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June 30th, 2012

News Report

The Markets seem to be rejoicing. Let us see what this really means.... or, shall we say, where and when will the proverbial other shoe will fall.

Asian Indexes - Closing on June 29th, 2012

Index Country % Change
Australia ASX All Ordinaries Australia +1.22%
Shanghai SE Composite Index China +1.35%
Hang Seng Hong Kong +2.19%
Mumbai Sensex India +2.59%
Nikkei 225 Japan +1.50%
Taiwan TSEC 50 Index Taiwan +1.77%

European Indexes - Closing on June 29th, 2012

Index Country % Change
FTSE 100 England +1.42%
Euronext 100 Europe +3.97%
CAC 40 France +4.75%
DAX Germany +4.33%
Swiss Market Index Switzerland +1.34%

North and South American Indexes - Closing on June 29th, 2012

Index Country % Change
Dow Jones Industrial Average United States +2.20%
S&P 500 Index United States +2.49%
Brazil Bovespa Stock Index Brazil +3.21%
Canada S&P/TSX 60 Canada +1.31%
Santiago Index IPSA Chile +1.40%
IPC Mexico +1.42%

Gold Price trends for the week 

June 29th, 2012

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

In Spain's equivalent of  TIME Magazine (1) we read the following in the financial section:

In spite of the tensions experienced in the (world financial) markets, the Spanish Treasure intended to place 3 billion Euros payable in 12 and 18 months, and was able to. However, the price was much higher interest rate than before - 5.074% compared to a previous rate of 2.985 %.

What was really interesting was that investors wanted to buy not only 3 billion Euros of Spanish debt, they wanted to buy 5.3 billion Euros worth of debt.

Comment: There is something very wrong with that picture, but completely consistent with what we published on June 17th and 19th.

Think! If the economy of Spain is in tatters as "they" are trying to convince the world forcing Spain to finally seek European Union assistance, which came with "controls", only insane investors would be willing (clamoring!) to buy debt of a country which is in such state.... or only those who know that Spain's finances are not in such state and that, with the outside controls in place, their investment is secure.

This is the latest Moody's evaluation of Spain's financial state:

Moody's Investor Service on Monday cut its credit ratings on 28 Spanish banks, saying the weakening financial condition of Spain's government is making it more difficult for that country to support its lenders. (2)

We certainly are not investment or financial experts but it seems to us that this is, as the saying goes, a "no brainer".

(1) Our partial translation of TIEMPO, June 22, 2012, "Deuda Muy Cara", p. 43
(2) Latest Moody's downgrades

News Report No. 2

[our highlights]

Nation bakes as serious heat wave hits early. (1)

If you're feeling hot this week, it's not a mirage. From Montana to Louisiana, hundreds of heat records have been slashed as harrowing temperatures leave cornfields parched and city sidewalks sizzling.

On Tuesday 251 new daily high temperature records were set, boosting to 1,015 the number of records set in the past seven days.

miguel de Portugal comments:  (sarcasm "on") Not to worry. This happens all the time. You just hear about it now because of the Internet..... (sarcasm "off")

(1) News Report

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

Authorities may never know why a Florida man viciously attacked and chewed on the face of an older homeless man in Miami last month after lab tests failed to find components of "bath salts" in the system of the assailant, who was killed by police. (1)

The tests detected only marijuana in the system of the attacker, the medical examiner said Wednesday, ruling out other street drugs that some had speculated 31-year-old Rudy Eugene might have taken.

An expert on toxicology testing said marijuana alone wasn't likely to cause behavior as strange as Eugene's.

The department ruled out the most common components found in so-called bath salts, which mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine and have been associated with bizarre crimes in recent months. An outside forensic toxicology lab, which took a second look at the results, also confirmed the absence of bath salts, synthetic marijuana and LSD.

It's not clear what led to the May 26 attack on Ronald Poppo, a 65-year-old homeless man. Eugene's friends and family have said he was religious, not violent and that he didn't drink or do drugs harder than marijuana.

"There's no answer for it, not really," Eugene's younger brother, Marckenson Charles, said in an interview. "Anybody who knew him knows this wasn't the person we knew him to be. Whatever triggered him, there is no answer for this."

miguel de Portugal comments:
  Since, according "the World", only physical reasons are accepted to explain highly unusual events, no consideration has been given to what sounds like a full-fledged demonic possession, and its implications.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 4

[our highlights]

The Pope signed a decree that recognizes the 'heroic virtues' of Alvaro del Portillo. He was the first successor of  St. Josemaría Escrivá, who founded the Opus Dei. He was also his closest collaborator. (1)

This step is actually key, as his beatification process goes further. It means, that Benedict XVI recognizes that "Don Alvaro" exemplified Christian virtues in his life.

The Vatican is already analyzing a documented miracle that's attributed to the intercession of Álvaro del Portillo. If it's approved by experts, theologians and of course the Pope, his beatification could follow.
Alvaro del Portillo was born in Madrid, Spain in 1914. His mother was Mexican, his father was Spanish. He studied Civil Engineering, Philosophy and Theology.

He was one of the first members of the Opus Dei and  one of St. Escriva's main collaborators. In fact it was him who encouraged Portillo to become a priest.

He took part in preparing the Second Vatican Council and in that Council, he also served as  Secretary of the Commission for the Discipline of the Clergy and Christian People. This commission issued the Presbyterorum Ordinis decree, which deals with the role of priests.

miguel de Portugal comments:
  "Send in the Clowns" (2) for only them will believe this too.

(1) Rome Reports
(2) Meaning of and story behind  the song "Send in the Clowns".

June 28th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

On Saturday, June 16, San Francisco's Most Holy Redeemer Parish again hosted the Switch Hitters Ball, an annual fundraiser for the San Francisco Gay Softball League. (1)

The parish has hosted the event each year since 2007. Video of this year's 'ball' has already been posted on YouTube.

The 'switch hitter' in the annual event's title does not refer to a batter who is able to hit from both sides of the plate; it refers instead to the transvestite nature of the 'entertainment' that takes place at the ball.” In other words, a Catholic parish is providing a venue for a drag show.

A by-no-means exhaustive list of past events held at Most Holy Redeemer includes:

(a) the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Revival Bingo (cancelled by the archdiocese under outside pressure);
(b) annual fundraisers by two sado-masochistic organizations -- the InterClub Fund and the Golden Gate Guards (cancelled by the archdiocese under outside pressure);
(c) the 2007 Desperate Dive Drag Show, followed a week later by Archbishop George Niederauer's Mass at the church during which he was ambushed by two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the communion line and for which the archbishop later publicly apologized;
(d) annual parish participation at the Gay Pride parade (cancelled by the archdiocese under outside pressure);
(e) the scheduled May 2010 performance by students of Sacred Heart High School of Atherton of the pro-homosexual propaganda play Be Still and Know (cancelled by the archdiocese under outside pressure, but performed instead at the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco),
(f) the 2011 planning session for Catholic participation in the Gay Pride parade; and
(g) the 2011 scheduled hosting of homosexual activist speakers for their Advent Vespers series (cancelled by the archdiocese under outside pressure).

Comments: Outside of "Oh, My God!" we are simply unable to at this time. Maybe in a day or two....
(1) California Catholic Daily Reports

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

F.T.C. Charges Hotel Group Over Data Breaches

The Federal Trade Commission charged Wyndham Worldwide and three hotel and resort affiliates on Tuesday with allowing three breaches of its corporate data files in two years, resulting in the electronic theft of the credit card data of hundreds of thousands of the hotel chain's customers.

In a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Arizona, the F.T.C. said that Wyndham, which through its affiliates manages and franchises Ramada, Days Inn and Super 8 hotels, among others, often stored consumers' credit card information in text files that were easily read by hackers. Three times from April 2008 to January 2010, intruders gained access to the company's computer systems, the agency said, and the company failed to take corrective measures after each of the first two breaches.

miguel de Portugal comments: The security of it all....

(1) NY Times Report

 but the good news are....

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

F.B.I. Says 24 Are Arrested in Credit Card Theft Plan (1)

For hackers in search of information like credit card numbers and software to spy on computers, the site called Carder Profit appeared to be a veritable eBay for thieves. Instead, it was a creation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Tuesday, after a two-year undercover operation, authorities in 13 countries arrested two dozen people who are accused of fraud involving computer crime.

Federal officials said Operation Card Shop, as the sting is being called, was unusually broad and represented a significant step in combating credit card fraud, which has grown notably more sophisticated recently. "These guys represent the complete ecosystem of Internet fraud," said one senior law enforcement official who requested anonymity because of the confidentiality of the investigation. "We drew them out of the shadows with the Web site as bait."

Hackers have become increasingly successful recently in obtaining credit card information and other personal data, sharing it on secure Web sites, often on overseas servers. Last year, hackers in Eastern Europe obtained the names, account numbers, e-mail addresses and transaction histories of more than 200,000 Citibank customers.

miguel de Portugal comments: Thank God! for legitimate undercover work. Good for them!

(1) NY Times Reports

June 27th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Jimmy Carter, America's 39 th president, denounced the Obama administration for "clearly violating" 10 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, writing in a New York Times op-ed on Monday that the "United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights." (1)

 "Instead of making the world safer, America's violation of international human rights abets our enemies and alienates our friends," Carter wrote.

Comments: So what is new? That is why it hardly mattered who won the last election or who will win the next. The die is cast and the wheels will continue to turn regardless of who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

This year, the Archdiocese of New York has ordained only one priest for its cadre of clergy. Three other men were ordained with him - but one is a Franciscan, and two are from a Canadian diocese, who are returning there. (1)

"The number of seminarians has been declining, in New York and nationally, since the 1960s. St. Joseph’s, the New York Archdiocese’s stately limestone seminary in Yonkers, opened in 1896 with room for 180 students. It graduated 25 or 30 men annually through the mid-1970s, but since the mid-1990s, most graduating classes have had fewer than 10 priests. Before this year, the archdiocese’s smallest graduating class was in 1998, with two priests...The archdiocese estimates that it would need 20 new priests a year to fill all open positions and allow priests to retire as they age....

Being the archdiocese’s sole member of the Class of 2012 is a slightly uncomfortable distinction for Father Patric D’Arcy, 33, a soft-spoken man who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He is not a native New Yorker, nor even an American citizen....
He has already signaled to his fellow priests that he intends to take a conservative approach to his calling. Father D’Arcy chose to celebrate the Mass the day after his ordination in Latin, in an unusual move for New York, and asked Msgr. Javier Garcia, vicar secretary for Opus Dei in the United States, to give the homily....

Next year, eight men are expected to graduate from St. Joseph’s to become new priests of the archdiocese, and in 2014, six are expected. “I think the pendulum is beginning to swing back up,” said Bishop Gerald T. Walsh, the rector of the seminary...."

Comment: The level of denial and spiritual blindness of both D'Arcy and Walsh are amazing. Perhaps it is because the status of St. Joseph's Seminary: A "virtual" Opus Dei seminary. (2)

(1) Source
(2) St. Joseph Seminary  - The identities of certain faculty members and alumni clearly indicate the link to OD.

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

'Big Brother'? No, It's Parents. (1)

When her children were ready to have laptops of their own, Jill Ross bought software that would keep an eye on where they went online. One day it offered her a real surprise. She discovered that her 16-year-old daughter had set up her own video channel.

Parents can now use an array of tools to keep up with the digital lives of their children, raising new quandaries. Is surveillance the best way to protect children? Or should parents trust them to share if they are scared or bewildered by something online?

If, a few years ago, the emphasis was on blocking children from going to inappropriate sites on the family computer, today's technologies promise to embed Mom and Dad - and occasionally Grandma - inside every device that children are using, and gather intelligence on them wherever they go.

A smart phone application alerts Dad if his son is texting while driving. An online service helps parents keep tabs on every chat, post and photo that floats across their children's Facebook pages. And another scans the Web in case a child decides to try a new social network that the grown-ups have not even heard of yet.

Comments: If this type of surveillance equipment is available to the average citizen, you can imagine what is available to the authorities and criminals as well.

With the legitimate authorities, that does not present a problem as long as: (a) There is not a misunderstanding and wrong conclusions are drawn; or (b) The one Universal Government, forced upon the world (if we ever get that far), is very brief.

We just finished reviewing an objective and condensed recount of the purges in the Soviet Union during Stalin's "reign" and words fail us to describe the horrors associated with them.  If the above described technique had been available to him, the number of "official and legitimate murders" would have been several times greater than they were. Granted, no one can go back in time and place such devices in Stalin's hands, but we do have a "Stalin or two" waiting to make its Grand Entrance in the 21st century.
(1) News Source

June 26th, 2012

News Report

[our highlights]

Court strikes down most of Arizona immigration law, but leaves key provision in place. (1)

The Supreme Court has struck down most of the controversial Arizona immigration law, but upheld for now a key provision that required police officers to check the immigration status of those they suspect may be in the country illegally.

The provision on mandatory checks during routine stops will now kick back to a lower court for review, and could still be subject to challenge. The rest of the ruling, though, definitively strikes down three other provisions in Arizona's controversial law.

Those provisions had made it a crime for immigrants to look for work without work permits and to not carry their immigration papers, and let police arrest those whom they suspect committed crimes for which they could be deported.

miguel de Portugal comments:  In my days in Engineering it was a common practice amongst middle management to place what was called "a hairy arm" in proposals to upper management. The idea was to give them something that they could complain about and summarily delete from the proposal. The upper management, which traditional did not understand "beans" of the realities on the ground, felt fulfilled: They had "managed" and eliminated something that "should have never been there in the first place", they thought.... while we got past them every other thing we wanted in the proposal!

In Arizona's case it was the reverse. They struck everything down except what was really wanted: The requirement that police officers check the immigration status of those they suspect may be in the country illegally. The "papers, please" trick, to legally have a closer control on all of the population.

That apparently innocuous clause will spread to other states like any virus that would help big Pharma sell vaccines.

In Spain and Portugal, for example, the tactic is different. Since there are no borders in the European Union, the only way that they could pull the "papers, please" trick, and not be accused of being xenophobes, was to do it for your own benefit, of course.... In nationwide campaigns to allegedly reduce traffic accidents due to drug or alcohol use, vehicles are frequently stopped and, besides giving the driver a test for alcohol and/or drugs, his papers and those of any other occupant in the vehicle are requested, as well as the vehicle documents.

Recently, all vehicular traffic entering the city of Porto (Portugal's second largest city) during a period of 2-4 hours (I cannot remember the exact figure) were stopped and checked... for their own good, of course.

Oh, yes.... the government is Spain is about to increase the speed limit on the freeways to 81 mph.... which we are sure will also help reduce traffic accidents.....
(1) News Report

June 25th, 2012

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

Giving more details about the Fox News man appointed News "Spin-Master" for the Vatican....

Greg Burke, 52, will leave Fox News to become the senior communications adviser in the Vatican's secretariat of state, the Vatican and Burke told The Associated Press.

He defined his job, which he said he had been offered twice before, as being along the lines of the White House senior communications adviser: 'You're shaping the message, you're molding the message, and you're trying to make sure everyone remains on-message. And that's tough.'

Burke, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, is a member of the conservative Opus Dei movement.

He said he didn't know what, if any, role his membership in Opus Dei played. Opus is greatly in favor in the Vatican these days, particularly as other new religious movements such as the Legion of Christ have lost credibility with their own problems. Currently, for example, the cardinal who is heading the Vatican's internal investigation into the leaks of documents is the Opus Dei prelate, Cardinal Julian Herranz.

"I'm an old-fashioned Midwestern Catholic whose mother went to Mass every day," Burke said. "Am I being hired because I'm in Opus Dei?" he asked. "It might come into play." But he noted he was also in Opus when he was hired by Fox and Time magazine.

Burke has been a Fox correspondent since he joined the U.S. network in 2001. He was the Time magazine correspondent in Rome for a decade before that." (1)

Comments: "Am I being hired because I'm in Opus Dei?" he asked - "No Greg, that could not possibly be the reason..... The Vatican just wants to insure that its news are... 'fair and balanced'".

One has to wonder if Burke's academic and professional resume contains study and experience in the same areas as Msgr. Guido Marini, and Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls (2): Media/psychological manipulation.

(1) Source
(2) Navarro-Valls according to Navarro-Valls

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

The sidewalks of downtown San Francisco are crowded with colorful revelers as the city marks its 42nd year celebrating the lesbian, gay and transgender community.(1)

The city already has hosted a weekend of events, including a march in the city's Dolores Park and the so-called "Pink Saturday" street party. But the biggest one is Sunday's annual gay pride parade. Organizers say more than 200 floats, vehicles and marching bands are taking part. The city's mayor, Ed Lee, also will address the crowd at the city's Civic Center.

Organizers say San Francisco's events are the largest LGBT gathering in the nation. Thousands of attendees are also celebrating in Chicago and New York City, where parade-goers are toasting the state's anniversary of its same-sex marriage law.

Comments: In our document about homosexuality (2), which is probably among the best in charitably placing homosexuality in its proper Biblical context, we clearly stated:

The true problems lie in:

1.- The persecution of homosexuals; and
2.- The promotion of the proliferation of homosexual lifestyle.

As we say in Texas - "shonuff" (sure enough), the effort, on a worldwide scale, is The promotion of the proliferation of homosexual lifestyle. Details as to the "Why?" may be found in the already mentioned document (2).

(1) News Report
(2) Homosexuality in its proper Biblical context

June 24th, 2012

News Reported by (Mr.) WO

[his highlights]

A Fortnight for Lucifer?

The much ballyhooed "Fortnight For Freedom" (1), implemented by the USCCB (but obviously the brainchild of Opus Dei) is now in full motion. I watched the opening mass at the Baltimore Basilica, and the next day's Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral (NYC).

At Baltimore we have the spectacle of Archbishop William Lori - a 'loyal son of Ratzinger' - ranting about morality. This from a man who knowingly enabled and protected many clerical child rapists in his former Connecticut diocese. And who, as the national chaplain to the Knights of Columbus, smiled upon the lavishing of millions of dollars on the Washington DC Basilica, while the poor Black people in that city starve. And while sex abuse victims in his CT diocese were humiliated, rebuked, and given mere pittance as restitution.

Yet God can make His displeasure known in subtle ways. The pipe organ in the Baltimore Basilica was so horribly out of tune (and badly played) that it sounded somewhere between a calliope and a roller skating rink.

At the Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Cardinal Dolan and the other clergy wore red chasuables..... which featured a none-too-subtle Opus Dei cross, prominently.

Two ironies were obvious to me: The obviously steroid laden NYPD cops (i.e. bodyguards) standing beside the clergy as they administered "communion'. And the young Cantor - who impressed me as the classic 'poster boy' for the Hitler Youth in appearance.

The "Fortnight For Freedom" (1) is an overt political street theater. A stunt. It serves to distract from the Vatican Bank scandals as well as from the ongoing sex abuse scandals, in the US and globally. The Prelates are howling as if their food and clothing were being taken away. Crying about 'oppression' and 'injustice'.

The Health and Human Services' (HHS) mandate merely requires employers to provide comprehensive insurance coverage. Nobody is being forced to have an abortion or to use contraception. Yet they claim they are being forced to "pay for it".

....yet I hear nothing of the true immorality that my taxes are used to fund multiple wars the US is engaged in, which have resulted in the death or maiming of vast numbers of people. "Thou shalt not kill" does not have any qualifying clauses.

Or of the immorality of the Vatican Bank investments. Or of the misuse of Church funds by priests and bishops for their personal pleasure.(2) While children pick garbage for food.

This "Fortnight for Lucifer" is two weeks of masses, rosaries, novenas, speeches, rallies, marches.....

God's response: "..when you stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my eyes from you: and when you multiply prayer, I will not hear: for your hands are full of blood. " (Isaiah 1:15)

miguel de Portugal comments: We wonder how many, if any, consecrated hosts will be offered in communion during those Masses.

(1) Fortnight For Freedom: The fourteen days from June 21 - the vigil of the Feasts of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More - to July 4, Independence Day, are dedicated to this "fortnight for freedom" -  great hymn of prayer for our country. Our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power - St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome.  Culminating on Independence Day, this special period of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action will emphasize both our Christian and American heritage of liberty. Dioceses and parishes around the country have scheduled special events that support a great national campaign of teaching and witness for religious liberty.

(2) Cardinal Timothy Dolan is well known for his 'fondness' for expensive, aged Scotch, served by a uniformed butler on a silver platter, and fine, imported cigars.... while closing parishes in Black and Latino neighborhoods because "we have no money".

News Reports 2 and 3

Vatican hires U.S. journalist to help media relations

The Vatican has hired an American journalist from the Fox News Network and member of the conservative Catholic group Opus Dei to help improve its relations with the media, a senior Church source said on Saturday.

U.S. Catholic priest found guilty in child abuse case

A monsignor who oversaw hundreds of priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese was found guilty on Friday of one count of endangering the welfare of a child, making him the first senior U.S. Roman Catholic Church official to be convicted for covering up child sex abuse.

miguel de Portugal comments:
The above exemplifies what places the Faith seed planted in the souls of children while they were being formed at home and at school into a deep state of suspended animation.

June 23rd, 2012

News Report

Mr. Carlos Dívar, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Spain and President of the General Council of the Judicial Power was accused by another judge of the General Council of the Judicial Power to be spending sums of public money on long week-end personal trips to Marbella. (1)

The scandal was such that Mr. Dívar has resigned. So far, no surprises. After all, the world has become immune to be abused and plundered by the elected politician, appointed "pillars of society" and, why not?, bankers too.

However, other matters associated with the case have surfaced; matters which caught our attention and are coherent with the attack mounted against the Opus Dei by the other members of the already mentioned Threesome of Saviors.

Mr. Dívar is single, of ample financial resources and a daily communicant at Mass. If you add to this that he was the Chief Justice in Spain, the only thing that he doesn't have is an Opus Dei tattoo on his forehead.

Knowing well the culture in Spain - civil, political, religious and opus deist -  what happened to Mr. Dívar indicates that hell "must be about to freeze over".

If we needed any confirmation to what we have announced regarding the multilevel attacks on Opus Dei and their interests, Mr. Dívar's case would have provided it.

Oh, yes, by the way.... The much talked about taxpayers paid luxury weekend trips always included intimate candle lit dinners for two at very expensive restaurants in Marbella. The "other" of the twosome was also a gentleman. What we are saying is that Mr. Dívar's reputation, professional standing and moral high ground have been wiped out.

(1) News in Spanish

June 22nd, 2012

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

Supreme Court strikes down FCC rulings on profanity, nudity. (1) (2)

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down an FCC policy regulating curse words on broadcast television.

The justices declined on Thursday to issue a broad ruling on the constitutionality of the FCC indecency policy. Instead, the court concluded only that broadcasters could not have known in advance that obscenities uttered during awards show programs and a brief display of nudity on an episode of ABC's NYPD Blue could give rise to sanctions.

In an 8-0 decision, the high court ruled against the Federal Communications Commission.

The case involved some uncensored curse words and brief nudity on various networks, including Fox. The FCC levied fines in some of these cases.

miguel de Portugal comments: We are sure that, henceforth, all profanity will be "spontaneous" and all nudity will be due to unexpected "garment malfunction". What next?

(1) News Report
(2) News Report

News Report No. 2

[our highlights]

Beatification bid for yet another Opus Dei member. (1)

The cause for the beatification of Dora del Hoyo, one of the first collaborators of the founder of Opus Dei, has been announced in Rome on June 18, reports the Catholic News Agency.

"Dora was of great importance for Opus Dei, for her fidelity and her work perfectly finished, which was always accompanied by her humility of passing unnoticed. This is why she was so effective until the end of her life," said Bishop Javier Echevarria, the Prelate of Opus Dei, who announced the cause at Rome's Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Born in Spain in 1914, Dora del Hoyo first came into contact with Opus Dei's founder, Saint Josemaria Escriva, at the age of 29 when she was employed as a member of the domestic staff in a Madrid student residence run by the Catholic organization.

In 1946 she became the first woman to join Opus Dei as a "numerary assistant."

Such members principally dedicate themselves to the domestic responsibilities within centers of Opus Dei.

miguel de Portugal comments:
How utterly clever!  Who has not recently heard of the of domestic servants within the Opus Dei who have sued them for abuse? Who, if really serious about the real Opus Dei story, has not read Maria del Carmen Tapia's book (2) and similar publications (3)?

Now they Beatify one of the domestic servants and, Presto! - all those accusations against Opus Dei appear to be no more than lies. After all, how could they Beatify individuals who are claimed, by their enemies, to be mistreated within the organization.

(1) News Report
(2) Maria del Carmen Tapia "calls it like it is".
(3) Ms. Tapia is certainly not alone in the evaluation of the Opus Dei cult.

June 21st, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Panetta salutes gays in military. (1)

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday thanked gay and lesbian military members for their service, as the Pentagon prepares to mark June as gay pride month with an official salute.

In a remarkable sign of a cultural change in the U.S. military, Panetta said that with the repeal last year of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law that prohibited gays from serving openly in the military, gays and lesbians can now be proud to be in uniform.

"Now you can be proud of serving your country, and be proud of who you are," Panetta said.

The defense chief also said he's committed to removing as many barriers as possible to making the military a model of equal opportunity.

Panetta's video message was part of a Pentagon salute to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender troops as the Pentagon joined the rest of the U.S. government for the first time in marking June as gay pride month.

miguel de Portugal comments:
Unless barracks for homosexuals are introduced, just like there are segregated male and female barracks, major problems will eventually develop.  At this time it is just a moot point considering the "schedule", but our leaders do not realize that yet.

We are just bringing this up as just another example of the major disconnect between our leaders and reality.

Having graduated from an all male military school, living in very spartan conditions, I know that if the sexual orientation is not known no problems will arise. I am sure that we must have had whatever nominal percentage of homosexuals is normal in the US population, but since it was not known "who was what" normalcy reigned.  This is very important when one is using communal showers, bumping knees with the fellow sitting in the toilet next to you, and wearing only underwear almost year round, because of the heat, whenever we were in our dorms.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it would have been like otherwise.

Yes, yes, we know: "Times have changed" but regarding this particular issue, we refer our readers to the Book of Genesis:

And the eyes of them both were opened: and when they perceived themselves to be naked, they sewed together fig leaves, and made themselves aprons. [Genesis 3:7]

And that has not changed!
(1) News Report

June 20th, 2012

Leaving the Markets behind until  the "attackers" figure out their "check mate" technique let us move to  the other front....

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

"Welcome the the IOR (Vatican Bank), Don Corleone (0)"...

"In the latest scandal to engulf the Pope a church official has warned that a "time bomb" is about to explode over mafia money allegedly invested in the Vatican bank....

Prosecutors are investigating claims a Sicilian mafia godfather laundered cash through the Institute for Religious Works, as the bank is officially known....

Last week, Benedict XVI, 85, implicitly denounced the leaks as the work of the devil....

The new investigation into the Vatican bank focuses on Matteo Messina Denaro, 50, a drugs and arms trafficker based in Trapani, western Sicily. On the run for the past 19 years, he is suspected of 50 murders. "With the people I've killed, I could make a cemetery," he is said to have boasted.

Prosecutors say go-betweens acting on his behalf opened accounts worth several million dollars. A senior church official confided that "tainted money" had been hidden in accounts.

'What has surfaced is only a splatter of lava; underneath there's a timebomb, which is ready to explode,' said the official, speaking anonymously to La Stampa newspaper.

Last month, the Pope dismissed the Trapani bishop and suspended a priest who had in turn accused the bishop of holding accounts worth millions at the Vatican bank." (1)


The Opus Dei's virtual news department - Newsmax (3) - reports:

"An article in a German publication suggests that Pope Benedict XVI is both tired and unwilling to wield his power over an increasingly disruptive scandal to his papacy.....New documents leaked to the public last week target the Pope’s private secretary, Georg Gänswein, and Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's top administrator, the publication noted, with the threatened publication of "hundreds" of other secret documents if the two are not "kicked out” of the Vatican.

"This is blackmail," Vatican expert Marco Politi, was quoted as saying. "It's like threatening total war." (2)

Contributors comment:
According to Ratzinger, those who speak the truth and are 'whistleblowers', are serving satan.

"And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself: how then shall his kingdom stand?" (Matthew 12:26)

miguel de Portugal comments: Maybe the Opus Dei "plant" amongst our readership should review our document about the Rise and Fall of Opus Dei (4).

(0) Don Corleone is the name of the infamous Godfather
(1) Source
(2) Source
(3) About Newsmax

"...Ruddy started on September 16, 1998, supported by a group of politically conservative investors, including the family of the late Central Intelligence Agency Director William J. Casey..." It seems to be the flagship media enterprise of the OD/neocon kingdom.

(4) Rise and Fall of Opus Dei

Regarding the News from France

Remember how the other "they" moved Heaven and Earth to destroy Mr. Strauss-Khan, the then head of the IMF and the then certain next Socialist French President?

"They" forgot that God is really in charge, that there is a schedule to be met and that, even if they had placed a copy of "The Way" next to the Gideon's Bible (1) in every room of every hotel in the world, France would elect a Socialist, and give him absolute majority.

(1) Gideon's Bible in hotel rooms

June 19th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Greek voters gave a majority to parties supporting the country's economic bailout, easing worries about a break up in the euro zone and initially boosting markets... (1)

but now the claims are...

While Greek euro exit fears have thus eased, this outcome does little to alleviate the weak fundamentals that currently weigh on Spain and Italy...(1)

miguel de Portugal comments: As you may recall, on June 17th, we showed in this same forum that although the media and the leaders of the Western powers were at the border of hysteria because of the outcome of the Greek elections, all key world financial markets closed with positive gains on Friday 16th.

The "markets" were quite relaxed about the outcome because "they" had made sure that the outcome would be the desired one for their plans. Imagine if Greece had abandoned the Euro!  "They" would have lost control of that country.

[Remember that: (a) We do not take sides except God's; and (b) In this case "they" refer to the faction of the Threesome of Saviors (2) who is battling Opus Dei.]

Now with Greece, Portugal and Ireland in "their" pocket, "they" must make sure that Spain and Italy are both securely rounded up too. That will complete the total control of the key Catholic (if  mostly by name, but well infiltrated by Opus Dei) Western European nations which composed by the original European Union and Euro-block.

So now the focus is to convince "the world" that Spain and Italy urgently need help; a help that they are most willing to offer as long as said countries accept the controlling "conditions".

Notice that the "they" term does not include the official governments of the countries in question, after all, they were genuinely hysterical about the Greek elections just like everyone else who was not "in the know".

Were we living in a "normal world" the main concern should have been the absolute majority gained by the Socialists in France's election - right on the same day of the Greek elections. However, "they" are glossing over that absolute majority gain.

But enough talk!  Let us take a look at how the worldwide markets reacted to the election outcome in Greece, France and, let us not forget, in the newly "liberated" Egypt where the military disbanded the democratically elected congress just before the election.

At yesterday's closing, the world markets showed caution but with no major losses and a few gains - Asia included - with the exception of Spain who posted an almost 3 % loss in the Market and achieved a record interest rate to pay for borrowed money in the International Markets. As expected, Italy did not do much better in order to fulfill the "prophecy of the day" : Spain and Italy urgently need help.

(1) News Report
(2) Threesome of Saviors

June 18th, 2012

News Commentary

[our highlights]

The height of hypocrisy: While the West continues to chastise the Chinese government for the Tiananmen Square massacre back in 1989, Syria continues to torture and murder its own people - children included - by the thousands; many times more than those who were martyred at
Tiananmen Square.

Do any of those alleged "christians" who lead the Western Powers think that God is not taking note of this and will soon allow the corresponding response from the bowels of hell?

We thought that we had already witnessed the height of human stupidity many times during the past 6,000 years of recorded history, yet, every day that goes by another event tops the historical records.

News Report No. 1

Greatest Gift To The Poor. (1)

The greatest gift to the poor is quality basic education and skills training for their children given for free or at very low costs. This is a very precious heritage that St. Josemaria Escriva left to the faithful of the Prelature of Opus Dei which he founded. A preferential option for the poor is very much part of the DNA of Opus Dei.

Canonized on October 6, 2002 by Blessed John Paul II, St. Josemaria's message to ordinary Christians is to "seek Christ in ordinary everyday life...and to give back to material realities and to the most trivial occurrences their noble and original meaning." As he himself showed through his personal example, he spent the first years of his priestly vocation attending to the needs of the most abandoned poor people of the slum areas of Madrid in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

miguel de Portugal comments: This is how the poor people of the Philippines are being brainwashed about the Opus Dei.

(1) News Report

June 17th, 2012

Commentary on News Reports

[our highlights]

Today the Greeks are holding an election that will, in essence, decide whether they abandon the European common currency (Euro) or not. Since  last Wednesday the financial and regular media - local and  worldwide - have been painting a variety of apocalyptic financial scenarios should Greece exit the Euro currency. Statements have been made by qualified (by world standards, of course) experts such as:
"The euro itself is a bloody doomsday machine".

On the political scene, top European leaders have been holding conferences almost non-stop, in person and via tele-conference, etc.

From what everyone hears and reads, the average, and the not so average, person and institution could only draw one conclusion: Europe and the world are at the edge of the financial abyss.... or is it?

We will reproduce below the the results of the key financial markets of the world as they closed last Friday - then you will see through the staged drama we have discussed above. All, without exception, registered gains.

Asian Indexes

Index Country % Change Last Update
Australia ASX All Ordinaries Australia +0.42% Jun 15
Shanghai SE Composite Index China +0.47% Jun 15
Hang Seng Hong Kong +2.26% Jun 15
Mumbai Sensex India +1.63% Jun 15
Nikkei 225 Japan +0.01% Jun 15
Taiwan TSEC 50 Index Taiwan +1.14% Jun 15

European Indexes

Index Country % Change Last Update
FTSE 100 England +0.22% Jun 15
Euronext 100 Europe +1.51% Jun 15
CAC 40 France +1.82% Jun 15
DAX Germany +1.48% Jun 15
Swiss Market Index Switzerland +0.06% Jun 15

North and South American Indexes

Index Country % Change Last Update
Dow Jones Industrial Average United States +0.91% Jun 15
S&P 500 Index United States +1.03% Jun 15
Brazil Bovespa Stock Index Brazil +1.36% Jun 15
Canada S&P/TSX 60 Canada +0.62% Jun 15
Santiago Index IPSA Chile +1.02% Jun 15
IPC Mexico +0.80% Jun 15

As if all the gains above were not enough to discredit the media and official propaganda....

The Greek market itself leapt more than 10 per cent on Thursday and rose again on Friday. (1)

This is to the extent that the world masses are being manipulated!

(1) Source

Commentary on Science News

The following 1956 news report should help one and all to carefully evaluate (read: take with a grain of salt) what the "Scientist of the Day" may claim. Just because he/she is a scientist and the work is published in an allegedly reputable magazine, it does not make the claim valid or safe.

Preserve Your Meat and Produce With Atomic Radiation. (1a)(1b)

That's what's coming in atomic energy, they tell me. You take a pork chop, or a bunch of asparagus, and expose it for a few minutes or seconds to atomic radiation. It could be gamma rays from a reactor's spent fuel rods, or an electron beam from a high-voltage machine. The rays kill bacteria, mold, every living thing that makes food decay.

"Is this really going to happen, or is it just somebody's wild pipe dream?"

"Uncle Sam's betting $10,000,000 or more that it can be done. The Department of Defense is putting that much into the idea, currently at the rate of about $1,125,000 a year."

"What's this got to do with defense?"

"Suppose trouble starts, like Korea, and the GIs move in. Way it's been, they live for months on canned rations, until refrigeration ships catch up with them, and mobile refrigerators can be dragged ashore. This way they'll get fresh eats wherever they go.

"The Navy is for irradiated food because it will actually boost their warships' cruising range. Carriers and cruisers won't need to stop and take aboard perishable food so often. That will count all the more with atomic-powered ships that would have practically unlimited range otherwise.

miguel de Portugal comments: I rest my case....

(1a) Article originally appeared in the April 1956 issue of Popular Science.
(1b) Source

June 16th, 2012 [Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary]

News Report

[our highlights]

APASSIONATA, Europe's most successful live entertainment show, featuring more than 40 horses, is suspending its North American tour effective immediately. Originally scheduled for an 18 month tour of the United States and Canada... Refunds for markets already on sale are available at the patron's point of purchase. The producers plan to resume the North American tour in the future.

The Producers said, ".... we are suspending our North American tour immediately due to the financial crisis in Europe, which has affected our finances. The support we have received from fans across the country has been tremendous and it is our intention to come back as soon as possible." (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: This could mean just about anything; however, we must consider the facts of: (a) the immediacy of the cancellation; (b) their tremendous record and popularity; (c) the reality that the last thing people will give up during the worst of crisis is popular entertainment, alcohol and coffee; (d) it is a German firm solely owned by Dipl. Kfm Peter Massine; (e) their page was created on 11-Apr-2000 and will expire (if not renewed) on 11-Apr-2013; and (f) APPASSIONATA's official name is spelled as follows:

Considering that Germany is the least affected European nation, that APASSIONATA is a successful on-going enterprise and all of the above, one must then ponder: Does
Dipl. Kfm Peter Massine know something that most of the world does not ?

An educated guess, no prophecy - just a guess, would be that Mr. Massine is well connected within the Israeli government inner circle (remember the registered name of his business - and that he has been informed that Israel will strike Iran very soon and that such strike may unleash a global conflagration which will include the US.

Logically, the safest thing for him and his troupe to do would be to immediately end his US tour and return to his home base in Germany.

As I said, just an educated guess.

(1) Source

June 15th, 2012 [Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Google employees know nothing. (1)

Among documents released Tuesday that Google had submitted to the Federal Communications Commission are sworn declarations by nine people who said they were not aware of data collection done during Google's Street View mapping. Each said they knew nothing about the effort, either because it was not part of their job or they did not review the project documentation, even when it was provided to them.

Although the project was intended to photograph the world's streets, from 2007 to 2010 Google gathered unencrypted Internet data from wireless networks, including the content of private communications, as its specially equipped cars passed through neighborhoods. Special software was written to capture that private data, though Google says it was a mistake.

For example, one person whose job was to review the computer code that operated the data collection program said that while he checked syntax and debugged the code, he had "no recollection of reviewing the Wi-Fi project design document" and that "it was not part of my duties to do so."

Another said, "I am aware there was a design document prepared for the Wi-Fi collection, but I do not recall reading it."

Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman for Google, said the failure by multiple engineers to review the project was "a mistake," adding, "Clearly there was a process breakdown."

The agency did not find any wrongdoing in Google's collection of the data itself.

miguel de Portugal comments: Take a peek at the earlier mentioned movie "Antitrust" and see if you see some parallels.

The world has reached a point where, even though it is being virtually violated in all fronts, it is beginning to "enjoy the violence".  This is why unless God steps in, we will completely auto destroy ourselves and the souls of the Elect, who are still in a body, will never make it to Paradise.

And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Church battles efforts to ease Sex Abuse suits. (1)

While the first criminal trial of a Roman Catholic church official accused of covering up child sexual abuse has drawn national attention to Philadelphia, the church has been quietly engaged in equally consequential battles over abuse, not in courtrooms but in state legislatures around the country.

The fights concern proposals to loosen statutes of limitations, which impose deadlines on when victims can bring civil suits or prosecutors can press charges. These time limits, set state by state, have held down the number of criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits against all kinds of people accused of child abuse - not just clergy members, but also teachers, youth counselors and family members accused of incest.

miguel de Portugal comments: With that breed of "Evangelizers" - or was it "brood of vipers"? - no wonder there is more fear and doubts than faith amongst the children of God.

Only when Vatican City meets the same fate that Jerusalem and its Temple met in 70 AD (2), the true Evangelization will start.

Come Lord Jesus and renew the face of the Earth!

Jesus, we trust in Thee!

Please Bestow Your Blessings upon us all.

(1) News Report
(2) In this case by natural or supernatural means without human intervention.

June 14th, 2012

With reference to any and all News Reports about (a) computer viruses and (b) civil unrest

Keep in mind that:

(a) Internet/computer viruses are to the providers of Internet Security Packages (anti virus and powerful fire walls providers) what epidemics and new health threats - real or invented - are to big-Pharma.
(b) Civil unrest, internal strife, civil wars and trumped up "thy neighbor" threats, are to the Defense Industry what epidemics and new health "threats" - real or invented - are to big-Pharma.

All news - real and invented - are grossly slanted with that objective in mind.

We will try to post news which we can be use as examples to unmask the manipulation of the masses in the hope that more and more of the Elect, who are still deaf and blind and/or in denial, wake up before their suffering becomes unbearable.

June 13th, 2012

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

Eugene Kaspersky, whose lab discovered the Flame virus that has attacked computers in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East, said on Wednesday only a global effort could stop a new era of "cyber terrorism". (1)

"It's not cyber war, it's cyber terrorism and I'm afraid it's just the beginning of the game ... I'm afraid it will be the end of the world as we know it," Kaspersky told reporters at a cyber security conference in Tel Aviv. "I'm scared, believe me," he said.

News of the Flame virus surfaced last week. Researchers said technical evidence suggests it was built for the same nation or nations that commissioned the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran's nuclear programme in 2010.

Kaspersky named the United States, Britain, Israel, China, Russia and possibly India, Japan and Romania as countries with the ability to develop such software, but stopped short of saying which nation he thought was behind Flame.

"Flame is extremely complicated but I think many countries can do the same or very similar, even countries that don't have enough of the expertise at the moment. They can employ engineers or kidnap them, or employ 'hacktivists'," he said.

"These ideas are spreading too fast," Kaspersky later said, "That cyber boomerang may get back to you."

miguel de Portugal comments: Right on schedule and certainly not surprising.

Many, many years ago God had me view two internet related movies - The Net (2) and Antitrust (3). There is more realism in those two movies than we could possibly imagine and that is why He moved me to view them.... to confirm what I was aware of otherwise.

While on the tell-tale movies subject matter.... We also recommend a viewing of Enemy of the State (4). It is a shame that with all of that real (not science fiction) technology they just don't seem to get it right many times.

Also, The Godfather III (5) - not I nor II, but III. It depicts what was going on at the Vatican - no joke - up to now. The days when the Opus Dei and like groups ruled; days when even the Mafia feared them. Maybe they should now issue The Godfather IV, wherein the can show the new reality: a totally reversed scenario from The Godfather III.

I must say - I was shocked when I viewed The Godfather III. It was a total "set up" by God so that I would view it (normally I would have never done so, just like I never viewed The Godfather I and II). Why shocked? Because I was viewing in a film what I was fully aware, in essence, that was taking place in reality.

What the people of the world hear/view in the news is a twisted version of a fraction of "the whole" of  what is really taking place.

My prophetic thoughts do not come from viewing such films; God use them to physically confirm to me the conceptual information (6) that He already gave me otherwise. Just as He did with my reading of Sister Faustina's Diary.... I was reading exactly what He had already informed me about sometime before.

(1) Source
(2) The Net
(3) Antitrust
(4)  Enemy of the State
(5) The Godfather III
(6) "Conceptual information" does not mean information about exact event but the information regarding  the methodology at work in all similar events.

June 12th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

Regarding the current and on-going "Whodunnit" at the Vatican....
"In a newspaper interview published on Sunday, IOR's Director General Paolo Cipriani denied allegations which have surfaced since its president was abruptly ousted.

"There are no numbered accounts or accounts of politicians," Cipriani told Corriere della Sera. "The only non-clergy Italians that hold accounts are employees or pensioners of the Holy See."


"Italian police searching Gotti Tedeschi's home and office this week found a confidential dossier relating to his three-year tenure, a judicial source told Reuters.

Corriere della Sera reported on Saturday that in his dossier Gotti Tedeschi said he had met resistance from other bank executives when he asked for details of secret accounts held by non-clergy such as Italian politicians and other state workers." (1)

miguel de Portugal comments:
If the papers taken by police are as surmised, they may expose to the light of day who are the real enemies of the Opus Dei inside the Vatican since it seems that the "Vatican Bank" has been in the hands of Opus Dei for quite sometime (2) until Opus Dei's  Mr. Tedeschi was summarily booted out

(1) Source
(2) Source

June 11th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

"While the leaks were a weapon with which to attack his enemies, Gotti Tedeschi (recently dismissed President of the 'Vatican Bank' and an Opus Dei member)  was also preparing a last resort option if the battle was lost -  a 'suicide belt' that would blow the lid off Vatican.... (1)

Several months ago, he reportedly told his friends that he began collecting an exhaustive dossier "in case something happened to him."

It is this dossier that the police have now apparently discovered.

The Vatican is barely concealing its panic - and wants the folders handed back unopened.

"We have faith that the prosecutors and Italian judicial system will respect our sovereignty - recognized internationally - with regard to these documents," said an official statement.

But there is little chance the Papacy will get its way this time..."

Comments: Assuming this all to be true, then the records found in Tedeschi's home could be called "insurance". Either to preserve his life, and/or to ensure that this information gets out.

(1) Source

June 10th, 2012 [Official (read: convenient) Celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi]

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

The Kennedy assassination: Did Castro know in advance? (1)
A new book by former CIA analyst Brian Latell details evidence that Cuban intelligence knew beforehand of JFK’s assassination.

The orders surprised the Cuban intelligence officer.... his assignment had abruptly been changed, at least for the day. "The leadership wants you to stop your CIA work, all your CIA work," his boss said. Instead, the officer was told he had a new target: Texas, "any little detail small detail from Texas." And about three hours later, shortly after mid-day on Nov. 22, 1963, the shocked intelligence officer had something to report that was much more than a small detail: the assassination in Dallas of President John F. Kennedy.

"Castro knew," the intelligence officer would tell a CIA debriefer years later, after defecting to the United States. "They knew Kennedy would be killed."

miguel de Portugal comments: If Castro really knew before it happened it was because the dark elements of the CIA told him., something which we doubt. He was not even "in" the staging of the Missile Crisis, and that was child's play when compared with the assassination of John Kennedy, first, and then Robert Kennedy - both of which died by the same "hand".

Will these people ever stop trying to prove that Lee Oswald, under the orders of Fidel Castro, killed Kennedy (2) and that the Cuban Missile Crisis (3) was real?

The proven true facts so overwhelmingly show otherwise that the tenacity of those who persist in twisting these stories around is simply amazing.

Which may lead one to ask: Who cares about this now?

 Maybe the reason lies HERE....

(1) The real story about President Kennedy Assasination
(3) The real story about the stages Cuban Missile Crisis

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

Spain seeks $125 billion in EU aid for banks. (1)

Spain has asked the European Union for up to €100 billion ($125 billion) to provide a capital buffer for the nation's ailing banks, the Eurogroup said Saturday.

"The Eurogroup has been informed that the Spanish authorities will present a formal request shortly and is willing to respond favorably to such a request," the group said in a statement.

Without specifying the amount sought, Spain's economy minister, Luis de Guindos, announced the request at a news conference in Madrid. de Guindos said that the amount sought would be enough to guarantee the safety of the banks and signify credibility to the capital markets.

The announcement came in the wake of an International Monetary Fund report issued late Friday saying that several banks in Spain would need to raise capital buffers by a total of €40 billion ($50.1 billion) to withstand another financial shock.

miguel de Portugal comments:
"They" finally did it! "They" have literally forced Spain into asking for something that is more needed by Germany, France and the UK than in Spain.

If we were not on the ground here and in touch with the pulse of the nation - social and financial - I would have believed the story about the condition of the Spanish Banks. That intense has been the international propaganda about it.

Once more I must say: If I had any doubt about what we have been announcing for years, this staged (by outsiders) drama would have finally convinced me.

(1) News Report

June 9th, 2012

News Report No. 1

Spain's ailing banks threaten country's finances. (1)

Spain is under rising pressure to find a lifeline for its deeply troubled banks. Politicians in Europe and investors around the world are worried that the recession-hit country can't come up with the money needed to save its banks without bankrupting the government.

miguel de Portugal comments:
If Spain's banks are really "troubled" then the US, UK and German banks must be bankrupt by comparison.

The objective of this maneuver is only one -  Intervene Spain and control it as it has already been done in Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Ireland. We have already explained "the why" of such move elsewhere.

However,  we will now highlight something rather interesting: The countries involved in this take-over-and-control climate are the most Catholic ones of the European Union - West (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland) or East (Greek). Of course, we mean "Catholic" by name, certainly not by practice.

The schedule is being kept.
Spain's ailing banks threaten country's finances

News Report No. 2

Hyper-realist wax statue of Bin Laden made by members of art institute in Havana, Cuba. (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: We presume than a new line of T-shirts with Bin Laden's face will soon be forthcoming to replace those of Ché Guevara.

(1) See for yourself

June 8th, 2012

News Report

We received
the following excerpts from an article titled: Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People?

The source publication may be classified as an antiwar liberal site. However, since we know that what the following excerpts highlight is essentially true, we are sharing it with our readership in the hopes of awakening those who may still be dormant.

Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People?
[our highlighted excerpts]

Who would trust them? Can we survive much more of their bad judgment and disastrous management?

Bilderberg's more sinister side contributed directly to the numerous theories that see the group as a diabolic international conspiracy. In my opinion, the Bilderberg group is the gang that couldn't shoot straight, a self-appointed hapless collection of incompetents with all the power required to solve major problems but none of the intellect, discipline, and moral sensibility required to get the job done.

In addition to incompetence, there are clear examples of sociopathic behavior by group members. Henry Kissinger allowed the ravaging of East Timor in return for a few favors from Indonesia. His failures in Vietnam caused hundreds of thousands to die needlessly. Colin Powell lied about weapons of mass destruction before the United Nations to get his boss the war he wanted. George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton 1990's sanctions against Iraq resulted in the deaths of around a quarter million Iraqi children under five.

The baddest Bilderberger of all time

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Lyman Lemnitzer, is the Bilderberg member who has done more for both accurate and unfounded conspiracy theories than any of his peers.

In 1962, Lemnitzer approved Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba, also known as Operation Northwoods . The plan was declassified in 1997 by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board.

The chiefs were upset that they lacked the option of invading Communist Cuba. As an alternative, they came up with Northwoods, a false flag operation that would provide the excuse required to invade Cuba. Northwoods was presented to and rejected by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. The material below is from that original plan.

One feature of the plan called for recruiting Cuban exiles to don official Cuban military uniforms, storm the Guantanamo Bay base, set some fires, etc. and then get caught. This operation was intended to show that Cuba was a threat to the United States.

While a fake battle was taking place between US provocateurs and uniformed military, Miami and other U.S. cities would be subjected to false flag terrorist attacks by another set of agents working for the joint chiefs. These terrorists were to be tied directly to Fidel Castro.

A "drone" ship would be destroyed and a remote controlled aircraft, masquerading as a charter flight with real people aboard, would be shot down with the blame falling on Castro's Cuba.

When Lemnitzer presented the plan, he was removed as head of the joint chiefs and given the command of NATO. Lest than a year later, he was invited to join the Bilderberg group.

This plan represents treason at the highest levels. No one was punished. Outside of the authors and a few elected officials, no one was told about this episode of madness. Lemnitzer joined the Bilderberg Group in 1963.

It is no wonder that people aware of Northwoods and other control schemes interpret manipulative and malicious intent behind government actions. For years, the CIA's MKULTRA program experimented on citizens to develop mind control techniques. Operation Mockingbird allowed the CIA to dictate content for news and opinion pieces by prominent journalists. That project began in 1948 and was supposedly shut down in1976. (With today's corporate media, the project is likely unnecessary.)

miguel de Portugal comments: Do you think that our enemies are not aware of all of the above and much more?

This is why when the most charitable people in the world - Americans - act from the sheer goodness of their hearts, everyone in the world assume the worse primarily thanks to the activities of "the gang that couldn't shoot straight, a self-appointed hapless collection of incompetents with all the power required to solve major problems but none of the intellect, discipline, and moral sensibility required to get the job done."

The tragedy is that it is the people of the US who will have to pay a horrendous price (2) for the actions of above mentioned "gang".

May God have Mercy on His Elect!
(1) Article
(2) Sequence of Events

June 7th, 2012  [Feast of Corpus Christi]

Commenting on a recent News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

From (Mr.) LP @ US

Regarding your post for on this page dated June 5th on Mr. Draghi's statement as president of the European Central Bank ...

I used Google Translate, and found that "Draghi" is literally the plural Italian term for "dragons".


Commenting on a recent News Report No. 2

[our highlights]

From (Mr.) LP @ US

On June 6th you touched on the warm relations between the US and Georgia and how that taunts Russia. Well, as the saying goes: The plot thickens....

The United States pledged on Tuesday to help train pro-Western Georgia's military in coastal defense and underscored its rejection of Russia's "occupation" of two separatist Georgian regions after a five-day war between Tbilisi and Moscow.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, visiting the Black Sea resort town of Batumi during a trip to the South Caucasus, ....
Clinton's comments on military support will likely antagonize Russia, which sent troops into Georgia in 2008, routing the small South Caucasus country's military before recognizing the two separatist regions as independent countries.

Clinton promised that Washington would provide training and support for Georgian forces to better monitor their coasts and skies and upgrade its transport helicopter fleet.....

"With these efforts, Georgia will be a stronger international partner with an improved capacity for self-defense," Clinton told reporters.

Russia, which says Georgia started the war by sending forces into South Ossetia, has cast Saakashvili as dangerously bellicose and has warned the United States not to build up Georgia's military. Saakashvili says he wants to coax Abkhazia an South Ossetia back into the fold through peaceful means. (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: With our "brilliant" political leaders extinguishing fires with high octane gasoline and the Vatican leaders acting according to what they think is the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, soon we will be far, far away from the edge of the abyss (as we look up to it from the bottom of the abyss...)
(1)  News Report

June 6th, 2012

News Report No. 1

[our highlights]

Cardinal Reinhard Marx has called for a "social market economy" in the wake of the fiscal crisis that has gripped much of Europe over the past year. (1a)

In a talk delivered at Georgetown University in Washington, Cardinal Marx, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, said the economy needed to move "beyond capitalism" in order to be more fair.

... The cardinal, who wrote Das Kapital: A Plea for Man in 2008, is head of the Committee for Social Issues for the German bishops' conference and is president of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community. He is member of both the Congregation for Catholic Education and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

... Cardinal Marx added: "The Bible is not, in fact, the last word" in coming to terms with the eurozone crisis.

... The cardinal travelled from Washington to Chicago, where he was to lead a May 31-June 1 symposium called "Toward a Moral Economy".

Regarding his book:

The 300-page book, "Das Kapital: A Plea for Man", deliberately borrows its title from the "bible" of communism in which Karl Marx claimed 140 years ago that capitalism would automatically collapse. (2)


Despite the similar nomenclature, Marx says readers should not expect a defense of communism in this new book. Instead, the Roman Catholic archbishop who is the most outspoken of Germany's 27 diocesan leaders in his criticism of big business, says that his work is to some extent "an argument with Marxism."

The book begins as a letter addressed to his "dear namesake."

"The consequences," he tells the 19th-century ideologist, "of your thinking were disastrous." (3)

Contributor's comments: In the recently published guest document by Lee Penn (4) I read:

In the fall of 2011, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (PCJP) issued a call for global financial reform and the gradual creation of a "world political Authority." This document was explicitly based on Caritas in Veritate.

That rang a bell; a very strong bell. Then I realized why. Read on....

... The cardinal, who wrote Das Kapital: A Plea for Man in 2008, is head of the Committee for Social Issues for the German bishops' conference and is president of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community. He is member of both the Congregation for Catholic Education and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. (1b)

(1a) Cardinal Marx urges Europe to move 'beyond capitalism'
Cardinal Marx urges Europe to move 'beyond capitalism'
(2)   Deja Vu in Munich: Marx Releases "Das Kapital"
(3)   Catholic Archbishop Pens His Own "Das Kapital"
(4)   Benedict XVI's Call For Global Government

News Report No. 2

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Hillary Clinton promises NATO membership to Georgia. (1)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington will continue assistance to Georgia in the field of security and defense and supports country’s NATO membership.

Georgia is strategic partner of U.S. as regards the issues of regional and world security. She stressed that increase in combat readiness of Georgia and matching it with NATO standards continues within the framework of agreement reached by both countries' presidents, Gruziya Online reports.

"We continue educating and equipping the Georgian army which participates in the operation in Afghanistan, therefore increasing combat readiness of Georgia," she said.  

miguel de Portugal comments: As you may recall, there is plenty of the proverbial bad blood between Russia and Georgia. Therefore, this is a blatant provocation to the "new" Putin regime.... and right on schedule!
(1) News Report

June 5th, 2012

News Report No. 1

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More documents are eaked to the press despite arrest of Pope's butler. (1)

Pope Benedict got no rest on Sunday from a leaks scandal when an Italian newspaper published documents showing that his butler was not the only person in possession of confidential correspondence indicating a Vatican in disarray.

The Rome newspaper La Repubblica published documents it said it had received anonymously after the arrest of the pope's butler on May 23. A note received by the newspaper said there were "hundreds more" documents and that the butler, Paolo Gabriele, was just a scapegoat. The furore over the leaked correspondence, which shows power-hungry cardinals and scheming within the walls of the city state, has gripped the Vatican.

miguel de Portugal comments: Prayers continue to be answered. The more Catholics become aware that the Roman Catholic Church Administration is nothing more than a nest of vipers, the fewer will be ensnared by the False Christ.
(1) News Report

News Report No. 2

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President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi reports to the Economic Committee that Euro setup is unsustainable. (1)

The setup of the 17-country euro currency union is unsustainable, the head of the European Central Bank has told EU leaders, warning they must quickly come up with a broad vision for the future to get the bloc through the current financial crisis.

Mario Draghi said Thursday that the crisis had exposed the inadequacy of the financial and economic framework set up for the euro monetary union launched in 1999.

"That configuration that we had with us by and large for ten years which was considered sustainable, I should add, in a perhaps myopic way, has been shown to be unsustainable unless further steps are taken," he said in response to questions in the European Parliament.

Draghi said the central bank had done what it could to fight the 2 ½-year-old debt crisis by reducing interest rates and giving €1 trillion ($1.2 trillion) in emergency loans to banks. But it was now up to governments to chart a course ahead by reducing deficits, carrying out sweeping reforms to spur growth and by strengthening the euro's basic institutions. The ECB cannot "fill the vacuum of the lack of action by national governments" in those areas.

miguel de Portugal comments: Mr. Draghi (allusion to the "Dragon") has informed the European Union that "he has done all he could" and that the proverbial ball (the rescuing of the Eurozone) is on their court. Mr. Draghi is setting the stage for the financial collapse, while sharing Pilate's hand-washing bowl and using Veronica's veil to dry his now "clean" hands.
(1) News Report

June 4th, 2012

News Report No. 1
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Benedict speaks about the Vatileak scandal. (1)

Benedict XVI deplored the turmoil surrounding the recent publication of leaked Vatican documents today, but thanked the vast majority of people who work at the Vatican for their dedication and fidelity.

Speaking at the end of his weekly general audience, the Pope said much of the media coverage of the leak of private letters and of the arrest of his personal assistant has been exaggerated and “completely gratuitous, and has gone far beyond the facts, offering an image of the Holy See that does not correspond to reality”.

Pope Benedict said that while the scandal has saddened him “it has never weakened my firm certainty that, despite human weakness, difficulties and trials, the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and will never be without the Lord’s help to support it in its journey”. He offered “encouragement to my closest collaborators and all those who, each day with fidelity and a spirit of sacrifice and in silence, help me fulfill my ministry”.

miguel de Portugal comments:
Paraphrasing an old saying: Ratzinger now adds blasphemy to injury (2).

His blasphemous statement claims the complicity of the Holy Spirit of God on the latest abominations of Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth. [Revelations 17:5].

What has been guided, Thanks Be to God!, by the Holy Spirit of God has been the development of the pristine Catholic Faith (3) while most of the administrators (4), for the last 1600 years, have been guided by the arrogant spirit of satan.

(1) News Report
(2) Where was God?
(3) The Pristine Catolic Faith
(4) Babylon the Great

News Report No. 2

Out of the mouth of infants and of sucklings.... [Matthew 21:16]

miguel de Portugal comments: Yes, it is that simple and straightforward, and yet, most of the world has been ensnared by it because they trusted those whom they thought were trustworthy. Just a "warm up session" in the material world for the ultimate, and final, deception (1) in the spiritual world.

(1) The ultimate deception

June 3rd, 2012 [Feast of The Most Holy Trinity]

News Report
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As a follow up to the post on June 1st from (Mr.) IW regarding the Emanuela Orlandi mystery and current Vatileak scandal.....

Again from (Mr.) IW @ US

A book (1) published several years ago by retired Catholic priest, Msgr. Luigi Marinelli, detailed the misdeeds of greedy bishops, money-laundering prelates, sexual abuse and satanic rituals within the Vatican. Marinelli was no lone dissenter, the book was written by a group of Vatican prelates called the Millenari who seek to expose the corruption and satanism within the Vatican.

"The Millenari are a group of Vatican prelates who wish to remain anonymous due to their fear of repercussions from this book's publication. The only author to come forward is 72-year-old retired Vatican prelate Monsignor Luigi Marinelli. Marinelli worked for many years in the Vatican department of the Congregation of Eastern Churches. He was recruited to the writing team by an unnamed Vatican official who had heard Marinelli criticize the inner workings of the Vatican. Marinelli is now under investigation by the Sacra Romana Rota-the court of the Vatican State. He has been honored with France's Freedom of the Church award."

Due to its high cost, I have not yet ordered this book. But if you have not heard of it, a glance at its synopsis and authorship would tend to give it some credibility. As well as that it was published in 1999 - well before Ratzinger had taken the throne, when there may still have been some decent clergy in the Vatican.

Marinelli seem to have "died of natural causes" shortly after publishing his writings. (2)

The book was also known by the title: "Gone With the Wind in the Vatican". (3)

My observation is that Opus Dei went to considerable lengths to 'punish' Marinelli, and to inhibit the circulation of the book. It would seem to confirm the allegations of Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and others, alleging the existence of a child sex ring/cult operating within the Vatican.  Especially in light of the high status of Marinelli.


(1) Source
(2) Source
(3) Source

June 2nd, 2012

From a News Report
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A word to the wise....

What's Behind Facebook's 'Sponsored Stories'? (1)

On Valentine's Day, Nick Bergus came across a link to an odd product on [edited out by The M+G+R Foundation]

He found it irresistibly funny and, as one does in this age of instant sharing, he posted the link on Facebook, adding a comment: "For Valentine's Day. And every day. For the rest of your life."

Within days, friends of Mr. Bergus's started seeing his post among the ads on Facebook pages, with his name and smiling mug shot.

Facebook - or rather, one of its algorithms - had seen his post as an endorsement and transformed it into an advertisement, paid for by Amazon, reports Somini Sengupta of The New York Times.

Companies pay Facebook to generate automated ads, called sponsored stories, when a user clicks to "like" their brands or references them in some other way. Facebook users agree to participate in the ads halfway through the site's 4,000-word terms of service, which they consent to when they sign up.

miguel de Portugal comments: We could almost write a daily column about the dangers to privacy, reputation, identity, etc. that lurk around every corner of cyberspace. The word form here is the same Jesus gave to His Apostles:

Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves. [Matthew 10:16]


(1) Source

June 1st, 2012

News Report No. 1
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As a response/commentary to our news post and commentaries regarding the Emanuela Orlandi mystery and current Vaticanleak scandal.....

From (Mr.) IW @ US

The current Vatican scandal(s) related to the Vatican Bank and the butler escapade seem to be intricately linked to a Vatican child sex ring, which, in turn is linked to the IOR (Vatican Bank), and its notorious former head, US Archbishop Paul Marcinkus. (1, 1a)

The kidnapping and probable murder of Emanuela Orlandi in 1983, occurring in connection with a visit to the complex of the Church Sant' Appolinaire - an Opus Dei church. And home to the Pontifical College of the Holy Cross, its seminary. She had been taking music lessons at this complex, prior to her disappearance. (2)

The actual kidnapper is alleged to be: Enrico De Pedis (3), the mobster who was buried in Sant' Appolinaire with the placet of Cardinal Poletti.

The gross financial misdeeds of Marcinkus as head of the IOR, are mere child's play compared to the far more serious alleged involvement in the Vatican child sex cult/ring.

According to some sources, Emanuela Orlandi was abducted on orders of Marcinkus as a 'favor' to Cardinal Ugo Poletti. (4) (5) The latter is alleged to have had an appetite for teens (gender not specified). This was in connection with the ongoing child sex ring, allegedly involving members of the diplomatic corps of a certain country to the Vatican.

From 1973-1991, Poletti was the Archpriest of the Lateran Basilica, and Vicar General of the Diocese of Rome - running it for the pope.  In 1991 he was appointed Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major.... the same post held by Cardinal Law.

"As a papal basilica, Santa Maria Maggiore is often used by the pope. Most notably, the pope presides over the annual Feast of the Assumption of Mary, celebrated on 15 August each year at the basilica. The canopied high altar is used by the pope alone — except for a few priests including the archpriest." (6)

In light of the reality of Law and Poletti, this is sickening.

Poletti also presided over the tribunal in Rome of the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints to investigate the life and virtues of Escriva.  (7)

The general thesis of all this has been confirmed by the official Vatican exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth.

Marcinkus - despite his involvement in international financial crimes - was 'untouchable'. Vatican diplomatic immunity protected him as long as he continued to reside in the Vatican City State, or its extra-territoral possessions. When he returned to the US in 1990, remaining there until his death in 2006, no national or international law enforcement authority attempted to question, subpoena or arrest him. Yet he functioned openly as a parish priest in Chicago, and later resided in Sun City, AZ, saying public mass.

That his protection came from Opus Dei becomes obvious, as during his Roman tenure he was surrounded by their minions, and was their 'bag man'. They must have been certain of his loyalty and silence, which is the mark of their 'holy discretion'. Otherwise he would have been found dead long ago.

So, are we to believe that he was protected only because of the financial secrets he knew? Yes. But that is obviously only part of it. Or, perhaps, the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

If Marcinkus was in any way involved in what appears to be a Vatican sex child sex cult, then not only were they sure of his silence, but it shows the sheer power of Opus Dei, globally.

The links to Opus Dei in all of this, (8) are hard to deny. The implications, staggering. It is reasonable to surmise that more then the few named persons are involved -  that it has not ceased operating.

(1)   Why else such elaborate "theater'? At best, Bertone knows something, and could be a liability.
(1a) Source
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(8) "At the time, the vicar of Rome was Cardinal Ugo Poletti, a long-time friend of Father Escriva. And so, on 14 February 1980 - five months short of the minimal five-year waiting period - Don Alvaro delPortillo formally requested Cardinal Poletti to open the beatification proceedings." - "Their Kingdom Come - Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei", Robert Hutchinson, p. 10

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