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Spiritual Laws

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To Safely Navigate Through Time

Originally published on February 14th, 2011


The purpose of this brief document is to help the Faithful understand some of the Spiritual Laws (1) which we are subject to, whether we acknowledge them or not. An understanding of them will help those with eyes to see and ears to hear lead a more balanced life.


Our lives are ruled by the Laws of the Spiritual Domain yet most are ignorant of them.

To understand to what degree that limits us in all aspects: Imagine what would it be like in the Physical Domain if you were placed behind the wheel of a vehicle, which you do know how to operate, yet you are completely ignorant of Traffic Laws. What would be the results once you started driving?

Or, imagine functioning in the world if you had failed to learn about the Physical Laws - the force of gravity, for example - or if through some accident/disease you had forgotten all you knew about the Physical Laws of the world we live in.

If you have a good imagination then you will understand how lacking our lives are because our ignorance of the Spiritual Laws.


Holy Texts of all faiths serve as a blueprint for humanity to learn and understand the Spiritual Laws. Unfortunately - one common denominator that the practitioners of all faiths have is: Talk, fight and kill for their faiths and their divinities yet, do not really practice the fundamentals of their faith. Lip service is only second to denial as the most common (fallen) human trait.

The bloody history of the world ruled by people of one faith or another give witness to this.

Therefore, we will only touch in a few key Laws which we consider of great importance for those who, in all earnest, are trying to do what is right. We will heavily draw from the quarter of a century of in-the-field experiences of miguel de Portugal.


A. God must be number one to each one of us - above all else.

Do not expect any special favors until you have given God His rightful place in your life. No exceptions.

B. Offer continuous and sincere and heartfelt thanks to God for all He allows in your life (1 Thessalonians 5:18, Ephesians 5:20). We say "all" - not just what we think of as "good".

Do not expect free "refills" if you do not give continuous credit and thanks to Whom they are due. No exceptions either.

Corollary to A and B.: Unless you make "regular deposits" on the above identified "accounts" you are "living dangerously", as in the days of the Wild West.

Lehman Brothers and AIG may get multibillion dollar bailouts and General Motors gets the protection afforded by the Bankruptcy Laws but, none of us will be so lucky if we are caught with our "spiritual account" almost on empty. There is no human that is "too big to fail".

Should you doubt us, we remind you again of World War II: The bloodiest nightmare humanity has endured since the beginning of recorded history was allowed by God. The world - institutional and individual - "spiritual accounts" were grossly overdrawn and the "deposits" requested by Heaven were blatantly ignored (2) by those who were supposed to make them.

C. The "What goes around comes around" syndrome.

Who does not remember (and conveniently ignore) what we read in Luke 6:31: And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them in like manner?

Just like a coin, such lofty command has two sides. One side - If you do good to others and persevere doing it, good will be showered upon you.

The reverse, the results of which we immediately blame God for, is: If you do evil unto others, evil will be showered upon you... while God looks on. He is not uninterested; He is unable to assist you because of your violation of the law and your persistent unrepentant/defiant stance... unless, of course, you have a positive balance in your "Mercy account" (which evil doers seldom have, unless others have made the appropriate "deposits" in the evil doer’s account).

D. The "Let's pull a fast one on God (or His representative)" syndrome.

Well, the real bad news is that "God wasn't born yesterday". Actually, He was never born (except in the person of Jesus) since He Is the Uncreated Creator. One has to be really stupid to try to "pull a fast one" on the Uncreated Creator but that is how stupid man is.

First of all - God really sees what is in one's heart, and it is quite impressive to witness that. We will use several of the experiences of m de P's (3) journey to illustrate that.

Case 1: At the beginning of his journey - since miguel was truly sincere in responding to the call of God - God used His "multimedia techniques" to show m de P how truly miserable he was, thus assisting him to improve himself. 

For example: m de P was going to do this or that, justifying to himself that whatever he was going to do was a selfless act and for the benefit of a third party. God's multimedia technique would kick in and miguel would see in his mind - as being projected on two parallel screens - an action video showing what he was wanting to believe he was doing right next to an action video showing what the intention really was. Quite effective, we must say. You'd be amazed how quickly one learns not to try to pull a fast one on God - even unintentionally.

We do not know if He will offer the same supernatural assistance if one is misled or confused about doing what is right.

Case 2: An individual who is familiar with m de P and some of the faculties God has granted him will present to m de P a situation hoping to get some confirming feedback.

The problem will arise when the situation presented is a falsification of the reality since the feedback will be based strictly on the situation presented even in the rare situation where m de P may know that it was false. In this case the feedback will be given with the conditional of "Assuming that this is indeed the correct situation...".

Case 3: An individual seeks intercession to resolve a problem. God grants the Grace which... unfortunately is misused or abused by the recipient.

In Cases 2 and 3 (above), the consequences for the recipient of the sought benefit are quite bad.

Case 4: An individual seeks a special Blessing for a chapel, home, office, car, etc. At a later time the individual betrays the one who brought the Blessing upon the chapel, home, office, car, etc. Such Blessings are somehow changed into a curse by the action of the betraying individual. This takes place without the knowledge  or intervention of the individual who brought the Blessing upon the items in question.

We do not know the mechanism of the change from Blessing to curse, but it brings to mind the following mechanisms: (a) the "consuming one's own condemnation" when partaking of the Eucharist knowing that one's spiritual state or mindset is not the appropriate one; (b) the sin against the Holy Spirit which is unforgivable because the only One Who can forgive the sin - God - is being rejected.

E. Falsified Matrimony

As we explained in our document about the Sacrament of Matrimony (4) - going through a church wedding without the proper intentions or without being cognizant of the significance of the Sacrament does not bring upon the "newlyweds" the sustaining Grace - assistance from God - necessary to overcome all trials and tribulations a married couple will encounter in the united journey. Actually, it may, as in the reversed Blessing cited above, cause greater problems than if the sham church wedding had been avoided.


The better we understand and live according to the Spiritual Laws established by God at the time of Creation, the easier will be our passage through Time. There is nothing else that will make it as easy and fulfilling.


Spiritual Laws were not given with qualifiers: Thou shalt not kill means exactly that - no human, under any circumstance, is allowed to take the life of another human being. Period! Furthermore, Blessed are ye that weep now: for you shall laugh does not allow religious/political authorities – or anyone – to torture so that the victim can laugh later on.

No, we are not making light of something so serious. We are simply addressing the devious mind of the godless human, no matter how pious he/she pretends to be for the public to see.


(1) Key Spiritual Laws are: The Ten Commandments [Exodus 20:1-17; Deut. 5: 6-21] and those proclaimed in the Sermon of the Mount [Luke 6: 20-38 ]

(2) Heaven's Instructions Ignored

(3) About miguel de Portugal

(4) The Sacrament of Matrimony

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Published on February 14th, 2011

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