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Message to the MMP in December 1993

Released to the general faithful in September 2000

Reissued in April 2008

PLEASE NOTE: miguel de Portugal does not endorse the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) (1) since 1995; on the contrary, he considers the MMP to be the contrived "Department of Marian Messages" for the Opus Dei Agenda (2).

The purpose of publishing this communication is to illustrate the good relationship that miguel had with many MMP Directors worldwide until Gobbi attempted to destroy it. The excellent relationship - coupled with the condemnation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP headquarters (3) - speak volumes, for those who have Ears to Hear (4), about the real intentions of the organizers of Marian Movement of Priests [not necessarily the National Directors].

Communique No. 2 - December 18, 1993

To Marian Movement of Priests Directors

Meteorite Storm forecasted for August 11, 1993 - A Worldwide Hoax

Communique No. 2

Exclusively To: Marian Movement of Priests Directors - Selected Distribution Centers Worldwide
From: miguel de Portugal
Date: December 18, 1993 -The Expectation of Mary

Subject: Meteorite Storm forecasted for August 11, 1993. A Worldwide Hoax- WHY DID THEY REALLY DO IT?

My Dear Brothers of the Marian Movement of Priests:

Most likely, you were also an intellectual victim of the subject hoax. The question is: Why did they really do it?

Enclosed is a photocopy of the article published by the culprit, the respected Portuguese newspaper PUBLICO (4), confessing all. On the reverse you will find its translation into English.

O PUBLICO claims that their intent was to "sell newspapers". They admit showing only an incremental sale of 107 issues yielding a grand total incremental profit of $1.48 USD (260 escudos).

Let us scrutinize their alleged motive...

The PUBLICO average daily press run for a recent month was 75,560 copies. Let us assume a similar number for July/August...

a. PUBLICO acknowledges incremental profit is ($1.48/107 =) 0.01383 USD per issue; thus...

b. A volume of 75,560 copies yields (75,560 x 0.01383 =) $1,045 USD/day profit; now then...

c. There were perhaps four (4) issues that would have been worth buying if a reader was interested only in the meteorite storm; therefore...

d. If O PUBLICO succeeded in selling double their press run, they would have only earned an incremental MAXIMUM profit of: 4 (iss.) x $1,045 USD (incremental profit/ issue)= $4,180 USD.

SUMMARIZING: O PUBLICO stood to earn a MAXIMUM profit of only $4,180 USD MINUS the expenses incurred in planning and executing a hoax of such magnitude. Telephone bills alone must have been astronomical! It is patently obvious that this marketing project was financially doomed, as such, from its conception.


One result that we can readily ascertain is that they have proven, without a doubt, that if an organization set their minds to it, the whole world could be led astray through the Social Communication System, including the scientific community.

A Hypothesis

The only miracle ever well documented by the press was the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima on October 13, 1917. No other obvious-to-the-mortal-eye supernatural event has had such an impact in the Faith of believers.


a. Most eye witnesses are deceased by now;

b. The stage has been already well set to explain the visions of Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco as phenomena caused by extraterrestials (UFO's);so now...

c. The stage has been well anchored on solid rock to disprove the actual press reports which remain in files worldwide; thus...

...The faithful will be shown conclusively that there really was no Miracle...; no Miracle, no Marian Apparitions...;no Marian Apparitions, no Marian Messages...; no Marian Messages... Think about it...

Clarifying Note:

The information contained in this communique will reach the four corners of the world, including the very nests where the vipers breed. This expose will cause their second major change in plans. The information (also spread to the four corners of the world) that caused the first major change in plans is enclosed for your reference.

Keep in mind that the "killing of Fatima and its Message" is, at this point, a cornerstone of the plans of the enemies of God, thus, the enemies of the Church. It is the "trigger" to try to kill the rest of the Apparitions/Communications, including MMP [Note: Only MMP messages dated up to December 31, 1993 - This Note has been added after reviewing the alleged Messages beyond that date.]

If you cannot believe it now, wait and you will eventually. But first we will experience the "Annihilation of Nations" prophesied by Our Lady in Fatima, which is next in the Agenda of Heaven.

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal

The above communiqué was released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

It was reissued for the following reasons on April 2008

This communication may have been edited from its original form because at the time of the original publication m de P was not clearly stating the differences between:

(a) The Anti Christ and the False Christ .

(b) The real Church - composed by the living stones of those who are members of the Family of Jesus [Mark 3:35] - and the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church. Hence, when he now refers to the Roman Catholic Church, to avoid confusion, m de P refers primarily to its Administration.

He also had not realized the heretical aberrations of:

(a) Calling the Roman Catholic Church "Holy Mother Church". Mary is our Mother, thus Mother of the Church since we compose the Church.

(b) Calling the Roman Pontiff and Bishop of Rome "Holy Father". Only God is the Father and only God is Holy because He is truly Good. [Matthew 19:17]

We have also now added links to documents that had not been published at the time the original communication was written.

(1) The position of miguel de Portugal regarding the MMP
(2) About the Opus Dei and their real "Salvific Agenda
(3) The evaluation of miguel de Portugal by the MMP Headquarters
We must ask: Why if what he had done up to then was support them?  The answer lies within Communiqué no. 5.

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