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Divination and Miraculous Healing

But, What About God?

A Biblical Synopsis

Originally published on May 13, 1994

The Witch of Endor consulted by Saul - Painting by Martynov

Definition of the Problem

The most serious obstacle that prevents us from reaching the pristine and true Divine Light is: Taking a troublesome situation we want to solve into our own hands, or to give it to somebody else on whom we have a "a lot of faith", to have it resolved while leaving God out of the solution.

Does our technique of bypassing God gives good results? Obviously not! Look at the state that our supposedly civilized world has reached, physically and spiritually: A dump. A carefully chrome plated dump, so that it appears very good and enticing while drawing many others to the same misery.

We are seeing the product of a little more than a hundred years of supposed scientific, psychological, and spiritual enlightenment. An enlightenment which is designed to entice man to attempt to supplant God.

"Advances" in Psychology

For example, like a lamb, the world followed Sigmund Freud and ignored Carl Jung. Freud used to justify any sexual maladjustment as the normal outcome of some trauma. The message, subliminally transmitted, was: "This is the way they twisted you (spiritually hurt you) and God allowed it; therefore God approves that you live and act according to the results of that psychological wound."

Carl Jung acknowledged those wounds, but his work was centered in healing them without encouraging or justifying its purulent consequences.

The difference of approach was basic. Sigmund Freud was an atheist (a non practicing Jew). Carl Jung, on the other hand, had a very different spiritual philosophy. During an interview of national reach in the U.S.A., he was asked: "Do you believe in God?" After carefully thinking his answer, he said: "No, I do not believe in God... I know God!"

To Carl Jung God was not a question of Faith, but a reality. Naturally, the results of his studies and work in the field of Psychology were truly illuminated, and had they been put into practice in the world, as Freudianism was, we would not have fallen in the aberrant carnal orgy in which the world is sunk today.

Spiritual "Advances"

Let us look at another example - the spiritual enlightenment. This one will illustrate how the spiritual 'advances' and 'liberation' take us into another aberrant orgy, one even more destructive than the carnal one. A spiritual aberration which has as its fountainhead the putrid spirit of satan: A challenge to God, the rejection of His Universal Supremacy, and the denial of His Infinite Wisdom.

Biblical Illustration

Though many examples and illustrations could be quoted, only one will be used in this essay. Those who are called to see the light will see it; those who are not, even if they are shown a great number of illustrations, will not be able to discern it.

The specific example is about consultations with a medium in an effort to reach the world of the dead in order to acquire information to solve a problem. We will now refer to the First Book of Samuel, Chapter 28.

Sketch of the Situation:

1. Saul had expelled from the country all the necromancers (spirit mediums) and the fortunetellers. (1Sam 28:9)

2. The Philistines were ready to battle (and subdue) Israel (whose king was Saul). Saul became afraid. (1Sam 28:4,5)

3. Saul asks God and God did not answer, either by dreams, by the Urim or by the prophets. (1Sam 28:6)

4. Then, Saul, desperate, decided to go see a woman that practiced necromancy to consult her as a medium. (1Sam 28:7)

Through this woman, Saul was able to contact Samuel (who had already died). Samuel said to him (1Sam 28:16,19,20):

"Why are you asking me, if the Lord has departed you and has become your enemy?" "The Lord will deliver you and Israel into the hands of the Philistines. Tomorrow you and your sons will be with me" (that is: dead)," Saul fell to the ground for Samuel's words had filled him with fear.

What can we elucidate from this Biblical quotation?

1. Fortune tellers and necromancy are realities, even though many priests, because of fear or ignorance, tell the faithful that such things are "superstitions." (1)

2. If God, Who Is all-powerful, does not want to communicate with one seeking His help, is because He has a good reason; and

3. If by human stubbornness we insist in the use of metaphysical means to obtain information, perhaps God allows this through what we call His Passive Will, so that we may learn the lesson the hard way.

Corollaries of the Biblical Example


Saul and sons died anyhow. However, his "curiosity" extended the agony of death from the moment that he consulted that woman until he physically died.


The use of metaphysical resources to try to bypass God's designs always carries a high price in suffering. What we get from God (and with God) through prayers and the interventions of the Holy Virgin, the angels and the saints, is always free and harmonious.

Other Dangers:

When "consulting" with the invisible world, what kind of guarantee do we have that the information received is from a "good source"?

An adept to Metaphysics, as Occult Science is called to make it more socially acceptable, knows very well that in the spiritual world there are spirits of light and of darkness, as there are God's angels and fallen angels.

Let us suppose that a medium or a fortune teller informs you that you are going to lose your life in an automobile accident, and let us assume (a very safe assumption) that this is from a spirit of darkness only to cause harm to you.

Think about this theoretical, though very common, case. Could there be any positive result? Of course not. At best you will develop a phobia about riding/driving an automobile or, in a worse case scenario, you would act in a reckless manner trying to fulfill such "prophecy".

Why do things happen?

A common complaint is: Why does God not hear me? This is the underlying reason/feeling which moves us to attempt to bypass God.

God is not deaf. The deaf one is the individual who is asking a response from God and cannot (refuses to) hear it, no matter how hard God tries to establish the connection. If we truly try to listen, we will hear Him. By refusing to listen to God, because what He is telling us is not what we want to hear, we are in effect preventing God from giving us everything that is good.

If God knows that Flight No. XYZ of Orbital Airlines is going to crash and He tries by all means (without violating your free will) to stop you from taking that flight (thus, disrupting your vacation plans) are you going to accuse God of being deaf because He will not hear your pleas seeking that you do not miss the flight? Unjust? Cruel? You probably would, yet, He was making sure that you had many more years of vacation ahead of you!

That is precisely God in action - yet we want to do it "our way" when He possesses infinite wisdom and certainly know what is best for us.

Miraculous Healing

If we are sick, God must have allowed it for some good reason (2). Are we going to bypass God's designs and seek the healing by a "woman from my hometown with supernatural powers"?

It is very possible that such woman has supernatural powers and she could produce a cure, since God, exercising His Passive Will, allows it. Then the benefit that you were going to gain because of that sickness, according to the Divine plan, was ruined while, at the same time, you insulted God when you dared to bypass Him.

Harmonious cures are accomplished by combining our actions and those of the Medical Science with Divine Actions, and not by resorting to supernatural powers to try to bypass God.

Supernatural power only means beyond nature and NOT necessarily of Divine origin. satan has supernatural powers but when they are used, they are destructive to all.

Now we should ask ourselves the following questions:

1. Do I know better than God what is best for me?

2. Is it possible that God does not understand me?

3. So that woman or that Priest "has powers". More powers than God? More than the Holy Virgin?

4. Is God a liar because "His word is not fulfilled in me?

Perhaps the truth is that we are trying to "adjust" God and all His perfectly harmonious Universal Laws so they fit all the weaknesses of our human condition.

We should always try to ascend to the Divine condition and not try to bring God to the human condition. No matter how deep in sin we are; when we want to ascend to the Divine condition, we have all of Heaven (the Communion of the Saints) helping us. This is clearly explained in the famous parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:20):

(The son who had sinned gravely and was now returning humbly, repented, to his father's house.)

"He got on his way to his father's house. But when he was yet a long way off, his father saw him and, moved with pity, ran to him and fell upon his neck and kissed him."

Take note - The father saw the son in the distance and ran to him to welcome him and to walk by his side back home.

When we 'want to ascend' to the Divine condition, The Father runs to us and takes us one step at a time back to His house. (3)

How can we justify living in the spiritual misery we live in?

However, if possessed with satanic arrogance, we want to bypass God, we cannot blame Him for the resulting misery. It is our decision and He does not violate our free will.

What will your decision be?

Take a look at the state Haiti, the 'World Center' for Voodoo, is in. Take a look at the state Cuba, the 'World Center' for Santeria, is.



(1) What the priest is truly telling the faithful, who have tangible proofs of this reality, is that he does not know what he is talking about!

(2) Redemptive Suffering

(3) Don't Despair - It is one step at a time!

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Originally issued only in Portuguese and Spanish for a Worldwide Ecclesiastical audience on May 13, 1994. Nazare, Portugal • Simplified text on August 24th, 2012

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