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A faithful visitor to our pages has mentioned in the past the ill effects electromagnetic waves have on the health of humans. Because we know it to be a reality, and since such information is being kept away from many, we asked her to write about her family's experience with this health nightmare.

Obviously God had other plans because what she wrote was more of a testimony to God's Goodness and the need to feed an ailing soul, who is truly desiring union with God, with the Bread of Heaven as miguel de Portugal has been commanded by God to preach. (*)

Therefore, with her permission, and after removing any personal and professional identifying characteristic, we are publishing her entire letter for the Glory of God and the Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health of His Children - The Elect.

The Letter...

May the Peace of our Lord be with you!

I will try my best to briefly tell you my experience with electromagnetic waves.

I moved to Syracuse almost 5 years ago. On the day after we moved in, my husband, who is disabled, became very sick. This lasted 10 months with him being bedridden the whole time. He had a variety of symptoms, which included electric shock pains throughout his body, and stomach problems which made it hard for him to eat and hold food down. He also developed a rash all over his body. Doctors could not find any explanation for this illness. We were not so concerned because we had moved to conquer a drug problem, and thought this illness was the result of the withdrawal from drugs.

I mention this, not so that you think badly of me, although I would deserve it, but rather so that you will see just how good and merciful God was and is to me and how grateful I am to Him.

I had been trying to find my way back to God for several years before moving to Syracuse, and the harder I tried, the more temptation got the best of me. Every time I went to a prayer meeting or as I read the bible, there would be a knock at my door, and I would fall all over again. I started to realize I was in a battle, I could not win, because I was not receiving the spiritual nourishment I needed. I had been told that because of my marital situation I was not allowed to receive communion, thus I didn't for many years prior to this time.

About this time, my father, who had no idea of this secret, drug controlled, life I lead, came to visit, and told me not to let ANY man or woman keep me away from Jesus. With that advice and knowing how low I had sunk, I went to see Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

I poured my heart out to Him and asked His help. I told him I knew I am not worthy to receive him, but that I couldn't do this without Him, and to forgive me if this offended Him. I started to go to Mass as often as I could, and things started to get better. I kept falling and but kept trying. We moved from Queens to Long Island to try and put some distance between me and the drug dealer. This worked for a while, but I started to fall again, worse than I had before.

I returned to see Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and again told Him I was losing the battle and asked for His supernatural assistance as this was bigger than I was. He told me to move to Syracuse, where my husband's family was. Within a month my things were packed, and in a moving truck even though I had no idea where we would go. Within two weeks He showed us our new home in Syracuse and, despite no money and no credit, we were able to purchase the house. I never looked back and didn't go back to that life again.

Now as far as my daughter, the first year I was so focused on my husband's illness that I didn't notice anything unusual with my daughter. The second year she seemed to catch every illness possible. I still didn't think much until the second winter when she had pneumonia twice and numerous infections. Then the spring came and as mysteriously as the sickness' came they left, that is, until the next fall.

She again caught many sickness' and missed 4 months of school. At this point I started to take her to every specialist my insurance would allow, no luck and no help. She started to develop intense migraines that lasted 20 to 40 days with NO relief.

No medicines and no doctors could help. The neurologist could "see" the headache on the brain scan but could not find the source. Then spring came and she got better. In the meantime it was Lent and I was learning how to fast, and what it is, (through you) and so I did and lifted it up for my daughter. On one drive to the doctors office, I heard a commercial about P.I., which is a immune deficiency disease. I knew as the commercial came on, that God was sending me a message, I just didn't understand it. So I dove into researching this disease, but got nowhere in help for my daughter, but requested a referral for an immunologist.

I again pleaded with God to show me the cause in another way. Next, every time I turned on my computer I kept coming across articles on weather warfare and electomagnetics.

This went on for four months. I again didn't understand and kept asking God why He was showing me this. I was not connecting it to my daughter. I kept on concentrating on the Russia, China, etc. part of the news story. I kept asking God why He was showing me this since I am just a wife and mother and could do nothing about what He was showing me. He was showing me what was wrong with my daughter all the time, I just was not getting it. So just as it suddenly came up on my computer screen, it no longer did, and so, I let it go.

I still was asking Him for help for my daughter, and told Him I knew He was trying to show me something but that I was to stupid to "get it" and to please show me in a way I would understand. The next week a woman heard me talking about my daughter and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me what was wrong with her. She explained it probably was that I lived under power transmission towers. I had no idea what she was talking about but I also knew this was God's doing somehow.

She took me outside and showed me these high voltage power lines and said they were probably the cause. I told her there were no things like that by my house but there was a cell tower. She explained both were on the electromagnetic scale and to go home and research. When she said the word electromagnetic I knew what God had been trying to show me all along. I went home and searched and sure enough, thousands of people were exhibiting the same symptoms as my daughter.

A few days later, we were at an immunologist, who I had requested to see a year before because of the commercial I had heard. The immunologist tested my daughter extensively and could find nothing wrong with her body and said it must be her environment. I explained we had already brought her to an allergist to test for anything in my home and after 120 needles, all tests were negative. The doctor then repeated that it must be her environment. I started to cry as the doctor explained there was no other specialists to see, I had seen every specialist there was,... and then she sneezed.

I took her sneeze as prompt from God to pray for this doctor and so I did pray silently. As I prayed, the doctor got up, closed the door and started to talk to me off the record, and proceeded to tell me everything that other woman had said and some of the things that I had read about.

The doctor explained this was a dangerous situation, because big money was involved and that he/she would not repeat this again, in or outside of the office, but told me that I should consider moving. The doctor said that the tests would be repeated again just to be sure. After the test were completed, the doctor would call with the results. If they were confirmed normal, I would know that was "the code" to get out from where I was and there should be no further contact with the doctor.

Two weeks later the call came on a Wednesday - results "Negative". Friday I took my daughter to my sisters' home which is away from such towers. This took place after 20 days of a migraine, with her not being able to have a light on or any noise around her, not even a TV. Within 6 hours her headache left. She stayed there for three weeks without a sign or symptom so I took her home as a test. Sure enough, the next morning her headache was back. I repeated this 3 times, each time she came home she got sick again, and so I left her to stay at my sisters (she has been FINE since.)

In the meantime I was praying with a neighbor who is very sick, and she started to scream. The screams unnerved me but I wasn't sure why. The next time my husband got the electric pain, he too screamed and it was the same scream this woman had, and it jogged something in my mind. I went back to her and asked why she screamed and asked her what her pain felt like. She described exactly the same thing as my husband.

So I went back to researching and found they both were suffering from this as well. After reading and reading, I realized my whole neighborhood was sick, with all sorts of illnesses, all due to this but because of how this works no one is putting 2 and 2 together.

These electromagnetic waves lower your immune system first and then whatever your body is prone to, due to your genetics, is what happens to you. Some develop cancer, there are all types of cancer in my neighborhood, there are also many other illness' and insomnia (only between the hours of 2 am and 5 am because that is when the most beacons are sent out to test the signals.)

Many have muscle aches, depression, anxiety, liver dysfunction, blood disorders, the list goes on and on. The reason my neighborhood has it so bad and mostly in the winter, is because we are in a snow belt and have lake effect weather that keeps us in cloud cover most of the fall and winter. The cloud cover holds the radiation closer to the earth and symptoms are worse. That is why in the spring and summer people tend to feel better.

I have no formal education except high school, however God has allowed me to learn and understand quite a bit about this. I have since found two other mothers with children just like mine and most of the children in this neighborhood are sick all winter. I have not found yet why some people experience immediate problems and why some experience no immediate symptoms. But it seems to me that if you don't have immediate symptoms it is then you are at the highest risk for cancer.

All those I have spoke with that have cancer had no other symptoms first. Not sure if this is true yet, but this I what I am leaning towards.

I wish I could say more people believe me, but as you said not all have eyes to see with. You were also right when you said our Heavenly Father loves us and will keep explaining to us in as many ways as we need to understand. Looking back now I see in the commercial, that He was trying to show me something was attacking her immune system.

Although the weather warfare is true, He was not showing me it to do something about it (at least not yet) - He was trying to show me about the science of electromagnetic. When I didn't understand that way, He stopped showing me that, and showed me the only way I could understand, by directly using someone else's mouth to tell me.

Praise Be Our Lord, He is TRULY Merciful and Loving, even to someone like me who lived in the gutter most of her life. I truly was like the prodigal son, so far off and He did run to meet me and has taken me step by step. I have come along way but still have so far to go, there are still many things of my "old" life I cling to even though I try not to. He understands and helps me to get rid of them one by one. He never has overloaded me or told me once I must change for Him to love me, it truly is, His love that is changing me.

I am so grateful and why I seek the lost, homeless, and drug addicts, etc. to tell about Him. I know He can and will help them if they ask. It doesn't matter how dirty you are, or how worthless you feel, He is the God of love and mercy, and will lead you. It is true, seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive.

Thank you Father for loving me and for transforming me back into the creature You created me to be. Bless me with your Grace Father, so that I never forget who I was, and are becoming because of your Mercy and help me to love and care for all those you send to me, the same way you loved me, so that in my love, they will see a small reflection of the love You have for them too.

Thank you Father for allowing Miguel to help us, and for allowing him to tell me all that he has in Your name, mainly that I am welcome at Your table. Thank you Miguel for your yes to God, I pray that my yes to whatever He calls me to, will help as many people as He has allowed you to help, so that His Glory is manifested to All His children, no matter how far away they may be from Him now.

I know this is long, I apologize for my rambling, I hope this helps you in your mission, and feel free to cut out whatever you like. I just felt to compelled to tell all of this to you, so that you would see how lost I was, and how much Mercy was shown to me, when I deserved none of it.

Please know you are and will continue to be in my daily prayers, and as I said before, if we should meet on this earth, or if it is not until we get to Heaven, I still have a great big hug to give you in thanksgiving to you for your "yes" to God.

I hope you are starting to see how much God has used you to help me, and it will inspire you to keep on going, even though it appears to be useless at times, it never is, sometimes we just don't see how many lives God has allowed us to touch. You, my friend, have certainly touched mine, and I am so very grateful to you and most of all to Him for the gift of you.

May Our Merciful Lord continue to shower you all with His blessings!!!!

Love, Peace, and Blessings

Lady "L"


As Good would have it... We sent the letter to an associate to ask for a completely unbiased opinion about removing any mention about miguel de Portugal and/or The M+G+R Foundation. [One can never be too careful with the temptation of "blowing one's horn".]

With the exception of pointing out an improper use of a capitalized letter, he recommended to leave the letter "as is" and then proceeded to share his experience!

With his permission we shall also reproduce his experience, also unedited, here. It follows:

I still remember my first church service in 1978, after years away. I went to a very liberal Protestant church for a Sunday evening communion service, soon after having had an experience of Christ. I went to church, but did not go up to the altar rail; I was one of the few who stayed back, since I was not sure I believed enough to receive. (I remembered my strict Anglican training as a child, and the dire warnings against "unworthy communion.") Well ... a little old granny grabbed me, and took me up to the altar rail, and the priest giving the communion gave me a hug and offered the bread and wine. I took it, and was in ... and that was how this ex-Marxist atheist got back into church. Love and inclusion did the trick.

The M+G+R Foundation concludes this joyful document with a: "Let's hear it for the grannies of the world!" They do not belong in Nursing Homes, they are needed to lovingly draw His children back to Him as only grannies know how to do.

miguel de Portugal also had two of those "grannies". A "blood granny" - Mary of the Immaculate Conception - who gave a perfect example of what is to live with the feet firmly planted on Earth while the head gently reposing on Jesus' chest; and a "spiritual granny" who taught him to pray the Rosary and gave life to the widow's mite [Luke 21:1-5] in an unforgettable way. Providentially, her name was Elizabeth and he called her "Mother Elizabeth" without having a hint what God had reserved for Him and the symbolism of the name. May God grant both of them a very special place in Heaven!

(*) The Withholding of Holy Communion is a Crime Against God

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