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On Brainwashing

Part 4

Campaigns for the Intoxication of Public Opinion

Four Examples, including:

The Pentagon announcing, ahead of time,
that they will lie to the public

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As the world population is fed, through the media, misleading information by governments, non governmental organizations and religious leaders, the monitoring of the news, in an effort to know what is really happening in the world, becomes a useless exercise in futility.

On Part 1 of this Series we covered how a small circulation, but respected, Portuguese daily managed to even trick NASA into believing that there was going to be a major meteorite storm on August 11, 1993.  On Part 3 of this series we cover how Psychological Warfare is conducted.

In this Part we wish to cover other very concrete examples of how the masses are being mind-manipulated by the media and the governments and/or individuals who control it.

Since the time this document was originally issued, the examples have multiplied to an unbelievable level but the technique is the same and so are our warnings.

Consider yourself amply warned.


Example No. 1

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, the New York Times published the following:

Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad
Tue. Feb. 19, 2002 at 9:00 AM ET
By JAMES DAO and ERIC SCHMITT The New York Times

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18 The Pentagon is developing plans to provide news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign media organizations as part of a new effort to influence public sentiment and policy makers in both friendly and unfriendly countries, military officials said.

The plans, which have not received final approval from the Bush administration,....

We have reached a point in the world that not only the public is lied to, but they are even notified ahead of time.

This "openness", which is replicated in many worldwide issues, is but an indication of what the masters of the world think, with ample reason, of the IQ level and attention span of the world population. We Praise God that we only have to call to the attention of the world whatever He Wills and not convince anyone of it.

NOTE: We do not mean that the Pentagon nor the U.S. legitimate government are the masters of the world. Unfortunately, they, unknowingly, serve them (1).

Example No. 2

In the TIME Europe - May 9, 2005 issue we read:

French pay-to-view channel Canal Plus enjoys a reputation as the nation's premier source of TV entertainment, but it has also produced a real-life spy tale worthy of a B movie. Last week former military intelligence agent Pierre Martinet claimed that while working for Canal Plus' internal security unit, he'd been assigned to a secret project designed to smear Bruno Gaccio, lead writer of the channel's popular news parody, Les Guignols de l'Info.
Martinet's new book recounts how he shadowed Gaccio for six months in 2002 in what he says was an effort by channel security bosses "to discredit Gaccio by discovering outrageous information from his private life."
But Gaccio's private life proved so staid, Martinet says, his superiors pondered planting drugs on Gaccio's motor scooter, or entrapping him with the help of a prostitute.

Brethren, those who are truly behind the Grand Schemes to allegedly Save Mankind - not the unsuspecting puppets heading many of the Western Powers - will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing.

Example No. 3

 It is said that the most devastating snare satan has connived was the one by means of which many Christians, in general, have been convinced by their own shepherds and theologians, that satan does not exist.  It is said of it to be "the most devastating" snare because it is par with the one he used with Eve in Paradise.

Well, it seems that Mr. Robert J. Samuelsom of Newsweek Magazine has taken his cues from the same source. In a one page article published by Newsweek International on October 6, 2003 [p. 51] he proceeds to prove and demonstrate the great "Limits of Media Power". He closes his "I believe in Santa Claus" mentality article by stating:

The Limits of Media Power - October 6, 2003 - By Robert J. Samuelsom, NEWSWEEK International

"...Because the media are everywhere - and inspire much resentment - their influence is routinely exaggerated. The mistake is confusing visibility with power... The truth is that we echo, amplify, influence and refine public opinion but rarely create or manipulate it."

We hope that Mr. Samuelsom is some sort of conspirator and his job that week was to blow much smoke upon the unsuspecting public. On the other hand, if that poor man really believes what he wrote and NEWSWEEK has him in their payroll, then, the world media is really in trouble.

After having read what Mr. Samuelsom claims does not exist, read Example 1 again. In it you will see in the proverbial black and white what Mr. Samuelsom says that "does not exist and does not have any significant power".

No, dear brothers and sisters - this is not Black Humor... sadly enough, this is reality!

Example No. 4

On the New York Times issue of of July 9, 2009 (2), we read the following headline...

US officials eye North Korea in cyber attack

Now, let us review the first few paragraphs of the news report so that we may show you how the reader's brain is being "formatted" (like a computer hard disk) to eventually receive and joyfully accept, at a later time, what they have in mind.

We will cut and paste part of the news article without changing a word. We will then, using italic lettering, "translate" to you the message that we have underlined in their text

WASHINGTON – U.S. authorities on Wednesday eyed North Korea as the origin of the widespread cyber attack that overwhelmed government Web sites in the United States and South Korea, although they warned it would be difficult to definitively identify the attackers quickly.

The reader feels insecurity!  Even the mighty US technological prowess cannot pin point the source - as the Internet exists now. The average citizen should be concerned about it.

The powerful attack that targeted dozens of government and private sites underscored how unevenly prepared the U.S. government is to block such multipronged assaults.

Again, the reader feels insecurity!  Even the mighty US technological  prowess  is not prepared to pin point the source or protect itself - as the Internet exists now. The average citizen should also be concerned about it.

While Treasury Department and Federal Trade Commission Web sites were shut down by the software attack, which lasted for days over the holiday weekend, others such as the Pentagon and the White House were able to fend it off with little disruption.

The threat really is for the Internet users' pockets  (notice the choice of targets; the Treasure Dept. and The FTC), not the Pentagon and the White House. Anyone can relate to "their pockets".

The North Korea link, described by three officials, more firmly connected the U.S. attacks to another wave of cyber assaults that hit government agencies Tuesday in South Korea. The officials said that while Internet addresses have been traced to North Korea, that does not necessarily mean the attack involved the Pyongyang government.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

The usual technique to give the reader a feeling of "illicitly knowing inside information". Should we trust a government official in a position to know "inside information" and who goes against superior orders... day in and day out? That's not the issue! The issue is to make the reader feel that they are "in the know".

South Korea intelligence officials have identified North Korea as a suspect in those attacks and said that the sophistication of the assault suggested it was carried out at a higher level that just rogue or individual hackers.

Rogue or individual hackers have proven to be more capable than those safeguarding confidential information within the governments; that is why the governments often hire them. What the manipulators are trying to do is give another  piece of (false) information using the North Korea government as a generic threat.

U.S. officials would not go that far and declined to discuss publicly who may have instigated the intrusion or how it was done.

In an Associated Press interview, Philip Reitinger, deputy under secretary at the Homeland Security Department, said the far-reaching attacks demonstrate the importance of cybersecurity as a critical national security issue.

Aha! Cybersecurity is now the critical national security issue.... so, get ready, because "they" are really going to clamp down. But wait, remember, neither the Defense Department nor the White House were compromised. Never mind! With the ten second attention span of most world citizens the reader would have forgotten about the statement they read above eleven seconds ago....

The truth of the matter is that when the world masters concocted the original clamp down plan  - Phase III
(1) (which was released about ten days after Bush II took office) - they had no idea how the Internet was going to evolve so they could not include in Phase III the clamp down procedures for the Internet. Now, they know; therefore, they have to create a threat in the readers' mind, a threat which "they are now powerless against", to justify their future "protective" actions.

The fact that a series of computers were involved in an attack, Reitinger said, "doesn't say anything about the ultimate source of the attack."

"What it says is that those computers were as much a target of the attack as the eventual Web sites that are targets," said Reitinger, who heads DHS cybersecurity operations. "They're just zombies that are being used by some unseen third party to launch attacks against government and nongovernment Web sites."

The reader is now being told that they are as much of a target as the government is.... and of course, the statement implies that the Homeland Security will rush to your assistance to protect all!

Targets of the most widespread cyber offensive of recent years also included the National Security Agency, Homeland Security Department and State Department, the Nasdaq stock market and The Washington Post, according to an early analysis of the software used in the attacks.

Now they are combining in the readers' mind the threat to their pocket with the threat to personal safety. Perfect!

The reader is being subliminally told - "
You don't want to be the computer equivalent of the World Trade Center Towers tragedy, do you? But do not worry - we have the "Internet Patriot Act" (we made up the name) in the works already and we will protect you."

The Associated Press obtained the target list from security experts analyzing the attacks. They provided the list on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

Other experts in cyber assaults said the incident shined a harsh light on the U.S. government's efforts to protect all of its agencies against Web-based attacks.

Here they are reminding (and preparing) the reader anew for the Internet Patriot Act because they would not want you to be as vulnerable as New York was on September 11, 2001.

Frankly, if they had a way to send anthrax via e-mail they would certainly do it to completely secure your agreement to whatever they are concocting now.


Let us pray..... (because there is nothing else left to do!)

(1) The "prophetic" National Security Package
(2) News Article  [The news article has been removed by the New York Times as of July 22, 2014. We found a duplicate article published by Sina - a Chinese on-line publication]

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