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May America Bless God!

Originally published on September 2001

Final issue on September 11, 2018


In the aftermath of the Heavenly warning of September 11, we heard everyone clamoring: GOD BLESS AMERICA! ... and rightfully so!

However, why should we be clamoring for what He has generously done already?

The problem does not lie on lack of Blessings from God, the problem lies in... the manner in which we have utilized such Blessings.

God did not cause such horrors to befall the U.S... God allowed them (1) because He wanted to minimize the suffering that awaits us in the near future

Before we continue to randomly "turn other countries into parking lots", it behooves us to carefully meditate on... why did God allow them?


Let us seize this opportunity to make an examination of our collective National Conscience.

As we implied above: This tragedy was only a wake up call - a symbolic manifestation to what may await us.

Once again, mankind is being nudged by God in the hopes that it recognizes where we are heading and that the only solution is to make God (2) the centerpiece of our lives and not man, nor the human family as the Opus Dei Vatican piously calls for (3). If we make God the centerpiece of our lives, all else will fall into place.

We must remember... In Modern times, the European nations mistakenly turned their backs on God as the backlash of the abuses of the clergy and Hierarchy of the Roman Church. The French Revolution led the way. Its climax was achieved with the establishment of Godless Communism in Russia. In turn, God allowed the carnage of World Wars I and II (4) to take place in their soil.

We, in the U.S., and for essentially the same reasons, have turned our backs on God and placed the "right to do our thing" above the Ten Commandments - to the extent of becoming fanatics (5) in too many instances. Consequently, the carnage of World War III on our soil should logically follow.


Do we need to call the Prophet Daniel to explain the above?  (6)

NOTE Added on September 5, 2002:

As we have written frequently - all that we need to know and learn may be found on the Sacred Scriptures. God has warned us many times that He sees what man cannot see and He will then act accordingly.

In 2 Maccabees 13: 39-40 we learn why did God allow a number of men from His chosen people to die in a battle fought for Him. In the alluded verses we read:

On the following day, since the task had now become urgent, Judas and his men went to gather up the bodies of the slain and bury them with their kinsmen in their ancestral tombs. But under the tunic of each of the dead they found amulets sacred to the idols of Jamnia, which the law forbids the Jews to wear. So it was clear to all that this was why these men had been slain.

In the New Testament Our Lord Jesus warns us through Luke 13:25-28:

... 'Lord, open the door for us.' He will say to you in reply, 'I do not know where you are from.' And you will say, 'We ate and drank in your company and you taught in our streets.' Then he will say to you, 'I do not know where you are from. Depart from me, all you evildoers!' ...And there will be wailing and grinding of teeth .... when you see... yourselves cast out. (from the kingdom of God)

Who is God warning? (7) Not "the lost"; not the proverbial "sinners" - He is warning those who think that by just being a Jew (2 Maccabees 13) or an active Christian (Luke 13) they have not a thing to worry about and can go and do as they please and that, somehow, at the end, all will be well.

Well, dear brothers and sisters, it is just not that way. This erroneous mentality (8) is what has triggered the brutal persecutions of Christianity in the recent past and what will trigger the, even more brutal, persecution (9) in the very near future.

Let us not blame God for forgetting His children... the children are the ones who forgot God and embraced the idol Mammon and its many different "amulets" (10) while pretending to be with God.

NOTE Added on April 16, 2002:

Today we read:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a federal pornography law that makes it a crime to have computer-generated pictures that look like real children engaged in sexual acts, ruling the law violates free-speech rights... The law targeted advanced computer imaging technology that can be used to alter a child's innocent picture into a depiction of a child engaged in sex.

Brothers and sisters - this is an abomination in the eyes of God.

September 11, 2001, "came" and "went" and it is obvious that we did not get the message with its implied warning.

The implied warning may be found at Revelations 18:21:

A mighty angel picked up a stone like a huge millstone and threw it into the sea and said: "With such force will Babylon the great city be thrown down, and will never be found again."

The intended Divine message through the events of 9-11 may be found at Revelations 18: 16-19:

... they cry out: "Alas, alas, great city... In one hour this great wealth has been ruined." Every captain of a ship, every traveler.... stood at a distance and cried out when they saw the smoke of her pyre... Alas, alas... In one hour she has been ruined.

God, in His infinite Mercy symbolically warned us with the Twin-Tower disaster - a mini and condensed version of Revelations: 16-19.

Commerce and Trade were highlighted (World Trade Center) for better symbolism to assist us in "catching on".

The American bastion of Justice, The Supreme Court of the United States of America, symbolically responded with an abomination in the name of "Freedom of Speech".

Now, the Supreme Court of Heaven, exercising its sovereignty over all of Creation, ruled... the implied threat found at Revelations 18:21, will then become a reality.

As we have said in the past: We have been amply warned (11).

NOTE Added on February 1, 2003 - The crash of the Columbia Space Shuttle

As the U.S. is about the plunge the world in darkness as the result of its attack on Iraq (12), we Pray to God (13) that each and every one of us discerns the Divine message encapsulated in the symbolism associated with this most unfortunate event.

The Columbia Space shuttle disappeared from view above Texas - a large amount of debris was recovered between Tyler and Palestine, Texas. In rice fields.

Columbia as in the District of Columbia - the Seat of the U.S. Government, Texas, as in Bush territory, Israel, as in our staunchest ally in the Middle East, and the towns of Palestine, as in the Middle East, and Rice, as in Condoleezza Rice, have made the news associated with this event.

God continues to use all possible means (14) to call to our attention that we are teetering at the edge of an almost bottomless abyss.

We pray in earnest that He does not have to tap on the symbolism associated with the time when He spoke to Moses for the first time and commanded him to free His people from Pharaoh's servitude.

NOTE Added on August 16, 2003

Yesterday we read:

New York (Reuters) - The largest power outage in North American history left multitudes without electricity early on Friday, although power trickled back on for millions of people in the United States and Canada.

For many in cities like New York, Ottawa, Cleveland and Detroit, Friday began as Thursday ended -- hot, humid and without electricity to run computers, subways, televisions, air conditioners and trading systems.

In New York's Times Square on Friday morning, hundreds of tired, haggard-looking commuters left stranded by the blackout awoke from their makeshift beds, lumbering into the dim light of the rising sun. Some wandered into the streets with blank stares on their faces, searching for any indication as to when full power would be restored.

Once again God chose the North East of the United States to give us a preview of the future.

Is anyone listening? Paying attention? Responding to the event? Of course not!

So... Why are we issuing this update? God Willed it so that no one can complain that His warnings have not been broadcast far and wide.

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Originally published on September 2001 • Final issue on September 11, 2018 • Format updated on September 13, 2021

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