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Gorbachev Declares

 "My Time Has Not Come Yet"

Consider that...

Gorbachev (0) publicly states that his time has not come yet. (1)

He is also the man who said that "...China could not avoid political reforms..." (2)

Were the attempts to destabilize China part of the original Bush-Gorbachev-Opus Dei plan (3)? It they were, it seems that they backfired since the PRC is making the transition from communism to capitalism in an spectacular manner, while Russia keeps tumbling about, the Chavez-Lula de Silva axis in South America seem stronger every day and Africa continues to be bathed in its own blood now that they are "free" from its former colonial masters.

Let us also consider that the relationship between Cuba's Fidel Castro and some elements of The Vatican has become close and cordial. Much too close to fit the ideology which Castro claims and the ideology the Roman Catholic Church stands for, but.... consistent with the apparent modus operandi of the Opus Dei - The ends justify the means. (4)

Is it not peculiar that Fidel Castro managed to remain in power of a bankrupt small island nation and wield world wide influence disproportionate with the importance of the country he rules? No other world leader has remained in control for so long, throughout the same period of time (5) and under such adverse circumstances, anywhere in the world. Why?

Is it not interesting that Cuba was still hosting Russian military installations until the dawn of the 21st century and  is the only anti-U.S.A. country which is close enough that could launch multiple nuclear tipped low flying missiles that could not be detected by the U.S.A. radar defenses early enough to destroy them?

Let us also remember that Fidel Castro is not always in charge of those situations - he was just another curious bystander during the missile "crisis" (6). He would make an excellent scapegoat, wouldn't he? After all, bin Laden served quite well to quickly implement the Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change  (7) which was released a scant 10 days after President Bush's first term commenced.

Is it not interesting that the Vatican II Council, which triggered an unprecedented upheaval in the Roman Catholic Church, and which, in turn, allowed the hordes of the Opus Dei to finally seize its control, commenced about the time Castro assumed full and indisputable control of Cuba, while at the same time the Most Holy Virgin Mary appeared over 2000 times in a Spanish hamlet which, in the sixties seemed to have been as backward as Fatima was in 1917, while delivering very serious apocalyptic messages  (8) which every day seem to fit better and better in the sewer we call our home planet?

THINK!... that is, if you are still able to do so.  But if not... maybe the true code of Dan Browns ultra famous novel will open your eyes. (9)


The Gorbachev Index
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The World Saviors
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(7)  Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change
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(9) The real "Code" of Brown's novel

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