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What To Expect In The Near Future

The 1999-2000 transition was essentially flawless... and the world sighed in relief.

Perhaps such relief is justified if we only consider that, electronically, most everything went well. However, there are other matters that the Christian faithful may want to consider as the year 2000 turns into the year 2001 and so on.

Consideration A The year 2,000 is the last year of the 20th Century [1] and not the beginning of the 21st Century.

Consideration B For those who believe the Prophecy that the 20th Century was under the power of satan, it should logically follow then that in the remainder of the year 2,000 he will have to conclude his evil work; work which God will allow as part of the mystery of iniquity. [Unfortunately, evil has spilled well into the 21st Century.]

Consideration C For those who believe that His Holiness John Paul II is the last Pope [2], then they should expect a great upheaval in The Vatican very soon. [Assuming, of course, that the man we see and hear is the original John Paul II and not a stand-in. The Vatican has been known to stage major forgeries in order to consolidate temporal power.]

Consideration D For those who believe that after His Holiness John Paul II there will be one more Pope, what we said above applies as well. Historically there will be one more Pope but he will not be a true successor of Peter.

Consideration E Those who believe that there will be a great Warning and that, within the following next 12 month period, there will be a great Miracle, may want to review the social and political condition the world has to be in, as reported by appropriate the visionaries, when the Warning is issued by Heaven. [2]

Consideration F For those who expect The Vatican to issue a Press Release announcing that "The Pope of the Antichrist" has been elected, that is, that The Vatican or the local Bishop will warn the world of what is taking place we say: If the Roman Pontiffs did not reveal the true third part of the Secret of Fatima because the negative impact it would have in the world at this late hour, it is most unlikely that the imminent arrival of the AntiChrist will be officially announced. [3]

As a way of example: Did the "Church" of the time (the Masters of the Temple of Jerusalem) announced the arrival of the Messiah when Jesus was walking amongst men? No, they did not. They crucified Him!

The same will occur in regards to His Second Coming; an event which will be preceded by the manifestation of the FalseChrist. This time, however, it will be His Mystical Body, the true Church, which will be crucified by the fanatics within and without it.

Consideration G For those who think that man will be able to lead this world to peace without massive Heavenly intervention, we recommend that they read what the Official Roman Catholic Catechism [4] has to say about the impossibility of man alone bringing Peace and Harmony to this wounded and perverted world.

For the non-religious type.... we recommend the reading of a very secular document made available to the Ambassadors of the key Western Powers at their respective Embassies at Washington, D.C., U.S.A, and Madrid, Spain. One does not even have to believe in God to realize that we are heading for a global disaster and no man can stop it! Unless, of course, one is a master of deceit and convinces other men that he can do it.

This "superman" will precisely be the forerunner of the False Christ. Unfortunately the people will believe that the forerunner is the real Anti Christ without realizing that this will be the ultimate deceit.

It is imperative that the world remembers the true message of hope: Christ has Died, Christ has Risen, Christ will Come Again in Glory!

His Holiness John Paul II pointed out to the world in his January 12th General Audience that: If we do what Christ asks us to do, the millennium that is approaching will be able to have a new face, more evangelical and more genuinely Christian, and so respond to Mary's most profound aspirations.

Precisely because of that it is imperative that we truly understand the significance of: "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear." The reader does not have to take our word for it - The Holy Scriptures illustrates it for us from cover to cover.

Man can have an active part in the achievement of world peace and harmony since it still is in his hands: The degree of mankind's positive response to the calls from Heaven to " what Christ asks us to do..." will determine the volume used in the above alluded "megaphone". Read and understand: Mankind's response will determine how much humanity will have to suffer before the End of These Times.

The faithful should draw their own conclusions after meditating upon the above, which should be viewed with the world events of the last 36 months as a backdrop.

A Final Commentary

Our dear John Paul II could not spell all of this out because of the recognized position he occupies, but Miguel de Portugal can... and has to. That is precisely the reason for our existence. However, only those to whom God has given the Grace to understand and believe what is written in His Name, will be able to do so at the appropriate time; others will not, even if they wanted to.

This overall concept of belief and unbelief naturally could not be better expressed and explained than Our Lord Jesus Christ did through John 5:41-47.

(1) The Vatican declares so.
(2) The Messages from Garabandal
(3) The Question of Fatima
(4) Excerpts from the Catechism
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