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On Brainwashing

Part 3

Psycho-social interventions under deliberate, conscious and scientific counsel

A show-case: Serbians' strategy in the ex-Yugoslavian conflict

to destroy psychologically the Muslims and Croatians

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As the world population is fed, through the media, misleading information by governments, non governmental organizations and religious leaders, the monitoring of the news, in an effort to know what is really happening in the world, becomes a useless exercise in futility.

On Part 1 of this Series we covered how a small circulation, but respected, Portuguese daily managed to even trick NASA into believing that there was going to be a major meteorite storm on August 11, 1993. On Part 4 of this series we cover several other examples of how the manipulation of the masses continues to take place.

In this Part we wish to cover two very concrete and serious examples of how Psychological Warfare is conducted.


Two Concrete Examples of Mind Control


The most recent example has been the Psychological Warfare (1) waged in Afghanistan in an effort to topple the Taliban Regime.


A no less dramatic example of Psychological Warfare may be found in a report presented at the Tenth World Congress of Psychiatry held in Madrid which was published by the Spanish Press (2) to illustrate how mass mind control is still in use to promote destructive ideas and behavior.

In said report the world may see how the Serbian leadership employed psychiatric techniques to destroy the identity of their enemies.

Below is our translation of some key items of said report (2).

Translation of Key Excerpts

Block A

"Tenth World Congress in Psychiatry: The Serbians employs psychiatric techniques to destroy the identity of their enemies."

Block B

The Serbian leadership planned certain psycho social interventions to promote the social and cultural dismemberment of their enemies. During his address... Dr. Díaz de Peral stated that these tactics were psychiatrically designed.

Block C

The Spanish psychiatrist, A. Fernández Liria, also stated that the strategies utilized by the Serbian leaders to destroy psychologically the Muslims and Croatians were carried out under "deliberate, conscious and scientific" counsel.

Block D

The interest in Psychiatry by the Serbian professionals to develop and use destructive techniques goes back to the years before the war in ex-Yugoslavia. According to Diaz de Peral "the magazine 'El Médico' published in 1993, that Dr. Raskovic, director of the Mental Institute of Zagreb, had frequent relationships with an institute in London which experimented, with non-belic ends, on how human beings modify their conduct when perturbed environments are created."

Block E

Just before the war, this same psychiatrist started a 'pseudo-scientific-ideological' campaign by means of a series of books in which he blended psychiatry, nationalism, ethnicism and religion to plant the seeds of aggression among groups.

Block F

According to del Peral, with this strategy the Serbians intended to 'overvalue their own identity, undervalue the identity of the others and blame the ailments of society on the other ethnic groups.'

Block G

The influence of these theories in the ex-Yugoslavian conflict was such that the 'Journal of the American Medical Association', one of the most important magazines of contemporary medicine, has assured that Raskovic played an essential role in the creation of a pro-war environment and that Karadzic has utilized his theories to broadcast and justify violence within his people.

Notes from the M+G+R Foundation:

[1] This report fully explains what later took place in Kosovo.

[2] For an in depth professional exposé on mass brainwashing review On Mental Reprogramming - Also Known As Brainwashing in our Domain.

[3] Was it another fortuitous coincidence that Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the Official Spokesman for The Vatican and the only individual who was authorized to speak on behalf of the Pope, is a key man of Opus Dei and was a notable Psychiatrist before becoming Director of the Press Office of the Vatican?

THINK! if you dare to do so!

EPILOGUE [Added on March 29, 2003]

During the daily Press Conference held at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., on March 29, 2003, and to neutralize the effect of the images of dead or mutilated Iraqi children and other civilians which are circulating around the world, an Iraqi lady related the suffering experienced by members of her family at the hands of Hussein's interrogators.

Without undervaluing the enormous suffering these poor individuals endured while being interrogated by these men-beasts we must remember that:

[1] There are at least twenty, if not fifty, current regimes in the world that use similar tactics as Saddam Hussein did and are allowed to continue doing so by the International Community.

[2] In the United States, millions of children are ripped apart inside, or partially outside, the womb of their mothers. A practice protected by the Law of the Land as confirmed by the Illustrious Supreme Court of the United States of America.

[3] Members of the clergy have destroyed the lives of countless individuals by turning those who sought spiritual comfort from them into sex toys - all under the watchful and protective eye of their Bishops and Cardinals who seem to be untouchable by the Law of the Land.

It is imperative that all of us make an effort to keep the current events, their real purpose and their coherence in perspective and not fall into the Brainwash Trap. When God dispense Divine Justice the: "I just didn't think of it!" or "Never thought of it!" or "They pulled the wool over our eyes!" excuses will not be accepted.

Make no mistake!, we are not defending Saddam Hussein any more than the millions who are marching weekly in cities across the globe against the war are. We are defending truth and coherence, and ultimately, the United States of America and what it stood for before the Messianic Axis assumed its control after the Clinton Administration.

If you are reading this or have read any of the many warnings that we have issued in the Name of God, please think about it and help others to the Light.

(1) Psychological Warfare
(2) ABC's Original Article - August 26, 1996.

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