The Chronology Leading to the Publication of "Varcare la Soglia Della Speranza"

References Used for Chronology

(A) Commentaries from Introduction of book by Vittorio Messori, Editor.
(B) Portuguese Edition. Published on October 28, 1994.
(C) Other dates and events from News Media Reports and Files.

1. May, 1993. First contact with Messori by the General-Director of RAI (Italian RadioTelevision) via telephone. Proposing a televised interview with John Paul II. Occasion: 15th Anniversary of his Pontificate (on October 16th 1993).

2. August 6, 1993 "Veritatis Splendor" Encyclical Issued.

3. Messori sent in some questions for the Holy Father which would be used in the televised interview. Met with him at Castelgandolfo.

4. September 1993 was the last possible date for the taping. Project canceled. For September 1993 alone, the Holy Father had a work agenda that filled 36 computer printed pages.

5. November 11, 1993, the Holy Father falls during an audience and fractures his right clavicle. Use of arm and hand very restricted.

6. December 8, 1993 a prophetic Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times is mailed to the President of all Episcopal Conferences throughout the world.

7. "A few months later from the September cancellation" (very late in 1993 or early on 1994) Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Vatican Spokesman, telephones Messori with an alleged message from the Holy Father. The alleged message: "John Paul II felt that he should answer the submitted questions and is working on them as time permits. When finished, they would be given to Messori."

8. April, 1994, on an unspecified day which appears to be before the fall (see item 9, below), Messori receives Dr. Navarro-Valls at his home. The handwritten text of the book in question is given to Messori.

9. April 28, 1994, the Holy Father falls in his apartments and breaks head of right femur. There is a long convalescence. Cardinal Consistory Scheduled for May 9 and 10 canceled.

10. May 23, 1994 All of the Episcopal Conferences of the world are informed by miguel de Portugal of the long standing prophecy that John Paul II will be the last Pope before the End of These Times.

11. June 13, 1994 Cardinal Consistory takes place.

12. September 8, 1994 VISÄO Publishes "O exército secreto do Papa", ["The Pope's Secret Army"] an exposé on Opus Dei. Furious rebuttal follows.

13. Mid October 1994 the Italian version of the book was published.

14. End October 1994 Messori denounced a plot to force the resignation of the Holy Father.(3)

15. December 8, 1994 A report is published worldwide, by miguel de Portugal, exposing a major error in the book relating to the fall of Communism.

Miscellaneous Notes and Commentaries

(1) The text in Italian was submitted and reexamined by "its author" in the version that was published in Italian. There is no report of Mr. Messori meeting or talking with John Paul II after the meeting at Castengandolfo.

(2) Simultaneously, versions translated to the main languages of the world are published. [21 languages in 38 countries, 20 million issues].

All of this was surprisingly achieved without one single leak to the world Press. There is no apparent reason that the publication of a seemingly innocuous book be kept as a State Secret. The Cardinal Consistory, which is a rare event and could lend itself to much speculation, was not kept secret.

(3) Mr. Messori, in an interview in the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero" and quoted by the Portuguese "O DIA" on November 3, 1994, denounced that there was a plot to force the resignation of the Holy Father.

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