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The Real Problem is Not Abortion - It is The Lack of Proper Spiritual Formation

Moral Decadence is The Result of a Poor Evangelization Effort

Originally published in 1999

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We have chosen to discontinue the Abortion Sub-Site, as it was originally launched, because abortion is an overworked topic with no legal solution in sight. It has no solution in sight because abortion is not a legal issue and will never be resolved in Courts of Law. Abortion is a spiritual malady.

A human being, well formed spiritually in accordance to the Divine Teachings, would not even consider abortion as a choice. Well formed is intended to mean a well informed and prayerful human being.

Even when a human being has not reached such level of spiritual enlightenment, but is on its way, a more enlightened soul can and should assist such individual in understanding that abortion is never a choice.

Pro-life activists try to place the blame for the tragedy of abortion on the governments, the courts and that faceless, and always evil, Society, of which no one admits to be a part of.

The onslaught of Abortions, Failed Marriages, Drug Dependency and Abuse, Promiscuity, Sexual Perversions, Corrupt Government Officials, Amorality, etc. is the result of a poorly spiritually formed society. The question is: Who is ultimately responsible for such poor spiritual formation?

The answer should be clear for anyone who claims to be of the Christian Faith:

If in nearly 2,000 years evil has obviously gained the upper hand in the world, then, either Those who claim to have been entrusted by Our Lord Jesus Christ to Evangelize the world have done poorly; OR Jesus Christ lied to us; OR evil is more powerful than God.

It does not require John the Baptist to resolutely state that the first option provides the only answer. May God help any who may even fleetingly consider the second and third options as possibilities or try to justify the abysmal failings illustrated in the first option.

Are we being harsh?

We will answer such rhetorical question with additional questions:

-  Does anyone realize the enormous supernatural power that the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, Orthodox and Roman, have?
-  Why has the true Successor of Peter and Bishop of Rome find it necessary to go directly to the people via innumerable, demanding and exhausting trips?
-  Why has it been necessary to shower the faithful with a multitude of necessary and truly Holy Encyclicals in the last thirty plus years?

My brothers and sisters, what the last four Roman Catholic Popes [this was written in 1999] have been trying to do is counteract the legacy of a corrupt structure. Not a corrupt Church but a corrupt organizational structure which, for nearly 2,000 years, has been primarily intent in amassing financial and political power while the souls of the faithful, with parched throats, went begging for a drop of the Living Waters that Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, promised the Samaritan woman and, thus, to all of us.

The failure of the Evangelization effort was never an option when we consider that Our Lord Jesus Christ left us with such immense trove of powerful supernatural treasures.

The consequences of this failure is what H.H. John XXIII, H.H. Paul VI, H.H. John Paul I and H.H. John Paul II have been trying to reverse since the moment each one assumed the Chair of Peter.

May God the Father have Mercy (1) on the members of the clergy and religious orders who continue to lead a life of denial, refusing to utilize the supernatural powers available in the Treasures left to fallen humanity by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Such behavior is a blasphemy.

And you, brethren, do not cease to pray (2) for the ever shrinking group of holy members of the clergy and religious orders. They need, and deserve, the full prayerful support of all Christians.

NOTE Added on January 2 and Updated on January 5, 2003

Today (January 2), Channel 4 of the British television is planning to air the images of a Chinese artist eating the corpse of a dead newly born child and of another Chinese artist drinking red wine in which the sex organs of a male have been marinated.

These scenes are part of a documentary about Extreme Art.

No one in Great Britain seems to intend to prevent such monstrosity.

Channel 4 claims to be doing this to improve its share of the British television audience.

Brothers and sisters - This is Great Britain, a most civilized country and the head of a former worldwide empire; this is the country whose government is joining the Bush Administration in "saving the world" from the "axis of evil".

The London desk of the Spanish daily El Pais reports today, January 5, that the program in question - now popularly referred to as the "Child-eating Program" - had 900,000 viewers and the station received only 65 complaints.

If you wish to understand why such abomination is taking place and God allowing it, we hope that this document has been useful.


(1) Divine Mercy - The Greatest Attribute of God

(2) Enough of Marches!  Enough of Petitions!  Enough Politicking!  Just - Pray! Pray! Pray!

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