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Who authored Pope John Paul II' s "Crossing the Threshold of Hope"?  (1)

Another Example of Mass Deceit

The well publicized book, allegedly authored by Pope John Paul II, "Crossing the Threshold of Hope", simultaneously published in 21 languages in 38 countries is an example of the work executed by that elite group which is currently controlling and manipulating the Roman Catholic Church in an effort to gain more control in the world.

Responsible members of the clergy and hierarchy in over 40 nations were contacted about this matter through a communiqué (2) issued on December 18, 1994.

Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Director, Public Relations Office, The Holy See, and one of the most visible member of said elite group, The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, was contacted (3) about this matter on or about July 20, 1995.

The International Press was made aware of the irregularities by means of a Press Release (4) dated July 22, 1995.

Neither the style of prose nor central philosophies of referenced book are coherent with all other writings and words attributed to Pope John Paul II. In addition, from a logistics and mechanical point of view, it has been shown that indeed he could not have written said book.

Exhibit I (5) presents a Mechanical Performance Test made directly from the book; and Exhibit II (6) presents the revealing Chronology leading to the publication of "Crossing the Threshold of Hope".

The documents in here presented are self explanatory and clearly point out to a possible fraud attempting to manipulate the masses using the venerated name and person of His Holiness John Paul II.

(1) Original title: Varcare la soglia della speranza
(2) December 18, 1994 document
(3) Letter to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Director, Public Relations Office of The Vatican
(4) Press Release issued on July 22, 1995
(5) Mechanical test of Varcare la soglia della speranza
(6) Chronology leading to the publication of Varcare la soglia della speranza

Ecclesiastical Masonry

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Originally issued only for Worldwide Ecclesiastical Distribution on July 20, 1995. Nazaré, Portugal

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