fray and has nationalized a major Spanish oil investment in Argentina and is threatening to nationalize their telephone and banking investments too.

We do not know of any other country where the major banks have sailed through the financial crisis that began in 2008 with ample multi billion yearly profits. Numbers confirmed by the European Union "money men", yet, from the pounding. one would think that the Spanish banking system is broke.

We continue to see what we spoke about regarding the "Family Problems" amongst the Threesome of Saviours of the World (2). Could it be that the two non-Opus Dei "Saviours of the World" are determined to crush Spain, the "Fountainhead" of Opus Dei?

(1) Source
(2) The Saviours of the World are having Family Problems

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Secret Service bragged about protecting Obama while partying at a Colombian brothel. (1)

ABC News has learned exclusively that the Secret Service officials accused of misconduct in Colombia revealed their identities by boasting at a Cartagena brothel that they worked for President Obama.

Partying at the "Pley Club" Wednesday night, eleven members of the president's advance team allegedly bragged "we work for Obama" and "we're here to protect him."

miguel de Portugal comments: As we were saying....

(1) News Report

April 17th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Rick Santorum said his three-year old daughter Bella is a now a "life member" of the National Rifle Association (NRA). (1)

"Karen and I are life members of the NRA, and we wanted to announce today that now Bella is a life member of the NRA, too," Santorum said in a speech before the pro-gun rights lobby on Friday. "I hope it is a long life."

Bella was released from a Virginia hospital last Monday after recovering from pneumonia, and Santorum suspended his campaign the following day.

Prior to that Friday hospitalization, Bella had to visit the hospital two other times in the campaign cycle.

At his speech to the NRA, Santorum also touted his wife's love of guns. "When it comes to gun rights advocates I have to say I don't hold a candle to my wife," Santorum said.

miguel de Portugal comments: We suspected that Mr. Santorum was not well, but now its is confirmed.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Russian governor signs anti-gay law. (1)

The governor of Russia's second city Saint Petersburg has signed a new law against 'homosexual propaganda', in defiance of protests that it discriminates against gay people.

Saint Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko signed the law - which promises fines for anyone found to have spread gay propaganda among minors - after it was adopted by the local legislature.

miguel de Portugal comments: First of all, that is not an anti-gay law. That is a law preventing the promotion/marketing of homosexuality.

As we wrote in our document about homosexuality (2):

Redefining the Homosexuality Issue

The true problems lie in:

1.- The persecution of homosexuals; and
2.- The promotion of the proliferation of homosexual lifestyle.

But, Why?

Without ignoring the reasons and/or traumas which has caused the homosexual behavior in a human being, which is compounded by the homophonic attitude, let us look at why it is not practical to promote a homosexual lifestyle where it does not already exist.


The plan of Creation, or if you will, the plan of perpetuating the species, is being short circuited with its associated psychosomatic consequences; primarily guilt.

By actively promoting homosexuality , the human Creation is being pushed to function outside its "Normal Operating Range and Instructions" ; that is outside "The Normal Sexual Preference Distribution Amongst the World Population and the Sacred Scriptures". For the agnostic view: Outside the established Laws of Nature.

If we operate a device, electronic or mechanical, outside its range of operability it may malfunction and may prematurely fail. If we promote the improper operation of industrial devices in a worldwide scale, eventually industry would fail.

In the case of a human being, the situation is far more complex for it involves the physical, emotional and spiritual components which constitute the integrated make up of a human being.

In any case, there is no need to despair . God loves profoundly each one of His children and will help each one of us individually in our journey through Time. All He wants from us is that we allow Him to help us along. To receive that help, all we have to do is to ask Him. No one is excluded; no one!

Therefore, we applaud the new Russian Law as long as it is not used to persecute homosexuals. Homosexuality is not to be promoted nor marketed; however, those who, for whatever reason, are homosexuals must be respected.

(1) News Report
(2) On Homosexuality - Understanding the Real Issues and Their Repercussions

April 16th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Scandal-hit Russia Church vows to defeat critics. (1)

The powerful Russian Orthodox patriarch on Sunday vowed that the Church was stronger than its critics after a series of scandals tarnished its image in the run-up to Easter.

Patriarch Kirill said a spate of recent controversies were all part of a general "anti-Church struggle" waged by its detractors, warning that the Church had proved during the Soviet era that it could not be destroyed.

The Church has in the last weeks endured ridicule for editing out of an official photograph an expensive watch worn by Kirill and anger over harsh treatment of three female "punk rockers" who tried to perform in a church.

Kirill overnight led a packed Easter Day service attended by President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the vast Moscow Church of Christ the Saviour, in a new show of the Church's political strength.

miguel de Portugal comments:
It appears that Rome's "Evangelization" effort was not a total loss.... The Russian Orthodox Administration seem to have learned the "tricks of the trade" well. Very well indeed since its Administration runs a "tighter ship" than Rome does - we know, from the inside.
(1) News Report

April 15th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

U.S. Secret Service agents recalled from Colombia. (1)

The U.S. Secret Service has recalled a number of agents from Colombia, where President Barack Obama is attending a summit with Latin American leaders, because of alleged misconduct, a spokesman said on Friday.

"There have been allegations of misconduct made against Secret Service personnel in Cartagena, Colombia, prior to the president's trip," an agency spokesman, Edwin Donovan, said in a statement.

"Because of this, those personnel are being relieved of their assignments, returned to their place of duty, and are being replaced by other Secret Service personnel."

The spokesman said the matter had been turned over to the agency's Office of Professional Responsibility.

miguel de Portugal comments: The only three "contacts" that we have had with them indicate that the unprofessionalism shown in Colombia by the U.S. Secret Service should not be surprising.

Case 1: My daughter, who was single at the time, was flying to Europe to visit with me. She noticed what seemed to be an unusual number of young (apparent) eligible bachelors on board. They were seated randomly in the cabin. One sat next to her. Logically they struck up a conversation which went on for most of the flight. It did not take long for her to know the reason for this "unusual number of young (apparent) eligible bachelors on board". They were Secret Service agents who were going to laid down the security groundwork for an upcoming visit of the then U.S. President, William Clinton. So much for "their cover".

Case 2: An American staying at a hotel in Salamanca felt discriminated against by the desk manager. He decided that it was because of his Afro-American heritage. I was at the coffee shop (which was manned by the desk manager too) when he came in, made some remarks to the young lady regarding his importance and flashed his Secret Service ID in an effort to build himself up before her eyes. Frankly, I felt that he was bluffing. A few days later I saw him on the news since he was working the Secretary of State Colin Powell security detail. So much for "his cover" while in Salamanca.

Case 3: We have received the tragic life history of a man in his forties to whom we are lending a spiritual hand (2). His father was a key component to his personal tragedy. He was a Secret Service agent. So much for "integrity".

Granted, the above only are three data points, however, statistically speaking, we are talking about a 100 % failing grade.
(1) News Report
(2) Pray for him. We are confident that he will rise above his tragic life and will be all that God wanted him to be.

April 13th, 2012

Earthquake News Report

...and the Earthquake Report for April 12th  does not look any better....

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 23:15:48   -44.509    94.263  10.0   SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE
MAP  2.8   2012/04/12 22:46:27    33.038   -116.386  9.4   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 22:42:10    60.184   -150.812  76.2   KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA
MAP  4.4   2012/04/12 22:37:17    3.720    92.666  27.1   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 21:42:23    1.100    92.825  28.7   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 20:49:15    61.707   -147.992  26.4   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  3.5   2012/04/12 18:53:01    33.464   -116.466  7.7   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  3.6   2012/04/12 18:31:34    19.514    -66.192  87.0   PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 16:59:21    43.426   -127.103  5.0   OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP  4.2   2012/04/12 16:58:35    16.161    -98.113  1.0   OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO
MAP  3.6   2012/04/12 16:44:45    18.873    -64.154  39.0   VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP  4.0   2012/04/12 16:41:07    62.790   -148.985  67.6   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 16:25:13    43.594   -126.891  5.0   OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP  4.4   2012/04/12 15:51:18    36.581    141.831  32.0   NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 15:26:53    32.173    141.840  33.1   IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 15:07:33    3.453    92.718  11.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 15:01:17    -7.715    106.951  42.8   JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP  5.6   2012/04/12 14:50:53    37.539    141.568  23.2   NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP  5.0   2012/04/12 14:46:28    3.287    93.729  27.8   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 14:31:38    4.187    92.551  29.7   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.3   2012/04/12 13:09:49    2.409    93.421  30.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 12:19:41    2.092    93.599  29.5   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  3.1   2012/04/12 12:10:05    35.501    -96.773  4.9   OKLAHOMA
MAP  2.6   2012/04/12 11:53:07    36.660   -121.282  6.1   CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
MAP  4.9   2012/04/12 11:38:19   -26.365    -13.661  10.0   SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
MAP  3.1   2012/04/12 11:34:00    18.896    -67.411  8.6   PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  5.3   2012/04/12 11:19:59    36.874    141.060  14.3   NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP  4.9   2012/04/12 11:02:00    -5.987    103.379  28.1   SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 10:59:52    1.227    92.132  10.1   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.9   2012/04/12 10:26:57    28.794   -113.024  9.9   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 10:19:00    2.732    92.522  30.2   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 09:30:46    18.559    -66.141  103.8   PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 09:15:19    1.111    92.030  27.5   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.1   2012/04/12 08:56:29    37.478    72.008  163.4   TAJIKISTAN
MAP  4.4   2012/04/12 08:54:48    28.876   -113.188  10.1   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  4.2   2012/04/12 07:57:33    28.511   -112.954  10.0   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/12 07:43:49    2.973    92.742  30.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 07:43:04    63.555   -150.959  7.2   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/12 07:34:57    3.394    89.817  15.8   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  6.9   2012/04/12 07:15:49    28.790   -113.142  10.3   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  4.0   2012/04/12 07:14:32    59.770   -152.226  64.3   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  6.2   2012/04/12 07:06:01    28.841   -113.072  10.1   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/12 07:01:47    1.955    93.926  26.9   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 06:48:38    28.799   -113.051  9.8   GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 06:47:49    19.221    -66.897  11.7   PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  4.5   2012/04/12 06:47:37    2.895    89.463  14.7   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  4.5   2012/04/12 05:48:25    1.801    89.548  15.1   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  4.6   2012/04/12 05:34:58    -7.582    129.521  78.7   KEPULAUAN BABAR, INDONESIA
MAP  3.6   2012/04/12 05:34:53    18.172    -67.359  17.0   MONA PASSAGE, PUERTO RICO
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 05:09:30    19.379   -155.239  3.6   ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 04:57:34    37.805   -112.088  3.2   UTAH
MAP  3.2   2012/04/12 04:48:44    61.087   -151.004  78.5   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 04:16:04    37.809   -112.092  8.5   UTAH
MAP  4.2   2012/04/12 03:29:22    37.811   -112.089  10.6   UTAH
MAP  2.5   2012/04/12 03:00:28    57.227   -153.963  47.0   KODIAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/12 02:54:45    1.223    91.774  14.8   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  4.8   2012/04/12 02:42:43    3.529    92.693  27.7   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.5   2012/04/12 02:29:41    41.998    -65.994  15.8   NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
MAP  3.4   2012/04/12 02:03:47    66.695   -143.897  0.2   NORTHERN ALASKA
MAP  2.6   2012/04/12 01:34:01    59.929   -153.250  175.6   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 00:50:36    2.558    92.302  10.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/12 00:30:03    4.445    92.859  29.2   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.7   2012/04/12 00:25:31    37.767   -112.324  2.9   UTAH
MAP  2.9   2012/04/12 00:07:05    38.799   -122.809  3.9   NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

April 12th, 2012

Earthquake News Report

The following table only reflects the earthquakes registered on April 11th. Note the number, the magnitude and locations.

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP  5.5   2012/04/11 23:56:34    1.798    89.670  13.9   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  4.6   2012/04/11 23:28:44   -20.363   -177.712  535.7   FIJI REGION
MAP  4.6   2012/04/11 23:18:50    3.089    92.839  10.2   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  6.5   2012/04/11 22:55:11    18.272   -102.732  20.0   MICHOACAN, MEXICO
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 22:51:59    2.897    89.597  14.7   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.9   2012/04/11 22:41:47    43.593   -127.557  10.2   OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP  4.9   2012/04/11 22:35:34    2.488    90.185  14.8   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 22:15:26    0.514    92.443  13.8   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.2   2012/04/11 22:02:50    51.508   -176.673  35.6   ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP  3.0   2012/04/11 21:53:23    59.218   -154.654  197.9   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 21:36:09    1.787    90.927  15.0   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  3.2   2012/04/11 21:23:40    51.251   -178.168  18.3   ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP  4.7   2012/04/11 21:02:50    0.717    92.407  15.2   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.9   2012/04/11 20:50:59    18.088    -67.480  11.6   MONA PASSAGE, PUERTO RICO
MAP  3.6   2012/04/11 20:03:14    19.075    -68.615  165.3   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION
MAP  5.5   2012/04/11 19:04:20    1.202    92.090  10.3   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 18:54:46    2.496    92.712  14.3   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.5   2012/04/11 16:32:14    18.731    -68.225  104.0   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 16:04:24    3.426    92.860  10.8   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 15:46:53    2.987    92.249  21.6   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 15:09:26    2.969    90.062  13.1   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 14:54:29    1.336    91.841  11.9   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 14:34:19    1.504    90.894  14.4   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 14:26:27    2.287    92.385  9.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 14:18:45    2.569    92.296  10.3   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.2   2012/04/11 14:08:41    1.147    92.158  9.6   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.5   2012/04/11 13:58:07    1.493    90.889  13.7   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 13:42:40    2.159    93.597  11.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.6   2012/04/11 13:39:56    0.600    91.889  10.0   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  4.6   2012/04/11 13:32:35    1.905    89.578  10.0   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.0   2012/04/11 13:19:38    2.345    90.302  20.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 13:15:28    4.614    90.764  5.3   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  4.8   2012/04/11 13:12:05   -18.479   -175.498  245.2   TONGA
MAP  4.5   2012/04/11 13:10:07    0.890    92.382  10.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  3.4   2012/04/11 13:06:31    62.560   -150.133  174.1   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 12:37:48    2.528    92.602  10.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 12:21:58    3.136    92.775  9.9   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 12:10:53    1.385    92.639  10.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.7   2012/04/11 11:53:37    2.929    89.534  14.9   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 11:52:29    0.989    91.942  14.9   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 11:34:02    0.743    92.865  15.5   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 11:29:00   -56.847    -27.966  259.0   SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
MAP  2.7   2012/04/11 11:08:39    64.893   -148.948  5.8   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  8.2   2012/04/11 10:43:09    0.773    92.452  16.4   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.6   2012/04/11 10:42:48    33.491   -116.425  10.6   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 10:36:55    1.072    91.943  15.5   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  2.8   2012/04/11 10:22:14    64.896   -148.880  7.1   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.4   2012/04/11 10:21:16    2.833    92.476  14.8   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 10:08:30    2.646    90.084  16.1   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 10:01:20    2.499    90.365  20.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 09:51:42    2.510    90.316  20.0   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  2.9   2012/04/11 09:40:57    60.098   -152.831  103.8   SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  3.2   2012/04/11 09:30:27    64.910   -148.934  13.9   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  6.0   2012/04/11 09:27:57    1.281    91.731  9.8   NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
MAP  2.9   2012/04/11 09:26:11    64.990   -148.887  27.8   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  3.8   2012/04/11 09:21:58    64.904   -148.888  20.7   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.5   2012/04/11 09:00:13    51.518   -176.312  56.5   ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP  8.6   2012/04/11 08:38:37    2.311    93.063  22.9   OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
MAP  5.3   2012/04/11 07:41:46    -6.227    130.158  132.2   BANDA SEA
MAP  4.4   2012/04/11 06:54:39   -22.748    -66.387  226.3   JUJUY, ARGENTINA
MAP  2.9   2012/04/11 06:41:28    63.599   -151.404  2.9   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.1   2012/04/11 05:44:42   -16.900    -14.406  10.5   SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
MAP  5.2   2012/04/11 04:53:26   -16.822    -14.440  9.7   SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
MAP  2.6   2012/04/11 03:18:48    33.774   -116.112  8.6   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  2.6   2012/04/11 02:21:41    62.034   -151.695  15.3   CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  4.5   2012/04/11 01:21:18    42.200    87.908  31.7   NORTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA
MAP  4.5   2012/04/11 00:34:13   -23.896   -114.819  10.0   EASTER ISLAND REGION

April 9th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

A public school board's decision to ban distribution of Gideon Bibles to its young students has unleashed a torrent of threatening calls and hateful emails directed at trustees.(1)

Some messages to the Bluewater District School Board express racist sentiment and question trustees' patriotism.

The invective has unnerved some trustees as they prepare to formalize the ban on distribution of all non-instructional religious materials prompted by a parent's complaint about the decades-old tradition of offering free Gideon Bibles to Grade 5 students.

Trustee Fran Morgan called the "onslaught" of messages "really disturbing," and said it has made her uneasy about driving the 30 kilometres to board meetings at night by herself.

miguel de Portugal comments: Nothing has changed in applied Christianity, a christianity which has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ: Threatening calls and hateful emails.

The "christian" mob should have: (a) prayed for the conversion of those making such decision;  (b) write the appropriate and respectful letters to those in authority; (c) prayed so that the practice would be continued, were it the will of God.

Just because Bibles are being passed out, it does not necessarily mean that it is indeed the Will of God at that particular (a) time: (b) place; (c) people; or, for that matter, (d) the appropriate version of the Bible.

It will certainly be a cold day in hell when Christians quit playing God, start listening to Jesus and, last, but certainly not least, start praying to resolve whatever apparent injustice they may be the object of.

(1) News Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

A Catholic bishop in Kansas City must stand trial on charges that he failed to report a priest found with pornographic pictures of young girls on his Church computer to police, a judge said on Thursday. (1)

Bishop Robert Finn, head of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, faces one misdemeanor charge that he failed to tell authorities that Church officials had found disturbing pictures of unclothed little girls that appeared to have been taken by a popular local priest, Father Patrick Ratigan.

Finn's lawyers had asked that the case against him be dismissed and argued in a hearing last week that Missouri statutes requiring clergy, school teachers and others to report suspected child sexual abuse were "vague."

They also argued that even if the bishop suspected abuse he had no duty to report the situation to authorities, because he was not the "designated reporter" within the diocese and could rely on someone else within the diocese to notify authorities.

miguel de Portugal comments: What next? The definition of "child sexual abuse" will also be considered vague? If Mr. Finn is indeed innocent, God would deliver him in a court room. Maybe we should place Mr. Finn in our Divine Encouragement mailing list.

(1) News Report

March 31st, 2012

From miguel de Portugal

May the Peace of God be upon you!

Until Monday after Easter Sunday we will be devoting essentially all of the available time to Prayer and Penance. Therefore, this page will not be updated until then.

The Divine Encouragement page, God Willing, will continue to be updated every other day.

Mail, with the exception of that associated with a technical failure in any of our domains, will not be processed either.

Do not forget that the Mercy Novena starts on Holy Friday, which also is the First Friday of the Month and that Holy Saturday is the First Saturday of the Month.

May you have a Blessed Easter Week and Season!

March 30th, 2012

News Report No. 1

Former President George H.W. Bush endorses Romney. (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: Considering that Mr. Bush is, by his own admission (2), the "godfather" of the New World Order and Mr. Santorum's sponsor, Opus Dei, does not like competition, the "fur will now fly" among the Threesome of self-appointed Saviors (3).

Sit back and watch the spectacle that end all spectacles.
(1) News Reports
(2) Read it for yourself in U.S. official texts. No interpretation needed.
(3) The Threesome of Saviors

March 29th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Rick Santorum doesn't rule out possible VP slot: "I'll do whatever is necessary to help our country." (1)

In an interview at the Brody File studio on Monday, Rick Santorum refused to rule out accepting an invitation to be Mitt Romney's vice president nominee, saying, "I'll do whatever is necessary to help our country."

miguel de Portugal comments: Were God to allow that to happen (as He did not allowed attempts against Hitler's life to be successful), Mr. Romney would cease being the acting President in a very short time. Just as John Paul II ceased being the acting Pope shortly after Joaquín Navarro-Valls (2) became the Vatican's  Press Director and "Shadow Pope".

(1) Report
(2) Navarro-Valls according to Navarro-Valls

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

French commune home to 20,000 ‘doomsday cultists’ awaiting alien salvation. (1)

An estimated 20,000 New Age believers who say the "upside down" mountain is home to aliens who will rescue them from an impending apocalypse have saturated a small French commune near the foot of the picturesque Pic de Bugarach.

The Independent reports the growing flock, who locals refer to as "esoterics," believe the world will come to an end on December 21st, 2012. They also reportedly believe that the unique mountain is in fact home to a race of alien beings that will emerge to rescue the gathered humans and transport them to a new civilization.

Pic de Bugarach has long been famous because rock samples taken from its peak are actually older than points measured at lower elevation. Scientists say that is because when the 1,230 meter mountain erupted its peak flipped upside down before crashing back down upon the mountain's base. The mountain is said to have played a role in inspiring everything from Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth," to Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

miguel de Portugal comments: Poor, poor people. May any of the Elect amongst them wake up soon in order to minimize their suffering.

(1) News Report

March 28th, 2012

News Report No. 1

It seems that "The Talk of the Town" has become the electronic tattoo. In just one 24 hour period the following articles have been published in English on that subject matter. This issue is advancing very, very quickly and bears watching.

Chemists tout electronic skin, self-healing plastics

Scientists have been developing 'electronic skin,' a tattoo-like sensor that is being developed to diagnose and treat health problems. John Rogers, University of Illinois A few dozen chemists got together in New York City 137 years ago to create a ...
New 'electronic skin' patches monitor health wirelessly

Like the colorful temporary tattoos that children stick to their arms for fun, people may one day put thin "electronic skin" patches onto their arms to wirelessly diagnose health problems or deliver treatments.
The 'electronic skin' patches that can tell when you're ill

Photo: GETTY IMAGES American researchers say the tiny patches, with tattoo-like sensors that wirelessly diagnose and treat health problems, can act as a person's own internal doctor. The "electronic skin" patches, about as a thick as a human hair, ...
Soon, 'electronic skin' patches to monitor health

The electronic skin patches are about the thickness of a human hair, and wearers can't feel them on their skin. They could even be covered up with a real temporary tattoo. Despite their miniscule dimensions, the patches can pack full-scale electronic ...
New patches on the skin that could pick up when you're going to be poorly

By Tamara Cohen Forget waiting for an appointment with your GP, electronic skin patches could soon monitor your health. Tiny patches, just the thickness of a human hair which stick to the skin like a temporary tattoo, have been created which can check ...

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Pennsylvania man stole Microsoft co-founder's identity. (1)

An AWOL soldier's simple scheme to defraud one of the richest men in the world has landed him in federal custody, according to a criminal complaint.

In the complaint unsealed Monday, federal investigators allege Brandon Lee Price changed the address on a bank account held by billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, then had a debit card sent to his Pittsburgh home so he could use it for payments on a delinquent Armed Forces Bank account and personal expenses.

Price called Citibank in January and changed the address on an account held by Allen from Seattle to Pittsburgh, then called back three days later to say he'd lost his debit card and asked for a new one to be sent to him, an FBI investigator wrote in a criminal complaint filed in February.

miguel de Portugal comments: It was that simple! Truly amazing!

(1) News Report

March 26th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

It seems that Mary "keeps on talking and talking".....

From (Mr.) IW @ US

If one wanted to either make Ratzinger a living or dead 'martyr', the best way would be via a plot against his life - real or fabricated. It would also help if "Mary" were speaking in warning of this 'plot':

"My child there is a stillness, like the calm before the storm, as the Catholic Church will soon be plunged into crisis. I call on all of my children everywhere to pray for Pope  Benedict XVI who is in danger of being exiled from Rome.

He, the most Holy Vicar of the Catholic Church, is hated in many quarters within the Vatican. An evil plot, planned for over one year, (1) will be seen all over the world shortly. Pray, pray, pray for all of God's holy servants in the Catholic Church who will be persecuted because of the great divide within the Church which will come about soon.

The great schism will be witnessed by the whole world but it will not be seen to be the case immediately. The false pope is waiting to reveal himself to the world. Children do not be deceived because he will not be from God.

The keys of Rome have been returned to my Father (2), God the Most High who will rule from the Heavens. Great responsibility will be placed on all those holy priests, bishops and cardinals who love my Son dearly. They will need much courage and divine fortitude to lead souls towards the New Paradise.

Every effort by these holy disciples to prepare souls for the Second Coming of my dearly beloved Son will be opposed by the other dark side. (3)

I urge all of my children to pray for the strength needed as the antichrist and his partner the false prophet will rise to prominence.

You must ask me, the Mother of Salvation for prayers to ensure that the Catholic Church will be saved and that the true word of my Son is salvaged.

The truth of my Son's promise to return in great glory will be tampered with. You, my dear children, will be given a series of untruths which you will be expected to honour and accept in the holy name of my Son. My crusade prayer must be said for the next month every single day to ensure that God's holy priests do not fall for the wicked deceit which is being planned by the False Prophet and his followers...... (4)

It would seem that OD has all their bases covered. (5) In the messages, the 'secret sect undermining the church', while not defined, seems to be those who supported Vatican II. While OD is not even mentioned.

A quick scan of the messages (which claim to have begun in November of 2010) gives the impression that they are a masterful (but demonic) concoction, seemingly composed by theologians. Rather like those who composed the fraudulent 3rd Secret of Fatima. This and other messages are peppered with catch-phrases well known from other Marian prophecies, as well as famous private prophecies (e.g. Anna Katerina Emmerich).


Actually, the manufacturers of those messages, as well as others, the Vatican included, are also using catch-phrases and very specific actual single words terms which come right out of our pages.  As we have said before - Thanks be to God! - they are not even good at being bad!

Thank you for sharing this with our readership.
(1) Only for one year? Most regular papal trips and events are planned over several years. A staged 'assassination' + a confirming 'Marian message' would take far longer to cook up.
(2) At least they got this part correct.... but if the Keys are returned to God, why would there be a 'pope'? (Using the Vatican's logic).
(3) Presumably those who actually believe in God and reject Ratzinger and the False Christ are 'the dark side'. Of course it references "the other dark side". As there can be only one dark side (as a metaphor/symbol), this is a double-negative. Thus it really means: "those who are truly of God", in inverted speech.
(4) Source
(5) Source: "At present Maria (the alleged visionary) is receiving spiritual guidance through various channels within the Church...."

March 25th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Dutch Catholic Church accused of forcing castrations. (1)

It not only sounds ludicrous as a medical procedure, but in moral terms it's downright barbarous: castrating young men to "cure" them of their homosexuality. Yet this was how the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands treated gays in the 1950s, according to a Dutch newspaper, which claims at least 10 men were forced to go under the knife at the church's behest.

The extraordinary allegations, which were published last weekend in the NRC Handelsblad newspaper, have prompted Dutch parliamentarians to demand an inquiry into the issue, raising questions about whether the church received political cover to take such extreme measures.

The newspaper said the castrations were regarded both as a treatment for homosexuality as well as a punishment for those who accused clergy of sexual abuse. The newspaper said 20-year-old Henk Heithuis had been surgically castrated on the instructions of Catholic priests in 1956 after he told police he was being abused at the Harreveld boarding school in Gelderland.

Although the monks were convicted of the abuse, Heithuis was nonetheless sent to a Catholic psychiatric hospital and then castrated. He died two years later in a car crash. The newspaper adds there are strong indications that at least nine other young men were castrated around the same time, either for whistle-blowing or for supposed homosexuality.

miguel de Portugal comments: This is yet another reminder of why people are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Unfortunately, since the masses have been brainwashed for 16 centuries to equate the Roman Catholic Church with God, many are abandoning God too.  Most individuals who claim to be atheist that I have come across, after a few minutes of conversation they are no longer atheists once they understood that there is no connection between the controlling Church Administration and God. None whatsoever!

However, some poor fellow Americans think that "help" may just be on the way:

During Senate debates about abortion, Santorum told the audience in Rome, he hears Escriva telling him that "it is not true that there is opposition between being a good Catholic and serving civil society faithfully." In his public fight to uphold "absolute truths," Santorum said, "blessed Josemaria guides my way."

"As long as you are making straight for your goal, head and heart intoxicated with God, why worry?" Santorum said, quoting Escriva, according to a transcript of the speech. (2)

The obvious problem is that Escriva's god has nothing to do with the One and Only Creator and His Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ

(1) News Report
(2) News Report

March 24th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Would you believe that Mr. Santorum has chosen "Petrus" as his Secret Service code name? (1)

Customarily, presidents are assigned a code name, but candidates get to choose their own. Romney picked "Javelin" and Santorum picked "Petrus," both telling titles, though even the least cynical among us can appreciate the ironies attached to each.

Santorum is of an entirely different order (than Romney's "Javelin"). To those who know him, his selection of Petrus is perfect, again tinged with irony. In Latin, petrus means rock and also is associated with Saint Peter, the first pope of the Catholic Church. Jesus said to Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my church," and so Peter did. St. Peter's Basilica, the centerpiece of the Vatican, is built upon Peter's bones.

To behold the famous piazza is to consider Peter's life and how a man like Santorum might identify with it. In the middle of the "square," which really isn't a square, is an enormous obelisk that was brought to Rome by Emperor Caligula in 37 A.D. Originally placed south of the basilica in what is known as the Circus of Nero, it was conceivably the last thing Peter saw as he died - crucified upside down, as was his wish. Peter said he wasn't worthy to be crucified in the same way as the Son of God.

All of this and more are contained in the name Petrus - and in the self-image of one Rick Santorum. Grandiose? Or self-sacrificing, humble and willing to submit to public humiliation and agony?

The truth may be somewhere in between. When it comes to his principles, Santorum is a rock. Or rather, a boulder: solid, sturdy, unmovable. .... Whether his inflexibility on certain core beliefs is religious fanaticism or mere stubbornness - or represents a steely spine many find lacking in today's arena - is a matter for voters to discern.

Ironically, the man who perhaps sees himself in the image of the first pope of the Catholic Church has performed poorly among Catholics. His biggest supporters are evangelicals, while Catholics prefer Romney.

miguel de Portugal comments: Imagine! A religious fanatic, straight from the Crusaders mold, could be in full command of the atomic arsenal of the most powerful nation in the world. Not even Hollywood's Sci-Fi masters could come up with this. (2)

Incidentally, Secret Service code names are used so that the SS bodyguards can freely communicate over the airwaves without giving away who they are talking about. Therefore, we presume that, by now, only the residents of a small village in the Planet Pluto, who do not have cable TV, are the only ones in the Solar System who do not know Messrs. Romney and Santorum code names are. Lord have Mercy!

To be understood by Americans only: It looks like the turnip truck traffic is increasing in our highways and few turnips are remaining in them....

(1) News Report
(2) We are not losing any sleep over this. God is in full charge. All we have to do is discharge our function; He will do the rest.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Micro-quake near Wisconsin city bothered by booms. (1)

Scientists trace the likely source of an eerie phenomenon - but locals have a hard time believing it.

A minor earthquake occurred this week near the eastern Wisconsin city where researchers have been investigating a series of unexplained booming sounds, federal geologists said Thursday.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay. Geophysicist Paul Caruso told The Associated Press that loud booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It's possible the mysterious sounds that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake, he said.

Earthquakes can generate seismic energy that moves through rock at thousands of miles per hour, producing a sonic boom when the waves come to the surface, Caruso said. "To be honest, I'm skeptical that there'd be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it's possible," he said.

Those reservations didn't stop Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss from declaring "the mystery is solved" at a news conference Thursday evening. She said USGS representatives described the event as a swarm of several small earthquakes in a very short time. "In other places in the United States, a 1.5 earthquake would not be felt," she said. "But the type of rock Wisconsin has transmits seismic energy very well."

miguel de Portugal comments: Never a dull moment as the End of These Times runs its course. At least this scientist, Mr. Carusso, is being honest about really being "clueless" regarding the source.

(1) News Report

March 23rd, 2012

News Report

Solar storm dumped gigawatts into Earth's upper atmosphere. (1)

A recent flurry of eruptions on the sun did more than spark pretty auroras around the poles.  NASA-funded researchers say the solar storms of March 8th through 10th dumped enough energy in Earth's upper atmosphere to power every residence in New York City for two years.

"This was the biggest dose of heat we've received from a solar storm since 2005," says Martin Mlynczak of NASA Langley Research Center.  "It was a big event, and shows how solar activity can directly affect our planet."

For the three day period, March 8th through 10th, the thermosphere absorbed 26 billion kWh of energy.  Infrared radiation from CO2 and NO, the two most efficient coolants in the thermosphere, re-radiated 95% of that total back into space.

miguel de Portugal comments:  Blessedly we still had that level of atmospheric protection. It would be a different story after a Gamma Ray Burst. (2)

(1) NASA News Report
(2) About Gamma Ray Bursts

March 22nd, 2012

News Report No. 1

Catholic sex abuse scandals in Europe - A Review. (1)

An update published by Reuters wherein we notice the absence of abuse cases in Portugal and Spain. We are not surprised due to the Opus Dei control on both nations. However, if that "cork" is ever popped, it would make the mythical Pandora's Box look like a child's sand box.
(1) Reuters Update

News Report No. 2

Regarding the recent tragedy in Afghanistan triggered by Staff Sgt. Robert Bales (1)...

If what is being reported in the serious European Press (and apparently suppressed in the US) is only half true, that may be the last straw for the Middle East "Bonfire". But then again, if we take a look at this September 27, 2010, report (2) we should not be surprised. It seems that the "Bonfire" has been well stoked for some time now.

(1) News Report
(2) News Report [Exercise caution since this is a very raw report. A few of the headlines and subtitles were more than enough for us]

miguel de Portugal comments:
  The purpose of our highlighting issues of this nature, from time to time, is to make sure that no one is surprised with what God will allow upon humanity. Remember, when World War II started, the Fatima warnings were not even a memory for the faithful when, in reality, it was Heaven's logical (passive) response for ignoring its (active) requests of 1917 and 1929. (1)
(1) A Chronology of the Fatima events leading to World War II

March 21st, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

New York Woman Blinded by Shopping Cart Dropped by Teens Forgives Them. (1) (2)

The New York mother of two who suffered a serious brain injury and lost the use of her left eye after two teenagers sent a shopping cart crashing down 50 feet onto her says she forgives the boys and is more concerned for the welfare of her own teenage son, who witnessed the accident.

Marion Hedges was briefly in a coma and now needs daily physical therapy after two teenage boys hoisted a shopping cart over the railing of a shopping mall parking garage last fall.

"I wish them well, I do," she said. "I feel very sorry for them. My son is 13 also, and he is a very good boy."

miguel de Portugal comments: A true example of Christianity!

(1) News Source
(2) This news story landed in our hands hours after we had composed today's Private FYI&R page.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords. (1)

When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.

Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn't see his private profile. She turned back and asked him to hand over his login information.

Bassett refused and withdrew his application, saying he didn't want to work for a company that would seek such personal information. But as the job market steadily improves, other job candidates are confronting the same question from prospective employers, and some of them cannot afford to say no.

In their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person's social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around.

miguel de Portugal comments: This is when Big Brother becomes Big Employer....

(1) News Report

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

Santorum and Opus Dei - the Real Story. (1)

Maureen Dowd made a comment in her New York Times column today that Rick Santorum is attracted to Opus Dei's asceticism. Few Americans know anything about Opus Dei because it was founded in Spain where it eventually took control of the post-war clerico-fascist Franco government. Mostly Spaniards, therefore, have written "insider" accounts which reveal the true nature of this organization.

miguel de Portugal comments: Ms. Clermont has picked up the key items that the US voters need to know about Opus Dei and is doing a good job in presenting them.

(1) Ms. Clermont columns

March 20th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Solar power station in Spain works at night. (1)

A unique thermosolar power station in southern Spain can shrug off cloudy days: energy stored when the sun shines lets it produce electricity even during the night. The Gemasolar station, up and running since last May, stands out in the plains of Andalusia.

"It is the first station in the world that works 24 hours a day, a solar power station that works day and night!" said Santiago Arias, technical director of Torresol Energy, which runs the station. The mechanism is "very easy to explain," he said: the panels reflect the suns rays on to the tower, transmitting energy at an intensity 1,000 times higher than that of the sun's rays reaching the earth.

Energy is stored in a vat filled with molten salts at a temperature of more than 500 degrees C (930 F). Those salts are used to produce steam to turn the turbines and produce electricity. "The amount of energy we produce a year is equal to the consumption of 30,000 Spanish households," Arias said.

It is the station's capacity to store energy that makes Gemasolar so different because it allows the plant to transmit power during the night, relying on energy it has accumulated during the day.

"This type of station is expensive, not because of the raw material we use, which is free solar energy, but because of the enormous investment these plants require," Arias said. The investment cost exceeds 200 million euros ($260 million). (2)

But "the day when the business has repaid that money to the banks (in 18 years, he estimates), this station will become a 1,000-euro note printing machine!," he said, recalling that oil prices have soared from $28 a barrel in 2003 to nearly $130.

"We have three projects ready but stalled" because of the aid suspension, Arias said, admitting that in a difficult global economy the group has not managed to sell the Gemasolar technology abroad despite huge interest outside Spain.

(1) News Report

miguel de Portugal comments: Simplifying...  If our rough calculations are right, the investment would cost each household about $40 per month for 18 years.

That is, their equivalent electric bill would be about $40 per month and after 18 years the electricity would only cost what the maintenance of the plant runs divided by 30,000 households.

Mr. Arias says: " a difficult global economy the group has not managed to sell the Gemasolar technology abroad despite huge interest outside Spain."

We say: "It will be an icy cold day on the surface of the Sun before the oil companies ever allow that technology to spread, were there time for it."

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

The Holy Rosary and the Opus Dei's faction within the CIA.

A contribution from (Mr.) IW @ US

EWTN and the Opus Dei crowd have been pushing the sainthood cause for the late Fr. Patrick Peyton; also known as the "rosary priest".

There was something about him has always caused me to have reservations; something intangible. The EWTN videos about him increasingly show him surrounded by the Hollywood glitterati. Including Loretta Young (Dame of Malta), and Richard Nixon......

My intuition was correct:

"Controversy hounded Father Peyton throughout his ministry as some accused him of being a front for American intelligence during his missions in Latin America. It is now known that Father Peyton allowed his Rosary Crusades in Latin America to be funded and, to some extent, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency, which was interested in combating leftist political movements in Latin America. This connection came about through Father Peyton's connection to J. Peter Grace, the great-grandson of the founder of W.R. Grace and Company, a multinational corporation with interests in transport, sugar, and mining in South America, whom Peyton had met in 1946 on a trans-Atlantic voyage.

Grace, who was involved with other CIA front operations as well, wrote to John Moore, the chair of the Business Advisory Council, and the two men approached Allen Dulles. Dulles later met with Grace in the White House office of Vice President Richard Nixon, who expressed enthusiasm. The CIA decided for several years where the crusades would take place, and CIA funds were expended in Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia, until Peyton's provincial superior, Richard H. Sullivan, learned of the secret funding from Theodore Hesburgh, the chair of the board of trustees of the University of Notre Dame, in October 1964.

It took the Vatican more than a year and a half to oblige Father Peyton to give up his CIA financing (Hugh Wilford, The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America [Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press, 2008], pp. 182-96)." (1)

To say that Opus Dei has nothing to do with this is like saying that egg salad does not contain egg.

(1) Source

miguel de Portugal comments: Mimicking the state of denial most of the world is in now, I would then say: I didn't know that egg salad contained egg!

March 19th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Census documenting Great Depression to be released. (1)

It was a decade when tens of millions of people in the U.S. experienced mass unemployment and social upheaval as the nation clawed its way out of the Great Depression and rumblings of global war were heard from abroad.

Now, intimate details of 132 million people who lived through the 1930s will be disclosed as the U.S. government releases the 1940 census on April 2 to the public for the first time after 72 years of being kept confidential.

Access to the records will be free and open to anyone on the Internet - but they will not be immediately name searchable.

For genealogists and family historians, the 1940 census release is the most important disclosure of ancestral secrets in a decade and could shake the branches of many family trees. Scholars expect the records to help draw a more pointillistic portrait of a transformative decade in American life.

Researchers might be able to follow the movement of refugees from war-torn Europe in the latter half of the 1930s; sketch out in more detail where 100,000 Japanese Americans interned during World War II were living before they were removed; and more fully trace the decades-long migration of blacks from the rural South to cities.

(1) News Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Vatican launches criminal probe into leaks. (1)

The Vatican has launched an internal, criminal investigation into the leaks of confidential documents that alleged corruption and financial mismanagement and exposed power struggles among Holy See officials, a Vatican prelate said Saturday.

In addition, Pope Benedict XVI himself has set up a special commission to shed light on the so-called "Vatileaks" scandal because he was so distressed by the "disloyalty" shown by those who leaked the memos, Monsignor Angelo Becciu, undersecretary in the Vatican's Secretariat of State, told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

miguel de Portugal comments:
Yes.... rape little Johnny and fondle little Mary and look the other way but, God forbid! that their financial and political shenanigans come to light.

[25] Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness.

[26] Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. [27] Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness. [28] So you also outwardly indeed appear to men just; but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. [Matthew 23]

(1) News Source

March 18th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Mysterious objects at the edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

A new ScienceCast video takes viewers on a trip to the edge of the electromagnetic spectrum, where mysterious objects are puzzling astronomers.

miguel de Portugal comments: Is indeed a fascinating (under four minutes) video which also serve as a reminder that we must place our trust in God and not in science or scientists.  Quoting from the original article:

What lies within this new realm?

"Mystery, for one thing," says Thompson. "About a third of the new sources can't be clearly linked to any of the known types of objects that produce gamma rays. We have no idea what they are."

For now, though, there are more unknowns than knowns about "Fermi's world."

News Report No. 2 [From (Mr.) ZM @ Ukraine]
[our highlights]

Just came across good compilation (1) or recent events related to the (upcoming) war in Iran.  If it is indeed true, it looks like war will start around end of Spring or some where during Summer.


miguel de Portugal comments: It makes much sense and "fits" on the "schedule" just right.

(1)  News Compilation

March 17th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Benedict commissions custom-blended eau de cologne. (1)

Fragrance, which mixes hints of lime tree, verbena and grass, was concocted by Italian boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli

He is picky about his robes and his red shoes are tailor-made, but Pope Benedict has taken the meaning of bespoke to a whole new level by ordering a custom-blended eau de cologne just for him.

The fragrance, which mixes hints of lime tree, verbena and grass, was concocted by the Italian boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli, who has previously created scents for customers including Madonna, Sting and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Casoli said she had a "pact of secrecy" with her most illustrious client to date, and refused to release the full list of ingredients that had gone into his scent - but she did reveal that she had created a delicate smelling eau de cologne "based on his love of nature".

Casoli's scents first came to the attention of Vatican elders when she was commissioned to create fragrances for Catholic pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The two she supplied, Water of Faith and Water of Hope, were liked so much by local priests that they presented samples to the Pope, the Italian daily Il Messaggero reported. Alerted to Casoli's talents, Benedict put in a request for his own stock of scent. The Vatican has previously played down reports that the 84-year-old pontiff is a snappy dresser, arguing that his unusual hats, including a red panama, reflect his respect for papal tradition rather than an eye for fashion.

miguel de Portugal comments: We rather not. It is impossible to comment without being uncharitable.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

North Korea plans to launch long-range rocket. (1)

North Korea announced plans Friday to blast a satellite into space on the back of a long-range rocket, a surprise move that could jeopardize a weeks-old agreement with the U.S. exchanging food aid for nuclear concessions.

The North agreed to a moratorium on long-range launches as part of the deal with Washington, but argues that satellite launches are part of a peaceful space program that is exempt from international disarmament obligations. The U.S., South Korea and other critics say the rocket technology overlaps with belligerent uses and condemn the satellite program as a disguised way of testing military missiles in defiance of a U.N. ban.

miguel de Portugal comments: We are so blind that it is pathetic! The cackling you may hear is satan "laughing, this time, all the way to the launching pad".

(1) News Report

Commenting on News Report No. 3

It is all but impossible to miss the collective Hollywood-style wake for the victims of the tragic bus accident in a Swiss tunnel.  A real tragedy indeed but, is it greater than the preventable tragedies of the children caught up in the violence in Syria? (1)

Is it greater than the tragedy reported by UNICEF that, as of the year 2006, 9,700,000 children under five years of age, died mostly from preventable causes? (2)

What will it take? Start filling buses with Syrian (or any of the other 9.7 million) children and running them against concrete embankments so that the world notices and does something about it?

There is something very, very wrong with this picture and, believe me, God does not like it. There will be a very heavy price to pay for it and no claims will be accepted by Heaven. Those who are banking on a last minute reprieve will not have it. Let us pray for them now so that they see the light before there is none.

There will be no Mercy for those who have shown no Mercy.

(1) You may not want to look at this.
(2) Source

March 16th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Middle level Goldman Sachs executive blows the whistle on them - loud and clear. (1)

Until early Wednesday morning, Greg Smith was a largely anonymous 33-year-old midlevel executive at Goldman Sachs in London.

Now everyone at the firm - and on Wall Street - knows his name.

Mr. Smith resigned in an e-mail message to his bosses at 6:40 a.m. London time, laying out concerns that Goldman's culture had gone haywire, putting its own interests ahead of its clients.

What the e-mail didn't say was that about 15 minutes later, an Op-Ed article he had written detailing his criticisms was to be published in The New York Times. "It makes me ill how callously people still talk about ripping off clients," he wrote in the Op-Ed article.

The Op-Ed landed "like a bomb," inside Goldman, said one executive who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

miguel de Portugal comments: Allow me to publicly Glorify God even though we cannot be fully explicit. What you read above: (a) Confirms what we have known ("known", not theorize) for years; and (b) Is a direct answer to a very direct prayer.

(1) News Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Dissidents occupy church in Cuba to seek papal audience. (1)

Thirteen Cuban dissidents have holed up in a Roman Catholic church in Havana to press for an audience with Pope Benedict XVI when he visits in two weeks, saying they want to air their grievances about human rights on the island.

Some other dissidents and a church spokesman denounced the move, which was apparently meant to be part of coordinated protests at churches across the island that were later abandoned.

The Church of Charity of Cobre in teeming Central Havana was semi-shuttered Wednesday and only pilgrims visiting an image of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre, Cuba's patron, were permitted inside. There was no sign of police, and activity appeared normal on surrounding streets.

The dissidents were in an area that is off-limits to worshippers, said dissident William Cepera. He said he spoke with them through a window that was later closed.

miguel de Portugal comments: Just to show you again how everything is manipulated and nothing reported can be taken at face value, consider the following. When you read "Some other dissidents and a church spokesman denounced the move", you'd think that those who are occupying the church in protest are planted trouble-makers to make the Church look bad.

Wrong! The reality is totally the opposite. The "planted dissidents" are the ones siding the church spokesman.

The level headed (as opposed to the ever present fanatical branch) Castro opposition has been raising its collective voice because, as the Castro-Ratzinger "honeymoon" is being staged, the Castro regime has upped its human rights violation while the Vatican has not uttered a single word about it. In addition, when dissident leaders (who are faithful Catholics) in Havana sought an appointment with the Nuncio in Havana to bring up such duplicity, they were ignored.

Remember - the Roman Catholic Church in Cuba, from all reliable reports received, is fully Opus Dei operated. This means that many of the faithful Catholics who, up to recently, were used by the Opus Dei church have seen the proverbial light and moved away from them.

(1) News Report

March 15th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

It seems that certain individuals within the FBI allowed the Stratfor hacker attack. (1) Unless, of course, we misread the following report.

F.B.I. officials said they learned of the Stratfor breach on Dec. 6, after hackers had already infiltrated the company's network and were knee-deep in Stratfor's confidential files. On that date, F.B.I. officials said, Jeremy Hammond, suspected as the attack's ringleader, informed Mr. Monsegur (former hacker and current F.B.I.informant) he had found a way into Stratfor's network and was already working to decrypt its data.

The F.B.I. said that it immediately notified Stratfor, but said that at that point it was too late. Over the next several weeks, hackers rummaged through Stratfor's financial information, e-mail correspondence and subscribers' personal and financial information, occasionally deleting its most valuable data, all in full view of  F.B.I. agents.

In addition to monitoring hackers' chat logs, the F.B.I. managed, with Mr. Monsegur's help, to persuade Mr. Hammond and Stratfor's other attackers to use one of the agency's own computers to store data stolen from Stratfor. The hackers complied and transferred "multiple gigabytes of confidential data," including 60,000 credit card numbers, records for 860,000 Stratfor clients, employees' e-mails and financial data, to the F.B.I.'s computers, according to the complaint against Mr. Hammond.

The F.B.I. said it told Stratfor to delay notifying customers while it completed its investigation...

Over the following days, hackers released credit card details for thousands of Stratfor clients, made at least $700,000 in fraudulent purchases using their credit cards, and exploited their e-mail addresses for malware attacks.

miguel de Portugal comments: Using the data stored in the F.B.I. computers we presume?

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

New interest in hacking as threat to security. (1)

During the five-month period between October and February, there were 86 reported attacks on computer systems in the United States that control critical infrastructure, factories and databases, according to the Department of Homeland Security, compared with 11 over the same period a year ago.

None of the attacks caused significant damage, but they were part of a spike in hacking attacks on networks and computers of all kinds over the same period. The department recorded more than 50,000 incidents since October, about 10,000 more than in the same period a year earlier, with an incident defined as any intrusion or attempted intrusion on a computer network.

The increase has prompted a new interest in cybersecurity on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are being prodded by the Obama administration to advance legislation that could require new standards at facilities where a breach could cause significant casualties or economic damage.

miguel de Portugal comments: Obviously we did not misread the previous report since News Report No. 2 fully confirms the assumption made in News Report No. 1.  May those who have Eyes, see, and Ears hear!

(1) News Report

March 14th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

China rare earth curbs distort world market. (1)

China's restrictions on exports of rare earth minerals and other raw materials are distorting world markets for a number of key products.

President Barack Obama scheduled a news conference on Tuesday to discuss the United States, Japan and European Union's decision to challenge China's export curbs on rare earths at the World Trade Organization.

Senior administration officials, speaking on condition that they not be identified,  said the White House is determined to ensure China and other trading partners play by global trade rules, but they declined to comment on other possible cases that Washington could bring against Beijing.

miguel de Portugal comments: We are about to learn, from the other side of the table, the meaning of the world's Golden Rule: He who owns the gold (and also is a nuclear power), makes the rules.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Mysterious flash of light in Phoenix is solved. (1)

A large, fleeting flash of light that appeared in the darkened skies over the northwestern edge of metropolitan Phoenix last week is no longer a mystery.

Arizona Public Service said Monday that a breaker on an electrical line opened, causing a big flash and a brief power outage. APS officials say an employee came forward last weekend and informed them of the breaker opening that caused no damage to equipment and no power line replacement.

The ball of light that looked like an explosion was captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 around 4:45 a.m. last Thursday.

miguel de Portugal comments: Now, the only mystery left to solve is: Why did it take so long for APS to explain it? Considering the worldwide coverage of the event, it logically follows that the mystery would have been solved for, at least, the Arizona audiences, by the Noon News of last Thursday. Yet, it wasn't. As an Engineer with plenty of field experience, something so "flashy" would have been publicly identified by the responsible parties within an hour or two.

Not that it really matters to us. We consider all public explanations associated with any kind of industrial, military, geological and astronomical anomalies as false, until proven otherwise. We do find amusing, however, to see how the very home-made explanations are spun.

(1) News Report

March 13th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon. (1)

A sensation of unbearable, sudden heat seems to come out of nowhere - this wave, a strong electromagnetic beam, is the latest non-lethal weapon unveiled by the US military this week.

"You're not gonna see it, you're not gonna hear it, you're not gonna smell it: you're gonna feel it," explained US Marine Colonel Tracy Taffola, director the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, Marine Corps Base Quantico, at a demonstration for members of the media.

The effect is so repellant, the immediate instinct is to flee - and quickly, as experienced by AFP at the presentation.

Taffola is quick also to point out the "Active Denial System" beam, while powerful and long-range, some 1000 meters (0.6 miles), is the military's "safest non-lethal capability" that has been developed over 15 years but never used in the field.

It was deployed briefly in Afghanistan in 2010, but never employed in an operation.

The technology has attracted safety concerns possibly because the beam is often confused with the microwaves commonly used by consumers to rapidly heat food.

miguel de Portugal comments: As the level of  unrest and violence rises throughout the world (as scheduled (2)) what is needed to control it - outside of prayer, which is usually the very last resort, if then - are non lethal devices, up to and including very low power stun guns. The decision that world leaders have to make is: Are guns, batons, tear and/or pepper gas and similar devices used in the confrontation with out of control mobs more humane than the, say, heat ray weapons or a very low stun gun? Of course not!

How many people are dying every day due to the use of "traditional and humane" devices such as land mines, rifles, guns, mortars, etc. etc.? The problem is that human intellect has become so dull that even the manufacturers of the non lethal devices do not have the intellectual capacity for a good sell of their products to the security forces and the population at large.

If a loved one of mine were to go to a peaceful demonstration, I would be much more comfortable if I knew that, should it turn violent he/she will be safe from any serious harm.

But it must be one step at a time. We must first teach individuals in the position of US Marine Colonel Tracy Taffola, director the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, that, when interacting with the media, terminology such as "wanna's" and "gonna's" should be avoided. I rest my case regarding current human intellect.

(1) News Source
(2) The Schedule

March 12th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

A large, fleeting flash of light that appeared in the darkened skies over the northwestern edge of metropolitan Phoenix remains a mystery. (1)

The ball of light that looked like an explosion was captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 around 4:45 a.m. Thursday and happened to be broadcast by KSAZ-TV when the station showed footage of the roadway during a report on the morning's commute.

The two electric utilities that serve metro Phoenix say they didn't have any reports of electric transformer explosions that might explain the flash.

Damon Gross, a spokesman for Arizona Public Service, says a blown fuse on a transformer can produce a flash, but he said the utility had no such report Thursday morning.

"It's a mystery to us as well. I can't even offer a guess," said Doug Nintzel, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

miguel de Portugal comments: The only thing that came to mind was the following:

An earthquake light is an unusual luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky at or near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity, or volcanic eruptions. Once commonly challenged, it was not until photographs were taken during the Matsushiro earthquake swarm in Nagano, Japan (which occurred from 1965 through 1967) that the seismology community acknowledged their occurrence. (2)

(1) News Report
(2) Earthquake Lights

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

The staged "need" for vaccines to improve sales is nothing new. We can safely say that it dates back to the early 1920's.

In a January 6, 1996, edition of the Los Angeles Times we read (1) :

The movie "Balto" is advertised as being based on the true story of a sled dog who brought a life-saving vaccine to Alaska in the early '20s.

However, in the 1949 book "The Drug Story," an expose of the pharmaceutical industry, author Morris Bealle told another version of the incident: Manufacturers of the diphtheria vaccine, needing a way to bolster sagging sales, decided to hype a supposed outbreak of the illness in Nome, Alaska. Although their drug could easily have been flown in, it was deemed more newsworthy to send it by dog sled, where the media could excitedly report each day's progress. The cutest dog was selected to lead and was given the catchy name Balto.

After what was more a grim ordeal than heroic adventure, the medicine arrived in Nome. Unfortunately, Nome only had a few sniffles and sore throats common to the season. Embarrassed vaccine promoters announced they'd perform wide-scale vaccination anyway to prevent any future epidemic, an effort that ended up causing the biggest outbreak of diphtheria in Nome's history.

(1) News Report News Report

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

Vaccine Damnation: On July 2008, retired vaccine researcher, Dr. "Mark Randall", speaks out on vaccine dangers.

Jon Rappaport interviewed a vaccine researcher, Dr. Mark Randall (1), who developed a conscience and quit his profession. Now he is willing to speak out. Read what he has to say and spread the word. (2)

(1) Obviously not his real name
(2) Sites where the Interview was published

miguel de Portugal comments (on both): There is nothing new under the Sun since there are always those available to accept just about any lie that may make them feel good, even if for a little while.

March 10th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

F.B.I. Director warns Congress about terrorist hacking. (1)

A day after the authorities arrested several hackers from the Anonymous movement, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert S. Mueller III, warned members of Congress that terrorist groups might use hackers to attack the United States.

"Terrorists have shown interest in pursuing hacking skills," Mr. Mueller said Wednesday in written testimony to a House appropriations subcommittee reviewing the bureau's budget. "And they may seek to train their own recruits or hire outsiders, with an eye toward pursuing cyberattacks. These adaptations of the terrorist threat make the F.B.I.'s counterterrorism mission that much more difficult and challenging."

Mr. Mueller said that the federal government must act swiftly to prevent such attacks and economic espionage from other countries because they pose a "potentially devastating" threat to the country's businesses and infrastructure.

"We tend to focus on protecting our databases, protecting our infrastructure, which is absolutely an appropriate focus," he said. "But we should not forget that you want to identify these individuals who are responsible for these crimes, investigate them, prosecute them and put them in jail for a substantial period of time."

miguel de Portugal comments: "Must act swiftly"?  My God!, I thought that we already were at the cutting edge in such preventive technology.  Where are we spending our resources? Patting down children at the airports?

Mr. Mueller says: "We tend to focus on protecting our databases, protecting our infrastructure, which is absolutely an appropriate focus,...". Would someone please inform that gentleman that the Earth is a sphere, not flat, and that Christopher Columbus officially discovered America in 1492? Or should we start by gently letting him know that Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected on the third day?

Rewinding to my multinational days. If a department head made an equivalent security report at a review meeting, he would not even have had time to pick up his coffee mug on his way to the gate.

(1) News Source

Commenting on  a Previous News Report

From (Mr.) WS @ US

In reference to the recent post: The Defense Department acknowledged Tuesday that some cremated remains of service members were dumped in a landfill.

My questions are:

Why weren't the Pentagon or Shanksville treated forensically as a crime scene?  How could  such "biomedical waste" be destroyed without proper reverence?  Did the human remains undergo proper DNA tests or rather was some "inconvenient" evidence covered over?

It seems that an aura of secrecy was stupidly enacted for the same reason that incumbent politicos use "plausible deniability".

Perhaps we will have to wait for the End of These Times with seminar to follow to learn all about it!

Our help is indeed in the Name of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth.

Some Examples of DNA Uses for Forensic Identification  (Source)

    * Identify potential suspects whose DNA may match evidence left at crime scenes
    * Exonerate persons wrongly accused of crimes
    * Identify crime and catastrophe victims
    * Establish paternity and other family relationships
    * Identify endangered and protected species as an aid to wildlife officials (could be used for prosecuting poachers)
    * Detect bacteria and other organisms that may pollute air, water, soil, and food
    * Match organ donors with recipients in transplant programs
    * Determine pedigree for seed or livestock breeds
    * Authenticate consumables such as caviar and wine

March 9th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Three Calvert County (Maryland) deaths linked to Influenza A. (1)

Three family members in the Lusby area died and another has become ill in a case that authorities believe is contained within the affected family.

The victims were all related and lived in the Rousby Hall Road neighborhood in Lusby. Authorities Tuesday said two of the victims died from Influenza A that was made worse through an underlying infection. Authorities have also confirmed that a third victim who was hospitalized has Influenza A.

The first patient, 83-year-old Ruth Blake, became sick on Feb. 23. Three of her children - a son and two daughters all in their 50s--arrived on Feb. 28 to take care of her.

"We have a positive test from the CDC that said the brother and sister who died had Influenza A in their blood," said Dr. Janis Orlowski with Med Star Washington Hospital Center. "We're asking the question, is this a stronger flu. We have no evidence to support it but that's what we're looking for."

Doctors don't know how Ruth Blake died, but they suspect she spread the flu to her children.

(1) Local Source (without the usual spin... yet.)

News Report No. 2

Stock rally helps regain wealth lost in recession. (1)

Americans are climbing further out of the hole they sank into during the Great Recession.

A stock rally at the end of 2011 helped rebuild more of their lost wealth - a trend that carried into 2012. Households responded by borrowing more for the first time since the financial crisis began, even as home values fell further.

Household wealth rose 2.1 percent to $58.5 trillion in the October-December quarter, the most in a year. Still, it would have to rise 13 percent more to regain its pre-recession peak.

miguel de Portugal comments:   The catch is that the recuperated wealth is now in different hands as scheduled (as we have announced for years). [The cackling that you may hear now is "satan laughing all the way to the bank."]

(1) News Report

March 8th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[sender's highlights]

Submitted by (Mr.) WO @ US

Bishop Edward Braxton of the Bellville, IL, Diocese has fired (1) the Rev. William Rowe, for refusing to offer the "new mass" (implemented in November 2011) literally, according to the New Missal. (2a) (2b)

Rowe was well known for deviating from liturgical texts for  many years. And I (and many others) can testify from vast personal experience, that so have scores of other priests over the past 40 years. Regardless of Rowe's intention or reason for doing this, his firing is highly significant as:

a) It was previously acceptable for many priests to "do your own thing" with the mass (with full knowledge of the local bishop). Yet now, for the "mass of Ratzinger" it is forbidden.

b) There does not seem to be a precedent for firing or forcing the resignation of a priest for not adhering to liturgical norms. 

To quote Bishop Braxton:

"If any priest in the Diocese has been departing from the rubrics and prayers of the Mass in the Roman Rite in the parish where you serve the implementation of the new translation is the appropriate opportunity to begin anew by praying in union with the whole Church without departing from the rubrics or the texts. Anything to the contrary will no longer be permitted after the initiation of the new Missal. It will not be acceptable for any priest or any parish to refrain from using the new prayers due to their personal preference..." (3)

This opens the door to persecution and firing of any other priest who refuses to offer Ratzinger's "mass"; or alters the key words of Consecration to ensure validity.

(1)  While Rowe technically resigned, the reality is that Bishop Braxton effectively forced him to. Thus, the reality of a de facto (but not de jure) firing.
(2a) Source
(2b) Source
(3)   Source

miguel de Portugal comments:   If anyone needed proof that there is something very wrong with the new translation of the Mass, the situation described above should be it. First of all, Ratzinger, having been head of the CDF in the years of John Paul II, could have brought pressure to bear on the many, many wayward officiating priests who took many liberties with the wordings of the Mass for many years.

Second, even after claiming the Papacy for seven years, he still did not clamp down on the "creative" priests. Now he does, when the translation has been changed.

The word from here to the priests desirous to serve God as He intended them to is: "Jump ship!"  In the times that we are living through it is preferable to reject your Bishop and dispense the proper Sacraments, in a freelance manner, to the children of God who are thirsting for them. No Bishop nor Cardinal can neutralize your faculties and the Papacy, as the world knew it, ended in the mid nineties. The "Keys" left Rome a long time ago.

The word from here to the Faithful is: Support in all possible ways the few priests who are truly of God so that they have the means to dispense the proper Sacraments, eve if they have to go at it alone.

March 7th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

The Netanyahu-Obama waltz.

We read (1) and heard from "the horses' mouths" that:

Netanyahu: "We've waited for diplomacy to work," he told the assembled Israel partisans at AIPAC, which included three quarters of members of Congress. "We've waited for sanctions to work. None of us can afford to wait much longer." "We deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries. But when it comes to Israel's survival, we must always remain the masters of our fate."

President Obama acknowledged Israel's right to make its own defense decisions in relation to Iran,

miguel de Portugal comments: Obviously, Mr. Netanyahu did not come to the US to take advantage of the latest WalMart sales campaign or to ask President Obama how did it feel to have a transgender nanny (2).

As they parted, the paid-for-talking-and-disinforming-the-public heads "informed" the world that Mr. Netanyahu did not get what he came for - the approval of the US to attack Iran. Therefore, folks, the subliminal message was: "Relax! It's business as usual. Israel will only attack Iran the day after Hell freezes over."

Wrong! The real messages were:

Netanyahu's message to the world: "It is our sovereign right to do so and do not need anyone's approval; therefore we are free to move on it soon."; and

Obama's message to his constituency: "Hey, it's their right to do so and we have nothing to do with it if (when) they do, but, of course, due to the long standing friendship with Israel we will just have to get into the fray too."

Conclusion: Maybe some folks should delay their vacation to the Middle East for now.

Observation: Since Mr. A. Stevenson uttered on the 25th of October, 1962, the now famous quote "...until Hell freezes over", most of us have never stopped to think that something frozen can burn as much as something hot  - therefore, the timing is all the same. It does not matter whether Hell is very hot or very cold - it is just as painful and damaging either way. May those who have Eyes, see and Ears, hear.

(1) Read Source
(2) Source

March 6th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

In Indiana, there is prayer amid the storm cleanup. (1)

Residents of this small community filtered into church on Sunday, turning to their faith for solace two days after a tornado leveled the town's center. Early Sunday morning, about 100 residents - in a town of about 2,000 - came to St. Francis Xavier Catholic church for Mass as cleanup crews continued their work outside.

Just blocks away from a school that was destroyed, volunteers at the church rushed to move garbage bags filled with donated clothes from the pews so people could sit. Bags spilled out into the aisles and seats of the sanctuary from the storage room in the back.

"God spared us for some reason, for some purpose," said the Rev. Steve Schaftlein, the priest at the church, which suffered roof damage and sheltered residents in its basement during Friday's storm. "We have the choice to see in this a new beginning, not the end."

miguel de Portugal comments: Poor Schaftlein is as confused as most in his position are. He says: "God spared us for some reason, for some purpose". He seems to be oblivious to the fact that only 5% of the population showed up for Mass, unless, of course, there are only 100 Catholics in the community.

It is obvious then that, as we keep repeating over and over again, we must pray to minimize the suffering that awaits humanity. Most likely that is a major reason for which they were spared, yet he missed the point.

This brings us to his other comment: "We have the choice to see in this a new beginning, not the end." To this comment we can respond: Unless you and your flock begin to pray in earnest as you should, it will indeed be your end.
(1) News Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

CVS gives cancer meds to kids, not fluoride. (1)

CVS officials say only a few children ingested pills for breast cancer treatment that they mistakenly received from a New Jersey pharmacy instead of the fluoride pills that were prescribed.

No injuries related to the mixup had been reported as of Saturday afternoon. The two pills are similar looking but have distinctively different tastes.

Investigators are still working to determine how and why the errors occurred at the CVS pharmacy in Chatham. The pharmacy has acknowledged improperly dispensing the breast cancer-fighting drug Tamoxifen instead of chewable fluoride tablets to children in as many as 50 families between Dec. 1 and Feb. 20.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and is usually prescribed by dentists for children. Tamoxifen is used to treat breast cancer and blocks the female hormone estrogen.

miguel de Portugal comments: A one time slip up can happen to anyone, but slipping up for two months and twenty days seems criminal. We wonder what else they have "slipped" to other unsuspecting victims, pardon, clients and no one is the wiser.  Words simply fail me.
(1) News Source

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

Officials at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin said Sunday they're distraught and perplexed over the theft of the church's most precious relic: the preserved heart of St. Lawrence O'Toole, patron saint of Dublin. (1)

It was stored in a heart-shaped wooden box and secured in a small, square iron cage on the wall of a chapel dedicated to his memory. On Saturday someone cut through two bars, pried the cage loose, and made off with the relic.

Sender's comment: Another text message from the Lord. This time, "the heart of the Christ Church" was stolen!

(1) News Source

From (Mr.) WO @ US

The town of Marysville is now gone; Christchurch, New Zealand has been, and continues to be, severely affected by quakes (and their aftermath).... but EWTN keeps on humming away in the Huntsville, Alabama metro area. Just as it did in 2011 - despite storm/tornado damage literally at its doorstep.

Mary (Marysville) has now 'gone away' (no more messages), as prophesied.  'Christchurch', symbolizing the infrastructure of the Roman Catholic Church organization, has been devoured by Opus Dei and no longer able to corporately serve God (since Opus Dei has other 'contractual obligations'). While the Vatican has always been flawed, a certain (small) percentage of its Administrators in past ages did try their best to serve God. On a corporate level, my view is that this is no longer possible. (1)

To me, that EWTN (and thus Opus Dei) seems to ride victorious over the storm is a momentary illusion; useful for their own propaganda. This will last only for a moment: as their house is built upon sand..... quicksand.

Another question remains: whither Ratzinger? Since the Consistory we see and hear nothing of him. Neither the normal Wednesday "papal" audience; nor any photo-op or the seemingly endless press releases of the 'frogs which pour forth from his mouth'.

If this were in the political arena, it would mean that the politicians are either: a) ad-libbing their well rehearsed lines for the camera; or b) "cooking something up".

Choice "b" seems obvious to me.


(1) Yet there are still a few clerics remaining in the world who still have some faith in God. But very few.

A. Regarding the untouched EWTN - remember the untouched Hitler. He thought his protection from every imaginable attempt against his life symbolized that he was doing the Work of God- no pun intended. Nothing has changed. God has used His same technique for millennia.

March 5th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Oxford University argues that parents should be allowed to kill their children. (1)

The article, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, says newborn babies are not "actual persons" and do not have a "moral right to life". The academics also argue that parents should be able to have their baby killed if it turns out to be disabled when it is born.

The journal's editor, Prof Julian Savulescu, director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, said the article's authors had received death threats since publishing the article. He said those who made abusive and threatening posts about the study were "fanatics opposed to the very values of a liberal society".

The article, entitled "After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?", was written by two of Prof Savulescu's former associates, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva.

They argued: "The moral status of an infant is equivalent to that of a fetus in the sense that both lack those properties that justify the attribution of a right to life to an individual." Rather than being "actual persons", newborns were "potential persons".

They explained: "Both a fetus and a newborn certainly are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a 'person' in the sense of 'subject of a moral right to life'. "We take 'person' to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived of this existence represents a loss to her."

miguel de Portugal comments: The only positive aspect of the above reported monstrosity is the fact that it will be easier for more people to understand, and agree with, when God allows this planet to be turned into a Cosmic Parking Lot.

(1) News Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Dolan urges Catholics to become more active in politics. (1)

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan told Roman Catholics on Saturday that in an era when the church was fighting the government on several fronts, they needed to make their voices heard more clearly in the political sphere. Speaking at a diocesan convocation on public policy here, Cardinal Dolan, who is the archbishop of New York and president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said, "We are called to be very active, very informed and very involved in politics."

The cardinal's speech came in advance of the church's annual lobbying day in Albany, scheduled for March 13. "It is a freedom of religion battle," he said. "It is not about contraception. It is not about women's health." He added: "We're talking about an unwarranted, unprecedented, radical intrusion" into "a church's ability to teach, serve and sanctify on its own."

The cardinal mocked a secular culture that "seems to discover new rights every day."  "I don't recall a right to marriage," he said, describing marriage, instead, as a "call."

miguel de Portugal comments: This disoriented cleric is completely ignorant of the point thoroughly proven by St. John Bosco (2) and the reason why the Chinese will allow Catholicism to be practiced within their territory as long as the shepherds are not under the boot of the Vatican Masters.

The level of clerical ignorance and stupidity continues to increase exponentially as the world approaches its Cosmic Parking Lot state.
(1) News Source
(2) St. John Bosco's Trajectory in a radically anticlerical Italy

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

U.S. backers of Israel pressure Obama over policy on Iran. (1)

On the eve of a crucial visit to the White House by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of  Israel, that country’s most powerful American advocates are mounting an extraordinary public campaign to pressure President Obama into hardening American policy toward Iran over its nuclear program.

From the corridors of Congress to a gathering of nearly 14,000 American Jews and other supporters of Israel here this weekend, Mr. Obama is being buffeted by demands that the United States be more aggressive toward Iran and more forthright in supporting Israel in its own confrontation with Tehran.

miguel de Portugal comments: The foundation for the Cosmic Parking Lot is already being laid. Thanks be to God!

(1) News Source

March 4th, 2012

News Report No. 1

The town of Marysville is "completely gone." (1)

Powerful storms stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes flattened buildings in several states, wrecked a small Indiana town and bred anxiety across a wide swath of the country in the second powerful tornado outbreak this week.

Widespread damage was reported in southern Indiana, where Clark County Sheriff's Department Maj. Chuck Adams said the town of Marysville is "completely gone." Dozens of houses were also damaged in Alabama and Tennessee two days after storms killed 13 people in the Midwest and South.

No fatalities had been reported in the latest round of storms that were expected to threaten tornadoes late into Friday.

Thousands of schoolchildren in several states were sent home as a precaution, and several Kentucky universities were closed. The Huntsville, Ala., mayor said students in area schools sheltered in hallways as severe weather passed in the morning.

At least 20 homes were badly damaged in the Chattanooga, Tenn., area after strong winds and hail lashed the area. To the east in Cleveland, Blaine Lawson and his wife Billie were watching the weather when the power went out and winds ripped the roof off their home. Neither were hurt.

miguel de Portugal comments: Remember our post of January 1st, 2012?

It read as follows:

Have you heard that..... God continues to allow earthquakes upon earthquakes to rattle Christchurch in New Zealand?

As we have said before: It is not that the people of Christchurch are worse than the rest of the people of the world. It is because the city is named CHRISTCHURCH and He is announcing, and we are echoing through our pages, what will come upon Christ's Church - that is, upon all of Christianity.

Now He allows MARYSVILLE to be razed to the ground.

God continues to "Tweet" and "SMS" humanity, yet few are catching on; just as expected.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Santorum calls for investigation of the Michigan Republican Party. (1)

Rick Santorum has asked the Republican National Committee to investigate the actions of the Michigan Republican Party, which on Thursday switched its decision to award a delegate to Mr. Santorum, giving it to Mitt Romney instead.

A complaint submitted on Friday by Mr. Santorum's lawyer to Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, alleges "backroom deals" on the part of party officials to rework the rules in Mr. Romney's favor after the party's primary last Tuesday.

miguel de Portugal comments: Brethren, we are in the middle of the Apocalyptic events and that is serious. However, considering that it has to be, we might as well sit back and enjoy how the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei tries to move Heaven and Earth to get anyone of his own in the Oval Office. There has never been a Super Bowl that will last this long and will be as intense as this scramble by the Opus Dei boys and girls.

Of course they prefer Mr. Santorum over Mr. Ginrich. It will be far easier to manipulate Mr. Santorum that it will ever be to manipulate Mr. Ginrich. Actually, they should know that there is always a chance for Mr. Ginrich, once in the Oval Office, to invite them to "go fly a kite". That will never happen with Mr. Santorum. He has been well programmed.

(1) News Report

March 2nd, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

North Korea announced on Wednesday that it would suspend its nuclear weapons tests and uranium enrichment and allow international inspectors to monitor activities at its main nuclear complex. (1)

The surprise announcement raised the possibility of ending a diplomatic impasse that has allowed the country's nuclear program to continue for years without international oversight.

The Obama administration called the steps "important, if limited." But the announcement seemed to signal that North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un, is at least willing to consider a return to negotiations and to engage with the United States, which pledged in exchange to ship tons of food aid to the isolated, impoverished nation.

miguel de Portugal comments: Remember Step No. 2 (2) :

Step 2: A nuclear conflagration will be started through one of the many dangerously unstable nations throughout the world. The nation to be used as the "trigger" will be changed many times before the non stoppable chain reaction commences.

  Rest assured - absolutely nothing has changed regarding the ultimate objective and the means of establishing it.

(1) Source
(2) The attempts to establish a New World Order

Do you remember when.... back in 2007 Israel air force attacked a Syrian site that Israeli and American intelligence analysts judged was a partly constructed nuclear reactor, apparently modeled on one North Korea has used to create its stockpile of nuclear weapons fuel, according to American and foreign officials with access to the intelligence reports? (1)

The description of the target addresses one of the central mysteries surrounding the Sept. 6 attack, and suggests that Israel carried out the raid to demonstrate its determination to snuff out even a nascent nuclear project in a neighboring state. The Bush administration was divided at the time about the wisdom of Israel's strike, American officials said, and some senior policy makers still regard the attack as premature.

But now, as the Syrian regime massacres its own people all the West does - Israel included - is wring its hands, talking and meeting and doing absolutely nothing. Maybe what the Syrian rebels should do is stage a massive attack against Israel, from Syrian territory, of course, and Israel will then get rid of  al-Assad and his government and no one will say a word - China and Russia included.

Brethren, governments, religious institutions and the press have lost all of their credibility. That is why God will use them as landfill.

(1) Source

March 1st, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Cardinal ordered memo on priests destroyed. (1)

A Philadelphia archdiocese official on trial for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of children has asked a court to throw out charges against him based on a 1994 memo showing Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua ordered a list of suspected abusive Catholic priests to be destroyed.

Attorneys for Monsignor William Lynn asked a Philadelphia court to dismiss charges of conspiracy and child endangerment based on documents that Lynn had informed his superiors -- including the cardinal -- that priests in the archdiocese were assaulting children.

"The recent unexpected and shocking discovery of a March, 1994 memorandum composed by Monsignor James Molloy, Monsignor Lynn's then-supervisor, on the topic of this review, clearly reveals that justice demands that all charges against Monsignor Lynn be dropped," Lynn's attorneys said in a filing.

As revealed in court papers filed on Friday, Molloy's handwritten memo dated March 22, 1994, informed Bevilacqua that the secret list of 35 priests had been shredded per his instructions.

"On 3-22-94 at 10:45 AM I shredded, in the presence of Reverend Joseph R. Cistone, four copies of these lists from the secret archives," Molloy's memo stated. "The action was taken on the basis of a directive I received from Cardinal Bevilacqua at the Issues meeting of 3-15-94 ...."

miguel de Portugal: What can we say that we have not said before?

(1) Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

The Defense Department acknowledged Tuesday that some cremated remains of service members were dumped in a landfill. (1)

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta formed the task force in December after an investigation by the Air Force, which runs the military's mortuary at Dover, Del., found that some remains of U.S. military personnel weren't handled "in accordance with procedures."

The Air Force acknowledged that it had disposed of the incinerated remains of at least 274 service members in the landfill before it ended the practice in 2008. At the time, officials said records went back only to 2003.

But the independent panel found that the practice went back at least to 2001, and it discovered that "several portions of remains" recovered from the 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon and at Shanksville, Pa., also ended up in a landfill:

These cremated portions were then placed in sealed containers that were provided to a biomedical waste disposal contractor. Per the biomedical waste contract at that time, the contractor then transported these containers and incinerated them. The assumption on the part of [Dover] was that after final incineration nothing remained. A [Dover] management query found that there was some residual material following incineration and that the contractor was disposing of it in a landfill. The landfill disposition was not disclosed in the contractual disposal agreement.

miguel de Portugal: This is an outrage! Not only do we send our children to fight a war that was lost before it even started but they are not even accorded an appropriate place for their remains to rest. A landfill?? That even sound inappropriate for a pet!

We understand that it may be very difficult to identify every remain, however, an appropriate common grave could be used with the appropriate marker.

If it were in our hands, we would summarily fire every single individual who approved such an atrocity.
(1) Source

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

Starting on Ash Wednesday, themes from that papal message will be posted on Twitter each day during Lent (1)

... and over the coming months other papal speeches and documents are likely to be tweeted in a similar way, hoping to attract the media-savvy generation and entice them to find out more...

miguel de Portugal: Making it all easier for the False Christ to deceive most Catholics.

(1) News Report (dated 22/02/2012)

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