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NOTE: The issuance (behind the scenes) of this letter and related document and letters were instrumental in the implementation of the God-granted delay of the beginning of the Sequence of Events, thus the failure of the "man-assisted" fulfillment of the much touted 1998 "prophecies".

miguel de Portugal

Document Issued Through
The M+G+R Foundation

European Union - U.S.A.

January 6, 1998
The Epiphany of the Lord

Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

Subject: The Manifestation of the False Christ

Pax vobis, Your Holiness!

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary be your continued sources of Love and Consolation as you endeavor to carry to its conclusion the mission entrusted to you by God from all eternity.

My dear brother, this communication is the logical continuation to the prior ones. We apologize for the brutally direct approach to the subject matter, however, we are running out of time and choose not to engage in Diplomatic or Pious double talk.

In summary: The time has come and the powers who have gained control of the Vatican are making the final arrangements for the staged Parusia. That is, for the manifestation of the False Christ, commonly referred to as the Anti Christ.

As you are fully aware, shortly after such abomination takes place, Our Lord Jesus Christ will come in an unmistakably way: "For just as lightning comes from the east and is seen as far as the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be." [Matthew 24:27]. Therefore, His Glorious Return is truly imminent. But first we must face the conclusion of the Period of Tribulations.

For your information, we are enclosing a copy of letter that has been prepared for Cardinals Gantin and Ratzinger as well as three other related documents: Issues Nos. H 1, H 2 and H 3. These three documents, which were placed in the hands of selected members of the Roman Catholic Clergy and Hierarchy worldwide in mid-1996, will set the appropriate backdrop for you to fully understand the communication to Cardinals Gantin and Ratzinger.

As you well know, the Scriptures must be fulfilled; thus, the False Christ will indeed manifest himself. However, by Divine designs, it is in the hands of man to minimize the suffering of humanity and provide the necessary Spiritual Leadership as it navigates through the final stages of the Tribulations. Thus, the purpose for the existence of the two Witnesses [two Olive Trees, two Lamp stands]. [Apocalypse 11:1-13]

Vast confirming documentation has been selectively published by miguel de Portugal over the past six years giving greater details of the behind the scenes developments and maneuvers as the stage is being prepared for the manifestation of the False Christ. All independently confirmed by apparently unrelated news reports and reactions by the masters of the Vatican.

[Paragraph edited out for confidentiality reasons]

May God continue to illuminate your every step and may the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael lend you their full assistance.

At His service, thus at yours, I remain simply...

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal


* Letter to Cardinals Gantin and Ratzinger.

* Issues H-1, H-2 and H-3. These three documents were combined and yielded the following documents in The M+G+R Foundation Domain:

The Spiritual Ambush of a Universal Religion

Secrets From the Sacred Scriptures Unfold As We Understand Their Relationship With Heavenly Messages

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Released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

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