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Understanding the Ways of God As Manifested In Human Suffering

Will Help Reduce Your Suffering and That of Others


As part of our continuing effort to help those who are willing to better understand God and His perfect and logical ways, we will attempt to explain the "mathematical logic" behind the functioning of God's megaphone.

That is, we will attempt to explain: (a) the reason why pain and misery are the two key components of the "volume" of God's megaphone (*) ; and (b) why such understanding is critical for the End of These Times.

We pray that this will help our readers in helping others to reduce the inescapable pain that awaits humanity. That is our purpose.
(*) Pain is the megaphone that God uses to help the deaf hear Him. (1)


God is Perfect and so are His designs, which means that they will be fulfilled one way or another and no creature will stand in His way and prevent their fulfillment.

We have all of the Sacred Texts, known to us as the Old and New Testaments, to back up that statement.


As we all know, God created man in His image; male and female He created them. His plan was for the human family to live in a paradisiacal estate - where joy and happiness would be unending.

As we all also know, satan tricked man to disobey God and violate the only restriction God had placed upon humanity. That was man's first effort to be like God.

Now, remember, God's plan was - and is! - for the human family created in his image to live in a paradisiacal estate - where joy and happiness would be unending.

The journey of human creation was started again with Noah, Abraham and Moses. Since man still "could not get the message", God sent His Son to explain what He had been trying to transmit to fallen humanity through the many Prophets sent since after the cataclysm we know as Noah's Flood.

Almost eighteen hundred years later, seeing that man had become even more stiffed necked than before, He trusted His beloved Mary to visit His children and try to coax them - through spectacular miracles and maternal love - to prayer, reparation and sacrifice. He allowed the suffering and misery to reach a fever pitch with World War I. Through Fatima, humanity was given the means reestablish a loving relationship with its Creator.... but to no avail. (2)

Even more brutal pain and misery had to be allowed upon humanity in the hopes that it would turn back to God. Nonetheless, He gave us the means to mitigate the cost of our many sins through the announcement and promotion of His Mercy.

God took advantage of the intermission between World War I and World War II to announce to the world, through Sister Faustina, that the worst sin that man may have ever committed is but a grain of sand when compared to the Oceans of His Mercy. (3)

Before we continue let us clarify one of the deadliest misconception among Christians.

Most Christians believe that the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is an automatic pass to Eternal Life, if they just claim to believe in Jesus Christ and what His Life, Death and Resurrection represent.

This is wrong! Very wrong!

His Passion, Death and Resurrection constitute the opportunity given to humanity to return to Paradise, if certain fundamental conditions were met. Specifically, strive to live His Word the moment a conversion of heart takes place - whether it was thirty years ago or a week before one's death.


What options have we left God to fulfill His original plan for the human family, created in His image, to live in a paradisiacal estate - where joy and happiness would be unending?

The only option that humanity has left God is for Him to increase the "volume of the megaphone" (1) beyond the levels reached in the 20th century. Following is how the "mathematics" of this will work out:

1. For the given number of souls destined to Paradise, there is a required level of merits that must be presented to God by humanity.

2. Those merits are not being earned at the rate that they should. As a matter of fact, every day that goes by less merits are being accrued in humanity's account, while at the same time, the amount of merits needed increases, as humanity sinks into the abyss of depravation. [Using finances to better explain item 2: Our debt increases while at the same time of financial resources decrease.]

3. Our time is running out and, unless He shortens this period, even the Elect would be lost. [Matthew 24:22-24, Mark 13:20-22]

So here we have it: (a) Amount of merits required to fulfill God's plan for His human creation is increasing; (b) The amount of merits being generated by pious souls throughout the world continues to decrease; and (c) Time is almost out, yet, we are now further away from the position that we should be than we were when He allowed World War I upon humanity.

God knows that the only way to increase the level of merits that He must have from us to fulfill His plan is to allow such suffering and pain upon His Elect that the merits necessary will pour in as the result of offered prayers and offered sacrifices stemming from the unspeakable horrors that await humanity.

Remember the behavior of the crowd at Fatima, on October 13th, 1917. They dropped to their knees in panic offering prayers of reparation and reciting that act of contrition when they thought that the Sun was going to fall upon them and kill them.

There you have it! A pathetic picture but..... that is the only way God can secure the merits required so that He can fulfill His plan for His human creation.

"Give us another chance!" some may plead. No. That will not happen any more. We can assure you of that with greater certainty than we have that the Sun will rise tomorrow!

Humanity has proven to God, without a shred of a doubt, that if He gives us another chance (read: "more time") even the Elect will be lost and His plan would never be fulfilled... and that is a mathematical impossibility. Nothing - but nothing! - will stand in the way of the Will of God being fulfilled. Period!


Do you now understand why whatever we do to procure the necessary merits, so that the Will of God for His human creation be fulfilled, will reduce the suffering of His Elect - starting with us and our families?

Brethren - we cannot make it any clear. We wash our hands of any responsibility resulting from humanity ignoring the well document exhortations we have made since 1993 and which, through the Grace of God, have been available to all (4) on-line since 1998.

All that He expects us to do now is to assist the Elect in "putting into practice what we have preached" - and nothing else!

(1) Pain is the megaphone...
(2) Fatima ignored
(3) Divine Mercy
(4) Before then it was made available to world leaders: Ecclesiastic and Political.

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Originally Published on November 11th, 2014

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