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State of the Roman Catholic Faith in Portugal

The Truth


The purpose of this document is to conclusively illustrate to the Faithful the true state of the Roman Catholic Faith and how much it has been eroded - even in the country where "...the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved..." - Portugal.

Maybe this reality check will move some to prayerful acts of reparation so that we may be able to answer "Yes!" to Our Lord's question: "But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?" [Luke 18: 8]


As part of the Message of Fátima of 1917, Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, thus, of God in the Flesh (1), conditionally stated:

"In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved; ..."  (2)


A survey conducted in Portugal in January 2004 (3) indicates that:

85.4 % Claim to be Catholics
  1.3 % Claim to be Protestant
  6.9 % Atheist and Agnostics
  2.4 % Other Religions
  4.0 % No Response

54    % DO NOT Believe in the Resurrection
46.3 % DO NOT Believe in Life After Death

50.1 % Believe in Miracles
45.4 % Do Not Believe in the Supernatural

31.7 % Believe in Reincarnation (4)
41    % Believe in Astrology
32.9 %  Believe in Contacting Spirits (5)

46.4 % Never Read the Bible
42.3 % Reads the Bible Once in a While

13.3 % Frequently Pray
33.9 % Always Pray (6)
42.4 % Pray Once in a While (7)


The above is the current profile (a profile which is getting worse day by day) of the population of the country where "the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved" - Portugal (8).

The illuminated reader can then draw his/her own conclusion regarding the State of the Catholic Faith in the rest of the world, thus the magnitude of the chastisements required to bring the world back to God.


Why does miguel de Portugal (9) continue to bring up the dismal state of the Faith, and the world, to our readers?

You will know the answer when you respond in your heart to: "Why did Jonah set out for the great city of Nineveh?"

If the reader has a Bible that is not exclusively used as a coffee table decoration, he/she may want to reread the Book of Jonah followed by the Book of Nahum. He/she will then have the full answer to said question as well as the Titanic-like "end of the story" (10).

The reader may now think: "Why bother then if the end of the story is Titanic-like?"

The answer is also quite simple: The Titanic could have sunk with no casualties at all, or it could have taken all to their deaths; however, a small fraction was saved. What awaits humanity is quite similar.

Dear brothers and sisters - as it is commonly said: "The ball is squarely in your court!" (11) That is, it is up to you to take the next step (11) to minimize the "casualty list".

May the Holy Spirit of God guide your every step. We assure you - without it, you will be hopelessly lost.


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(2) Fatima in Lucia’s own Words (Memórias da Irmã Lúcia) - Page 4

(3) Survey financed by Fundación Bial (Project 49/02). Conducted by Sérgio Razente, Social Psychology Researcher under the direction of Carlos Silva, Neuroscience Specialist. The survey universe was composed by 750 individuals, older than 15 years of age, and residents of Greater Lisbon, Greater Porto, Coastal Areas and Inland - North and South. Conducted from 8th through 13th of January, 2004.

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(6) Stop Worrying! and Pray More!

(7) Enough of Marches!  Enough of Petitions!  Enough Politicking!  Just - Pray! Pray! Pray!

(8) Detailed chronology of the Fatima Events - The pleas of Heaven, ignored - Rome is responsible for World War II

(9) Who is miguel de Portugal

(10) Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times - NOT of the World

(11) Suffering : Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption

En Español:  El estado de la Fe Católica Romana en Portugal

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