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Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About

The Recent Announcement


The purpose of this brief document is to clarify some misconceptions about the announcement recently made as well as to illustrate, once again, the need to have a "working relationship" with the Holy Spirit of God.


We have received two communications which indicated to us that maybe the message delivered in the recent Announcement was misunderstood by some.

One of the letters came from someone who is not be new to God, Our Lady, Her Messages and The M+G+R Foundation Domain and its position and purpose.

The second letter came from someone who tentatively label himself as "agnostic" but who has seen some glimmers of the Light and is pursuing it. Praised Be Jesus!

We, as Our Lord experienced and exemplified through Matthew 17: 14-23, will address the concerns raised by both equally and with the same care and love as the Divine Mercy of God invites us to.

Excerpts from the first letter

I am confused about a certain point. If the date of the Garabandal miracle will not be made public until 8 days beforehand and God will not allow certain unscrupulous vatican "officials" to misuse the information that they have in their possession (they know the prophesied date of the miracle), then why did you post a proposed date? .... Don't you tell us to look to heaven for guidance, not to the so-called experts?... It seemed odd to me that you published a date before heaven wants it known.

Excerpts from the second letter

If my memory serves me correctly, you stated recently that you would not put any time frames for prophesied events on your site unless they were directly from God....

You stated in the Announcement that the date of the miracle was from one of the foremost experts on Garabandal, NOT KNOWN TO YOU. So it is not from one of the seers. Why did you post it then?


We thank both of you for the sincerity and openness of your questions/concerns. I see them as Golden Opportunities to Glorify God and to point out to humanity at large, once more, the absolute necessity of a "working relationship" with the illuminating Holy Spirit of God.

In a nutshell: We did not announce a date. Without disagreeing nor agreeing, we used a date which, without a doubt, is circulating around the Internet, like a forest fire out of control, to reveal, as God Willed it, quite specific Time Frames as well as interpreting certain numbers which appear in the Holy Scriptures and which are applicable to End of These Times. Numbers which were also applicable to prior events in centuries past.

The application of those numbers to events of centuries past is being used by "experts", within and without the Church Administration, to convince the disoriented faithful that the Book of Revelations just contain fantasies concocted by a feeble minded John and not applicable to today. This is the same situation the poor faithful were exposed to when the fabricated third part of the Secret of Fátima was revealed to the world from Fátima on May 13, 2000, and in the presence of H.H. John Paul II, who was obviously being used as a "credibility prop".

The reality is that those Biblical numbers will also be applied by God in the fulfillment of all prophecies pertaining to the End of These Times.

Let us "rewind" and show what the faithful at large should have read in the announcement:

It has been brought to my attention that an individual, not known to us, but by some "considered one of the world's foremost experts on Garabandal", believes that the great Miracle announced in Garabandal (Spain) will take place on XXXXXX.

Regarding this issue and other
more critical and related issues, I, miguel de Portugal have the following statements to make:

1. Such date, which I do neither endorse nor reject, falls squarely within the time frame of the overall time-table for the conclusion of These Times. A time-table which has been re-confirmed to me by Heaven within the last three days; furthermore...

2. Know that the XXX "months" mentioned in Revelations 13:5 actually refer to "years"
as well as "months". Be aware that humanity is already within both periods; furthermore...

3. Know that the "70 weeks" mentioned in the Book of Daniel, chapter 9, are being fulfilled/manifested as "XXX years", as well as "XXX years",
with the last "week" being represented by "XXX years" as well as, in the future, by "XXX days"; furthermore...

I exhort one and all, again (****) , to pay careful attention to the warnings/recommendations given by Paul to the Corinthians [1 Corinthians 7] as the date for the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem approached. The destruction of the Temple actually occurred on September of 70 A.D. although the "sacrifice ceased" at the Temple on early August of 70 A.D.

5. Know that other time spans also found in the books of Daniel and Revelations such as
XXXX, XXXX and XXXX are also real and the unit time measured are "days" insofar the conclusion of These Times is concerned.

6. With the above said -
I entreat you to carefully review the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times with its Biblical References; a sequence which we have just clarified further for your benefit. Do not waste any more time: Come back to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ; you have very little time left to do so!

Friends - First we want to Praise God since the two writers were able to discern that there was (an apparent) incoherence between what they understood and what we have taught in the past, yet, the key message was lost.

With that said, let us proceed addressing the faithful at large and not the two writers specifically, who were kind enough to share with us their concerns.

(a) Why, in God's Name, would we - who are tired of preaching the merits and value of coherence - deliver an incoherent statement?

(b) Why would we follow the date, mentioned in passing and clearly not endorsed, with five key Biblical interpretations of time frames if our purpose was to reveal a specific date?

This behavior/response is actually healthy for anyone who is beginning to discern the glimmer of the True Light. It shows that they are moving forward at an admirable pace and seeking coherence. May Jesus Be Praised!

However, speaking to all of those who have been with us for some time as well as those yet to come...

Brethren, we have shown conclusively that "free world" governments have engaged in, and publicly and officially admitted to, criminal conspiracies against their own people. We have shown that the general public is just a simple pawn in the hands of the press and can and are and will be manipulated like putty. Then...

Exactly what else do we need to do to illustrate to the faithful at large that without a working relationship with the Holy Spirit of God they are lost and will fall prey to every snare laid out by satan?

The reader may now ask: "How to achieve that open line of communication?"

It is quite simple, free and you do not have to join any of the oh-so-holy sects and individuals that seem to sprout amongst Catholics today just like tares/darnel does amongst the wheat [Matthew 13:24-30] - Ask God!

Exactly what part of "Ask and ye shall receive; seek and ye shall find" don't you understand?

Let miguel de Portugal tell the doubting Thomases amongst the faithful thus:

If you think that if you, in earnest and sincerity, ask God for His guidance and protection and willfully abandon yourself to His Will, He will ignore you and will not grant it , then we are talking about two different gods: My God and whatever Idol you have made your god.

We thank, once again, the two correspondents quoted above who have given us this opportunity to address humanity thus.

miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God

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