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satan’s Final Act

The extermination of Jews, Muslims and true Christians

Originally published in July 2009


The purpose of this document is to further illustrate to the Faithful the depth and breadth of the snares satan has set up for humanity. Our prayers seek that the Faithful become more vigilant and less paranoid, more prayerful and less dependent on humans, thus, more dependent on God. When the potential victim understands better how the aggressor functions, defense becomes far easier and less traumatic.


As we have amply explained elsewhere (1) all satan can do is:

(a) Try to make the journey of a soul in Time as painful as possible; and

(b) Try to maximize the stay in Purgatory of a soul who is bound for Heaven, but who has been greatly ensnared by satan in the soul’s journey through Time.

The one thing satan cannot do is cause a soul to go to hell if that soul was not hell-bound from all eternity when it was born in Time.

While he tries to fulfill (a) and (b) above he wants to:

(i) Make God look as bad he can; and

(ii) Ridicule those who are Heaven-bound as much as possible; while

(iii) Trying to pass himself as God as much as he can.

Really – his logic is that simple. He applies it in micro situations as well as macro situations: whether in a spat between spouses or in a major confrontation amongst nations of primarily different faiths – now “fashionably” called The Clash of Civilizations.


God used Abraham to establish the two monotheistic main lines on Earth.

He first fathered Ismael with his wife’s Egyptian slave because his own faith in God’s promise that Sarai would give him a child was not that strong. Ismael was the seed from which the Muslim Faith was to spring. [Genesis 16-17]

Then Abraham fathered Isaac with his wife, Sarai, as God had originally intended [Genesis 16-19]. Isaac was the seed from which Judaism was to spring forth and from which later Christianity sprung.


Once Jesus came into the scene in Time —which marked the very beginning of the End of These Times— satan “rolled up his sleeves” and went to work.


He turned Christians into Jew haters. No Christian conscience can be formed using the New Testament without being programmed to hate Jews. The New Testament presents “The Jews” as the evil ones while glossing over the fact that Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Apostles, and the first Christians were all Jews.

Imagine the upheaval today if we started to portray all women as evil because it was Eve, a woman, who got us expelled from Paradise. The New Testament is no different when it comes to the Jews. As we have carefully explained and shown – The Jews did nor crucify Jesus, the fanatics did (2).


With (A) (see above) in motion, the Jews would be automatically persecuted or discriminated against wherever they were if Christians were anywhere around. Amazingly enough there was relative harmony between Jews and Muslims for centuries because they found common ground: Both groups were persecuted by Christians. As those who study history know, the so called Catholic Monarchs of Spain —Ferdinand and Isabella— expelled all Jews and all Muslims from Spain, a nation which had become an Empire to be reckoned with on a worldwide scale.

With the mentality (mostly spread by Christians, but which already transcended Christianity) whatever went wrong in the world, the Jews were to be blamed for it, the groundwork was set for...


...the rise of Adolph Hitler – an absolute failure of a man whom satan took by the hand (3) to wreak as much havoc in the world as possible while attempting to eliminate all Jews – World War II and the holocaust. Some blame Pope Pius XII for this but it was not his fault. The fault rests at the feet of Pius XI, who ignored the detailed instructions from Heaven on how to avoid World War II (4). Thanks be to God, the Final Solution failed, and Hitler failed satan.

Now, satan goes to work and generates a proverbial “Plan B”.


The nominally Christian Western Powers, in order to make up to the Jews the sufferings they experienced during World War II, expelled the Palestinian Muslims from the lands they held from almost the first century, so that the Jews would again occupy the land they claim was theirs by Divine Right.

What an 1“act of charity”! Peter breaks the china but Mohammed gets the invoice. Logically, this is a festering situation which is now reaching its zenith.

In a parallel situation today, Al Qaeda gets the blame for whatever goes wrong in the world. The powers have made sure through, ample but subtle, propaganda that Al Qaeda becomes synonym with Muslim. Therefore, while until World War II whatever went wrong was the fault of the Jews, now, whatever goes wrong is the fault of the Muslims.

Now, the Israelites cannot do “any wrong" (after all, they claim to be the victims) and instead of Concentration Camps, they enclose” Palestinians (after all, they are the aggressors) in Concentration Camp-like areas: Gaza, for example. Then they practice the the tit for tat, that is, if a “tat” is a suicide bomber or a hand made rocket that may cause very limited suffering to the Israelis, the tit is a massacre in Palestinian territories. But that is acceptable to the new International Community, just as the pre-World War II International Community showed by its behavior that it was acceptable to persecute Jews.

Before proceeding, and judging from its behavior, we must enunciate the real definition of the International Community.

The International Community is fundamented on the new Golden Rule: “He who owns the Gold (money, thus, power), makes the Rules!”

Now – this is the picture that satan has before him: He has succeeded in having the Jews persecuted and murdered, mostly by Christians; he has succeeded in having Muslims persecuted and murdered, first by Christians and now by the Christians and Israelites.

Now, What to do for an encore? satan muses.

(E) Let us briefly review the plan/events that humanity is living through now:

“We are facing a short, but very severe, time of trouble for the entire world. It will be like 1914-1945, but much shorter in duration and affecting every part of the world. This time, the US will not escape with little harm as it did in the two previous World Wars.

There will be massive natural disasters —which have already commenced— and man-made disasters: a very brief world war, followed by an attempt of globalized regime of the left, immediately followed (as the last act) by another brief globalized regime, this time of the right, which will be topped off by the identification/introduction of the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ.

Only Divine intervention will pull us back from the edge of destruction.”

Voila! Satan has set up the ultimate brutal circus: The hosts of the False Christ, who, having been identified (5), will lead the extermination of Jews, Muslims and true Christians.

Brethren – that is satan’s final Global Final Solution: The extermination of all who will not accept him as the true savior and who will remain loyal to the true God they worship in different —but very real and faithful— ways.


Thankfully, the real and living God, in the Person of Jesus, will bring all of that to a thundering halt and the wailing and gnashing of teeth of many will be drowned by the joyful Hallelujahs of a few.

How narrow is the gate and the way is restricted that leads to life! There are few who find it. [Matthew 7:14]

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satan’s General Plan

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En Español:  El Último Acto de satanás - La exterminación de Judíos, Musulmanes y verdaderos Cristianos

Published on July 8th, 2009

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