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The Marian Apparitions in Fatima

and The Roman Catholic Church Administration

The response, obviously, was not appropriate

A report by Miguel de Portugal

The Virgin Mary at the Sanctuary of Fatima

History of this Document
•  Original Version of Document Prepared on February 1996.
•  Issued to a very restricted readership worldwide in the Fall of 1996.
•  Issued to key members of the Roman Curia on April 30, 1998.
•  Released to the World Wide Web on September 29, 1998.
•  Final Update - September 17th, 2019.


Prior to the US invasion of Iraq, a CNN Anchorwoman commented with the CNN reporter at The Vatican about the deep interest of H.H. John Paul II in averting the US-Iraq war.

In this document, amply referenced and supported with the original documentation, the reader will understand the reasons for such interest.

His Holiness John Paul II, a Fátima man indeed, just as his predecessors were, may have known that in spite of the description of the visual component of the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima (2) publicly read in his presence, the final installment of the Fátima "invoice" was yet to be presented by Heaven. (3)

Unfortunately, all efforts spent now to prevent the presentation of said "invoice" are futile. We can indeed reduce its "amount," that is, the severity of what is to come, but that is all that we can do.

It is also unfortunate that the largest portion of the "invoice" was not reduced because H.H. John Paul II did not include the blatant disregard of Marian warnings and directives (4) by the Church Administration in his prayers to God seeking forgiveness (during the 2000 Jubilee celebrations) for all the misdeeds of the past Church Administrations.

Not only were the past Church Administrations seriously transgressing Divine Laws but, adding insult to injury, they turned the Holy Warnings of the Mother of Our Savior into another money making enterprise. This disregard of the explicit Heavenly instructions by the Ecclesiastical authorities carried a much higher price than the sins which She came to help Her children out of.

God did not feel obligated to respond to the prayerful requests of John Paul II on Ash Wednesday of 2003 that the US-Iraq war be miraculously averted. At that time, the President of the Arab League issued a dire warning (which we now paraphrase): "The attack on Iraq by the Coalition Forces will open the Gates of Hell." These prophetic words were to become a reality and, by the year 2019, they certainly have!

If you doubt our words - read on and you will see that we (5) speak the truth.


If a Heavenly Manifestation was declared 'Worthy of Belief' by the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church and enjoyed its endorsement through word and action even before the official proclamation by the Church, why were Heaven's directives not obeyed?

God has tried to help us, through Heavenly Manifestations, by showing us many avenues through which we can make reparation for our many sins. Such reparation would establish the channels to rekindle our faith and loyalty to Him. Tragically, the Church Hierarchical Administration continues to turn the Heavenly Manifestations into Profit Centers, and uses them as a powerful means to manipulate the faithful. Since the faithful lack good shepherds, they continue to drift away from the real Living God and toward the brink of complete annihilation unless God intervenes directly, as He will.

Although God moved His Holiness John Paul II to expose and right some of the wrongs that have been committed by the Church Administration in the Name of God while in the service of personal, and very material, agendas, it was not enough.


Definitions of Terms Used

Controlling Members of the Church:

Those who, by behind-the-scenes manipulation, interfere with the guidance imparted to the Church by the Holy Spirit of God. Too many times the Popes themselves have been the victims (6) of such manipulations. Other Popes, of course, have been outright evil. (7)

Worthy of Belief:

A Supernatural Occurrence, such as an Apparition and its key message(s), which, by the direct or inferred action of the Church, is deemed theologically sound and spiritually healthy for the faithful at large. Usually said action by the Church Hierarchical Administration promotes the diffusion of the information associated with the event in question among the faithful. Well known examples are: La Salette (8), Lourdes (9), Fátima (10), etc.

What Took Place? Why Was It Ignored?

To determine what has taken place, what was not done on time, and to assign responsibility, we shall review the Chronology of the almost universally accepted Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fátima in Portugal [1917].

The 'Fátima Establishment', that is, those who, at the time of this original writing, have apparent direct control over the Sanctuary at Fátima. Revs. Luciano Guerra, Luis Kondor and Luciano Cristino - have publicly reported the following Chronology of events. [Please Note: Said publication carries the Imprimatur (approved for printing and publication) of the then Bishop of Leiria-Fatima - D. Alberto Cosme Almaral.]

Brief Chronology

July 13, 1917:

The Virgin Mary informed Lucia (the main visionary) that She would come in the future to ask for the fulfillment of two specific requests. Thus, She gave advance notification of Her future requests. Those future requests were the devotion to Her Immaculate Heart and the Consecration of Russia. The visionaries were informed in 1917 that the fulfillment of these requests were the requirement for world peace and stability.

[Between July 13, 1917 and December 10, 1925, as can be seen in the detailed Chronology -Attachment I - Rome had already de facto approved, by word and deed, the Fátima manifestations as true.] (11)

December 10, 1925:

The Virgin Mary tells Lucia to make public the request for the specific devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, given to her on July 13, 1917. [See above]

[Please Note: God had given the controlling hierarchy of the Church eight years to discuss the validity of the Apparitions and possible future requests like that one.]

February 15, 1926:

In an apparition, God reminds Lucia of, and insists on obedience to, His requests.

June 13, 1929:

The Virgin Mary appeared again to Lucia to inform her that the time had come to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

[Please Note: God had given the controlling hierarchy of the Church twelve years to discuss the validity of the Apparitions and possible future requests before actually making the requests.]

Later (ca. mid 1931):

The Virgin Mary (11) informs Lucia that: The requests were not fulfilled on time and that the consequences will be dire.

March 1938:

Austria is merged into Hitler's Germany.

September 1, 1939:

The official beginning of the war that God was trying top prevent through the fulfillment of the Fatima requests. Germany invades Poland.

[Greater and almost shocking details of the Chronology may be found in Attachment I] (11)

General Commentaries on Chronology

(a) Over eight years after the last Apparition, Lucia is instructed to publicize and promote the special devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Bishop of Leiria - Fatima, who would have been responsible to launching the devotion, did not do it, even though the Ecclesiastic authorities had already de facto approved, by word and deed, the Fátima manifestations as true. (11)

(b) Almost twelve years after the last Apparition in Fátima, Our Lady of the Rosary reappears to announce that "The moment has come... to make the consecration of Russia...". This was not done within the time frame requested, even though the Apparitions had already been formally approved.

(c) The time frame allowed by Heaven for the fulfillment of the previously announced and subsequently requested consecration, lapses. Church authorities are once again notified of this. It is too late now.

(d) With the merging of Austria with Nazi Germany in 1938, the conditional prophecy of Our Lady that a "...worse one (than World War I) will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI..." begins to be fulfilled. The requests from Heaven have been ignored precisely by those who claim to represent Heaven and serve the children of God.

CONCLUSIONS: The Assignment of Responsibilities

An objective analysis of the situation at hand clearly indicated that the Supernatural Occurrences of Fátima were a reality. The carnage of World War II serves as a mute and macabre testament to this fact.

Therefore, the Controlling Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church during the first half of the 20th century, is directly responsible for World War II as well as for the spread of errors by Russia and all other related events thereafter.

The Controlling Hierarchy of the Church during the second half of the 20th century is directly responsible for the cover up of the neglects of their predecessors. This has resulted in a combined total of more than 100 million deaths and untold suffering. This subtotal includes the deaths resulting from the spread of errors by Russia, worldwide, as we had been forewarned.

RECOMMENDATIONS [Made to the Ecclesiastic Authorities]

Do Justice:

Those in positions of authority within the Roman Catholic Church are encouraged to publicly admit that, by inaction, some elements within the Church were, and continue to be, accessories to most of the misery ever unleashed upon humanity; and

Seek Mercy (12):

The hierarchy of the Church - world wide - must immediately launch Acts of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary; perpetual Adoration and Reparation to the Eucharistic Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ at all levels; and an Evangelization program that should sweep the world as it was originally intended by Our Lord.

The severity of the events which are rapidly unfolding may be still tempered by our prayers and acts of reparation. Let us appeal to the Mercy of God.


Unfortunately, as of September of 2019, such recommendations, except for the proclamation of the Feast of Mercy, have not been implemented. Nor will the Church Administration implement these recommendations in the future. Adding insult to injury, the Elect had to endure the words of the blasphemer, Ratzinger, posing as Pope Benedict XVI, reproaching God thus: "Why, Lord, did you remain silent? How could you tolerate all this?" while visiting Auschwitz in Poland in May 2006.

by miguel de Portugal (14)

(1) Brought up to date on November, 2008, and on March, 2009.
(2) The visual Third Part of the Secret of Fatima is revealed - [ ]
(3) Pending "invoice" is about to be presented soon by Heaven. - [ ]
(4) Blatant disregard of Marian warnings and directives - [ ]
(5) miguel de Portugal - [ ]
(6) The Trajectory of John Paul II - [ ]
(7) The Truth About Some Popes - [ ]
(8) The Apparitions of La Salette - [ ]
(9) The Apparitions of Lourdes - [ ]
(10) The Apparitions of Fátima - [ ]
(11) In the Portuguese original version it states that it was Our Lady making such remark. In the English translation it states that it was Our Lord. For greater detail on this issue as well as the definition of "later" visit Attachment I - [ ] - and originals at Attachment II - [ ]
(12) H.H. John Paul II has complied with the recommendations from Heaven with the implementation of the Feast of Mercy - [ ] (the Sunday after Easter Sunday and the canonization of St. Faustina on April 30, 2000.) to the extent that he has been allowed to by the Controlling Hierarchy of the Church. Unfortunately, the benefits that he has secured for humanity by his actions have been drowned in the agenda of the Ecclesiastical Masonry (13) within the Controlling Hierarchy of the Church.
(13) Ecclesiastical Masonry - [ ]
(14) miguel de Portugal resided in Fátima for an extended period. As a resident submerged in the local culture he was a frequent visitor to many key places in the "Fátima of the Portuguese" and not the "Fátima of the tourist." He also had access to much published and unpublished information which has never left the Portuguese borders. This information provided the material confirmation for the information that he received directly from God.

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