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The Bombing of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Belgrade during the Kosovo War

Was There Another Angle To It?  (1)

An Update


The original version of this document was written and issued in the year 2000, before George W. Bush's election to the Presidency of the United States of America. As a result of the more recent CIA's "mistake" regarding the alleged intelligence claiming the Saddam Hussein was trying to purchase uranium from an African nation, an interestingly coherent NOTE has been added to this document on July 16, 2003. Said NOTE may be found at the end of this refreshed document. We recommend that the document be read first so that the added NOTE, with the message it contains, is better understood.


With so many strange coincidences associated with Extreme Religious Right Groups and the CIA, could anyone then be surprised that...

The only target in Belgrade selected by the CIA (3) was the building which housed the Embassy of the People's Republic of China? A situation which could have caused a most grave confrontation between the U.S.A and the People's Republic of China and a global nuclear catastrophe.

To have precipitated the People's Republic of China and the U.S.A. into a nuclear war, would have paved the way for the apparent hidden agenda of Bush/Gorbachev/Opus Dei - The Vatican [a triumvirate which by the year 2003 have gone, as expected, three very different ways. (4)]

With so many strange coincidences, it was and continue to be disturbing that...

(a) The leading Presidential candidate for the United States Presidential Election in 2000 was the Governor of Texas and the son of former CIA Director and former President George H. Bush;

(b) Candidate Bush received, what almost appeared to be like, unlimited amounts of money to finance his campaign;

(c) The other son of former CIA Director and former President Bush is the Governor of another powerful and influential State - Florida; and

(d) Another former CIA Director, Mr. Deutsch, grossly mishandled highly classified CIA information and after being caught and having apologized, did it again at the Pentagon and has not even received a slap on the wrist.

Are these strange coincidences just the product of chance?

EPILOGUE  (Added on July 16, 2003)

On July 11th the current CIA Director, George Tenet, publicly assumed the responsibility for President Bush thinking, and utilizing as a very subtle but persuasive reason to attack Iraq, that Saddam Hussein had tried to secure Uranium from an African nation for his obviously non existing Weapons of Mass Destruction program.

The proof that such was the case were some documents which did not stand close scrutiny. They were falsified and as such exposed by different entities worldwide before the invasion of Iraq started. We are now awaiting to see if anyone is going to ask the question: Who falsified them? The "Why?" is obvious, but the "Who?" is what is really important.

Once again we are faced with an unjustified "Oops!" from the CIA. (5) The first was diplomatically handled, the second played a key role in the arbitrary occupation of a sovereign nation... will the third "Oops!" be a nuclear hit which will trigger a global holocaust, as is now being obviously scheduled by means of the North Korean nuclear crisis?

We think that Politics - specifically Partisan Politics - should be set aside by the American public and that they carefully analyze what is taking place within the halls of power of the greatest Nation on Earth before we get to the point where it may lose that coveted position which was acquired by the sweat and blood of its fine citizens.

Ecclesiastical Masonry - Sects within the Roman Catholic Church

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(1) When this document was originally written and issued, we were not implying that the CIA or any other agency (2) of the official government of the United States of America were behind such act. On the contrary, President Clinton was determined to attain, and wisely so, a stable relationship with the People's Republic of China. However, sabotage from within the CIA itself is not unthinkable. Are there any other "Rich Ames" within the CIA with an different agenda? No one knows but them.

(2) It has been reported that Mr. Louis Freeh, the Director of the FBI, is associated with the Opus Dei and circumstantial evidence seem to point to their influential presence in the top echelons of today's CIA.

(3) Reuters July 22, 1999.

(4) Gone their own ways as expected. Since the time this document was originally written (year 2000) these three groups have ended their proverbial Honeymoon: (a) Bush believes to be directly connected to God; (b) Opus Dei / Vatican Team think that they are God and do not recognize Bush's authority; and (c) Gorbachev does not believe in either of their allegedly Divine mission/appointment.

(5) Text of Mr. Tenet's "Mea Culpa" with the expected logical justification. (A justification as acceptable as the one used to bomb the PRC Embassy in Belgrade: That the CIA used an out of date map of Belgrade.

En Español:  La CIA Bombardea la Embajada China en Belgrado

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