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A Book on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

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This book has been prepared primarily for a Roman Catholic audience, however we encourage all, Christians as well as non Christians, to carefully meditate over its contents. It is not our intent to convince anyone about the alleged Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is our intent, however, to place in a coherent perspective a multitude of alleged Marian Apparitions and their relationship with world events.

Apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary have always sparked controversy. The enemies of such phenomena, including many individuals identifying themselves as Christians, tend to be virulent in their attacks, and yet, all that She is telling us is: "Do what My Son says".

When generalized attacks do not seem to be effective, then, Her enemies proclaim that the apparitions are the work of Satan. How can we, the faithful, protect ourselves from being deceived, if indeed they are from Satan?

Her Son, our Lord and God, Jesus Christ gave us the answer. If we look at all alleged apparitions through our Scriptural spectacles we find that since "By their fruit you will know them..." and "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit..." [Matthew 7:16 and 18] they must be real.

The massive conversions of heart and return to the Sacraments resulting from many apparitions, from Guadalupe to date, testify to the true source of many apparitions. Enduring conversions of heart, strong devotions and no fanaticism are the hallmarks of "good fruit".

Our Lord also teaches us that: "If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?" [Matthew 12:26]

It is a known theological and mystical fact that serene and level headed conversions of heart and devotions stemming from valid apparitions rout Satan out of many lives. Then, why the attacks?

Obviously, the father of lies, Satan himself, tries, through a campaign of misinformation, to confuse the faithful with erroneous information.

However, we should not be discouraged by attacks against our fidelity to God and the Most Holy Mother of His Son, Jesus. She is trying to bring us back in the fold of inner peace and joy and away from a life of sin. Do not be discouraged even if the attacker is an allegedly learned man of the Church.

Teresa of Jesus (Avila), a renowned Saint and a Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, understood the problem with "learned men". While defending one of her pious and gifted daughters, Teresa wrote: She did not act as do some learned men, for they want to be so rational about things and so precise in their understanding that it doesn't seem anyone else but they, with their learning, can understand the grandeur of God. If only they would learn something from the humility of the most Blessed Virgin.

We must wrap ourselves in the mantle of humility and prostrate ourselves at the foot of the cross. Every insult, every spit, every stone hurled at each one of us on account of living the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the best of our abilities, will be one more gem for the crown that He and His Mother are fashioning in Heaven for each of Their loyal children.

May this humble work serve as another source of illumination and encouragement to assist you until complete Victory is achieved by our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother.

At Their Service and yours,

miguel de Portugal

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Rough draft completed during Easter Week in 1993 while in Fátima, Portugal • Overall Revision on May 2018

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