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August 2008


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From WO @ USA - Published on August 28th, 2008 [Eve of the Memorial of the Beheading of John the Baptist]

Amusingly - and I just found via Google News that several news outlet DID discover on 8/20/08 Senator McCain's involvement with the S&L A scandal. One of them would not be taken seriously as they are: "black america's daily news source".......and you have to REALLY look to find them. (1)

Others also did mention it too. (2) (3) premise still holds: The TV talking heads have not "been cleared" to make this an issue. In addition you will NOT find this in the conspiracy circles (yet), nor in the (OD controlled) Catholic blogs/forums. The "go-ahead signal" obviously has not yet been given...........

Just as Howard Beale warned us in the 1976 movie Network: " people only do what the tube tells you....think as it tells think like the tube, .... they will tell you any... you wanna hear!....'

God be with you!




From KH @ USA - Published on August 23rd, 2008

Hello, This (1) is the current bulletin from the church that JM wrote to you about which was beginning to offer the Latin Mass just a short while ago. I was just there on July 16 for a Wednesday evening Holy Hour and Mass. Double-checking the times for tonight, I noticed that they have changed up their Mass schedule, and now have the Latin Mass on Wednesday evenings, no more Saturday a.m. Mass.

The worst of the bulletin is on page 1, they are having the OD speakers to present to their parishioners in early September (it all sounds so very innocent). Things happen FAST! No response necessary... just expressing a bit of dismay. As you all say, it is on schedule, so I should not be surprised.

This is one blessing of being loosed from my former parish, where my head would have been in the sand as I would not have seen any of this happening in my own backyard. All's well, I know..... even though I have just read the August 24th bulletin, page 2! (2)
(2) Page 2 :

August 24, 2008

Dear Parishioners,

In 1928 Fr. Josemaria Escrivá founded Opus Dei in Madrid, Spain. Opus Dei is a Catholic organization whose primary work is to help people turn their daily work and activities intoopportunities for growing closer to God, serving others, and improving our society. Theirs is a very practical spirituality that they convey primarily through retreats, classes and spiritual direction. In just 80 years this organization has spread to more than 60 countries around the world and has more than 87,000 members, 98% of whom are laity.

In the past several years there has been some controversy in our country about this organization, especially with the 2003 publication of Dan Brown’s fictional novel, The Da Vinci Code, and the subsequent movie version of this book. But it must be remembered that this book is a work of fiction, and the controversial assertions Brown makes about Opus Dei, our Lord, Mary Magdalene, and Church history lack support from reputable Catholic scholars and authorities. Moreover, Opus Dei has enjoyed the constant support of the Vatican for many decades now, and their founder was beatified in 1992 and canonized a saint in 2002, which authenticates his work.

I must admit that I had some serious questions about Opus Dei before coming into personal contact with them during my years in Washington, DC. However, after befriending several members of Opus Dei (both priests and laity), visiting their retreat houses, and reading many of the writings of St. Josemaria, I have become certain that Opus Dei is indeed a godly work.

Last fall, at the behest of the lay members of Opus Dei here in Charlotte, Bishop Jugis requested quarterly visits from an Opus Dei priest to provide days of recollection and spiritual direction for Catholics here in Charlotte. As the bishop asked me to make the arrangements, I have extended an invitation for the first visit to take place here at St. Ann’s. Thus we are blessed to have Fr. Larry Kutz, a priest of Opus Dei, coming to our parish the first weekend of September.

Fr. Kutz will be offering a night of reflection for men on Friday, September 5 (from 7 to 9 pm), and a morning of reflection for women on Saturday, September 6 (from 10 am until 12:30 pm).If you would like to make a retreat but just can’t seem to find the time to do so, you will benefit from these reflections. Fr. Kutz is an experienced retreat master with a great deal of wisdom and practical insight about how we can transform and sanctify our daily lives. If you have questions about Opus Dei or would like to learn more about them, please check out their website at: You can also read What is Opus Dei?, by Dominique LeTourneau, or Uncommon Faith, by John Coverdale. I also highly recommend St. Josemaria’s book The Way for some very practical spiritual meditation.

In Jesus and Mary,

Original source:

From LL @ USA - Published on August 20th, 2008


thank God for you, miguel, and for "Did you know that...." post (1) this morning.... i pray God Will allow His children to take it seriously and heed your warning...

this is my story....

when my youngest son was 12, and still quite innocentl.... i overheard his older sisters telling him there was no 'santa claus', that it was all a made up story... to my utter horror, he wouldn't believe them, because as he told them, 'my mom and dad would never lie to me'... i was crushed, that what i thought was a seemingly 'little white lie' was not a little lie at all, but rather a very damaging one, and i not only allowed it, but it was i who lied to him!!!!

i will never forget that moment, nor its implications... i had ruined my son's trust in me... even though i then promptly told him the truth, it still took away that complete and total trust that he once had in me...

i remembered this event, later on, as my oldest daughter told me of one day, while she was at college, that her and her friends were talking about God, when one of them announced to her that 'there really was no God' that it was just another 'santa claus' tale.. .my heart sank, what have we done to our children!!!!

it has been 4 years since, and i have never mentioned santa claus to ANY other child again, nor do i put up any christmas decorations that include santa, snowmen, or anything else to do with this stupid story, only nativity sets, angels and lights now adorn my house, i have gotten rid of everything else.

i have received much flack over these last few years, from my family and friends because i won't 'go along; with the story to their children any more...

i have tried to tell people about this, but most won't listen as they think this is all just 'harmless fun' and that i am a just a 'God freak'

the solution i have now come up with is, whenever there is a mention of 'santa', and children are around, and after seeing the glares from the adults who know my position on this, i just leave the room so as not to offend anyone, but i always approach the parents of the children afterward and tell them my story so that they can decide whether they want to 'continue lying' to their children....

while we are at it, and since we are approaching fall, could you also mention, halloween, that it also is not just harmless fun going along with the crowd... i see so many people falling for this one too, myself included until this event 4 years ago, which really opened my eyes, to how we have been 'robbed' of all our holy days, by buying into all this nonsense of santas, easter bunnies, we have opened our doors and allowed our children to be mislead, and their trust in us to be ruined.

i was even decorating my house with witches, ghosts, vampires, etc. as so many others continue to do... stupid, stupid us!....

May God have mercy on us, as we are soooooo stupid!

as always you all remain in my prayers...

(1) Posting

Published on August 19th, 2008

....the unseen damage done to the Faith of the young ones by the quaint story of Santa Claus is greater than most even suspect?

Picture this: A child is lied to since he/she can remember about the fact that Santa Claus does exist and comes on Christmas to deliver presents. This is reinforced by the marketing efforts of multi-billion dollar businesses, the threat to the children that if they do not behave well "Santa will bring you a lump of coal", etc., etc.

In the midst of this Believe-in-Santa-Mania there is sporadic mention of Jesus Christ and God, The Father - neither of which the children (normally) can see, yet they can see Santa in just about every department store, Christmas card, decoration, etc. A massive brainwash.

Then - still of tender age - they find out that the whole "Santa-thing" is just a hoax. Logically, they will now wait for the moment when they will also be told that the Jesus Christ and God the Father "story" is just another concocted myth - just another version of the "boogie man".

So much for "Where was God when..." or "Where did I go wrong?" etc. etc.

From LP @ USA - Published on August 17th, 2008

Following is my story for Christian Challenge about Tony Blair's version of the "URI".



By Lee Penn

The Christian Challenge

July, 2008

Former California Episcopal Bishop William Swing, who has nurtured his interfaith dream, the United Religions Initiative (URI) (1) , since the mid-1990s, may be about to be upstaged by Anglican-turned-Roman Catholic Tony Blair.

The former British Prime Minister is moving fast out of the gate with his own interfaith venture, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which he launched in New York City on May 30.

Blair is now promising to “spend the rest of my life” promoting interfaith understanding and harnessing the energy of religions to solve global problems.

“Faith is part of our future ... and faith and the values it brings with it are an essential part of making globalization work,” Blair said in May.

“The point of the inter-faith efforts,” he said recently, “is keeping minds open, because extremism shuts them down.” Such rhetoric is strikingly similar to that used by Bishop Swing in promoting the URI in the 1990s.

Blair’s foundation will collaborate with other organizations to implement the eight Millennium Development Goals, adopted by the UN in 2000. The Faith Foundation’s initial priority will be to combat malaria by providing mosquito nets for beds in affected developing countries. Blair said, “If you’ve got churches and mosques and those of the Jewish faith working together to provide the bed nets that are necessary to eliminate malaria ... what a fantastic thing that would be. That would show faith in action, it would show the importance of cooperation between faiths, and it would show what faith can do for progress..” The Foundation will also open a conference center in London, and will work with Yale University to prepare curricula to educate people about the world’s religions.

In his New York speech, Blair disavowed any intent to compete with other interfaith organizations, or to create a melting-pot religion (which some say is the URI’s objective): “There are many excellent meetings, convocations, conferences and even organizations that work in the interfaith area. We do not want to replicate what they do. We do not want to engage in a doctrinal inquiry. We do not want to subsume different faiths in one faith of the lowest common denominator.”

Unlike Swing’s URI – which includes majority as well as minority belief systems, such as Scientology, Unificationism, and Wicca – Blair’s interfaith movement will concentrate on working with six major world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. It aims to raise “a war chest of several hundred million dollars” for its projects in the Third World. One of Blair’s aides said that “tens of millions” of dollars have already been raised through support from individuals, foundations, businesses, and governments. If so, this would place the Faith Foundation far ahead of the URI, whose annual headquarters budget remains well below $2 million. President Clinton and UN officials attended the Foundation’s kick-off ceremony.

In contrast to the URI, the Faith Foundation has gained cooperation from Evangelicals. It has also garnered support from Anglicans and Roman Catholics (though the latter two Churches both include some leaders who have supported the URI). Rick Warren, the founder and senior pastor of the Saddleback mega-church, is a member of the Blair Foundation’s advisory board; so are the Church of England’s Bishop of London, Richard Chartres; the Rev. David Coffey, President of the Baptist World Alliance; the Rev. Joel Edwards, the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance; and the Rt. Rev. Josiah Idowu-Fearon, the Anglican Bishop of Kaduna, Nigeria. The Foundation expects that Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, will join the Advisory Council once he has retired. Blair said in May that Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican officials were “very supportive” when he told them about plans for the new interfaith foundation.

Sources: Time Magazine, The Times Online (UK), The New York Times, Tony Blair Faith Foundation website, United Religions Initiative

(1) About the URI's Agenda

From TJ @ USA - Published on August 14th, 2008 [Eve of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven]

In reference to the Vatican ban on the use of the word Yahweh and your publications (1) about it....

I confess I am much more comfortable to hear the name of Jesus used in song and other reverent places, than the name of God, which is beyond me.

Because God was beyond us he sent us His Son, and His Son's Name we may call upon in our prayers. Not out of respect to the Jews’ sensibilities, but because of the second commandment I shrink from using it, and because we have been given a perfect alternative (Jesus).

But I concur that if we are to start arguing over this, we lose sight of what is important.


(1) See Posting in Private Forum dated August 14th

From IW @ USA - Published on August 13th, 2008

Here are some notes on my personal experiences with members of Legionaries of Christ

Like Opus Dei, I had never heard of the Legionnaires of Christ, until I drove an elderly lady friend (who was an organist) to play a funeral. It was for the father of a LC member. The son (the LC member) of the deceased met with her - in my presence - prior to the funeral to discuss the music.

Being an "old pro", she would usually try to gently discourage the family of the deceased from selecting the music - for the simple reason that they would be under great stress, and not able to make sound decisions. Unless, of course, there was some stipulation in the will of the deceased, etc., which specified certain preferences. So, normally - and in all charity - requests and suggestions would be discouraged and gently deflected.

Well, not only did this young man have a highly inappropriate list of music, all of which did NOT fit the alleged "conservative" image of the LC, he was rather "un-hinged" in his demeanor. Normally one would chalk this up to the death. But this was something more. He insisted on singing some of the numbers himself as well as being the lector and serving the mass as altar boy.

He could not maintain eye contact when he spoke with her. He was hyper kinetic, and seemingly bi-polar. There was something seriously wrong with him; this was not the normal emotional stress at a death of a loved one. This kid was disturbed! Alternatively polite, then controlling and with seething temper underneath. He was emotionally damaged.

It was obvious to her that he had been tampered with on many levels. The thought of some possible sort of psycho sexual trauma occurred. That something had been done to him, which he was trying (not too well) to suppress.

Only a dozen years later did I fully understand what the LC was and what Maciel had allegedly done. Then I thought of this poor kid again! Very sad.

The poor lady organist was flabbergasted then and has never been able to forget the scene.


From m de P @ World - Published on August 9th, 2008 [63rd anniversary of the world's second nuclear attack]

Isn't it amazing how Dawn and Sunset look the same to the casual eye?

Being geographically oriented one will have an idea where East and West are and anyone knows that the Sun rises from the East and sets in the West.
Knowing approximately what time it is, anyone will know that the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.

It logically follows that someone who is geographically disoriented - does not know where the North is - and is not paying attention to the time (1), will not be able to tell the difference between the Sunset and the Dawn.

That principle is precisely what "they" are counting on so that as the world approaches the End of These Times - the "Setting of These Times" - the masses will mistake it by the real dawn.... when it truly is the False Dawn (2) - the final death trap.

Clever, isn't?

m de P
(1) What time is it?
(2) Time for the False Dawn to get underway

From WO @ USA - Published on August 6th, 2008 [Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and 63rd anniversary of the world's first nuclear attack]

Late last night I channel surfed past the end of some elaborate mass on EWTN with Archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke. I had no clue what this was about... or where it was........until now.

If your time permits, peruse the website (1) of this tourist trap with the Theotokos as its marketing ploy. May God have mercy on these fools for what they are doing!

Wanna visit the on site gourmet millions starve in the US and around the world? Buy stuff from the gift shop - on line or on site? Wanna light a candle online....or on-site at the (seemingly) world's largest devotional candle rack? Attend a book signing with the ubiquitous Raymond Arroyo or Fr. Benedict Groeschel, as they peddle their latest spiritual snake oil?

If you look at the .pdf bulletin's of the shrine (e.g. the latest one) you can see the prices listed for the "gifting opportunities"? Like......."Tongs for incense" (to handle the hot charcoals)": $200.

$200???? For metal tongs? I have tongs in my kitchen which I use for bacon and sausage cooking which I bought in a local Dollar Store....for $1.......which would work just fine.

Of course all of this is a (painfully obvious) OD style project, designed (rather like the "pagan idol" monstrance chapel in Chicago) as both patent money maker, and spiritual seduction. What is amazing is that there are mega-bucks to build (and maintain!) this and other similar money makers......... as parish after parish is closed, assets seized because "there is no money to operate them"......... and as mass attendance worldwide is in a tailspin.

Right now I would characterize Catholics as falling into one of the following categories:

1. the "drooling masses' of the 'blind' who are utterly clueless.

2. the Opus Dei style fanatics - few of whom are cognizant of the real plans; most of them like the drooling masses are clueless, but driven by mad "obedience".

3. the relative handful of "the Elect" who have "eyes to see", of varying degrees.

4. the fallen away Catholics. These primarily comprise two sub groups:

a) those who now believe in nothing.

b) those who have fallen into the Evangelical/Fundalmentalist sects....... .which are in all too many cases linked in some manner with Opus Dei and its "affiliate programs".

Note that I have not included those who have joined the mainline Protestant churches. That is because there are so few of them that they literally "fall off the radar screen". Besides, in most cases, there is connectivity between their ministers and OD on some level, so that they fall into the latter group above. Of all the ingenious devices which satan, the master organizer of all this, has inspired in the OD types, is the conscious use of "peer pressure" to keep the faithful in line. Regardless of the social setting or group, it is used (intentionally) as a tool to prevent folks from independent thinking (or true prayer!!!).

In all my years of "Catholic Schooling" we may have spent a total of 10-15 minutes per day of class time on the Beatitudes/Sermon on the Mount; the focal point of Jesus' teaching. BUT... many, many hours on "obedience" to "church authority". Peer pressure was engaged to enable (forced) giving to "the missions", to the point where kids who had no money were called "cheap" by teacher and student alike. Poor children being publicly humiliated...for not "giving to the poor"......

With that kind of indoctrination it is no small wonder that this "shrine" is built, and that people will pour money at it, like lemmings marching to the sea.........

Christ be with you always


(2) The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Mercifully for the Elect, their time is very limited and running out. i.e. The handwriting on the wall reads: MANE, THECEL, PHARES
MANE: God hath numbered thy kingdom, and hath finished it. 27 THECEL: thou art weighed in the balance, and art found wanting. 28 PHARES: thy kingdom is divided, and is given to the pagans. [Daniel 5:25-26]

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on August 2nd, 2008

In a recent mailing (1) you have suggested prayerful reflection on Rev. 18. Ongoing .... I will likely write to you soon on this - in addition to the comments I made in the last day or two.

One additional item that I remembered today: The US now occupies Iraq, so we are (literally) the king of Babylon now. Babylon is a multi-layered symbol, and I see the global economic machine, the US empire, and the Vatican empire all as expressing that reality in different ways.

Another thing is evident: the destruction of Babylon is sudden, rapidly carried out, unexpected (to her), and total. This symbol points to a devastating future for the US and the Vatican.

Today's (Orthodox) scripture readings included 1 Corinthians 7:24-35 ... the part that includes "the form of this world is passing away," and urging detachment from worldly cares.

You already wrote about those verses, and called them - and their urgent message - to your readers' attention, months ago.

(Mr.) IW
(1) Mailing

News Quote

I still find it hard to believe that George W. Bush, to his eternal shame and our nation's great discredit, made torture a matter of hair-splitting, legalistic debate at the highest levels of the U.S. government. But that's precisely what he did.

Three previously classified administration memos obtained last week by the American Civil Liberties Union add to our understanding of this disgraceful episode. The documents are attempts to justify the unjustifiable -- the use of brutal interrogation methods that international agreements define as torture -- and to keep those who ordered and carried out this dirty business from being prosecuted and jailed.

The memos don't call it torture, of course....

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Let us not forget that this DOES NOT only goes on Mr. Bush's "Invoice" - The above was allowed by a nation - politicians, businessmen, professionals and your-average-Joe with very rare exceptions. The exceptions were those who did something - even prayer - to bring this behavior [speaking as a lamb and acting as a beast] to an end. Obviously, those were in the minuscule minority.

Let no one ever ask, as they view the virtual smoldering ruins of what was a truly great nation led and populated by truly great people [who, somehow, got derailed between a Shopping Mall and a Big Mac], "Where was God?".... but, should they do, the answer is: "Allowing its ruin to salvage a few of His Elect".

We recommend a prayerful reading of Apocalypse 18

Yes, we understand that for most "Cafeteria Managers" that chapter refers to some long gone city/empire and it has nothing to do with "us Saints" - unfortunately, those "Cafeteria Managers" know nothing about recipes nor how kitchens are run.........

(2) 1 Corinthians 7:24-35

From National Geographic @ USA - Published on July 31st, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse on August 1

The upcoming total eclipse on August 1 will be celebrated by excited sky-watchers, even if it won't break any records. Get details on this celestial event, and see the path it will take in a video from NASA.

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on July 29th, 2008

Dear Miguel, God be with you, as always.

In reference to your recent document (1)....

I've been reading Lew Rockwell's web site for years, and Paul Craig Roberts, along with Gary North (more substantive than Roberts, in my opinion), are clearly living in the same reality as yourself and many of us who follow.

Roberts has previously overtly accused the Bush administration of deliberately trying to start a nuclear war, as one example. The archive of his posts is eye-opening. North's columns are more economic in their focus - being a student of the Austrian school of economics - but his conclusions are explicitly Christian and he logically describes an inevitable series of “apocalyptic” economic events, informed by what is obviously a deep faith.

Best Regards

(1) It seems like someone's smelling the coffee and brewing a fresh pot.

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