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We have been warned by the Virgin Mary and we must heed Her messages


Why is The Virgin Mary considered So Important?

Mary Imparting Graces


Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, the Father.

This is clearly stated in several places in the Holy Scriptures as well as in the Muslim Holy Qur'an. By way of example, in the Gospel of St. Luke (1:32) we hear Gabriel the Archangel telling Mary about the son that She is about to conceive through the action of the Holy Ghost: "He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the most High..."

As the Secret Concept of the Holy Trinity (1) is understood, the reality of Her Divine Motherhood (2) can almost be expressed mathematically. It is no longer an ethereal and elusive manifestation of piety.

Recognition of the importance of Mary may also be traced to the earliest days of Christianity - even before the Patriarchate of Rome unilaterally claimed absolute control over Christianity.

This recognition is not limited to those whom the world know as Christians - The Holy Book of Islam, The Qur'an, gives Mary a preeminence that not even the Christian Scriptures accord Her. (3)


About Her Immaculate Conception, thus, Her Immaculate Heart

Even though the Muslim Holy Qur'an officially proclaimed Mary's Immaculate Conception back in the 7th century...

Behold! The angels said: "O Mary! God hath chosen thee and purified thee - chosen thee above the women of all nations." [Surah III. 42] took the Roman Catholic Church Controlling Hierarchy until the 19th century to proclaim it as a Dogma through the Apostolic Letter, Ineffabilis Deus, issued by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854...

And hence the very words with which the Sacred Scriptures speak of Uncreated Wisdom and set forth His eternal origin, the Church, both in its ecclesiastical offices and in its liturgy, has been wont to apply likewise to the origin of the Blessed Virgin, inasmuch as God, by one and the same decree, had established the origin of Mary and the Incarnation of Divine Wisdom.

...even though Pope Alexander VII had already stated back in the year 1661 that:

Concerning that Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, ancient indeed is that devotion of the faithful based on the belief that her soul, in the first instant of its creation... was, by a special grace and privilege of God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ her Son and Redeemer of the human race, preserved free from all stain of original sin.

These pronouncements by Popes Alexander VII and Pius IX were confirmed by Heaven when the Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes, France, on March 25, 1858, identifying Herself as "The Immaculate Conception".

With this, Heaven had confirmed the way to the secure refuge for the times that were to come (4): Her Immaculate Heart. This was thereafter confirmed in a number of valid Apparitions of Our Lady and of Our Lord, to the point where Her Immaculate Heart has been referred to as the Noah's Ark of these times (5).

Mary and The Gospel

Until the time that Jesus started His public Ministry, He lived a life hidden from the world. Therefore, essentially all that appears in the New Testament pertaining the pre-public life of Jesus had to come, by necessity, through Mary. She was the only one that could have provided such intimate information to the Evangelist Luke.

Mary's importance cannot be dismissed without dismissing the validity of a significant portion of the New Testament.

On The Infinite Intercessory Power of Mary

"Power" really means ability to "get things done"; it does not require that one "owns" the power. It means the ability to engage the power needed at a particular time.

Monotheistic religions agree that man was created in the Image of God. Thus, if the virtues that man exhibits are taken to perfection, we will then see, and begin to understand, the real attributes of God. It then follows that the power at Mary's command is essentially limited by the power of The Most Holy Trinity, which is Infinite. How is this possible? Allow us to walk you through that reality.

What human father, as imperfect as we are, would deny anything to a good and devoted daughter? None! What human son, as imperfect as we are, would deny anything to a loving, devoted and self sacrificing mother? None! What human spouse, as imperfect as we are, would deny anything to his obedient, loving and devoted spouse? None!

If we then realize that Mary's father is God the Father; her son, is God the Son; and her spouse is God the Holy Spirit, what would the Most Holy Trinity deny Mary? Absolutely nothing! Whatever She will ask of that uncreated and Awesome Creator, She will obtain. Even when God may not be inclined to do so, He Will do it - just for Her.

Our Lord left us with a very concrete example of this at the Wedding Feast at Cana [John 2:1-10].

Jesus showed no intention of remedying the situation when the wine ran out. Mary thought otherwise and This was the first of Jesus' signs: it was at Cana in Galilee [John 2:11] A sign worked at Her request - even though Jesus told Her that His time had not come yet [John 2:4].

The Importance of a Woman in Redemption

We should acknowledge the very special and primordial role that the female of the human species plays in the ongoing history of humanity, with Mary being the foremost example.

This writer, without regretting his manhood, must acknowledge that God has shown favor toward the female member of the species. After all, the greatest human that has ever lived was a woman: Mary. Jesus Christ is God-man. He cannot be grouped into the category of "rank-and-file" human. However, although Mary was conceived without the stain of the original sin upon Her soul, She was all human - body and soul. Thus, regardless of how our feelings may have been conditioned about Mary, Her role was and is essential to the redemption of humanity.

How could it then be wrong to show respect for the Mother of the Son of God? We are taught to walk in the imitation of Christ. That works fine for men, because He is a man. Is it then wrong for any Christian woman to try to walk in imitation of Mary?

We cannot expect to reach the height of perfection of Jesus and Mary, but instead of becoming discouraged by it, we should look to the holy men and women of history as a reminder of the level of holiness that may be attained by striving to imitate Jesus and Mary. Jesus and Mary are Whom we should strive to imitate - the role models, so to speak, of humans - and not the holy men and women of history. The lives of the holy men and women just remind us of the level of holiness that may be attained by striving to imitate Jesus and Mary.

Summarizing and concluding about the importance of Mary:

+ Mankind fell through disobedience to God.

+ Only God-made-man could pay the price of the redemption of humanity.

+ Only a woman, by Divine Decree in accordance to the Universal Laws of Nature, could generate God-made-man. A man could not.

+ The woman had to give her consent - "Be it done to me according to thy word" - as an act of her free will.

Thus, without the willful assent of a female of the human species to be mother of the Incarnate Word of God, there would not have been Redemption of mankind nor the outpouring of Graces at the time of Pentecost.

Her active Collaboration in our Redemption and unlimited Mediating power before the Throne of God is a reality and not an exercise in piety.

+ By the Will of God, She was invited to be the Mother of His Son, the Redeemer, thus Her role as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix was ordained from all eternity.

+ Exercising Her freedom of choice we have Her willful acceptance to cooperate in the Divine Plan of Redemption.

+ At the instant of Hypostatic Union, Mary became the Mother of God-made-man, Jesus Christ, thus, Co-Redemptrix.

+ On the cross, Jesus Christ, in His last instruction before His death, gave Mary to us as our own Mother through the disciple He loved. Thus Her role as Mediatrix, at that instant, became manifest through its confirmation by God Himself.

We must then acknowledge that Mary is indeed the Co-Redemptrix of mankind and the Mediatrix of all Graces.

Her role has been beautifully and truthfully summed up thus: Who is the Gate (of Heaven) if not Mary? Mary is the Gate through which Christ entered the world!(4)

As we conclude this document, we must mention the sad reality that a movement has been gaining momentum claiming that it is Satan who is passing himself as the Virgin Mary in the Marian Apparitions.

Let us stop for a moment and think.

In every legitimate Marian Manifestation the Virgin Mary has encouraged the world to:

(a) Live Her Son's Gospel;

(b) Recognize the importance of the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus and act accordingly toward His Presence.

(c) Pray the Holy Rosary daily while meditating in the Mysteries of our Redemption as it set out in the New Testament.

She invariably defers to Her Son and teaches all who would listen to adore and obey Him.

How could that be Satan in disguise? Jesus Himself taught us that such duality was impossible:

[17] ... Every kingdom divided against itself, shall be brought to desolation, and house upon house shall fall. [18] And if Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because you say, that through Beelzebub I cast out devils. [19] Now if I cast out devils by Beelzebub; by whom do your children cast them out? [Luke 11] (A message that is repeated in the Gospels of Matthew 12 and Mark 3)

How can, then, anyone - except those inspired by Satan (6) - think that the Marian Apparitions are just satanic falsifications?

Think about it... If one were in Satan's shoes what would be the most effective way to destroy the little faith left in the world? One would strive to make everyone believe that there were no true Marian Manifestations and that the counsel given by Mary, in an effort to counter the failed Evangelization, were indeed from Satan and should be abandoned.

This demonic propaganda is the second half of Satan's plan to harm as many souls as possible. The first half started early in the 20th century when the faithful were made to believe that Satan really did not exist; that it was just a symbol. That movement resulted in the devotion to St. Michael the Archangel being demoted to "just another medieval tradition" and to the elimination of the famous prayer invoking his protection promoted by Pope Leo XIII in the Nineteenth Century.

We have been warned by the Virgin Mary and we must heed Her messages

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(1) Concept of the Most Holy Trinity
(2) Her Divine Motherhood
(3) Mary in the Qur'an
(4) The Prophecies of La Salette
(5) Private Communication Rev. E. Peter Royal, 1991, Professor of Theology at Saint Thomas University, Houston, Texas, U.S.A., at the time
(6) In Defense of the Catholic Faith

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