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But Do Not Count on a Second, or Third, etc. Times Around to "Get It Right"

Please Note: The understanding of this document may be enhanced if the document entitled Spiritual Dysfunction - Its Identification, Treatment and Cure is read in conjunction with it.
The NOTE Added on November 6, 2002,  regarding Victor Zammit's "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" may be found at the end of the document.


As a result of the profound effect that the belief in reincarnation is having in the world of today, and its possible negative spiritual effects on those who embrace such belief, this writer, having been born with a scientific bent and having been formally educated as such, decided to methodically delve into the allegations of reincarnation. This was primarily accomplished by studying the serious work conducted worldwide supporting its existence as well as the teachings of certain Eastern religions.


The purpose of this report is to share with one and all the unique information received by miguel de Portugal as the result of an unexpected Grace from Heaven.

This information may help the reader understand that "what scientifically appears to be" is "really not" while, at the same time, gaining a deeper understanding on proper interpersonal relationships as related to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In plain English: Our Lord Jesus Christ said to " your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,..." [Matthew 5:44], yet, precious few even consider doing so. We hope that this document will clearly explain why Our Lord instructed us to do so and the spiritual mechanism it triggers.

You need not accept this information at face value from us. However, you are encouraged to try to fully understand what we present in this document, reprocess your personal experiences and past related studies, and then, test what we share with you.

Brief Background

In addition to witnessing credible experiences in Spiritual Seances (1,2), this writer looked into the professional work conducted through Hypnotic Regression Analysis (HRA) and similar techniques. HRA centers on the alleged phenomenon of reincarnation and its impact in our current lives.

Professional and reliable Hypnotic Regression Analysis (3) data appeared to be in perfect harmony with the events witnessed in Spiritual Seances and, both of these, in turn, were in harmony with a smattering of independent parapsychological and mystical related reports from various cults and religions worldwide.

With the existing evidence and supporting data, the only conclusion that could then be reached, without Heavenly Assistance, is the apparently logical and scientifically sound one proclaiming that: Reincarnation does indeed exist! [Which it does not, as it will be clearly shown as the information presented in this document is developed. Those who believe in reincarnation are encouraged to read on... you may be pleasantly surprised.]

Why Does It Appear That There Is Reincarnation?

What really causes the reincarnation illusions may be illustrated as follows:

I. Schematic of the Mechanism

The attached Diagram is the first transmittable example that came to this writer's mind, thus it will be the tool used to transmit this information to you. Please, remember, it is only a very rudimentary transmission tool.


"S"                   - The pure soul placed in a human by God.

"B"              - The human system (body) through which our soul must function in Time (this world).

"EOW"           - 'Eye of the World' as other individuals perceive this particular human, "B".

"F-1"            - Original Sin Filter. The type of this filter may be different for each one of us.   We have no additional knowledge on this mystery other that there are just  a few varieties which replicates in all humans.

"F-2,3, etc.    - "Filters", caused by spiritual wounds, which are accessed by unclean spirits.  The number of spiritual influences through these "filters" could conceivably  be "legions".    We shall assume, for the sake of our presentation, that   the influence of each filter "F" is from one single spiritual entity.

There are other "Filters", for a lack of a better word, which we will not cover in this document. These are Graces from God, Divine Wounds, if you will, through which highly exalted souls from the Eternal Frame may be made manifest in the Time Frame via a living human being.

II. Dynamics of the System.

A. Summary

What "EOW" perceives as the character / spirit / personality of the human being "B" is simply "S" colored or modified by the "F's" it must filter through.

In the negative extreme, when a certain "F" is energized above its critical level, what "EOW" perceives as "B" is no longer a slightly modified "B". What is perceived is almost the pure manifestation of the unclean spirit (2) that influences "B" through that certain "F". Therefore, the projected personality of "B" at that moment is essentially that of the influencing unclean spirit.

In the case that said unclean spirit happens to be the spirit of satan, then we are in the presence of an incarnation of satan  ["satan incarnate"] as full as it is possible in our world.

In the positive extreme, if "S" is energized above some certain critical level, it results in a forced shrinkage of the influences of the "F's". That is, the energized "S" not only overpowers the influence of the active "F's" but literally neutralizes them temporarily (2A) or permanently.

In the latter case, "EOW" perceives "B" as an individual of a holiness level that is seldom encountered. When someone very virtuous is said to have died in the "Odor of Sanctity" it means that that individual had reached that very high level of purity where "S" shines through almost without any filtering action. In some cases a very pleasant fragrance actually emanates from the individual.

Notice: In the "positive extreme" what we are seeing is the result of a nearly complete absence of negative spiritual influence.

In the average human, the condition lies somewhere between the extremes previously illustrated.

B. Details

1. Nature of the "Filters" ("F's")

"F" sites are caused by spiritual wounds to our souls. These wounds somehow are keyed to a certain kind of influence by unclean spirits. For example - physical abuse (non sexual) usually causes the similar wound in the souls of all humans and usually only one general type of unwanted spiritual guest fits it perfectly.

Change this to physical sexual abuse, we have a different type of wound with its own typical kind of infection, that is, the unwanted spiritual guest.

Try to view the spiritual wound as a physical wound. A physical wound will draw certain infectious bacteria and, unchecked, may cause severe damage to the entire body. Similarly, a spiritual wound will draw "spiritual bacteria" in the form of  unclean spirits. When unchecked this will cause enormous damage to the individual.

It is then readily obvious how complicated the picture can get when the person has been spiritually battered in many different ways. A host of "F's" will be present modifying "S" in ways that, at times, it will render "S" unrecognizable to those near and dear.

"I don't know what happened to X, since Y happened. It isn't him any more." Is a typical and often heard lament about someone who has undergone a radical personality change.

The use/abuse of certain mind altering drugs also cause the undesirable "F" sites. That is, certain drugs will cause a spiritual wound in the soul. This includes severe alcohol abuse.

Psychologists trying to explain and correct very severe alleged mental cases cannot get to first base unless, by chance, they hit the combination that energizes "S" to high levels. It is the power of an energized "S", power drawn from God, that can bring back the poor person to spiritual, thus, mental health.

To this complex situation add the compounding effect of prescribed mind altering drugs used to control certain behavior.

The medication may allow the patient to conduct himself in a less agitated manner thus, in some cases, the chances are increased for someone outside the patient ("B") to energize his "S" to the higher levels needed. Also, the kind and gentle treatment by the therapist will also, through the same mechanism, assist the patient's healing process.

It appears from this that the only healing that can truly be achieved in a non organically dysfunctional human being is through the power emanating from an energized "S".

It is because of the action / reaction / interaction of this very complex system that some professional parapsychologists can achieve healing results that have eluded the most sophisticated psychologists and psychiatrists.

Please Note: Once a spiritual wound has been inflicted, even if it is healed, there will always be a scar. In the case of spiritual wounds, the ONLY "Plastic Surgeon" that can totally remove the traces of the scar is God. He seldom does, however. He Will instead wisely use that scar for the benefit of His creatures.

2. What Has Caused So Many To Believe In Reincarnation?

Let us take only one example and leave the rest for you to meditate on and discern on your own.

When a Hypnotic Regression Analysis (HRA) is done, the professional is accessing the unclean spirits influencing the "F" positions. In some cases, those influencing the "F" positions in question, were somehow related to "B" while on earth. Others may be unrelated and from centuries past.

That is, a couple may marry drawn together by the unclean spirits influencing their respective "F" positions. Those exerting the influence may have been, at one time, maybe hundreds of years past, physically together on earth, and who are now unclean spirits with a "score to settle". (4)

The information in here transmitted could be used to generate hundreds of pages of new information, examples, and ways of reworking existing parapsychological data, unexplained life experiences, etc. However, that is not the function of this writer. That may be the function of some of the readers of this document. Only you know.

This writer can, however, give you a very simple solution to the problem caused by spiritual wounds and the ensuing misery...

3. The ONLY Effective Treatment.

LOVE! When a person is treated kindly and with affection, "S" gets energized and starts overpowering the influence of the "F's". In addition, if nothing is done to energize an "F" to a higher level, then we have struck a winning combination.

Eventually, with repeated and patient treatments (of LOVE), one can totally eradicate or permanently subdue the influence of many of the attending "F's".


Now it becomes quite clear why Jesus Christ insists on us loving our enemies and praying for our persecutors. If you do so with a sincere heart and treat the person kindly, you will subdue that individual (the "F's" that are altering the "S" on that particular "B") and will improve his quality of life (and yours, if he is your enemy!).

You cannot arouse anger with a display of sincere humility and love, yet you will cause a release of the power of God in that person's "S", which will overpower the negative interference of the "F's".

You may start experimenting right away with every unpleasant and unruly individual that you meet many times in the course of one day.

When you have gained confidence, tackle your worst enemy. Pray for him, truly wish him well, bless him often (you do not even have to inform him of any of this) and, if you have an opportunity, do him a favor and expect nothing in return. You will be truly amazed at the results.

When you pray for an individual, God will act on that individual's "S" and the results are similar. You do not even need to know who the individual is nor the individual know that you are interceding on his behalf.

When we allow God to become our active Friend AND Partner and we achieve the full conscious realization that our Partner is indeed God, Whom created the Universe AND sustains it, we gain confidence in this Partnership and we cannot help it but be confident and essentially carefree. (5)

If the reader has difficulty with dealing with the issue of God as a result of past traumas at the hands of those said to act in the Name of God, this writer recommends the technique used by the very successful Alcoholic Anonymous, change the word "God" to "a higher power". (6)

If you ever wanted true power over the world around you and beyond, through this document it is being given to you. It is hoped that you will be generous with its use.


This revelation does not negate the importance of the results of what is now called Regression Analysis. On the contrary - perhaps such analysis now has a greater importance since through it one can learn the "spiritual viruses" one is carrying in one's soul and can eliminate them by helping those who need assistance to ascend and exorcise those who are from below.

NOTE Added on November 6, 2002:

 A key factor utilized to demolish the Faith of Abraham is the "proving" that reincarnation exists. This document, published years ago by us, show, theologically and psychologically, that such is not the case. Nonetheless, the errors persist and are unconsciously leading some souls to serious spiritual harm. A recent book written by Victor Zammit -A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife- is a case in point.

We have chosen three statements of Chapter 27 -What happens when we die? - of said book to illustrate to the Faithful the "Why?" of the errors and the "Why?" of the dangers such alleged theology presents.

Statement by Mr. Zammit:

 Hell for eternity and eternal damnation were invented by men to manipulate the hearts and minds of the unaware - they do NOT exist.
miguel de Portugal comments:
 If there is no concern - note that we say "concern" and not "fear" - of being separated from God Eternally, then, "Why me worry?", as Alfred Neuman has taught millions from the covers of Mad Magazine. This logic/mentality leads mankind to act in accordance to the often heard slogan: "If it feels good, do it!".

That the Church has used the reality of Hell - eternal separation from God - to manipulate and control the faithful is a sad truth; however, misusing the reality of Hell does not mean inventing Hell.

Statement by Mr. Zammit:
 Not everybody has to reincarnate... Consistent with the universal Law of Progress, eventually, even if it takes eons of time, all will progress to the higher spheres. [Mr. Zammit's version of Heaven is "Higher Spheres".]
miguel de Portugal comments:
If people believe that this life is not the only opportunity we are given by God to attain the Paradise-State like Adam and Eve represent, they, as we all well know, will leave for tomorrow (the next reincarnation - that is) what they do not have to do today (work toward the Paradise-State God has reserved for His children now.)

Then, when the person dies, that is, when the soul separates itself from the physical body, and finds itself before God, the soul will find out that it only had one opportunity and not many as the reincarnation proponents wish to convince the world of. Now, the soul sadly finds out, it is too late...

Many concepts that appear in the above referred Chapter of Mr. Zammit's book are correct, although some still remain hidden from many. However, there is enough poison mixed in with some of the spiritual truths he writes about to cause an enormous amount of spiritual AND psychological harm to the unaware, thus we issue this Note as a further warning to the unaware.

Originally Issued in Fuentes de Oñoro, Salamanca, SPAIN on September 1993

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