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God Is Standing Back and Allowing Evil Plans Take Their Course

While Looking After His Own Who Are....

Those Who Have 'Eyes to See' and 'Ears to Hear'


Our purpose, through this document, is to show those who have 'Eyes to See' and 'Ears to Hear' how God, again today, is allowing major confusion while satan must serve Him. A replay of the events in the 1st Book of Kings 22: 1-38 which we explained in a document (1) twenty years ago.

As you will see, there is nothing new under the Sun and humanity keeps tripping over the same stone over and over again as it tries to take the place of God.


For those who have never visited our pages or have missed some key messages....

(a) satan (yes, the one who the intellectual theologians claim does not exist any more) is giving the final touches to his master plan to, albeit briefly, impersonate God (2)(3) before the disoriented, very confused and disenchanted world population.

(b) Integral parts of such plan are the New (International) World Order (4) and the One World Religion (5).- the two corner stones of the Globalization effort.

(c) For all of the above to be implemented the whole world must be in chaos as we have explained in many documents (6).

Documents (2) through (6) will give the new or forgetful reader more than enough background to understand the confirmation of what we announce in the title of this document; i.e. : God Is Standing Back and Allowing Evil Plans Take Their Course, While Looking After His Own Who Are Those Who Have 'Eyes to See' and 'Ears to Hear'


The final tools for the implementation of satan's plan may be found in our conclusive document about how Deep Fake, Fake News and Artificial Telepathy. Blessedly God will stop it soon, otherwise even the Elect would be lost [Matthew 24:22].

That you think God will not allow satan to attempt to use his final tool? Think again while you read what God allowed when His simple requests through Fatima were ignored.


As the saying goes - "The ball is in your court, brethren!" to which we add, "Do not expect any favors from above if you ignore this warning.... because you will have none".

(1) The Document cited
(2) Find out for yourself
(3) The False Christ
(4) New World (International) Order
(5) One World Religion
(6) This one, for example

Published on June 18th, 2019

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