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***The Achievement of One Universal Government and Its Demise.

Apparently unrelated and illogical world events are really related and are quite logical if you understand the overall "game plan" of the Apocalypse.

Click here for an understanding of the political details of the Apocalypse.

***The Achievement of a Universal Religion.

How it will be utilized for the manifestation of the False Christ during the Apocalypse.

Click here and you will begin to understand the interrelation of all apparently unrelated world events. En Español Click aqui Em Português Clique aqui

***Who Is The Real Promoter of THE NEW WORLD ORDER [NWO]?

Accusations fly back and forth amongst religious activists, but the question really is: "Who is on record claiming it as the cornerstone of his political philosophy?"

Click Here and find out for yourself.

***Will a Comet Hit Our Planet?

Left behind? God would never allow that without giving us ample warnings. Do not be left behind.

Click here and learn that He already has done so.

***The Conspiracy Within the Catholic Church to Destroy an Early Warning Given Through the Fatima Heavenly Message

Finally, a detailed and well referenced explanation of why the revelation of the alleged third part of the secret heavenly message of Fatima by certain leaders of the Catholic Church has caused such an uproar.

Click Here and learn the reason for the conspiracy.

***Anatomy of a Campaign for the Intoxication of Public Opinion

The Target of These Deadly Traps: Each One of You

Click Here and Learn How To Identify Them.

***The Third Part of the Secret of the Heavenly Message of Fatima

Finally, a detailed and well referenced account on the most sought after secret associated with an Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Relax; it is not about the end of the world.

Click Here and learn why the Roman Pontiffs never made it public although they guided the Roman Catholic Church by it.

***The Signs of These Times - The Time of the Second Coming is Approaching

They are everywhere.

Click here and you will read real time communications addressing this key issue.

***The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But When????

You might get an idea about it with this and other information that you are being given in this site.

Click here and find out for yourself, and then, Relax and Rejoice!

***Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who may they be? - Is the Apocalypse their Agenda?

Have you ever wondered how can such a secretive group may be identified? Very simply...

Click here and find out that by its footprints even an "invisible man" can be tracked down.

***Mysteries of God That Allow Us To Better Understand Heavenly Messages.

Many self appointed scholars and Evangelists agree and tell you that the End of the World is at hand. That is Not True! The Second Coming of Christ, yes!

Click here and you will be able to enlighten them and enjoy your journey through this world.

***The Predictions Through the Marian Movement of Priests

Click Here for our position through the marian movement of priests.

***Secrets From the Sacred Scriptures Unfold... As We Understand Their Relationship With Heavenly Messages.

Not all alleged Heavenly Apparitions are true. Do you want to be able to tell them apart?

Click here and gain a better understanding about legitimate Heavenly Apparitions.

***Heaven Gives World Wide Warnings With Events But We Do Not Even Notice

WORLD WARS I and II - Key dates and there relation to heavenly messages and world wide warnings.

Click here for an eye and ear opener.

***The General Sequence of Events Leading To The End of These Times

God would not let His children stranded without a Book of Instructions which would help them through the End of These Times. It is a matter of seeing how it all fits together. A prelude to the Second Coming of Christ. Do not be left out.

Click here and you'll will see how the Holy Scriptures really make sense. Total coherence - from Genesis to Revelations.

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