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From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on June 29th, 2009 [Feast of St. Peter (1) and St. Paul]

In reference to your posting in the Did you know that....? page dated June 27th (2) regarding the group Legatus and the collapse of the financial system of the world, here are some of its key players....

Fr. George Rutler (Opus Dei) was the national chaplain for Legatus for 10 years, until assuming the pastorate of the NYC Church of Our Saviour in September of 2001, literally days before the 9-11 event. He had previously been a curate in the Wall St. area Our Lady of Victory church, which is known as an Opus Dei center for various meetings. He is still intricately involved with Legatus and its members.

The "Fr. Mc Closkey" mentioned is Fr. C. John Mc Closkey III, the ringleader of Opus Dei in Washington DC, in whose pocket are Congressmen, numerous government employees, businessmen, lobbyists, and the prelates of the surrounding dioceses.
(1)  True Petrine Ministry
(2)  Did you know that....?

From miguel de Portugal @ USA - EU - Published on June 26th, 2009

Today we have sent the following communication to Euronews, CNN, France24, SkyNews, BBC, Washington Post and the New York Times.

Although we had the feeling - from inside information - that the unveiling of the lost Ark of the Covenant could be part of the Opus Dei Ultimate Plan (1) it was just today that we realized the significance of June 26th.

June 26th is the date which the Catholic Church chose to celebrate Josemaria Escriva's day. Indeed a dark day in the history of Christendom.

The M+G+R Foundation
(1)  Opus Dei Ultimate Plan


We wonder why you have not brought this up to your audience's attention. The announced unveiling is for today, June 26, at 2 PM Rome time.

Supposedly, the Ark of the Covenant is about to be revealed by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which claim to have had custody of it for centuries in the city of Axum.
A brief English summary of the news article in Italian (1)
It's official: The Orthodox Patriarch of Ethiopia, Abuna Pauolos, announced yesterday in Rome that the Lost Ark is in Ethiopia and will be shown to the public and permanently exposed in a museum.

The Patriarch will meet the Pope this week and will make the official world announcement next Friday from Rome.
And now was covered in the Israel National News.  (2)

Considering the importance this would have to all three monotheistic Faiths we are surprised at your silence on the subject matter. Even for the atheist, this would have significant historical and archeological value.

The M+G+R Foundation

(1)  ll Patriarca d'Etiopia: "Il mondo conoscerà l'Arca dell'Alleanza" - Adnkronos Altro
(2)   Holy Ark Announcement Due on Friday - Travel - Israel News - Israel National News

From  (Mrs.) IW @ USA -
Published on June 24th, 2009 [Traditional celebration of the birth of John the Baptist]

In reference to your response in the Private Forum (1) dated June 18th.....

I think I understand better now.

It doesn't matter really, if Obama is THE one to bring down the USA. It's going to happen now, no matter what, because we have turned our collective human backs on God.

Strangely enough, this gives me peace of mind and heart because He Who Is, is controlling the vertical and horizontal and I just need to concentrate on my prayer life, good works, preaching the Gospel without words, encouraging and caring for my loved ones and letting God do the rest. (2)

My prayers for you continue as always,

(Mrs.) IW
Private Forum

(2)  Amen!

From  miguel de Portugal @ EU - USA - Published on June 21st, 2009

The greatest obstacle to overcome in warning one and all about the events already unfolding and the Second Coming of Christ is precisely the reaction that most have when hearing about "the Second Coming of Christ".

First, you have the non Christians which will discount anything else one may say following the  phrase: "the Second Coming of Christ".

Then you have the rank and file Christians who, even though they talk much about it, they do not really believe it. How could they? They do not even believe in Christ if gauged by their lives -  
By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another. [John 18:35]

Next we have the Catholics who truly believe that Benedict XVI is "Christ on Earth". In addition, they also believe that if anyone would know when will be the Second Coming of Christ be, it would be whomever is sitting on the Chair of Peter. Never mind the fact that it was Benedict XVI himself who recently, in an effort to quell Second Coming talk, quoted the Holy Scriptures thus: 
But of that day or hour no man knoweth, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father.  [Mark 13:32]

What are we to do then in an effort to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ - which indeed is at hand - without turning people away? This is what God showed us to do: "Do not announce the Second Coming - focus on announcing the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ. The manifestation of the False Christ."

Such pearl of wisdom will yield the desired fruit since it....

(a) Will help the innocent and disoriented Faithful from falling in the death trap of the False Christ deception;
(b) Avoids the automatic turn-off by most which results from the mere mention of the Second Coming of Christ; thus
(c) Allows reaching a much greater fraction of the world population; while, as a corollary;
(d) Those who need to be prepared for the real Second Coming will become so while engaged in the process of avoiding falling for the False Christ deception.

The preparation for the False Christ is very easy to see and recognize as such through the worldwide events - political and religious. Therefore, all we neede to do was come up with a brief sample text which would succinctly get the message across in a politically and religiously correct manner. Our English grammar wonder worker, Lee Penn, of False Dawn fame, has prepared such a sample text for us. It follows:

"We are facing a short, but very severe, time of trouble for the entire world. It will be like 1914-1945, but much shorter in duration and affecting every part of the world. This time, the US will not escape with little harm as we did in the two previous World Wars.

 There will be massive natural disasters - which have already commenced - and man-made disasters: a very brief world war, followed by a totalitarian regime of the left, immediately followed (as the last act) by a religious-totalitarian regime of the right which may be topped off by a falsification of the Second Coming of Christ.

Only Divine intervention will pull us back from the edge of destruction."

The above sample text conveys the conceptual idea. It may be adjusted and be just as effective as long as the (a) through (d)  steps highlighted above are fulfilled.

May the Holy Spirit of God continue to guide - one and all; Elect and non-Elect (2) alike.
(1)  False Dawn - Soon to be on line on its entirety!
(2) Remember - even satan must serve God

From  (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on June 18th, 2009

One is beginning to see the  the Apocalyptic mood in the most unexpected places.

Two data points from the local VW dealer:
Item 1: In the waiting room an unexpected "find": A financial analysts' magazine with an article praising global governance.

In the waiting area there was a copy of CFA Magazine for May-June 2009 - a trade journal for certified financial analysts.
In it was "The G-20 and Global Governance," by Karel Lannoo, the chief executive officer of the Centre for European Policy Studies.
He began the article thus:
"The recent G-20 meeting, held in London in early April, was a remarkable success in global governance from several different perspectives. The world's leaders managed to agree on a set of detailed measures to combat the global slowdown and improve financial regulation. They proved that they were capable of responding to widespread public anger and disenchantment with the absence of any effective governance in the financial sector. They also indicated that these matters can be agreed upon within a global forum between developing and developed countries while avoiding a North-South cleavage. Moreover, they agreed to upgrade the global institutional structure of finance and to ensure that these words will be followed up by deeds, a tricky issue at the international level. Hence the G-20 likely will become the dominant institution for global economic governance." (p. 8)
"The proposal to discuss the crisis in this forum was initiated by the European Union, in particular by Nicholas Sarkozy, who called for the launch of a 'new Bretton Woods' during his tenure at the helm of the French EU presidency." (p. 8)
He ended the article thus:
"Will the G-20 deliver? Given the enormous praise that has been heaped upon the global leaders at the summit, they should certainly feel some pressure to do so. But the G-20 remains a limited group of nations, which raises a problem of representativeness and commitment. That is probably why the next G-20 summit is scheduled to take place in New York in September after the annual UN meeting. In the meantime, G-20 leaders can work on the ambitious agenda they have set for themselves and secure the backing of the rest of the world in one way or another. Global governance is on its way." (p. 9)

Item 2: At the same dealer, the head of the service department was getting ready to discuss the car troubles which had brought me to the place. "Mark" is a bright, clean-cut man in his 30s or early 40s.
- Mark saw that I was reading a war novel, and asked about it. I showed it to him, and explained that it is part of a sci-fi series on what could have happened if the Confederacy had won the Civil War, and remained independent.

- Mark said, without batting and eyelash, that he thought we are headed to a new civil war, and noted, with evident horror, the increase in hatred and anger that he sees around him (which is in the middle of Silicon Valley, and not in some horrid ghetto).
I agreed that fanaticism is increasing on all sides.

-  Mark replied that he was shocked by the murder of Tiller (the abortionist), and thought that hate speech by Bill O'Reilly and other right wings/Fox News types laid the  groundwork for the crime. He added that it might be time to rethink the limits on free speech in this country, to shut down the hate machine.
He said he would visit the Domain; I do not know if he did. But this conversation, and its content, was a total surprise to me.
One data point from a major bank in California:
This occurred within earshot of several [bank name edited out] bank tellers and assistant VPs.

I had made a deposit, and then commented that the way things were going, they might soon be dealing with wheelbarrows of money, due to hyperinflation and the fall of the dollar.

The tellers nodded their heads in tacit agreement, and did not dismiss my comments as crazy.

(Mr.) IW

From  (Mr.) WS @ USA - Published on June 15th, 2009

Could it be that (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID is the mark to be given to the "Chosen" (the chaff) and the rest of us will get the Flu vaccine?  Here are excerpts from the Wikipedia Article on RFID.  It's interesting to see Walmart and the Department of Defense (DOD) paired together. 

There is a name for this period that we are in.  I call it the "slatch moline"; slatch meaning interval of fair weather and moline meaning mill.  So the slatch moline is the "interval before the grinding".  The chaff ("Chosen") will be separated
(1) from the wheat (Elect) before the grinding begins.

Whither the Elect? Lord make me an instrument of Thy Peace!
From Main article (2).

Microchip implant (human)

Implantable RFID chips designed for animal tagging are now being used in humans. An early experiment with RFID implants was conducted by British professor of cybernetics Kevin Warwick, who implanted a chip in his arm in 1998. In 2004 Conrad Chase[22] offered implanted chips in his night clubs in Barcelona[23], Spain and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to identify their VIP customers, who in turn use it to pay for drinks.

In 2004, the Mexican Attorney General's office implanted 18 of its staff members with the Verichip to control access to a secure data room.[24]

Security experts have warned against using RFID for authenticating people due to the risk of identity theft. For instance a man-in-the-middle attack would make it possible for an attacker to steal the identity of a person in real-time. Due to the resource constraints of RFIDs it is virtually impossible to protect against such attack models as this would require complex distance-binding protocols.

RFID Mandates

Wal-Mart and the United States Department of Defense have published requirements that their vendors place RFID tags on all shipments to improve supply chain management. Due to the size of these two organizations, their RFID mandates impact thousands of companies worldwide. The deadlines have been extended several times because many vendors face significant difficulties implementing RFID systems. In practice, the successful read rates currently run only 80%, due to radio wave attenuation caused by the products and packaging. In time it is expected that even small companies will be able to place RFID tags on their outbound shipments.

Since January 2005, Wal-Mart has required its top 100 suppliers to apply RFID labels to all shipments. To meet this requirement, vendors use RFID printer/encoders to label cases and pallets that require EPC tags for Wal-Mart. These smart labels are produced by embedding RFID inlays inside the label material, and then printing bar code and other visible information on the surface of the label.

Another Wal-Mart division, Sam's Club, has also moved in this direction.

(1)  This is not a reference to the Left Behind deception
Wikipedia on RFID

From  (Mrs.) IW @ USA - Published on June 10th, 2009

In reference to your latest document (1) on the typical profile of cults and sects....

The cult Jehovah Witness (JW) tore apart my brother's family and brainwashed his wife.  I have just put down some memories of what happened over a period of thirty years. I know it is not written well, but it was a terrible time and, had my brother not refused my help because he didn't want me to go to jail, there might have been a different outcome.

When my brother was 30 he was married and his wife was 7 months pregnant with their fourth child. He was in the USAF, finishing his degree and a happy father of three.  He was happy because he knew in 2 months he would have his 4th child, be out of the service, get his degree and had a great job lined up.

Little did he know that his British wife was being "hammered" by the Jehovah Witness.  They were telling her that he was being selfish making her take care of her kids and he was never there.  (She didn't work outside the home).

They got all British JW's or had them speak with an English accent and came every day and told her not to tell him that they were visiting her. They told her that they would care for her in England at their compound there.  She went to the doctor and got a waiver to fly and left one day with the children and didn't tell her husband that she was going anywhere.  She mailed him a letter from the airport which he got the next day.

The devastation was unbelievable. He found out that they had been taken about 60 miles from her parents' home.  He called them and they had no idea she was even there.  He contacted the State department to find out if there was anything he could do and there wasn't.

I even offered to pose as his wife, our names were very similar, and go and take the kids back. We worked on this for a while but he finally just gave up.   It was a terrible chapter in all of our lives and my brother was never the same again.  Yes, he had a successful career but he never trusted anyone but his family again. In fact, he just called me and I had a hard time talking to him because all of the memories - we never discuss that part of his life.

After the kids got to England they were put in separate rooms without light and kept there for a week or more.  My niece only lasted 2 nights but the boys were furious that their mother had left and they couldn't say good-bye to their father.  They were beaten, yelled at and told that their father was dead to them because they were now members of the JW.  When the boys finally got back together again they made a pact that when they reached 15 they would go back to their dad.  That was how old they had to be to leave without their mother's consent.
Their grandparents demanded that they have visitation rights and had to go to court to get them and that was their salvation.

They kept telling each other that, contrary to what they were being programmed to believe,  they did indeed like to watch cartoons and eat the cereal they ate in the states.  They also knew that their father loved them and wanted them back.  They were not allowed to speak to their father or even write or receive letters from him, so he wrote them through their grandparents and they would come and read them the letters.

They also were barely schooled except in the JW's beliefs.  My niece was forced to marry a man in his 40's when she was 13.  She was then sent to Haiti to become a missionary. She died at 30 when they would not allow her to have an operation that would have saved her life because they said it was against their beliefs. They used some ridiculous lights on her and said if she believed in God she would live.  My nephews and my brother went to England to be with her when she died.

The day she died they all changed for the worse. The anger that they carry around now is awful. (Both boys had returned to their father when they turned 15. )

They followed the beliefs of the JW until their 15th birthday because they got tired of always being segregated from each other and they knew that they weren't staying.  They were also given new names and told they could never use their old ones.
My parents and I also wrote to them for approximately 10 years through the English grandparents.  My ex  sister-in-law finally started to write to my father to give the biblical reasons why she left and would quote passages from the bible that she said were on her side.  He always would then rewrite the passage and explain to her that she couldn't just lift a quote here and there in the bible to prove she was right but that she had to read the entire passage.  He would write her 20 and 30 page letters and she would always write him back and argue. After her sons left she quit writing. 
We have never seen the youngest daughter although my brother did finally get to see her when she was 18.  She stayed for 15 minutes and left.  She told him that he was not her father; I am told that she looks just like him. 

So much hate and turmoil.  So many lives destroyed.  Once the boys returned, it took 5 or 6 years just to get them back on track. My older nephew slides all the time, he is still messed up. They are both agnostics.

The only positive thing they got from their sister's death was that she died for her faith.  They attended her funeral and when they returned to the states everyone got together on the beach and celebrated her life.  The boys are both married have kids and live within 3 miles of their father.

As you may see, I didn't live in a cult but I witnessed and felt the pain of one.

(Mrs.) IW
(1)  A very simple technique to identify a cult or a sect

From  (Mr.) I(nitials)W(ithheld) @ USA - Published on June 6th, 2009 [First Saturday of the Month and Trinity Sunday Eve]

As a matter of theology....
I noted your reference in the last several days to the 42 months, and had an idea about the 42 months:

That this period, in which satan has a free hand on the earth, can begin before Step 1 of the Sequence, and ends with Step 11 of the sequence, a step that you say "heralds the end of the False Christ."
If this is so, then it could be that the attainment of Step 14 might be the end of the 1,290 day period given in Daniel 12:11. and the attainment of Step 17 may be the end of the 1,335 day period given in Daniel 12:12.
Furthermore, it would seem that any of the "day" time periods (1260,1290, 1335) could be shortened as an act of Divine mercy to the Elect.
I discern some plausible starting points for the critical 42 months, in 2006 (sometime from May 28, 2006 to December 24, 2006) ... leading to the start of Step 11 sometime between November 2009 and June 2010, and Step 17 would be sometime between January and August of 2010.

(Mr.) IW

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on June 3 rd, 2009

In 1959 I was a young 15 year old seminarian at the time of Pope Pius XII's death and the succession of John XXIII.  It was a very eventful time for me as I was contemplating leaving.  My experience was one of disillusionment with group living and the religious life. 
I was fifteen at the time and the romance of being a priest meant the realities of dealing with other juveniles who had various reasons for being there. Being my first long time away from home I confess that home sickness also entered my decision to finally leave.

I am an observer and saw that the common life could be filled with petty jealousies and ego centeredness.  Ambition could overtake humility and cruelty could replace charity.  This was a Franciscan seminary and the life of St. Francis of Assisi was read to us during the mid-day meal.  I learned of his struggle with himself and his fellow brothers and that in some ways they tried to leave him behind on the path he laid out for them.
His triumph was his single-mindedness and his spiritual inspiration.

I left that seminary in February 1959.  That was a few days after I heard that my music idol, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash.  I remember kneeling down as the director of seminarians gave me his blessing upon my leaving.  He said to me in a dismissive tone, "I guess you can be saved on the outside." To me that seemed a curse, not a blessing?  It was like some sort of heavy weight fell on me, a mark for all to see. Ever since that time, I have struggled with understanding God's plan for me. 

My mind tells me that the book is only as good as the characters but somewhere along the way the antiheroes muscled into the starring roles and the plot was continual conflict and no end.  Yet some of us do know where this is going and we are being led relentlessly to it's climax.

"February made me shiver; with every paper I'd deliver. 
Bad news on the doorstep; I couldn't take on more step. 
I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride.
Something touched me deep inside; the day the music died."

The Roman Catholic  Church could be the widowed bride, having spurned the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 1959 (John XXII's ascendancy) was a foreshadowing. 1963 (death of John XIII, C.S. Lewis and JFK) was the loss of moral consensus and we have been drifting ever since.  I feel it. We all feel it; a vacuum, a void, a continuum on hold.  We are presently in a loop, a continuous "Ground Hog Day"; we are like a dog returning to its vomit; there we hope to find sustenance.

That was fifty years ago and my inner conflict about the Church remains.  My only compass is the still small voice inside, "behold I am with you all days..."

(Mr.) IW

From LP @ USA - Published on May 31st, 2009 [Feast of the Pentecost and Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

On the one hand ...  military tension is rising on the Korean peninsula. The NKs have abrogated the armistice that ended the Korean War of 1950-1953, and continue to provoke the West by all means short of attack (as of Friday night).

But let us look at  last week's activity on the Seoul stock exchange...

As of now, their market is at 1395.89, just where it was immediately before the NK nuke test on Monday. A longer term view of the chart shows that the market there has recovered most of the ground it lost in the crash last fall.

If Seoul's stock traders believed (1) that their city was about to be blasted to bits by the NKs, I would have expected their market to drop, not to be stable.

(1)  See posting at Did you know that...? of May 31st


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