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The purpose of this Public Forum - Part II is to publish communications sent to us, communications which require no response from us, yet, we feel that their content is beneficial for the spiritual health of the Faithful.

We reserve the right to choose which communications will be published and to edit them as necessary for clarity. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential unless requested otherwise.

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Communications Published on  April 2007 

From The M+G+R Foundation  [Published on April 27th]

Since we continue to lack the physical support necessary to function in an appropriate manner and fulfill our God given Charter, we are cutting back in the areas that we are able to do so. Attending correspondence is one of those areas.

Any correspondence addressed to us will be looked at eventually, although an individual response will no longer be possible except in very rare occasions.

We invoke upon you many Blessings from on High!

The M+G+R Foundation

From VR @ Dubai  [Published on April 26th]

In reference to your recent mailing (*)... The Good Friday collection from the faithful was Dirhams 325,000(approx.)

The Easter Sunday collection was Dirhams 375,000(approx.)

The Lenten Sacrifice collection collected in brown envelopes distributed to the faithful throughout Lent was
Dhs 700,000(approx.)

There are guys contributing there, who toil in the hot desert sun six days a week for less than 50 dollars a week.

With 3.67 Dirhams making a US dollar, the total amount converts to approximately, 380,000 US dollars. And this is just one parish in the UAE. No wonder B16 can afford pomp and bonuses.

God Bless us!


(*) Mailing follows:

Quote (from news report) (**):

The 80th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI is being marked in style at the Vatican. The music-loving pope will be guest of honour at a concert, and he will host a dinner for his cardinals. Tributes will be paid, and commemorative stamps will be issued.

The Vatican's employees have another reason to celebrate the pontiff's birthday. Not only are they getting the day off, they will receive a bonus of 500 euros (£340; $676).

Just as Jesus would do, right?

Finally all is beginning to make sense.... the "Faithful" know the face of B XVI and predecessors but they certainly do not know the face of Jesus Christ, do they?

Therefore, why pay attention to Him whose face is not known, just like that of miguel de Portugal, when they have the well known face of Constantine in statues and coins?


From SB @ USA  [Published on April 23rd]

May Our Lord's Peace be yours always.
Dear Miguel de Portugal,
(Did Our Lady not say that the Faith would stay firm in Portugal)
I bring you news that I hope will gladden your heart as it does mine. I have asked to be admitted into the Antiochian Church, Western Rite Parish of the Holy Annunciation.
If the fact that this Church was not placed almost directly across the street from me was not a sign, then the following surely is:
+ I attended my first Sunday Mass there.  I have been prohibited from doing so until now due to my job.  The Lord, despite my prayers to the contrary, saw fit that my job was lost.
+ I accepted His will, and attended Holy Annunciation this morning.
+ As you know, one of my concerns in the past was the loss of my devotion to the Rosary. Low and behold, the parish began a study of the Rosary this very morning, and will incorporate it into their prayer lives.
It will be some time before I am allowed the Sacraments, and that will be hard.  But I believe that to wait for my inclusion in these mysteries is right, and I will follow my Lord's will.
In Jesus name I thank you for your kindness, and the fact that you were there to help me find my way home.
Pax tecum
P.S.  Is not Our Lord and Awesome God?

From LP @ USA  [Published on April 20th]

In reference to your recent mailing about NGTV.... (*)

This takes me back to a 1960 science fiction story by Arthur Clarke (**).  I read it almost 40 years ago, and never forgot it.  The title was "I remember Babylon."  It was a tale about a meeting between Clarke and a former TV executive friend who had gone over to the Chinese Communists.  This ex-TV man was going to start a satellite TV network, beyond the reach of US censorship, to beam pornography, violence, and Communist propaganda into the US - and the traitor expected the Americans to lap it up. 

The last line of the story is one of the things that I always remembered: " 'History is on our side.' I cannot get those words out of my head. Land of Lincoln and Franklin and Melville, I love you and wish you well. But into my heart blows a cold wind from the past; for I remember Babylon. "
If this TV network comes to pass, it will fulfill Clarke's prophecy.  And who knows, maybe some of the investors will be from Red China - they certainly have the dollars to fund it.


(*) Is TV Too Bad To Be Good? Brace Yourselves for NGTV
(**) More details on the "science fiction" story.

From Initials Withheld @ USA  [Published on April 18th]

Due to the lack of valid sacraments in the area in which I live, and the virtual impossibility of travel on a regular basis to some place where I could be assured of such validity, I am not able to attend mass on a "normal basis".
 So, I spend Sundays (and this Triduum) in prayer - Rosaries, Litanies, Chaplets, Via Crucis. I also watch what good religious videos/tv programs are availible. I consider this as a sacrifice on my part, which I offer up to God in reparation for my sins.  Yet, as painful as this is, I consider this an opportunity for a deeper spiritual communion with God. N.B.: I do most firmly believe in the purpose and efficacy of the Sacraments.
 In the early days of the US (especially prior to the Civil War) there were NO Catholic churches in most parts of the country. Catholics might go weeks, months, or even years without seeing a priest or hearing mass. Yet, those who wished to could and did remain steadfast in the faith. They spent Sundays in prayer with family. It would seem that now, in all too many places (as per your document on Transubstantiation) many Catholics here are now "in the same boat" with their forebears.
 This means that I, and many like myself, are left much as the man baptized by the Apostle Philip on the wayside. Given the Grace to believe, Baptized into Christ, but left without any visible form, or organizational structure in which to express our faith. As I would see it we are now on our own - since we no longer have trustworthy clergy to guide us and spiritually nourish us. We......myself included.......must learn to worship Christ personally, in our hearts - to really love Him. To learn to be in His presence all the time - not just for an hour on Sunday, thence forgetting about Him.
 I think that in the past I was guilty of not truly loving Christ enough, even though I did really believe in Him. I think I was one of those who was guilty, to some degree, of worshipping the external trappings and human organization.........not necessarily always Christ Himself. Perhaps not literally confusing the one with the other, but not making the all important distinction......enough, or all the time.
Years ago I made the statement that; "mass said on a rock in the middle of the woods can be holier then one said in the most beautiful church in the world". I do not know how I came to that realization, as I was so in love with the externals. I knew there was truth in this, but I did not yet understand it fully. However Our Lord gave me that thought, it was something I was supposed to learn. To focus on Christ. Somehow, at some level, I always knew this. But like a seed planted, it must bloom as God waters it.
 Be assured of my prayers for your intentions on this Easter!

From WO @ USA  [Published on April 16th]

In reference to Cardinal McCarrick's statement to the New Zealand Media that ".... church's approach to sexual abuse is working"....

"Uncle Ted" Mc Carrick is either literally mad, or under demonic influence. Maybe both. Aside from the inherent ludicrousness of the statement itself, he is personally responsible for the cover-up of clerical sexual abuse. In his stints as a high ranking Chancery official in the Archdiocese of NY, and as secretary to Cardinal Spellman. Plus in his stints as Bishop of Metuchen, NJ, as Archbishop of Newark, NJ, and as the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC. In each of these assignments he personally knew of and orchestrated cover-ups of clerical sexual abuse of minors. This included hiding and shuffling around the guilty parties - and shielding them from criminal & civil prosecution.
He acquired the moniker of "Uncle Ted" for his fondness of (literally) sleeping with chosen young priests & seminarians in these dioceses - particularly the Archdiocese of Newark. In Newark he personally hid and defended from prosecution one Fr. Kenneth Martin, who was accused of committing repeated lewd acts on teen aged boys in a parish in Jersey City, NJ.
All of this has been attested to by the testimony of NY/NJ area clerics - mostly anonymously. Additionally, it is the subject and prime focus of the Federal lawsuit filed in US District Court in Manhattan by Rev. James Hoatson, based upon his formal sworn testimony under oath, to wit:
        "78. The plaintiff, upon information and belief, alleges the defendants MYERS, EGAN and HUBBARD are actively homosexual, as well as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D..C., who the plaintiff previously worked for and under......."

        79. Due to the fact that the defendants MYERS, EGAN and HUBBARD along with McCarrick and leaders in the (Christian) Brothers are or have been actively engaged in a homosexual lifestyles, these bishops have been compromised in their positions and status as an employer by predators and pedophiles in ministry and motivated to retaliate against the plaintiff for exposing criminal acts, corruption, immorality, hypocrisy and criminal acts by predators and amongst bishops.

        80. The defendants have acted to retaliate against the plaintiff's whistle blowing and/or protected actions in an effort to protect themselves, protect their lifestyles, and protect the culture of secrecy with respect to an overwhelmingly greater proportion of homosexuals in ministry, than celibate or heterosexual priests, and ultimately to protect, enable and aid predators or pedophiles in ministry or religious life, or those who have left the church for these reasons at the expense of children, the vulnerable and/or the plaintiff.
For the full text of the brief:
Note well that Archbishop John Myers of Newark is publicly known to be a member of Opus Dei.

To use your terms, aside from being a liar, Mc Carrick seem to suffer from acute Denial
You remain in my prayers. 

From JC @ USA  [Published on April 10th]

Blessings to you on Easter.
I just returned from Easter Mass.  The homily was boring and I am sure did not inspire the audience (as noted by their body language).

As you know, I had hoped that the homily would focus on Divine Mercy Sunday since the smart money is betting heavily that these people will not be back again for maybe another year. It did not happen.

Interestingly, many years ago during my last year of medical school at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD I took a trip with my best friend and my then girlfriend and we did a compressed tour of the South (1700 miles in 3 days) hitting all the scenic points (we were history buffs)....   and ended on Easter Morning at a nondenominational service at Duke University in North Carolina.
The pastor pointed out that, if not for the resurrection of Christ, there would be no Church.  Somehow in all my years of attending Mass, no Catholic priest ever said that, although that was obvious.
I encouraged my family to participate in Divine Mercy Sunday.  My oldest daughter called yesterday to tell me that "The Catholic Church will not forgive my sins."
She told me that during confession she noted that she had not been to confession since before she was married.  When she told the priest that she had been married by a Navy Chaplain and to a Methodist, he asked if the Chaplain was Catholic.  No he was not.  Because of this, the priest told my daughter that she would first have to get her marriage blessed by the Church, otherwise he could not forgive her sins.
I explained to her that this is a classic example of why there will be little faith left when Jesus returns.  I assured her that Jesus has forgiven her sins and that the priest along with all the others will have to answer for this.  She is not sure that she wants to continue with the Catholic Church.  No problem.  Stay close to God and all will be fine. 
I couldn't help but focus on this and the pomposity of the RC high command during Mass today.
Enough is enough!  Yes I am praying for this priest and all the others.

From WO @ USA  [Published on April 5th]

In the past I have used a few different versions of the Way of the Cross - different editions/by different authors both old and newer.
When you lamented that few visitors to your site had looked at the version of the Via Crucis, I decided to look at it. Now I had been using a version in an old prayer book I had for my devotions, and decided to read yours. I then printed it out and used it for my devotions.
I cannot thank you enough for your version!!! In very few words the scriptural references and meditations speak volumes. In fact, I think they say a lot more then the more flowery, verbose versions one finds in many prayer books - like the one I had been using. There are no words to describe how thought provoking and leading to compunction for my sins this spiritual exercise was. This was of far more benefit then any other Via Crucis I had done before.
My sincere thanks!


From VR @ Dubai-India  [Published on April 4th]

This is (*) exactly what I have been trying to convey in some previous mail. Thanks for expressing it.

Surprisingly, it is the church goers, especially the ones for whom life is going on smoothly in financial and health terms, who would be least affected by the warnings published by you. Just go to church on Sunday and you're going to heaven. That is what they believe.

I wonder if it is their version of "not shedding needless tears". No tsunami, no signs in the heavens, no earthquake, no war seems to have any effect. "Don't worry guys. Relax! Chill!" - is the message.

They take the "Do not fear, I'm with you," part of Jesus' message seriously. But not the, "If you love me, you will obey my commandments."

We can only pray. Thanks for the reminders.

Love in Christ Jesus,


(*) VR is referring to the following communication which went to our Select List:


We are sharing with you the "State of the Faithful" so that you may have a good handle where we are at.

We published in our Board on March 26th an announcement/reminder of the Stations of the Cross.

Even with such Highlighting only 0.61 % of the pages viewed in our Domains corresponded to the Viacrucis.

If we post anything about the much talked about "Planet X" the traffic increases greatly and, we presume, if we publish anything about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears our servers will go on Melt Down.

Thanks be to God that "we are not on commission" and thanks be to God that He showed me back in 1992   why I should not shed needless tears.

May you have a Blessed Holy Week!

Your Family at The M+G+R Foundation

From RC @ USA   [Published on March 30th]

I am not interested in the Mayans, but I was perusing the links to see what was there.

I was reflecting on this "Mayan" craze.  The new Mel Gibson movie is about Mayan sacrifice.  Another piece of uplifting entertainment I am sure.
I was also thinking today, I am troubled by the number of ordinary people who are totally oblivious to what is happening.  I am very concerned about these people amending their lives and besides praying and doing what I can to lead a better life as an example, I am not sure what else to do.

Logically, this means THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE LOST.  However, it would seem that God would not want this, and I wonder if at the moment of death, these people see the light and are saved.  If not for this kind of miracle, it would seem that only a tiny fraction of humanity will be saved.  That would be sad.

 I somehow cannot believe that God would allow this.  I have no right to judge what God wants, but at this late date, if we continue on our current trajectory, most people will not find God.  The other concept which I am sure that you know is that it is best if you know God, BEFORE you have a problem, since it is easier to approach Him.  I should stop worrying, but it is a concern.  When I have a concern it helps me to think harder to see if there is anything else I might be able to do.
I realize that the path is the narrow gate, but it seems such a waste that so many will not make it.  I am hoping that God provides some kind of window of Mercy at the end.  I'd like to think that He has done that for preceding generations since none of them had any apocalypse in their faces.
Bush is about to send the US over the edge.



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