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Beyond Pope John Paul II

Originally issued in 1994

With notes added in 2001, 2003 and 2005

IMPORTANT NOTE Added on April 6, 2005

For those who like to discern the Hand of God in the world events consider the following.

The body of H.H. John Paul II will be "taken away" (buried) from the world on April 8, 2005. On that day the world will experience a partial solar eclipse (1) affecting in southern parts of the USA, all of Mexico and much of South America.

On May 18, 1920, Karol Wojtyla, the future John Paul II, "came into" (was born) the world. On that day there was also a partial solar eclipse (2) affecting Australia, Antarctica and the Indian Ocean.

Its significance may be multifaceted and it should be the Holy Spirit of God the One to reveal it to each one of you in accordance to His Will.

In regards to the prophecies about the papacy: The Prophecy of St. Malachi (3) is interpreted by many as if there will be only one more Pope beyond H.H. John Paul II.

As we have pointed out elsewhere, we consider the election of Karol Wojtyla as the election of the last true Successor of Peter. On this issue, we suggest great prudence since events will be clear enough. Those who have "eyes to see", will see and those who have "ears to hear", will hear. As of the rest... their fate is in the Hands of God – the Ultimate Judge. What we must do is precisely what God has asked us many times to do (4) through the Virgin Mary.

Remember, "chasing prophecies" has now become a "dangerous business" for the reasons that we have exposed in our documents regarding the manipulation of revealed secrets (5) as well as the intoxication of already published secrets (6).

(1) Source 1 (, visited in 2005
(2) Source 2 (, visited in 2005
(3) The Prophecy of the Popes Attributed to St. Malachy
(4) Redemptive Suffering - Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption
(5) The attempt to harness prophesied supernatural events to gain manipulative control worldwide
(6) The text of the Secret of Fatima has been shamelessly modified

The Letter

PLEASE NOTE: This communication was written and sent in 1994

Letter To: Principals of Episcopal Commissions, Holy Roman Catholic Church - Worldwide
From: miguel de Portugal
Date: May 18, 1994

My dear brother in Our Lord Jesus Christ:

I pray that this communiqué finds you working tirelessly in preparation for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Beloved Mother and for the Glory of our Beloved Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Today we have been guided to speak about our beloved John Paul II and his position in history – eternal and temporal.

There are a number of prophecies that name John Paul II as the last Pope; others forecast that there will be one more Pope before the End of These Times.

Both are right. John Paul II will be the last Vicar of Christ, therefore, mystically speaking, the last Pope.

On the other hand, John Paul II, one way or another (*) will be forced to abandon the Throne of Peter and another individual will take his place. This impostor will be considered "a Pope" according to the history books that would be written should there have been much time left before the End of These Times.

(*) NOTE Added on March 25, 2001: Imagine the trap set for the faithful if the enemies of God would be able to manipulate H.H. John Paul II and keep him in office much longer than originally planned. (1)


John Paul II is the (true) last Pope. The next one, an impostor, yet member of the hierarchy, will not be the true Vicar of Christ but, historically, he will be the last Pope.

This situation, naturally, will present a great conflict which, bringing it up now, will help the elect face it.

Definition of Conflict

We, the members of the true Church, will appear to be the ones in apostasy for, according to the majority of the Catholics and the secular world, we will be in "disobedience of the Pope".

Solution of Conflict

Invoking and stressing the wisdom transmitted to the world through, I believe, our dear Teresa de Jesús (Avila): We must obey the Pope in everything except in sin (or "in that which will lead us to sin").

The main purpose of the false Vicar of Christ and/or a manipulated John Paul II, will precisely be to destroy the work done by God through Pope John Paul II (2) in the areas of revitalizing the Dogma and the Traditions of the Holy Church while integrating them in the 21st Century.

This final attempt to demolish The Church will be done through changes that will lead the disoriented faithful to live in sin.

Please, my dear brothers, listen to our Beloved Mother. Let us take our crosses and follow Him (3). The crosses are not optional; we have them whether we like it or not.

To "follow Him" (strive to live the Gospel) is optional but, although it does not remove the crosses, it makes them as light as is possible. There is no other way to make them any lighter and there is no "cross" that is an exception to that promise.

Oh, my dear brothers, how much unnecessary suffering there is in this world and, on top of that we waste it by not accepting it (4): "For love of you, Jesus; in reparation for the outrages against the Immaculate Heart of Mary; and for the conversion of sinners" (Fátima, 1917).

With a sour stomach yet the taste of honey in my mouth (5) (Revelations 10:9) I conclude this communiqué soliciting your Apostolic Blessing and remaining, as always, just simply...

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal (6)

NOTE Added on October 3, 2003: H.H. John Paul II was indeed, and obviously, being manipulated and this is why we issued a Defense on H.H. John Paul II. (7)

(1) A Letter Addressed to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls and the Directors of the Opus Dei Center Worldwide
(2) 2002 - Letter to Pope John Paul II calling for his resignation
(3) Take up your cross and Follow Me - It is truly the easiest and least painful Way
(4) Redemptive Suffering and the meaning of 'Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear Him'
(5) Marian Apparitions and The Roman Catholic Church - Obviously The Response Was Not Appropriate
(6) Who is miguel de Portugal
(7) 2003 - After our initial defense of John Paul II, we cannot endorse his post-1994 Papacy

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Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000
Links to new related documents and an additional NOTE added on October 3, 2003
Reissued on-line on November 6, 2022, for its historical value

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