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The Da Vinci Code Movie Review

Reprinted from a Communiqué to our Readers

Typical Question being answered:

What did you think of the movie "The Da Vinci Code"?

miguel de Portugal viewed the Da Vinci Code film when it premiered in Portugal one day earlier than in most (if not all) of the world - first showing of May 18th.

Following are his comments:

The only thing that was noticed not to be coherent with the reality that we are aware of - in the natural and supernatural domains - was the Mary Magdalene/wife of Jesus/Blood Line story - which we know, not believe, but know, not to be true. The rest? What can we say? It is "Business as usual" - whether is The Godfather III or Robert Philip Hansen or William E. Colby, or the bombing of the PRC Embassy in Belgrade, or the Trajectory of H.H. John Paul II, etc.

About Silas, the mad monk... or was it the "over zealous" monk? Of course, the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei does not have monks but.... as the saying goes "The habit does not make the monk" - May those who have Eyes, See and Ears, Hear.

The movie indeed is a good Public Relations effort for the benefit of Opus Dei because what is presented about them appears to be so far off from any imaginable reality that it will be easily discounted by the general public. While, on the other hand, the blood line of a Jesus' descendant is presented in a very, very believable manner, which, in turn, is a perfect background set up for the presentation of the False Christ. Clever, isn't it?

Comments from the typical "movie goer" perspective:

(1) Complicated plot with many surprises; but

(2) Not a "cliff hanger" at all; thus

(3) Felt that it was dragging on and on; and

(4) Silas will be a hit with the sado/masochist faction of the gay community. He may even become the "Poster Boy" of S&M.

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Originally sent to our List on May 19, 2006 @ 6 A.M. EST

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