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On The Persecution of Christians

A Reality Check


The purpose of this document is to assist the Faithful in understanding what brings upon Christians the ire of the masses.

From the News on June 2002


ROME, Jun 5, 02 ( --

In his book, The New Persecuted, Antonio Socci writes that 70 million Christians have died for the faith since the birth of the Church; of these martyrs, he points out, a majority died in the 20th century. Most of these Christians died under the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and China. But Socci's book-- which is now available only in Italian-- argues that the slaughter of Christians continues even today, primarily in Islamic countries.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

The sexual abuse crisis continuing to engulf the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, Australia and the U.K. came about as the result of the inaction of the Bishops and Cardinals. It does not require a Nuclear Physicist nor a Doctor of the Church to conclude that, if the Bishops and Cardinals had taken decisive and immediate action whenever a sexual abuse complaint would surface, the crisis would have been averted and irreparable harm to many souls would have been avoided.

Likewise, if Heaven's very explicit requests through Fátima had been acted upon, Mr. Socci's book would have never been written since Russia would have been converted, its errors would not have spread throughout the world and there would not have been a Second World War.

We saw the Bishops and Cardinals in the Dallas Conference on the sexual abuse scandal scurrying around, being very apologetic and appearing sorrowful, then we see H.H. John Paul II give the most important church of Mary Immaculate - Santa Maria Majore - to the very maculated "Cardinal" Law not to mention witnessing Ratzinger appoint another sex abuse cover up legend - "Cardinal" Levada - to be the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 

The same scene, but in a most dramatic manner, will be replayed once the Nuclear Holocaust manifests itself in this world. The predecessors of today's faux Shepherds did something worse: They ignored an Apocalyptic Warning from Heaven which, so far, has resulted in over 150 million deaths.

Do not take our word for it. Read on and review the original documents associated with Fátima, not the recent inventions and lies which had to be endured by poor John Paul and of which he has never been a willing accomplice.


Anyone who is willing to face reality may look at the prime cause of all revolts which have resulted in the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church and its members - be it the French Revolution or the establishment of Republics in Italy, Spain or Portugal - and see that the ongoing abuses by the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church is at the heart of said prime cause.

For those who simply do not wish to believe, like Cardinal Rouco-Varela of Spain, we have the Trajectory of Don Bosco in 19th Century Italy which confirms what we announce in the Name of God.

May the Holy Spirit of God help each one of us see what must be seen within the depths of our souls and what must be done about it before He returns to claim His own.

Published on May 2, 2007
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