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We Have Been Identified As Fools!

May God Be Praised!


We have finally been identified! Alleluia!

Following is an e-mail that we received and for which we are most grateful. It has given us another opportunity to alert the faithful to the snares of satan.

The e-mail follows unedited:

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 11:37:42 -0700
From: roshanjo
To: The M+G+R Foundation

Have you read Desmond Birchs book on antichrist and coming muslim invasion, he uses Catholic saints and mystics throughout the centuries, very accurate, very telling.

Only one problem, it doesn't jive with your dribble. Read it and learn something about your faith.

Antichrist is many year away, fool.



Mr. "roshanjo":

You are right about one thing: We are fools. We are fools on Christ's account... [1 Cor 4:10]

Let us analyze the consequences of Mr. Birch being right as opposed to the consequences of miguel de Portugal being right.

You inform us that according to Mr. Birch the Antichrist is many years away.

Logically, those who believe Mr. Birch's writings on the Antichrist will certainly not be on the look out for the Antichrist since Mr. Birch indicates that his manifestation is many years away.

Being satan the master of deceit, he will not be easily identified. Therefore, those who are not attentive, will be ensnared by him should the Antichrist manifest himself sooner than Mr. Birch indicates.

Those who are attentive to what miguel de Portugal knows - not just reads about in books written by others - and The M+G+R Foundation publishes, believe that the manifestation of the Antichrist is much closer than even we would like to admit.

As a result of our certainty of the proximity of the event, The M+G+R Foundation continues to exhort the faithful to obey Our Heavenly Mother by:

+ Returning to the Valid Sacraments;

+ Offering Acts of Reparation;

+ Praying for the Conversion of Sinners; and

+ Seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.

In summary, as Jesus Christ Himself did, we exhort the faithful to: ...stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour. [Matthew 25:13]



If the writings of Mr. Birch about the Antichrist are right: All that The M+G+R Foundation has done with "his dribble" is, like his Heavenly Mother did at Cana, exhort the faithful to... Do whatever He (Jesus) tells you. [John 2:5]

Only good fruit may come from miguel's exhortations since the faithful, like the five wise virgins, will always be ready awaiting their bridegroom with an ample supply of oil for their lamps. [Matthew 25: 1-12]

If the writings of Mr. Birch are not right regarding the Antichrist: People who believe Mr. Birch's timing regarding the manifestation of the Antichrist will have their guard down and will fall prey to the Antichrist and, like the five foolish virgins, they will not have the needed supply of oil for their lamps. [Matthew 25: 1-12]

In which case what they will hear Jesus say is: Amen I say to you, I know you not.

The arrogance of your communication reveals your alliance with those who, as the result of their vast ignorance, are intent in leaving the faithful unprepared and vulnerable.

We sincerely thank you for giving us this opportunity to expose those erroneous conclusions which need to be exposed in the simplest possible terms.

Now, through the "courtesy" of your arrogance, the hundred of thousands visitors to our Domain will be amply warned. We are indeed grateful for your e-mail. As we have stated many times before - satan must serve God whether he wants it or not for God is above all and Commands all - without exception.

We wish you well and entreat you and the other "birds of the same feather" as yours to consider Gamaliel's counsel to the Sahendrin [Acts 5: 34-39] - there is much wisdom in said counsel - while, at the same time we encourage you to set some time aside and learn about the Faith you think you live, and, which, from the tone of your communication, you do not even know.

miguel de Portugal

Letter published in this Domain on October 2, 2001 - Feast of the Guardian Angels. European Union • Appropriate Links added on February 2005

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