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PLEASE NOTE: miguel de Portugal does not endorse the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) (1) since 1995; on the contrary, he considers the MMP to be the contrived "Department of Marian Messages"  for the Opus Dei Agenda (2).

The purpose of publishing this communication is to illustrate the good relationship that miguel had with many MMP Directors worldwide until Gobbi attempted to destroy it. The excellent relationship - coupled with the condemnation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP headquarters (3) - speak volumes, for those who have Ears to Hear (4), about the real intentions of the organizers of Marian Movement of Priests [not necessarily the National Directors].

Communiqué No. 11

Exclusively To: Marian Movement of Priests Directors - Selected Distribution Centers Worldwide
From:                miguel de Portugal
Date:                September 8, 1994 - Feast of Birth of Mary

My dear brother of the Marian Movement of Priests:

I pray that this comunication finds you enjoying spiritual peace and harmony and working tirelessly in preparation for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Beloved Heavenly Mother.

Today we are bringing to your attention some information on a matter very close to the hearts of all of us who deeply venerate our Beloved Heavenly Mother-the reality of supernatural manifestations  Miracles: Myth or Reality? (4)

We will share with you how the logic employed by Parapsychologists in rationalizing these supernatural manifestations, of great escathological importance, may be turned around to confirm them.

May this information be of value to you in the very turbulent times that we are now living through and which are approaching at dizzying speed to their thunderous climax.

Invoking His choicest Blessings upon you and praying that the Light from the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother illuminate your path brightly, I remain, as always, simply...

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal

...who is nothing more than just a lay member of the MMP

P.S. If perchance you do not wish to receive any future comunications of this nature, please, make your will known to the address in Spain that has been frequently provided to you in the past.

Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000


(1) The position of miguel de Portugal regarding the MMP
(2) About the Opus Dei and their real "Salvific Agenda
(3) The evaluation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP Headquarters.
      We must ask: Why if what he had done up to then was support them?  The answer lies within Communiqué no. 5.
(4)  Miracles: Myth or Reality?

Communiqué released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

Reissued for the following reasons on April 2008

This communication may have been edited from its original form  because at the time of the original publication m de P was not clearly stating the differences between:

(a) The Anti Christ and the False Christ .
(b) The real Church - composed by the living stones of those who are members of the Family of Jesus [Mark 3:35] - and the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church. Hence, when he now refers to the Roman Catholic Church, to avoid confusion,  m de P refers primarily to its Administration.

He also had not realized the heretical aberrations of:

(a)  Calling the Roman Catholic Church "Holy Mother Church".  Mary is our Mother, thus Mother of the Church since we compose the Church.
(b)  Calling the Roman Pontiff and Bishop of Rome "Holy Father". Only God is the Father and only God is Holy because He is truly Good. [Matthew 19:17]

We have also now added links to documents that had not been published at the time the original communication was written.

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