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What Happen to the Souls

When the Body Dies

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The purpose of this brief document is to bring some light to the Faithful regarding what happens to souls when the body they have animated in Time expires.

Considering the errors that Francis, Bishop of Rome, continues to spread (1), it is imperative that the record be set straight so that the Elect may not be deceived.

We received a letter from a regular reader that contained the questions which triggered this document. The questions are:

Do you believe that a hell exists where a condemned soul will suffer for all eternity by being constantly consumed by fire?
 Would a loving God punish any non believing soul in such a manner?  


Your questions are certainly valid and of Universal Import.

We will answer the second question first: "Would a loving God punish any non believing soul in such a manner?"

No, He certainly does not, we do! However, the term "non believing soul" needs clarification.

A "non believing soul" because it has rejected God, is one thing. A "non believing soul" because it has not been properly Evangelized, is situation completely different.

This difference in "non believing" souls will be covered in a separate document when God so Wills it. We know the answer for He has granted us that Grace, but, it is a matter of Heavenly set priorities as to when we make public the information.

However, let us make sure that one and all understand that...

A "non believing soul" , in such state because it was never properly Evangelized OR abused by those who claim to represent God, does not necessarily go to hell.

Those responsible for their being in that state of Evangelical ignorance have a better chance of ending up in hell than the victim of their inattention or abuse.

Now let us address your second question: "Do you believe that a hell exists where a condemned soul will suffer for all eternity by being constantly consumed by fire?"

Hell does indeed exist; however, although the suffering is symbolized by being burned but not consumed - that symbolically illustrates a never ending suffering - the suffering in hell has its root in the complete separation of the soul from God.

How do you feel when you express your love for someone? Good, isn't it? It simply feels good to be good and loving toward others.

How does one feel when one expresses hatred, dislike, revulsion for someone? It feels real bad - not good at all.

Why? When we love, we are in close contact with God. When we hate we are very far away from God. Take this to the Infinite level and, what do we have? Heaven or hell.

In Eternity with God you will feel so good that, in comparison with the best you felt in the Time frame of reference when you were kind and loving to someone, it will pale by comparison.

Conversely, in Eternity while separated from God, however bad one felt when hating someone in the Time frame of reference will be nothing compared to the misery that will be felt then.


Heaven, is Eternal Bliss indescribable in human terms, but we do get a taste when we love.

Hell, is Eternal Suffering indescribable in human terms, but we do get a taste of it when we hate.

For those who feel that they cannot love: Do not despair, ask God for it. He will be delighted to comply because you will be helping Him in the redemption process.

How "does that work"? That is a bit more complicated but very interesting!


It really is that simple! Just as Jesus explained through many parables.

(1) Another 'Franciscan' fantasy.

Published on April 5th, 2018

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