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November 2012

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November 30th, 2012 [St. Andrew - Apostle]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

The stars are beginning to go out. (1)
They really are!

The universe is apparently well past its prime in terms of making stars, and what new ones are being made now across the cosmos will never amount to more than a few percent on top of the numbers already come and gone.

This is the rather disquieting conclusion of a new and significant study of the rate at which stars have been produced through cosmic time.

The main conclusions come in two parts. First, 95% of all the stars we see around us today were formed during the past 11 billion years, and about half of these were formed between roughly 11 and 8 billion years ago in a flurry of activity. But the real shocker is that the rate at which new stars are being produced in galaxies today is barely 3% of the rate back 11 billion years ago, and declining. This indicates that unless our universe finds a second wind (which is unlikely) it will only ever manage to produce about 5% more stars than exist at this very moment.

This is, quite literally, the beginning of the end.

However, despite the provocative title of this post you shouldn’t actually expect to see the stars start to disappear from view too soon. The great majority of stars in the universe are less massive than the Sun, and in the Milky Way about 75% of all stars are less than half as massive.

Contributor's comments: This testimony to the aging and the winding down of the created order seems to be an "on schedule" item - if not for the pending End of These Times, then certainly for the events to come in 2832.

miguel de Portugal comments: Following is a quote from one of our documents (2) where we have said what we could regarding the real end on the world in the year 2832.

To avoid theological double talk - when we speak of a Messianic Earthly Kingdom we speak of a long period in Time in which man will live on Earth in accordance to the Law of God as delivered, explained and exemplified by Jesus Christ.

This Messianic Earthly Kingdom was intended by God  to be established by the spread of the Good News through love and acts thereof. This was obviously not done. Therefore, God will now directly intervene. Through pain, He will lead mankind, for its own good, to live according to His Laws. This "God will directly intervene" phenomena is what we call the Second Coming of Christ - which should not be confused with the Final Judgment and the end of creation as spoken of in the Holy Scriptures.

 At the end of this lengthy period, the world - that is - creation, as we know it - will come to an end. As we have stated else where, that would be on or about ca. 2832 AD. No further clarification from us regarding this issue will be forthcoming any time in the near future.

Of course, scientists claim that the end of the Universe will not come about any time soon and we understand their limitations. However, in no way that changes our certainty that the end of the World - not of These Times but of the World - will take place on or about the year 2832. Without going into any details, the reason I was given was because, and I quote, "the universe will run out of energy".

But.... should we be surprised?

We wish to remind our readers of an entry which appeared in one of our past documents (3):

On page 45 of March 1995 issue of ASTRONOMY magazine there is an article by Robert Zimmerman entitled: POLARIS, the Code-Blue Star : The North Star's variable heart pulsed regularly for over a century, until it mysteriously stopped beating last year

This is the famous North Star which "...since the beginning of written history..." has remained in the same position as viewed from "...the Northern Hemisphere and so has come to represent faithfulness, dependability, and constancy in most cultures."

Another "mystery" which is full of symbolism to mankind. The one "unchangeable" astronomic land mark to all mankind has "mysteriously" changed.... Like a Beating Heart which has stopped Beating....

(1)  Scientific American Reports
(2) Remaining Prophecies to be fulfilled in Time.
(3) Planex X Notes

November 29th, 2012

Comments on a recent News Report

The following  was reported in a newspaper in Spain:

The U.S. NSA informed the authorities in Spain that it appeared that child pornography files were being uploaded from Spain to servers in Russia. The NSA gave the Spanish authorities enough information so that the investigation is Spanish soil could commence.

Upon a thorough investigation, the Spanish autorities found out that:

a. The images were being uploaded by an adolescent from a small town outside Alicante.
b. The adolescent was pirating the Wi-Fi connection from a neighbor to access the internet and upload the images.
c. Many of the images were of children who were left in the care of the young man's mother who ran an unofficial day care service for the children of working mothers.
d. The woman was fully aware of what her son was doing.

miguel de Portugal comments: There are many benefits to Big Brother when it is properly used. The problem, of course, lies when it is improperly utilized. If our NSA had not detected this situation there is no telling for how much longer children would have been spiritually damaged, for life, in that allegedly "safe environment".

What are my qualifications to make such a statement? My "qualifications" are that I live in a glass bowl to the point that I do not even know if I have any privacy in the rest room of my living quarters - which really does not matter to me. I have nothing to hide in what we write, say or do. I just wish "they" would move in and pay for the rent. It would be easier for "them" and cheaper for me (assuming that they do not interrupt my work, of course).
(1)  ABC, November 27th, 2012 Edition.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Suit targets 'locator' chips in Texas student ID's. (1)

To 15-year-old Andrea Hernandez, the tracking microchip embedded in her student ID card is a "mark of the beast," sacrilege to her Christian faith — not to mention how it pinpoints her location, even in the school bathroom.

But to her budget-reeling San Antonio school district, those chips carry a potential $1.7 million in classroom funds.

Starting this fall, the fourth-largest school district in Texas is experimenting with "locator" chips in student ID badges on two of its campuses, allowing administrators to track the whereabouts of 4,200 students with GPS-like precision.

Hernandez' refusal to participate isn't a twist on teenage rebellion, but has launched a debate over privacy and religion that has forged a rare like-mindedness between typically opposing groups.

miguel de Portugal comments: This seems to be Big Brother being taken one step too far, although we do not really know why the school authorities want to do this. Is that a school which has a brisk "drug business"? What about an environment where "bullies rule"?

Oh, yes. Until recently, when it fell off accidentally, I had a microchip in my bridge work. Naturally, in the car I drive, it has been "standard equipment" for years.  Do I lose sleep over it? Of course not! I just wish "they" paid for my bridge work and for the auto maintenance bills. Is the least "they" can do if they are going to use them!

No; I am not joking.
(1)  News Report

November 28th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Supermarket owner gives away stores to his 400 Employees. (1)

'Tis the season of giving, and a grocery-store owner is doing just that. Joe Lueken.... is retiring at age 70. Instead of selling his stores to the highest bidder, though, he will transfer ownership to the stores' 400 or so employees.

The employees will participate in an employee stock ownership program, receiving shares of Lueken's Village Foods based on length of service and salary -- and at no cost to them. The program to transfer ownership from the Lueken family to the employees will begin on January 1, 2013.

He explained his reason for turning over ownership to his employees: "My employees are largely responsible for any success I've had, and they deserve to get some of the benefits of that."...  "You can't always take," Lueken says. "You also have to give back."

Lueken will be leaving his employees in trusted hands: Last week, he named longtime employee Brent Sicard as the company's new president and CEO. Sicard started out as an overnight janitor at Lueken's Village Foods in 1998 and has worked his way up.

miguel de Portugal comments: It is a pleasure to share some of the few good news available these days. What a beautiful gesture and motive - 100 % Jesus Christ!

Now, if we could get the Roman Catholic Church to do the same on a country by country basis, the number of sincere conversions to Catholicism, as the result of such awesome example of the teachings of Jesus Christ, would overwhelm the Baptismal Fonts throughout the world.

If any of our readers wonder why we keep "harping" on this subject matter, I will be charitable and explain why.

If you had to face every day, wherever you would turn, the reality of the vast real estate holdings of "the Church", mostly empty, while people are being evicted by the hundreds of thousands from their homes for not being able to keep up the mortgage payments are sleeping and dying on the streets, you would chastise us for not bringing this situation  up more often!

It is expected that the unemployment rate in Spain will top 27 % in short notice, while the economy in Portugal is in an even worse state, not to mention that in Greece.

Blessedly, just a few hours ago we heard on the news of a couple in Spain who is giving up their vacation home so that a newly homeless family have a roof over their heads. The charitable move is beginning to catch on.... another couple just followed suit. Tragically, it will be a cold day in hell when "the Church" uses their immense wealth, accumulated over the centuries - in not a very Christian manner, we may add -  to assist the victims of their failed Evangelization effort. It is not the failed Economy that is causing this worldwide crisis; it is the failed Evangelization which logically would lead to a predatory behavior in society which will eventually, as it is doing, trigger an economic disaster.

What? Do we hear a Hierarch accusing us of using "the Church" as a whipping boy? Well, friend, that is the price that you all have to pay for playing God and acting like satan.

(1)  News Report

November 27th, 2012 [Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Paris)]
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This Thanksgiving, I (that is, Mr. Mike Adams of Natural News fame) am thankful for all the Natural News readers, supporters and bloggers. (1)

This year, the overriding object of my gratitude is none other than the fast-expanding numbers of Natural News readers and advocates who share our news with others.

Beyond the millions of monthly readers who visit, we also have dozens of top blog sites and news sites that link to our headlines, including,,,,,,, and many others.

These websites, by linking to Natural News articles and content, and helping spread the truth on all the topics we cover: Natural cures, dangers of vaccines and fluoride, liberty, health freedom, farm freedom, spirituality and more.

miguel de Portugal comments: Those who need to "hear" our message associated with above post will do so automatically. As for the rest, they must not have been meant to spiritually profit from it.
(1)  Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Natural News headlines: "Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China now more free than America in notable ways". (1)

 In reviewing all the breaking news over the last few months and looking for the "big picture" of where America is headed, one pattern has emerged with striking regularity: America has quietly become less free in many ways than nations like Cuba, China and even Venezuela.

This is especially true in California, where "justice" has become a joke, and the power of the state is unleashed in personal vendettas against innocent citizens who have done absolutely nothing wrong other than refuse to bow down to state-run tyranny.

miguel de Portugal comments: The vastness of Mr. Adams' ignorance of global affairs is amazing. If he had published that same full article in any of those countries he claims to be freer than the U.S., replacing the US (the target of his vitriolic criticism) by the country where it was published, chances are that he would not have witnessed the next dawn in the same way he did before the publication of the article.

We are not denying the direction that we are going, as a matter of fact we published a lengthy document (2a) covering such tendency, and the reasons for it, back on September 23, 2001 (2b) - just 12 days after the September 11 tragedy and 11 years ago. The problem lies in the comparisons and generalizations made, as well as descriptive terms Mr. Adams used in the article.

Once again, those who need to "hear" our message associated with both posts will do so automatically. As for the rest, they must not have been meant to spiritually profit from it.

We consider the Mr. Adams and his Natural News case, Closed.

(1)    Source
(2a) The Real Objective of the Terror Campaign
(2b) Almost four years before Natural New had an internet presence (Feb. 19, 2005)

November 26th, 2012

News Report No. 1
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Pope's book debunks Christmas traditions. (1)

Pope Benedict XVI has a new book coming out this week in which he offers a closer look at the early life of Jesus, including his birth. The book shines a light on many Christmas myths Christians believe to be true, but in fact are not historically accurate.

Is the Pope the next Grinch?

The Pope's purpose in writing this book is not so much to debunk Christmas, but:  "The pope was not so much aiming to debunk myths as trying to show that the Jesus depicted in the Gospels is a real historical figure, who walked on earth and talked to people like anyone else." says Alessandro Speciale, Vatican correspondent for Religion News.

miguel de Portugal comments: At a time when the faith in the Christian world has reached the point Jesus referred to through Luke - But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? [Luke 18:8] - the last thing the figure adored by most Catholics, Maledict the Blasphemer, (2) needs to do is to trample upon the little faith they have left. But of course, we know that he must do so to serve their evil purposes.

We have read a quote in the Spanish press which insinuates that after the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph led a normal marital life.

As a true sacrifice we have ordered the book so that we may read it - regardless of the level of disgust that it will cause us - and report to our readers what other blasphemies he is pandering on the poorly Evangelized faithful.
(1)  News Report 1 and News Report 2
(2)  Henceforth that shall be the name with which we will refer to Ratzinger. If anyone has an objection, we sincerely regret it while advising him/her to move on since he/she do not belong with us.

November 25th, 2012 [Feast of Christ the King]

Comments on Recent News Reports

It seems that all we hear about these days are news about democratic elections to elect this one or that one, in this country and that country. But is it really "People Power" or is it just another mirage?

Look at the situation in Egypt - the birthplace of the so called Arab Spring, for example. The erstwhile humble and quiet "democratically elected" Egyptian president is being called the President Pharaoh, inside and outside Egypt, while the people and institutional leaders are manifesting themselves against his power grabbing techniques. (1)

Do you hear a loud cackling? That is satan laughing humanity into despair. His "democratic" processes are certainly giving much fruit; bad fruit, but that is the kind of fruit satan likes.
(1) Protests continue in Egypt

November 24th, 2012 [Observance of Ashura amongst certain Muslims]

News Report
[our highlights]

Ashura recalls an event circa on October 20, 680 A.D., in Iraq when an army of the Umayyad regime martyred a group of 70 individuals who refused to submit to the Caliph. One of the martyrs was Imam Husain, the youngest grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

How such day is observed may be seen by Clicking Here.

miguel de Portugal comments: Such behavior brings to mind the Catholic practice of self-flagelation, wearing a cilice and any other self mutilation which, in turn, brings to mind the scene of Elijah vs the prophets of Baal. (1)

It is interesting to note - as pointed out by a reader - that:

(a) Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced that Iran had built a new missile with a range of 2,000 km, the Ashoura missile. (2)


(b) In Assyrian mythology, the chief diety - the god of war - is called Ashur. (3)

(1)  1 Kings 18: 25-29
(2) The Ashoura Missile
(3) Ashur is the head of the Assyrian pantheon

November 22nd, 2012 [Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) and Anniversary of Assassination of President J. F. Kennedy]

News Report No. 1
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US abortions fall 5 pct, biggest drop in a decade. (1)

U.S. abortions fell 5 percent during the Great Recession in the biggest one-year decrease in at least a decade, according to government figures released Wednesday.

The reason for the decline wasn't clear, but some experts said it may be due to better use of birth control during tough economic times. Their theory is that some women believe they can't afford to get pregnant.

"They stick to straight and narrow ... and they are more careful about birth control," said Elizabeth Ananat, a Duke University assistant professor of public policy and economics who has researched abortions.

While many states have aggressively restricted access to abortion, most of those laws were adopted in the past two years and are not believed to have played a role in the decline.

Abortions have been dropping slightly over much of the past decade. But before this latest report, they seemed to have leveled off.

The new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that both the number and rate of abortions fell 5 percent in 2009, the most recent statistics available from most states.

miguel de Portugal comments: What a lie! What they are seeing is the results of the "Morning After pill". (2)
(1) News Report
(2) About the Morning After pill

News Report No. 2

[our highlights]

Pope calls Virgin birth "unequivocal" truth in new book. (1)

Pope Benedict published the last part of his trilogy on the life of Jesus on Tuesday, delivering an early childhood narrative which strongly reaffirms the doctrine of the virgin birth as an "unequivocal" truth of faith.

In the book, 137 pages in its English version, Benedict also urges his readers to stop seeing God as someone who limits personal freedom.

Benedict says that while he believes in the story of the adoration of the Magi, no foundation of faith would be shaken if turned out to be an invention based on a theological idea.

In his two previous volumes on the life of Jesus, issued in 2007 and 2011, Benedict condemned violence committed in God's name and exonerated Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus.

miguel de Portugal comments:
It seems that, against the popular saying that "one cannot teach new tricks to old dogs", we have managed to teach a thing or two (mentioned in this particular article: four items) to Ratzinger which, undoubtedly will be improperly used by him and his handler. The other two key items he has admitted to are: (a) The Rock upon which the Church was founded is Christ; and (b) There is Salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church.
(1)  Source

November 21st, 2012 [The Presentation of Mary]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

New push for most in US to get at least one HIV test. (1)

There's a new push to make testing for the AIDS virus as common as cholesterol checks. Americans ages 15 to 64 should get an HIV test at least once - not just people considered at high risk for the virus, an independent panel that sets screening guidelines proposed Monday.

The draft guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force are the latest recommendations that aim to make HIV screening simply a routine part of a check-up, something a doctor can order with as little fuss as a cholesterol test or a mammogram.

"It allows the doctor to say, 'This is a recommended test that we believe everybody should have. We're not singling you out in any way,'" said task force member Dr. Douglas Owens of Stanford University and the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.

And if finalized, the task force guidelines could extend the number of people eligible for an HIV screening without a copay in their doctor's office, as part of free preventive care under the Obama administration's health care law.

miguel de Portugal comments: We could not think of a more clever way to establish a nationwide DNA bank without people objecting to it.

Of course, there is not enough time unless it would become mandatory and immediately under Martial Law.
(1) News Report

News Report No. 2

This is what a live "Take cover immediately siren" action and reaction in Israel looks like. It is not an acted out sequence. In less than two minutes you can get a real "feel" for what is like living under those conditions.

November 20th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Southern Israel tries to dodge rockets from Gaza. (1)

It is the cities in southern Israel that are bearing the brunt of missiles launched by Palestinian militants. At least five Grad rockets landed in Ashkelon on Sunday. The city is less than fifteen kilometres north of Gaza.

When the sirens sound, around one million Israelis living within 25 kilometres of Gaza run to their bomb shelters - that includes the people of Ashkelon. However, the sirens do not always go off.

miguel de Portugal comments: These are the printed and video news that are hard to find as the effort to demonize Israel for defending its people continues to build up in all fronts.

How would the citizens of any other First World country react if one million of them would have to be adrenalin-ready to make a sprint to the nearest bomb shelter at a moment's notice?

As we have said before - the blame for the Palestinian-Israeli tit-for-tat rests squarely upon the United Nations who seem to be only good at convening conferences, hosting lunches and dinners for world leaders and sending peace keeping missions that mostly fail everywhere.

Palestinians - and the rest of the Arab community - who have a legitimate problem with the State of Israel, should press, without relenting for one minute, the United Nations to step in and correct their past mistakes or dissolve itself and stop wasting the world citizen's money and giving false hope to those in need - whether Palestine or Haiti.
(1)  Euronews Reports

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Public nudity ban eyed in fed-up San Francisco. (1)

San Francisco may be getting ready to shed its image as a city where anything goes, including clothing. City lawmakers are scheduled to vote Tuesday on an ordinance that would prohibit nudity in most public places, ....

Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposal would make it illegal for a person over the age of 5 to "expose his or her genitals, perineum or anal region on any public street, sidewalk, street median, parklet or plaza" or while using public transit.

"I don't think having some guys taking their clothes off and hanging out seven days a week at Castro and Market Street is really what San Francisco is about. I think it's a caricature of what San Francisco is about," Wiener said.

The proposed ban predictably has produced outrage, as well as a lawsuit. San Francisco lawyer Christina DiEdoardo filed a federal lawsuit last week on behalf of Taub and three men that seeks to block Weiner's ordinance...., The complaint alleges that the ban infringes on the free speech rights of nudists and discriminates against those who cannot afford to obtain a city permit.

miguel de Portugal comments: A magnified replay of the1906 event is order lest the Elect amongst them be lost too. This is not black humor; it is a sincere prayer.

(1)  News Report
(2)  The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

November 19th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

These are the results from a nonscientific poll Euronews ran for its readers. They will give our readers a feel for Europe's Pulse.
[Note: Only the better educated Europeans are in tune with Euronews. The average man-on-the-street is not aware that it exists.]

Do you support the anti-austerity strikes and protests across Europe?

yes (64% - 808 votes)
no (32% - 407 votes)
i don't know (4% - 42 votes)

Do you think the Syrian opposition coalition deal will hasten the fall of the Assad regime?

yes (30% - 263 votes)
no (63% - 562 votes)
i don't know (7% - 61 votes)
Who do you believe will have the greater influence over world affairs in the next four years?

Barack Obama (57% - 612 votes)
Xi Jinping (34% - 359 votes)
i don't know (9% - 99 votes)
Do you think the re-election of Barack Obama is a good thing for the US?

yes (76% - 3634 votes)
no (16% - 773 votes)
i don't know (8% - 384 votes)
Which presidential candidate would you like to see win the US elections?

Barack Obama (71% - 1296 votes)
Mitt Romney (19% - 352 votes)
None of the above (10% - 190 votes)

Which US presidential candidate will benefit from Hurricane Sandy?

Barack Obama (72% - 1060 votes)
Mitt Romney (10% - 144 votes)
None of the above (18% - 270 votes)

miguel de Portugal comments: Obviously President Obama is still well loved in Europe.
(1)  Source

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

In unusual CIA case, FBI detoured from usual path. (1)

The way the FBI responded to Jill Kelley's complaint about receiving harassing emails, which ultimately unraveled or scarred the careers of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus and Marine Gen. John Allen, is the exception, not the rule.

The FBI commonly declines to pursue cyberstalking cases without compelling evidence of serious or imminent harm to an individual, victims of online harassment, advocacy groups and computer crime experts told The Associated Press.

But in the sensational episode that uncovered the spy chief's adulterous affair, the FBI's cyberdivision devoted months of tedious investigative work to uncover who had sent insulting and anonymous messages about Kelley, the Florida socialite who was friendly with Petraeus and Allen - and friends with a veteran FBI counterterrorism agent in Tampa.

miguel de Portugal comments: As we were saying....

(1) News Report

November 18th, 2012 [Consecration of the two Basilicas honoring St. Peter and St. Paul]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Film defrocks church hierarchy over handling of sex abuse. (1)

Four deaf Wisconsin men were some of the first to seek justice after suffering childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a priest, and a new documentary about the Catholic Church's poor handling of such cases stemming from the Vatican seeks to make their voices heard.

"Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God" explores the impact of the Roman Catholic Church's protocol as dictated from the Vatican for dealing with pedophile priests. It opens in U.S. cinemas on November 16, and will air on cable channel HBO in February.

"A lot of individual stories had been done about clerical sex abuse, but I hadn't seen one that really connected the individual stories with the larger cover-up by the Vatican, so that was important," documentary director Alex Gibney told Reuters in an interview. The film centers on the group of deaf men and their experiences as young boys attending St. John's School for the Deaf in St. Francis, Wisconsin.

In a letter to the Vatican in 1998, the late Rev. Father Lawrence Murphy admitted abusing some 200 deaf boys over two decades beginning in the 1950s. Murphy claimed he had repented, and asked to live out his last years as a priest, and was never defrocked or punished by civil authorities. He died in 1998.

miguel de Portugal comments: All of this can only be understood under only two circumstances: Abuses are carried out by individuals possessed by satan, and allowed only under an Administration subject to satan. Only Divine action will correct this since fallen man has proven to be incapable of doing so. Blessedly, it will be soon!
(1)  Reuters Reports

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

German Chancellor Merkel provokes Putin over Pussy Riot punishment. (1)

There's been what was described as a frosty encounter between Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a business forum in Moscow. The Russian leader was clearly irritated by Merkel's questioning of a two-year jail sentence for the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot.

Chancellor Merkel told the forum : "... Whether it was necessary to send two girls to (prison) camp, I don't know, but in Germany that would not be the case. And that's not against Russia, it's just my opinion?"

President Putin fired back making the allegation : "The German Chancellor refers to the girls who sit in prison for their performance in a church. But is she aware that before, one of (the girls) hung a mannequin of a Jew and said that we need to get rid of these kind of people in Moscow? We can't support the kind of people who hold anti-Semitic views."

miguel de Portugal comments: It seems that Chancellor Merkel thought that she could slap around President Putin as she does her European Union partners. She seems to forget that Putin predecessors once turned Berlin, the fourth largest city in the world then, into a parking lot.

(1)  Euronews Reports

General comment on Israel - Gaza News Reports
[our highlights]

Acknowledging the fact that Israel took more land by force than it was granted to them by the United Nations and that United Nations continues to look the other way as if it never happened, giving its de-facto approval to such act, this does not justify the continuous barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip upon civilian Israeli territory on a daily basis.

If the United Nations continues to look the other way - which is what they do best in any situation - the Israeli government has a responsibility to protect its people to the extent and in the manner they think most expedient.

The mainstream news in Spain - as one would expect - are painting the Israelis as the proverbial bad actors. In case you may have forgotten, Opus Dei does not necessarily have a soft spot for Jews in their collective heart. This "bad blood" started when the "Catholic" Monarchy in Spain expelled all Jews, who would not convert to Catholicism, in 1492. (1)
(1) Spanish and Portuguese Jews Expelled

November 17th, 2012 [Mary, Mother of Divine Providence]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Abandoned boy meets Texas fireman who saved him. (1)

When fourth-grader Koregan Quintanilla was talking with his classmates about where they wanted to go more than anyplace else in the world, his answer wasn't an amusement park, sporting event or kids restaurant. It was "his" fire station.

Koregan was abandoned in 2002 at an Arlington fire station when he was just a few hours old. Texas' Baby Moses law (2) allows a parent to leave an unharmed infant up to 60 days old at a fire station or hospital with no questions asked. Child Protective Services then takes custody of the babies.

On Thursday evening, Koregan got his wish for his 10th birthday. He met the Arlington firefighter who saved him, rode on a fire truck and toured the station. He hugged Arlington firefighter Wesley Keck and said he was "very nice."

Koregan's mother, Rebecca Quintanilla, said her son, who turned 10 last week, always has known he was adopted and has watched TV news footage from when he was found at the fire station. This year, when Koregan began showing more interest in meeting the firefighter, she tracked Keck down and planned a reunion.

"He's a very good kid, kind, shy and he's always giving things away to people," Quintanilla said. "After talking to Mr. Keck, I think he's like that. I do believe Koregan has some traits from Mr. Keck, although he just spent a few hours with him."

Since 2009, 43 babies have been dropped off at fire stations and hospitals in Texas, said Marissa Gonzales, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. All states have similar laws, but Texas was the first to create the Baby Moses law, signing it into law in 1999. It took effect in 2001.

miguel de Portugal comments: It was yesterday when I heard, for the first time, about the existence of this life saving law. Why don't the Pro Choice proponents inform their potential victims about this option? If only 43 babies have been dropped off at fire stations and hospitals in Texas in the las three years, obviously this law is a well kept secret.

Having become aware of this law, we are left with no other choice but to believe that the Pro Choice movement is more interested in killing babies than in helping mothers. These people need more prayers than the souls of the aborted babies. If they do not repent and make the appropriate amends, make no mistake, they will go to hell. What a waste!
(1)  News Report
(2)  Baby Moses Law in Texas and Safe Haven Law in Wikipedia

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Hey General Petraeus, How's That 'Spiritual Fitness' Stuff Working For You? (1)

I hate hypocrites. And the first word that came to mind when I heard about David Petraeus's extramarital affair was "hypocrite."

Gen. Petraeus first came on Military Religious Freedom Foundation's (MRFF) radar back in 2007, when we were looking into the completely unconstitutional practice of soldiers being forced to attend mandatory Christian concerts during basic training at several of the Army's largest training installations. That's when we found Petraeus's photo and endorsement of these concerts on the Eric Horner Ministries website, praising Horner's military base concerts.

Then, in August 2008, Mikey Weinstein, the founder and president of MRFF, noticed a half-page ad in the Air Force Times for a book by Army chaplain Lt. Col. William McCoy. Chaplain McCoy's book, Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel, a manual promoting Christianity and asserting that non-religious service members had no defense against sin and could therefore cause the failure of their units, was endorsed by none other than Gen. Petraeus, whose blurb on the book's cover read: "Under Orders should be in every rucksack for those moments when Soldiers need spiritual energy."

This completely inappropriate endorsement of a book that denigrated the 21% of our military who don't happen to be religious led Keith Olbermann to name Petraeus one of his "Worst Persons."

But not everybody found Petraeus's eagerness to promote religion to be inappropriate. In November 2011, Army Chaplain (Col.) Brent Causey, who had been the top chaplain to Petraeus in Afghanistan, told the Baptist Press that "Gen. Petraeus played a leadership role in stressing the importance of spirituality," and that it was "a reflection of Gen. Petraeus and his leadership in placing importance on spirituality" that "85 percent of our leadership were active in dynamic Bible study" and so many were "making first-time commitments to Christ."

miguel de Portugal comments: There is nothing that we need to add that we have not said already about "Christians" of this caliber. If the man had tripped and had a proverbial "one night stand" in a moment of weakness and stress, that is one thing. An ongoing affair with a married woman - double adultery - is another story altogether.

Regarding the mandatory attendance to Christian concerts - These fools just will not learn, will they? 1,600 years later and they still think that Evangelization means shoving the Good News down the people's throats.
(1) Report

November 16th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

New Microsoft Voice Translator Makes Futuristic 'Star Trek' Technology Seem Plausible. (1)

Microsoft may boldly go where no one has gone before.

At a demonstration in China on Oct. 25, Microsoft's chief research officer Rick Rashid revealed a new technology seemingly straight out of "Star Trek." In the classic sci-fi television show, a gadget known as the "universal translator" (as seen here) was used to decipher languages in the 22nd century. And now, Microsoft has created a program that takes spoken English and translates it to spoken Chinese in real time.

"In other words, we may not have to wait until the 22nd century for a usable equivalent of Star Trek's universal translator," Rashid said. "[A]nd we can also hope that as barriers to understanding language are removed, barriers to understanding each other might also be removed."

miguel de Portugal comments:
The last hurdle God placed upon humanity during the initial stages of the construction of the tower of Babel, for humanity's own benefit, has been overcome and, considering why he placed such hurdle (2), it is obvious that our time is up.

(1)  News Report
(2)  [1] And the earth was of one tongue, and of the same speech.... [4] And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands. [5] And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of Adam were building.

[6] And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed. [7] Come ye, therefore, let us go down, and there confound their tongue, that they may not understand one another's speech. [9] And therefore the name thereof was called Babel,....  [10] These are the generations of Sem: Sem was a hundred years old when he begot Arphaxad, two years after the flood. [Genesis 11]

November 15th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Security hole allows anyone to hijack your Skype account using only your email address. (1)

A new security hole has been discovered in Microsoft's Skype that allows anyone to change your password and thus take over your account. The issue was first posted on a Russian forum two months ago and has been confirmed by The Next Web.

We've been in touch with Skype over the past few hours to give them a chance to address this vulnerability. The company has informed us it is currently conducting an internal investigation.

To exploit this flaw, all you need to know is your victim's email address tied to their Skype account. To protect yourself, you would have to change your email address to one that nobody knows or could easily guess.

Fortunately (we have been informed) that Skype has just fixed the issue, overhauling its password reset process.

miguel de Portugal comments: The point is that the security flaw had been published for two months and it is now that Microsoft fixed it, and only after The Next Post contacted them. What other security flaws are in existence, known by hackers and unknown by users as well as the providers of the product?

We do not wish to fan the fires of paranoia. We just want to make sure that those who read our pages know that the Internet is not as safe as most wish to believe it is.
(1) The Next Web Post dated November 14, 2012

November 14th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

We have just learned that Gen. John Allen was dubbed the "warrior monk". (1)

So the news that Allen, a 36-year veteran of the Marine Corps, had been snared in the same investigation that prompted the resignation of Petraeus as CIA director last week was greeted with surprise at the Pentagon and elsewhere in Washington.

John Ullyot, who served under Allen at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in 1993, said he was all about "setting the example" for those under him and it was "hard for anyone who ever served under Allen" to believe he had been pulled into the probe.

Allen, who is married and has two daughters, "was known as a kind of warrior monk," said Ullyot, who was a spokesman for former U.S. Senator John Warner, a Republican who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee.

miguel de Portugal comments: It now makes sense why Gen. Allen was drawn into the Gen. Petraeus scandal. "Warrior monk" is an Opus Dei friendly moniker and if we are seeing a "cleaning house of Opus Dei" operation by the F.B.I., as we firmly believe, Gen. Allen would also be a logical F.B.I. target.
(1) News Report

News Report No. 2

[our highlights]

Benedict XVI  starts new Vatican department to promote Latin. (1)

Pope Benedict on Saturday started a new Vatican department to promote the study and use of Latin in the Roman Catholic Church and beyond.

The old-style Latin Mass was phased out more than 40 years ago in favor of local languages, but the pope is giving it another try. Latin remains the official language of the universal church.

The Vatican said the pope had instituted the Pontifical Academy for Latin Studies, placing it under the auspices of the Vatican's ministry for culture.

In his letter announcing the new department, the pope said that Latin was the subject of renewed interest around the world and the purpose of the academy was to encourage further growth.

miguel de Portugal comments: Use of Latin in the Roman Catholic Church and beyond? We presume that they want it to be the official language of the New Holy Roman Empire.

The alleged renewed interest must be its usage by the higher echelons of the Escrivites.
(1) News Report

November 13th, 2012

News Report - Concluding the Petraeus Saga

Yesterday the New York Times published a more comprehensive article (1) to the Petraeus saga - full of "nofacts and disfigures" as they quoted many unidentified sources who can only speak "on condition of anonymity".

Between the media trying to sell their "wares", the "passing the buck" syndrome within the agencies and the "friends of the friends" trying to get "their moment of glory", only God knows the full story. The only part that was of interest to us, He already revealed it.... and we, in turn, shared it with our readers already.
No new revelation in this saga would cause us to change the already made statements. After all, we have the best non anonymous source: God.

The only comment that we will add is that: The entire operation fully exemplifies, in great detail, what Mr. Tim Weiner covered in his book Enemies: A History of the F.B.I. (2), which we again recommend (3).

[One clarifying note we wish to make regarding Mr. Weiner's evaluation of the performance of the F.B.I.: It is our opinion that most of the problems could be traced to faulty leadership - upper echelons -  and not necessarily because the operatives who, most of the time, were pressured into walking the very fine line dividing the legal from the illegal activities and/or were ill trained for what was expected of them.]
(1) New York Times Reports
(2) Enemies: A History of the F.B.I. a Review
(3) No; we are not "on commission". We just like to freely share what we consider to be good, just as Jesus taught all of us to do.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Researchers build 'perfect' invisibility cloak. (1)

Duke University scientists say they've succeeded for the first time in building a truly effective invisibility cloak.

When the team first developed a cloaking device back in 2006, one of the biggest problems was the appearance of minor reflections around the edges. Now, though, they say they've cracked the problem.

"In order to create the first cloaks, many approximations had to be made in order to fabricate the intricate meta-materials used in the device," says graduate student Nathan Landy.

"We built the cloak, and it worked. It split light into two waves which traveled around an object in the center and re-emerged as the single wave with minimal loss due to reflections."

The researchers are now working to apply the principles learned in the latest experiments to three dimensions - much more difficult than two.

miguel de Portugal comments: [symbolically speaking] Considering the degree of blindness which afflicts most of the world population, who now reside in Denial (a virtual Planet Earth),  what would be the purpose of an "effective invisibility cloak"? Most could not see a brightly painted freight train speeding towards them on a clear day, blowing its whistle and flashing its light.

(1)  TrendWatch Reports

November 12th, 2012

News Report - the Petraeus Saga
[our highlights]

Biographer's e-mails to woman led F.B.I. to Petraeus.  (1)

The F.B.I. investigation that led to the sudden resignation of David H. Petraeus as C.I.A. director on Friday began with a complaint several months ago about "harassing" e-mails sent by Paula Broadwell, Mr. Petraeus’s biographer, to another woman who knows both of them, two government officials briefed on the case said Saturday.

When F.B.I. agents following up on the complaint began to examine Ms. Broadwell's e-mails, they discovered exchanges between her and Mr. Petraeus that revealed that they were having an affair, said several officials who spoke of the investigation on the condition of anonymity.

miguel de Portugal comments: There is so much more on this case than meets the eye, that we will simplify it for our readers.

The story is full of holes as we would expect, since the truth is something else. For example - Do you think that the F.B.I. will drop what is doing to investigate non terrorist (or non drug trafficking) related "harassing" e-mails received by some Jane Doe? Of course not!

Second - We now have the F.B.I examining Ms. Broadwell's e-mails. With her consent? Hardly! If it was with her consent, she would have known from that very moment that the extramarital affair would be in the open. She would have warned Petraeus immediately and he would have, in turn, started damage control. We do not believe that she was aware that her e-mails were being scrutinized, which brings to mind Hoover-style investigation.

Having said that, we can  surmise, with a very high level of certainty, that the objective was to get rid of Petraeus as the Director of the CIA. It was a matter of finding "some dirt" to use so that he would be forced out by the scandal. Such is the hallmark of Hooverism.

The proverbial frosting on the cake is that there seems to be a very strong link between Petraeus and Opus Dei. (2)

Could forcing Petraeus' resignation be yet another blow to OpusDeism, this time in the U.S. National Security matrix? If that is the case, then it seems that Opus Dei has also lost the grip they had on the F.B.I.(3) .

We shall see what God highlights next.
(1) News Report
(2) US Military and Africom: Between the rocks and the crusaders
(3) Opus Dei in the F.B.I.

November 11th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

 CIA Director, General Petraeus, Quits; Evidence of Extramarital Affair Was Found by F.B.I. (1)

David H. Petraeus, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and one of America's most decorated four-star generals, resigned on Friday after an F.B.I. investigation uncovered evidence that he had been involved in an extramarital affair.

Government officials said that the F.B.I. began an investigation into a "potential criminal matter" several months ago that was not focused on Mr. Petraeus. In the course of their inquiry into whether a computer used by Mr. Petraeus had been compromised, agents discovered evidence of the relationship as well as other security concerns. About two weeks ago, F.B.I. agents met with Mr. Petraeus to discuss the investigation.

Administration and Congressional officials identified the woman as Paula Broadwell, the co-author of a biography of Mr. Petraeus. Her book, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," was published this year.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not inform the Senate and House Intelligence Committees about the inquiry until this week, according to Congressional officials, who noted that by law the panels - and especially their chairmen and ranking members - are supposed to be told about significant developments in the intelligence arena. The Senate committee plans to pursue the question of why it was not told, one official said.

miguel de Portugal comments: I pray to God that we are seeing the spirit of J. Edgar Hoover at work and not that of Louis Freeh!
(1)  New York Times Reports

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

From Mammon to God: Ex-oil man must unite troubled church. (1)

He has met murderous warlords, survived death threats and brokered multi-million pound deals on the financial markets. Now the next Archbishop of Canterbury faces what many see as the near impossible task of uniting an Anglican church that risks tearing itself apart over gay marriage and women bishops.

Justin Welby, a self-deprecating figure who called himself "one of the thicker bishops in the Church of England", inherits a bitterly divided institution struggling to find a role in an increasingly secular society.

Seen as a more conservative figure than the outgoing Rowan Williams, Welby was educated at the same elite school as British Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William, second in line to the throne.

miguel de Portugal comments: Brilliant he is not considering that it took him this long to find out where the real money is at. We are not impressed.

(1)  News Report

November 10th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

FEMA centers in New York City 'closed due to weather'. (1)

Many New Yorkers likely think Craig Fugate, who runs the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is doing a "heckuva job." But he may have some explaining to do after FEMA disaster centers in several sections of New York City suddenly closed up shop Wednesday.

Salon reported that Fugate told reporters on a Wednesday conference call that some post-Sandy FEMA facilities and services "had to be secured or postponed during the [current] storm. ... We are going to resume when weather permits."

miguel de Portugal comments: What next? A recording answering 911 phones, telling the caller how many minutes before the call is answered by an operator, then, place the caller on hold with music to soothe their nerves?

No. We are not trying to be amusing. We are reminding each one of you that the only One we can really count with is God, and it is best that we work very hard to keep "our lines" with Him open. In other words: Make sure that you always have on hand an ample supply of oil!
(1)   News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Twitter triggers hacking alarms by unintentionally changing passwords of some users. (1)

Twitter says it mistakenly reset the passwords of some users as part of a routine security check-up.

Twitter sought to clear up the confusion with a post on its website a few hours after it sent out emails alerting some users that their accounts had been compromised. Twitter says its security specialists had reset a larger number of passwords than they intended. Despite the mistake, Twitter says only a very small percentage of its more than 140 million users had their passwords affected.

Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, regularly resets the passwords of accounts believed to have been infiltrated by hackers or suspicious websites.

miguel de Portugal comments:
The real moral of the story is: As connected the world is today and as dependent the world has become to those connections, it can all come to an immediate halt by an unauthorized or authorized password reset.

Once again.... We are reminding each one of you that the only One we can really count with is God, and it is best that we work very hard to keep "our lines" with Him open. In other words: Make sure that you always have on hand an ample supply of oil!
(1)  News Report

November 9th, 2012 [Dedication of Basilica of St. John of Lateran]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Czech Parliament approves landmark religious compensation law. (1)

The lower house of Parliament has overruled an upper house veto and gave a green light to a plan by the center-right government to pay billions of dollars in compensation for property seized by the former totalitarian Communist regime.

Under the plan approved in a 102-1 vote early Thursday, the country's 17 churches would get 56 percent of their former property now held by the state - estimated at 75 billion koruna ($3.8 billion).

They would also get 59 billion koruna ($3 billion) in financial compensation over the next 30 years. The state, meanwhile, will gradually stop covering their expenses over the next 17 years.

Parliament's upper house, which is controlled by the left-wing opposition, rejected the plan in August.

miguel de Portugal comments: The unseen information in said news report illustrates what we have addressed in the past regarding the wealth of the RCC in Europe. Czechoslovakia was, nor is, among the affluent countries in Europe yet the property seized by the communists was $6.78 billion (of which 56 % is $3.8 billion).

We have no idea what the communists did not confiscate but we assume that some was left untouched as it has happened in other communist countries. Therefore the wealth we are talking about is $6.78 billion plus.... and that is in a relatively poor country. Now imagine the holdings of the Roman Catholic Church in just Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Placing that wealth in perspective....

According to The World Food Program (2)
We presume that they justify such horrific figures with: For the poor you have always with you: but me you have not always. [Matthew 26:11] just as the Spanish Cardinal blames the Faithful for the failed Evangelization.

Brethren, this just another reminder as to the reason for level of Divine Justice that awaits the World.  We do not make the rules, nor pass the laws nor dispense justice; we just help all in understanding why God allows what He does.
(1) News Report
(2) Source

Commentary on "Invisible" News

Spain is a very elitist country and the political parties function as Royal Courts. The system is a far cry from the way they work in the US.

If you are a member of say, the Partido Popular (center-right-right), and you hold office - including in Congress and Senate - each member will vote the "party line" in everything. It is not like a US Republican voting for a Democrat sponsored bill or vice versa. Were that to happen in Spain, the individual would be blackballed by his party..... eternally....

It would logically follow that the head of a government in Spain would appoint as cabinet ministers very loyal members of his/her party, even if they are not necessarily luminaries in the field at hand.

With that as a background....

We came across an article, on Spain's equivalent of TIME Magazine (1), which contained some very interesting information confirming who is the true unseen power behind the proverbial throne in Spain. It turns out that the following key ministers are not members of the Party in power (and certainly not from the opposition parties!)

Mr. J. I. W. - Minister of Education, Culture and Sports
Mr. P. M. - Minister of Defense
Mr. L. de G. - Minister of the Economy

There is only one group in Spain who could trump the "Party card carrying" requirement in Spanish politics, and that group is Opus Dei.  This does not mean that they are the only ones. What is amazing is that one never hears in the news about such anomaly in Spanish politics and, God forbid!, the opposition parties even pronounce the the words Opus Dei in such context. They would fare better if they were to insult Islam!
(1)  TIEMPO, p.16

November 8th, 2012 [Feast of Mary, Our Shelter]

News Report
[our highlights]

Brazil's Truth Commission to investigate church. (1)

The Truth Commission investigating human rights abuses committed by Brazil's former dictatorship will also look into the role Catholic and evangelical churches played during the 1964-1985 military government.

Established last year by President Dilma Rousseff, the commission will investigate whether pro-dictatorship clergy committed human rights abuses or supported members of the military responsible for such abuses. Rousseff herself is a former leftist guerrilla who was imprisoned for more than three years and tortured during the dictatorship.

Brazil has never punished military officials who committed human rights abuses, unlike Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, which also had repressive military regimes. "The activities of the clergy who opposed the dictatorship as well as the actions of religious groups that backed the regime will be analyzed," said commission member Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, who will head the investigation.

The church saw the coup d'etat as a strike against communism, which they feared President Joao Goulart would install in Brazil, said Fernando Altemeyer, a theologian at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. "The Roman Catholic hierarchy was involved in preparing the 1964 coup d'etat and at first openly backed the military regime," Pinheiro said.

miguel de Portugal comments: Sooner or later the ones who have been exploiting the Holy Name of Jesus for their personal benefit for 1,600 years, will find out that everything He said is indeed true. For example:

For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. [Matthew 10:26-27]


And he shall say to you: I know you not, whence you are: depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. [Luke 13:27]

(1)  News Report

November 7th, 2012

News Report
[our highlights]

As voters headed to polls, reports of problems started pouring in. (1)

An unexpected glitch almost caused one central Pennsylvania voter to cast his ballot for the wrong candidate, highlighting concerns about voter fraud in a number of states on an already tense Election Day. The Election Protection coalition, for instance, has reported ballot scanning problems in Ohio in Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo.

"I initially selected Obama but Romney was highlighted," writes Centralpavote on YouTube, of the glitch in central Pennsylvania. "I assumed it was being picky so I de-selected Romney and tried Obama again, this time more carefully, and still got Romney."

The man, a software developer, tried troubleshooting the screen, selecting different names. But "the top of Romney's button down to the bottom of the black checkbox beside Obama's name was all active for Romney." A few more taps, and he discovered that the only way to select Obama was to click on a small sliver of the screen. All of the buttons for the other candidates seemed to work fine.

Other voters at the precinct didn't have the same problem, he said, and the volunteer didn't seem concerned. "She him hawed for a bit then calmly said, 'It's nothing to worry about, everything will be OK,' and went back to what she was doing," he wrote.

There are other problems occurring as well. In some minority neighborhoods in Galveston, Texas, polling places opened late, making it impossible for people to vote earlier in the day. (The Galveston County Daily News reports that those 45 voting centers will stay open two hours later, until 8:54 p.m., to make up for the delay.)

And thanks to a different kind of technological glitch, there were also some voters in Pinellas County, Fla., who received phone calls on Tuesday morning reminding them to vote on Wednesday - the day after Election Day.

miguel de Portugal comments: I pray to God that we are not still arguing about the vote count when next Easter rolls around... assuming it does...! (as of 4:00 PM EST) ....and He granted our request with no room for arguments! (as of  2:00 AM EST on Nov. 7th)
(1) Report

November 6th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]  

Italy's Catholic Church will be forced to pay taxes starting in 2013 after the EU pressured the country's government to pass a controversial law stripping the Church of its historic property tax exemption. (1)

The Catholic Church in Italy is excluded from paying taxes on its land if at least a part of a Church property is used non-commercially - for instance, a chapel in a bed-and-breakfast.

"The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 - the start of the fiscal year – and will fully respect the [European] Community law," Italian premier Mario Monti's government said in a statement on Tuesday.

The move could net Italy revenues of 500 million to 2 billion euros annually across the country, municipal government associations said. The extra income from previously exempt properties in Rome alone - including hotels, restaurants and sports centers (!!!!) - could reach 25.5 million euros a year, La Repubblica daily newspaper reported.

On Monday, the Council of State, Italy's highest ranking court for administrative litigation, ruled against the new law. Authorities stepped in, arguing that everyone in Italy should pay property tax, including the Church.

The measure came after the country's leadership decided in February to alter Italy's property tax code, ending the Churches long standing privileges due to the severe debt crisis.

miguel de Portugal comments: They should be thanking God that all the real estate property owned by the Church and not actively used for the cult and/or education has not been confiscated and used to feed the hungry and educate the poor of the world, as Jesus would have done.

(1)  News Source

Election News Commentary

Regarding the outcome of the Presidential Elections in the U.S. - You may be assured that the outcome will be in accordance to the Active Will of God. It may not be understood at first but it will be later on.

November 5th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Opus Dei has published (on November 2nd) a You Tube version of a Wikipedia page  "proving" to the listener/viewer that they are not, and have never been, involved in politics in spite of the "unfounded" accusation made to the contrary.

We were able to barely tolerate about 3 minutes of it. We have never heard so many untruths in such short a time, with the exception of Fidel Castro's political litanies.

We are sharing the information with you so that you may see for yourself to the extent that they are going to get Mr. Ryan into the White House.

The You Tube page may be accessed by Cliking Here.

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Catholic church mobilises against gay marriage in France. (1)

The French Roman Catholic Church has voiced its opposition to government plans to legalise same-sex marriage. The country's left-wing government is to present its draft bill on the subject on Wednesday.

Church leaders are concerned about the provision to allow gay couples to adopt children. The church now intends to crank up its campaign against any changes to matrimonial law in France.

miguel de Portugal comments: When will the Catholic Church - or for that matter, any monotheistic faith - leaders realize that no matter what any civil court, even a Supreme Court, calls a civil union, it is not a marriage?

A marriage is a Biblically established institution that no civil court can ever effect; that is such a mystical impossibility as dehydrated water is a physical impossibility. We must assume that the whole thing is just a smoke screen to pass themselves as God fearing holy people.

Now, regarding the allowing of homosexual couples to adopt children - with the exception of either partner having already a child from a previous heterosexual relationship - they should make a real effort to prevent it, even though it really doesn't matter anymore since it is too late

(1)  Euronews Reports

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

New cell phone surveillance method raises privacy concerns. (1)

The FBI is using a new method to access cell phone customer data, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) contends that the method is overly invasive.

The method, known as "stingrays," uses a person's international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) secretly to track someone's location using stingray devices, known as IMSI catchers. The catcher mimics a cell phone tower, but stingrays track the locations of all mobile devices in a given area,including those which are not being targeted.

NBC reports that a big reason this scares privacy groups is that an IMSI catcher can be built at home for about $1,500, exposing a weakness in cell phone security to which most consumers are oblivious.

miguel de Portugal comments: Here you may see what we often talk about - not a real problem if legitimate governmental authorities use it, but.... what about if "Thy neighbor" who has a vendetta with you, or "Thy business competitor" who would sell his/her mother to get ahead in the business world wants to invest $1500 to "get to you"? But then again.... it is really too late for it to become commonplace.

(1)  Homeland Security Reports

November 4th, 2012

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Syria tanks enter Israel controlled Golan DMZ. (1)

Three Syrian tanks entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights on Saturday, prompting Israel to complain to U.N. peacekeepers, a military spokesman said. The foray would be the first such violation in 40 years and hikes concerns that violence from Syria's civil war could heat up a long-quiet frontier.

Israel's relatively low-key response of turning to the U.N. suggested it did not see the Syrian armor as an immediate threat.

But the entry marks the most serious spillover of Syria's turmoil at the frontier to date. Misfired Syrian shells have exploded inside Israel on several occasions and a tourist site was temporary shut after armed Syrians were spotted near by recently.

The three tanks entered the DMZ on Saturday and Israel lodged a complaint with the peacekeepers, an Israeli military spokeswoman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with military protocol. She did not elaborate on what the tanks were doing.

miguel de Portugal comments: Just in time for the Presidential Election in the U.S.

(1)  News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Israel Planning A Military College on Mount of Olives (1)

Israeli plans to build a military academy on the Mount of Olives in annexed east Jerusalem have been deposited for approval, taking the project a step forward, the Peace Now settlement watchdog said on Saturday.

"In the last few days, ads were hung up on the Mount of Olives in east Jerusalem announcing the depositing of plan no. 51870 for the construction of an Israeli military college," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran wrote on her blog.

miguel de Portugal comments: [tongue in cheek] Why not? There is nothing better to treat old festering wounds with a mixture of salt and vinegar.

(1)  News Report

November 3rd, 2012 [First Saturday of the Month and Our Lady of All Graces]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

 Scientists to simulate human brain inside a supercomputer  (1)

There's no escaping the fact that the Human Brain Project, with its billion-dollar plan to recreate the human mind inside a supercomputer, sounds like a science fiction nightmare.

But those involved hope their ambitious goal of simulating the tangle of neurons and synapses that power our thought processes could offer solutions to tackling conditions such as depression, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

If their current bid for 1 billion Euros (1.3 billion USD) of European Commission funding over the next 10 years is successful, Markram predicts that his computer neuroscientists are a decade away from producing a synthetic mind that could, in theory, talk and interact in the same way humans do.

miguel de Portugal comments: (tongue in cheek).... We would consider their effort a complete success if the created synthetic mind would never be so stupid as to think that it can create itself.

(serious as a block of granite).... The capacity of human stupidity - specially that of some scientists - is beginning to approach infinity.

There is no doubt - whatever God will allow upon hmanity will always be less than what we truly deserve. That is what Divine Mercy is all about.
(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

Girls of 13 given birth control jab at school without parents' knowledge  (1)

Schoolgirls in Great Britain, as young as 13, are being given contraceptive injections and implants during lunch-breaks without their parents' knowledge.

School nurses have given implants or jabs to girls aged between 13 and 16 more than 900 times in the past two years, a survey by The Daily Telegraph has found. Girls aged 13 have been given contraceptive jabs and implants on more than 20 occasions.

A further 7,400 girls aged 15 and under have been given contraceptive injections or implants at family planning clinics.

Under the patient confidentiality rules, nurses are banned from seeking the permission of parents beforehand, or even informing them afterwards, without the pupil's permission.

miguel de Portugal comments: As we were saying.... whatever God will allow upon hmanity will always be less than what we truly deserve.

Step on it, Lord!
which is the street, and universally understood version of  Maranatha!
(1) News Report

News Report No. 3
[our highlights]

In Crisis, Public Officials Embrace Social Media. (1)

With Hurricane Sandy, public officials and government agencies have embraced social media to a greater degree than ever. For proof, look no further than the Twitter feed of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York: 400 messages on Tuesday, 300 on Wednesday and well over 100 on Thursday, featuring everything from photos of storm surge damage to updates on power restoration.

It is usually Mr. Cuomo’s aides, not the governor, typing the messages. But he and his staff recognize that social media “is a highly effective method of communicating information in a time of crisis,” said Joshua Vlasto, Mr. Cuomo’s deputy communications director. The governor’s followers have increased to 50,000 from 20,000 last Friday

Although phone service has been spotty in some places across the Northeast, people with working signals have been reliant on texting and social networking to a degree not seen during previous disasters.

But, then again....

Not all of the reports carried by the social network proved accurate, with the crisis spawning a flurry of fake stories. (2)

These included tweets claiming that the New York stock exchange was under water and photoshopped images sharks in the streets.

The tweet about the stock exchange was widely circulated and reported on air by CNN.

miguel de Portugal comments: It is not difficult to see how evil minds - which seem to be multiplying like the black plague - can (and will) create mass panic scenarios at will.

A simple battery operated radio or the radios built in the mobile phones would be the safest bet for transmission of emergency instructions. Yes indeed, someone can block the original transmission and replace it with bogus information, but that will require some elaborate and sophisticated technical work while any idiot can have a Twitter account and transmit bogus information at will. 

(1) N.Y. Times Report
(2) BBC Reports

November 2nd, 2012 [Solemnity of All Souls (in Purgatory) and  First Friday of the Month]

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

As blackouts linger, Northeasterners try to adjust. (1)

Homes grew chilly without heat. Food spoiled in refrigerators. Televisions remained silent. And people everywhere scurried for a spot to charge their cellphones.

Sandy blacked out some of the nation's most densely populated cities and suburbs, instantly taking away modern conveniences from Virginia to Massachusetts and as far west as the Great Lakes.

For power companies, the scale of the destruction was unmatched - more widespread than any blizzard or ice storm and worse than the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Initially, about 60 million people were without power in 8.2 million homes and businesses. By Wednesday night, that number had fallen to roughly 44 million people in 6 million households and businesses.

Even as power slowly returned to some pockets, a new headache emerged: Backup batteries and generators running cellphone towers were running out of juice. One out of every five towers was down, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

For others, the outage had graver consequences.

"I have several hundred dollars' worth of insulin in the refrigerator," said Joan Moore of New York's Staten Island, who is diabetic.

miguel de Portugal comments: Just another reminder. Will you be able to function, indefinitely, without all the conveniences we "just need" nowadays?

Don't get caught without oil for your lamps - literally and mystically speaking.

(1)  News Report

Commentary on "Sandy" News Reports

You may rest assured that the main purpose of "Sandy" was to alter the outcome of the upcoming Presidential Elections.

Second purpose was what we stated in the above comments - a reminder.

Third purpose was to serve as God's Megaphone.

November 1st, 2012 [Solemnity of All Saints]

Comments on a TV News Report

There is a case, currently in the Spanish courts, which involves an uncle who sexually abused his two nephews and his niece (all siblings)  fifteen years ago. One of the boys - now a man - committed suicide because of the horrific trauma he endured for years. This gave courage to the other two siblings to acuse the uncle and take him to court.

It is an "open and closed" case even though the uncle denies the accusations. The lawsuit does not seek any financial benefits - they just want the uncle to pay (in the form of a jail term) for the death of their brother.

According to the attorneys and the court, all that they can do is only convict the uncle for abusing the girl because, now, take a deep breath: Fifteen years ago, in (super Catholic) Spain, sexually abusing a boy was not a crime.

miguel de Portugal comments: Do we really have to? I hope not since I am practically speechless with just anger; only the thought of such  infamous legal loop hole is revolting.

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