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Letter addressed to P. Rana

Secretary of the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP), on 1995

MMP Headquarters attacks miguel de Portugal

From: miguel de Portugal

Acts of the Apostles 5:34-39

Date: Holy Week 1995

Adressed To:
Excmo. Sr. P. Franco Rana
il segretario del M.S.M.
Movimento Sacerdotale Mariano
Via Mercalli, 23
20122 Milano

P. Rana:

May the Peace on Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Consolation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary find a resting place in your heart.

Your letter (1) dated March 26, 1995 has reached my hands and it has been received and processed as an official communication from the head of the Marian Movement of Priests, D. Stefano Gobbi.

We thank you for placing in our hands information/proof (2) which would have been impossible to obtain otherwise.

We sincerely ask God that He considers such favor and forgive you since its is obvious that you do not realize what you have done.

Any further communication from the Marian Movement of Priests Headquarters for Miguel de Portugal will only be accepted when personally delivered by D. Stefano Gobbi.

With nothing else to inform you of directly, I conclude this letter sincerely invoking upon you and D. Gobbi the richest Blessings from the Almighty.

At Their service, thus at yours, we remain, as always....

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal
+by the Grace of God

NOTE Added on September 8, 2001: To understand why miguel de Portugal, a former staunch supporter of the MMP, was viciously attacked by the MMP Headquarters read the much later issued Exposé (3) on how the alleged locutions through the MMP are manipulated behind the scenes.

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(1) Your letter (Highlights in English) dated March 26, 1995
(2) Information/proof which would have been impossible to obtain otherwise
(3) The much later issued Exposé on how the alleged locutions through the MMP are manipulated behind the scenes
(4) Who is miguel de Portugal

Letter released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

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