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How to discern sectarian groups within organized religion

Part 2

How to Prevent Being Brainwashed

Know your enemy!

Originally published on June 7th, 2009

The purpose of this brief document is to give the seekers of the Truth, that is, the seekers of God, a very simple way to identify a sect or a cult. (1)


A series of articles have been published in a European magazine dealing with Brainwashing (2). One of the articles had a brief check list titled "Brainwash in Eight Steps". Although we have covered those "Eight Steps" in our various documents on brainwashing (3), they have never been presented all together and in such concise form. Therefore, we are translating said checklist and present it below for the benefit of all.


Brainwash in Eight (very easy) Steps

Thought Control

It is forbidden to talk with people who may hold opposite views or read books which are not in tune with "the group". The new "convert" is separated from its family and friends.

Strict Hierarchy

Uniform behavioral patterns are created. The new "convert" is convinced of the unique character - some traits even of supernatural nature - of the supreme leader.

With Me or Against Me

Impose the believe that the only ones who are good in world are members of "the group" - all others are bad. There is no in between state.

Whistle Blowing on Others is Rewarded

No privacy is allowed. The superiors must be informed - through the proper channels - of any deviation from the expected behavior and thought. In this manner, the whistle blower enhances his/her image before its superiors while strict uniformity of action and thought are maintained

Absolute Truths

"The group" has  its own vision of the world, a vision which is presented as the only scientifically correct view and which offer the only valid answers.

Secret Code

The sect/cult creates exclusive terms, which are incomprehensible (nonsensical) to others, to describe reality - their reality. The encoded language helps in controlling the thought process.

Our World and Nothing Else

"The group" is forced to become the only important aspect of the new "convert". There is no room for outside activities or dreams.

There Is No Escape

Once entrapped, the victim (formerly called the new "convert") feels totally dependent on "the group" because it cannot imagine a complete and happy life outside "the group".

(End of Steps)


A very serious problem associated with the above steps is that Scriptural Readings - regardless of faith in question - can be taken out of context to give a "Divine" justification as to why those steps are, not only valid, but absolutely necessary for salvation. This situation provides another example of why the Scriptures must be read and interpreted as suggested in our documents (4) addressing the "quoting out of context"  and "selective translation" problems.

We must remember: Coherence (5) must always reign supreme.


(1) Difference between a Sect and a Cult

(2) Sources for articles: Brainwashing - The Science of Thought Control, K. Taylor, Oxford University Press, London, 2007 and Técnicas de persuación: de la propaganda al lavado de cerebro, J.A.C. Brown, Alianza editorial, Madrid, 2004

(3) On Brainwashing - Document I and Document II

(4) Biblical Literalism - Part I and Part II

(5) The importance of Coherence

Published on June 7th, 2009 - Trinity Sunday

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