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The overriding purpose of The M(ichael) + G(abriel) + R(aphael) Foundation is to remind one and all that...

Jesus Is The Only Way!

and that we should...

Place Our Faith in Him!

Since Jesus never said that the way would be easy —just worth it— and that He would be with, and assisting, us until the End – we will then try to illustrate that “not being easy” (1) is NOT equivalent with “being miserable” (2). Somewhere along the line, the Evangelization turned from freeing mankind from the yoke of sin to making mankind the slaves of guilt.

Guilt should be salutary. That is, guilt should be a gentle, yet persistent, reminder that we are still off the mark in the manner that we lead certain aspects of our lives, individually and collectively. However, guilt should also be accompanied with a joyful reminder that we can improve our manner of life a little bit every day, with the help of God (1). (Our sincere desire to amend our lives allows us to receive this help from God.)

When guilt drives you away from God, it is not from God, it is from satan (3) regardless of the way it may be presented it to you.

We attempt, through our writings, to help the faithful in the resolution of many of the faith-based fears, doubts and insecurities, which trouble so many of them.

Another key purpose of The M+G+R Foundation is that of Setting the Record Straight.

The Record? What Record?

Yes, we are living through the End of These Times. Its conclusion is not decades away, it is much, much closer.

Precisely because of this, the bookstores, cyberspace, airwaves, screens and tabloids are full of “End” talk – most of which is incorrect and totally incoherent (4). Meanwhile, the Ecclesiastical authorities, in complete denial, pretend that “All Is Well” (5).

What should the faithful then believe?

It is the Will of God, as He allows mankind to suffer mounting trials and tribulations, that His children acknowledge that it is His Love for them that lies behind the unfolding events.

The quicker the Faithful can discern the connection between the unfolding tragic natural, political and socio-religious world events (6) and what has been foretold in the Scriptures, the better and less painful it will be for all.

As we have stated elsewhere:

All that has been foretold in the Scriptures (7) will come to pass. However, the severity of the events lies squarely in our hands (8)depending on how quickly we respond, individually and collectively, to the prompting and signs from Heaven.

We regret it if some of the Faithful find the above hard to accept. Denial is one of our worst enemies (9) and only pain will break the hold denial has on a human being. This is why: “Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear” (10).


The second phase of our function is, what we have chosen to call, the Plainly Speaking Phase or, utilizing a well used, but apt cliché, Calling a Spade, Spade, or even a more current and popular cliché: an In-their-face Phase.

In this Phase we will strive to assist the Faithful in understanding, acknowledging, and acting upon the fact that what is now called “the Church” (which implies the Roman Catholic Church) really consists of its Administration. Thus, “the Church” does not constitute the body of true believers of the Roman Catholic Faith, nor the Faith itself, nor, for that matter, the few loyal-to-Jesus Christ members of the Hierarchy and clergy.

In fulfilling this function, we will spare neither the Church Administrators nor its fabricated traditions. We shall follow the example of John the Baptizer, and of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ Himself. They did not spare the rulers and man-made traditions of the “Church” of their own time – the Temple and its Masters of the year 30 A.D.

If the Church Administrators want to drag into Hades the monster they have created, together with those who have willfully partaken of its chalice of abominations, they may do so. However, it is the Will of God that we write and pronounce whatever is necessary to prevent His true children, many of whom have been disoriented by the ecclesiastical wolves-in-sheep's-clothing (11), from being dragged into the bottom of Hades' pit.

May His true children leave these pages a little happier, a little more secure and with their faith in God (12) strengthened.

Be At Peace, All Is Truly Well... You are indeed loved by God, even if you are not yet able to love yourself as the result of ecclesiastically induced guilt.

(1) Take up your cross and follow me - It is truly the easiest and least painful way
(2) Do not despair! Do not give up! It is one step at a time!
(3) When an institution promotes guilt driving you away from God
(4) Coherence Among Supernatural Messages and the Holy Scriptures
(5) Ecclesiastical authorities, in complete denial, pretend that "All is well"
(6) Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times - NOT of the World
(7) Old Testament Prophecies Identifies Jesus as THE Messiah
(8) Suffering : Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption
(9) The Sin of Denial and Its Grave Consequences - Explained
(10) Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear Him
(11) Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
(12) God is the ONLY True Foundation of Faith - ANY Faith
(13) If you desire to read a brief biographical sketch of Miguel de Portugal, Click Here and you will be transferred to the appropriate page. However, we wish that you focus your total attention on God and His Word and Promises. He Is the only source. Miguel is only a “pointer”; a “spokesman”.

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