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The Web of Influence and Control of

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Including Mike Adams and Natural News


The purpose of this document is to help the innocent, yet, gullible general public see what is truly behind the massive disinformation news web whose public face is no other than Mike Adams (1), the "Health Ranger" of Natural News.


In 2015 we issued a serious and well documented warning about Mike Adams and his activities (1). We hope that this document will serve to expose the web of influence and deceit of which Mike Adams is one of the faces, so that the innocent general public know what to expect and not fall for the massive manipulation and disinformation campaign directed by Moon's Unification Church. A campaign that is only surpassed by that of the Opus Dei Sect (2).


Going straight to the point:

The Search Engine "Good Gopher"

Good Gopher (3) is a Search Engine which, according to them, search "independent" news and general information:
(our underscoring)

"Good Gopher is the only search engine that completely bypasses the systematic censorship of the truth that's currently undertaken by Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and other sources of corporate controlled disinformation."

It's the premier tool for finding independent information and news on liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced science and a multitude of other vital topics."

Its connection with Mike Adams is not a secret. According to them:
(our underscoring)

"Good Gopher was developed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Adams was formerly the CEO of a very successful software company. He's now using his technical expertise to create Good Gopher which will benefit all "alternative" websites publishing TRUTH rather than propaganda."

The Good Gopher, that is, Mike Adams, has a preference for the Washington Times, the Unification Church flagship newspaper.

As you can see, in its home page (3) Good Gopher has a list of 34 domains under the heading "Some of the independent news websites included in Good Gopher". This is quite interesting because it tells the reader the preferences and/or affiliation of Truth Publishing International, Ltd., the Taiwanese corporation behind Natural News / Mike Adams (4).

The first one in said list of preferred domains is, of course, Then, also in the list (fourth in the second column), we found

Regarding the Washington Times:

"Founded on May 17, 1982, by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon, the Times was owned by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate associated with the church until 2010, in which Moon and a group of former executives purchased the paper. It is currently owned by diversified conglomerate Operations Holdings, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the church." (5)

So the connection is there and the Taiwanese corporation Trust Publishing International, Ltd. - which owns and operates Natural News and is behind Mike Adams - is owned and operated, in turn, by Moon's Unification Church.

The News Service (6) is associated with Natural News and contains a list of more than 260 news domains created by the giant and influential organization that is behind Mike Adams. A small sample of all the allegedly independent news services is listed below:

The relationship between and Natural News is made clear in an article by Natural News with the following words:  (7)

"With humble beginnings, Natural News is quickly become the world's foremost alternative and natural health news website. ..... Part of this growth spurt is due to the fact that our various partner sites like are bringing in more readers than ever."

With the information on hand, the proverbial dots fall in place and a very clear image takes form...

(A) They have a "farm" with hundreds of Web Sites wherein they repeat the same news but "planted" in a random manner. However, the reader does not know that in many cases they quote news/statements which appear in another of the Web Site of the same "farm".

The reader does not even know that the Web Site they are being referred to as the source of a particular news report is owned and controlled by the same organization. The "news" Sites cover a variety of overlapping themes - politics, alternative medicine, survival, health, catastrophism, etc.

(B) The way their Web Sites are designed, and the news reported and inter linking is done in a manner that Google Search Engine will automatically favor the traffic to them.

(D) When they want to heavily promote an idea or a new campaign they apply the Mike Adams byline since his fame - in most areas - has become almost legendary in most areas. (8)

The bond between Moon's Unification Church and the North Korea dictatorial regimes.

This has been covered in full in another document. (9)

The bond between Moon's Unification Church and Globalizers within the Washington, D.C. Establishment.

This has been covered in full in another document. (10)

The sprawling news empire owned and controlled by Moon's Unification Church.

This has been covered in full in another document. (11)


A. The Good Gopher and Fetch.News, as well as Mike Adams himself and his Natural News, are wholly owned - and, of course, controlled - by the Unification Church head quartered in Seoul, South Korea.

B. The close relationship of the founder of the Unification Church with the communist dictatorial regime of North Korea has been well established. (9)

C. The magnitude of the manipulative influence that the Unification Church, unbeknown to the average US citizen, has in government of the United States of America should cause many to loose their sleep. (10)

D. The magnitude of the influence that the Unification Church, unbeknown to the average world citizen, has in governments and in said world citizens, who are manipulated at will, has been shown to be staggering. (11)


There is only one other unified Sect that could be compared with the Unification Church sect and that is Escriva's brainchild: Opus Dei.

Given their many similarities regarding the manipulation of the masses and their mindset to bring to the world the Messiah, as well as the Opus Dei allying themselves with anyone (12) they can use to advance their agenda (13), we would not be surprised that they are working together at some levels. What the Unification Church does not know is that when they cannot be used by the Opus Dei any more, they will be neutralized - just as the The Legionnaires of Christ (14) were.

(1) About Mike Adams
(2) The Opus Dei Sect
(3) Good Gopher (Accessed in 2017):  Home page  |  Welcome Page  |  About Page  |  Good Gopher Terms
(4) Natural News declares: "The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., a Taiwan corporation."
(5) The Washington Times by Wikipedia
(6) Fetch.News (Accessed in 2017)
(7) Natural News reaches 1.6 million Facebook likes as media powerhouse launches dozens of alternative news web sites
(8) There are even some articles, for example, an article signed by JD Heyes about North Korea wherein the alleged author (in this case Heyes) use as a reference statements such as "Mike Adams has said thus and so" ... even though Mr. Heyes is an author with a specialty in politics.
(9) Unification Church and North Korean Regime bond
(10) Unification Church influence in the Washington, D.C., power brokers circles and in the Christian Circles
(11) Moon's Unification Church News Empire
(12) Even though they fought the communist - shoulder to shoulder with Nazi Germany - they teamed up with them in Madrid
(13) The Opus Dei ultimate objective - even if most are not even aware of it.
(14) For example

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Published on September 8th, 2017 - Observance of the Day of Birth of the Ever Virgin Mary

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