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Various Suggestions in Case of Emergency

Let us Praise God for He gave us the additional time to prepare

The question is: Have we used such reprieve wisely?


We feel morally obligated to share with the loyal visitors to this Domain certain precautions that The M+G+R Foundation and certain associates have taken.

It is not our desire to cause a disruption of your daily life. On the contrary, we want to share with you part of the reason why each and every one of us goes to sleep at night in peace to awake in the morning refreshed and ready to continue serving Our Creator as Our Lord Jesus Christ deems appropriate on that particular day.

As of now, and henceforth, certain associates of The M+G+R Foundation live in readiness as if a major catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, floods, fire, accident, brief nuclear exchange, etc.) was about to strike. That is, ready to properly function for a few days under adverse conditions.


What are adverse conditions? and What to do in them?

1.- A tire fails on an oncoming SUV, it crashes into your vehicle and you die instantly. Were you in a State of Grace? Thus... Remain in a State of Grace at all times.

2.- A fire burns major power transmission lines. Credit card validation system and ATM's depend on electricity and they will be inoperable. [Portugal has been essentially paralyzed several times when the ATM system of the whole country collapsed for several hours; and that was just a computer glitch.]

Do you have enough cash on hand to function for a week or so? Keep some cash (2) handy.

3.- Try to keep you auto fuel tank at least half full.

4.- Have battery operated lights available and an ample supply of batteries.

5.- Refrigerated food will spoil without electrical power. Keep an ample supply of non perishable and healthy food on hand.

6.- A major chemical spill contaminates the public water supply of your area.

Do you have enough water to drink to supply you and your family with drinking water through the days of decontamination? [We have seen the water supply of several cities cut off for six days and more as the result of some contamination at the source. That is a major city without a drop of water for six days! Get a simple water purification kit - for both types of contamination: Chemical and bacteriological.]

7.- Store several gallons of tap water for toilet flushing, limited personal hygiene, etc.

8.- Network and local radio transmission fails. How do you keep up with the emergency messages given to you by the proper authorities?

Secure a small, battery operated short wave radio, an ample supply of batteries as well as a listing of short wave stations worldwide. Do not rely on the Internet to be operable during this period.

9.- An unexpected physical catastrophe is imminent for your community. You must immediately depart. Do you know what you need to take? Which essential prescription medications? Which identifying legal documents?

Pack a quick getaway small bag with all the critical items that you may need while away from home.

Have a list ready reminding you of the very last minute things that you need to place in that little bag and to do/undo in your residence before leaving.

10.- Ground transportation is inoperable. Do you have a pair of really comfortable walking shoes handy?

Get a pair of hiking boots and break them in.

11.- Do you live in a mosquito prone area?

Have an ample supply of professional mosquito repellent spray and a few citronella candles.

12.- Was the mythical SUV a nuclear holocaust?

Access our Day After (3) Site as soon as you are able to.... because it will happen.

What NOT to do.

1.- Do not buy an electrical generator if you do not have one. Where are you going to get the fuel to run it? If the catastrophe is large enough you will run out of fuel; and if is not, the generator was far too much of an investment for what was needed, unless you have someone using a life support system at home. Use solar power. For example.

2.- Do not run out and buy/lease a place in the country away from it all. Do you know the exact location where an asteroid will not hit? A radiation fall out free zone? When the catastrophe is large enough, we assure you, God will be your only hope.

3.- Do not panic. What for? You may get hit by a run-away SUV in fifteen minutes, or fifteen days, or fifteen years or never. Are you going to sit around now and fret (4) while you wait? Review and pray Psalm 91.... (5)  and relax!

4.- Do not be overly concerned with financial matters. Prayerfully review Matthew 6:24-34

5. Do not believe the "All is well" messages from the Vatican - remember, the Roman Catholic Church Administration delivered the world to the ravages of communism and World War II. (6)

6.- Do not go around chasing the latest false visionary messages (7). That is just as bad as reading your daily Horoscope for guidance or the daily news, for that matter!

All that God had to say through His Mother, He has. (8) All the pitfalls that you must avoid are clearly explained in the Holy Scriptures, and have been pointed out to you by us. What else do you need to know? Exactly what part of the Akita Message, (9) for example, don't you understand?

That Paris will go up in flames [Paco Rabane's recent unfulfilled prophecy]? Well, what is it to you? We assure you, you will not be needing French parfums or apres rasage.

Have you made amends with all that you have offended? Are you in State of Grace? This IS what you need to be concerned about.


If you think: "What if I do all that and nothing happens?" We respond: "Well, what have you lost?"

But what if, for example, you do get hit by that SUV with faulty tires next weekend? Do not blame us... you are the one who has been saying for years ...and forgive my trespasses as (10) I have forgiven those who have trespassed against me.... when you pray the Our Father. (11)

Are we charging you for this information? Are we selling you survival supplies? Think for a change!

Wake up and smell the coffee before there is no coffee to smell!!


May the Holy Spirit of God assist each and every one of you in preparing for what is to yet to come [ Step No. 1 ], in accordance to His Will. We also encourage each and everyone to learn how Chemical and Biological Warfare are part of the prophecies of the Book of Revelations.

(1) In this reissue we have linked to documents which did not exist at the time of original issue.
(2) As much as you can afford to, although $ 1,000 in small bills is a practical amount.
(3) Day After
(4) This is what you can do!
(5) Psalm 91
(6) Facts and figures using approved by them documents
(7) Too many visionaries - how many are real?
(8) He has through Mary
(9) Akita message
(10) "as" means: In the same manner.
(11) Our Father

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