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June 2004


The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.



          From DS @ Ireland [Published on June 26, 2004]
 Q.  Thank you very much for the insightful MGR website, I've been reading your website for some time now after a spiritually 'enlightening' experience of my own. I have to say that the points made appear to make a lot of sense.

I have two questions for you:

1) How did Miguel have his own conversion?

2) Some documents on the website ask for the resignation of the present pope, under what authority does the author feel he can demand such actions? Surely this pope is a shining light and whatever contradictions his papacy may hold are likely due to misguided individuals around him.

What say ye?


A. Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.

1) The conversion of Miguel took place in an instant/flash, in the most unlikely surroundings and circumstances and at a time when Miguel was seeking  supernatural assistance to act in a manner that would have rendered his soul unable/unfit/incapable to carry on the work for which he was created in the first place (clearly seen in retrospect view, of course). In that instant it became crystal clear Who God Was/Is/Will Ever Be and that Miguel's only purpose/function was to serve Him.  How? He did not have the faintest idea.

Then the process of physical, psychological and spiritual purification started at an accelerated rate.  Six years later, when he had everything any converted-to-God human could possibly have/need (in the spiritual, social and material domains), God said (paraphrasing): "Now, leave all behind and follow Me." He gave Miguel the Grace to say "Yes" in an instant, so he did.

2) The answer to your second question is quite simple and will be give in the form of another question.

Considering that we are at the doors of the End of These Times and that Miguel de Portugal acknowledges that Karol Wojtyla was elected to be the last legitimate successor of Peter, who, then, would be the only one to be in a position to grant such authority to Miguel?

From C @ USA [Published on June 23, 2004]


May I begin by thanking you for your very interesting and enlightening essays on the state of the church and the world today? I have found them to be both a blessing and a comfort. I was very much a fan of the late Fr. Malachi Martin who, in his own way, was a kind of prophet (not in the literal sense)...

I was led to your site by the suggestion of someone who referred to you as a sort of "successor" to Malachi Martin... though your approach and purpose is of a different nature.

I have two questions to ask of you:

1. What is your opinion of the apparitions/messages from Bayside... of the late Veronica Leuken?...

2. Fr. Malachi Martin (and others) have made reference to a "black mass" having taken place in the Vatican, in which Lucifer was "enthroned" as the "prince of this world". This ceremony, verified by Martin and others, was conducted by both lay persons and clergy who were satanists... Do you believe that this ceremony actually took place?

I am a Roman Catholic from the (a major US metropolis) area, who has seen much evil within the ranks of the clergy, and has suffered much by their words and deeds. But I offer my sufferings in reparation for my many sins, and for the souls in purgatory.

Thank you for your site. Please pray for me.


A.  Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.

Our prayer on someone's behalf, like the forgiveness from God, should always be considered a completed act when those who seek it do so with a truly sincere heart, as you have done.

1. Regarding Bayside and the late Veronica Leuken. We do not have any commentary one way or another. This should be understood in the light of the fact that, when we do have a commentary in a similar situation, we make it known upon request.

2. Regarding Rev. Malachi Martin's reference to a "black mass" having taken place in the Vatican : Yes, we believe that it did take place. The spiritual world is very real and it has its laws like the physical domain. Such laws apply equally on good or evil.

It was precisely because of the existence of such laws/requirements that Our Lord and God had miguel de Portugal travel to The Vatican at the end of the year 2000 to personally deliver a pronouncement upon The Vatican in His Name while standing on St. Peter's Square and facing The Vatican Complex. A pronouncement which, in retrospect, may have been a response to such despicable act as chronicled by Rev. Martin.  

From MO @ USA [Published on June 15, 2004]

Q.  May God be with you and may the graces of our Lord Christ Jesus be with you also!

I am gravely concerned by the problems that have become manifest in the American Roman Catholic church as well as the way in which the administration is addressing these issues.

If I, as a true believer in the faith, cannot trust the guidance of our bishops where am I to go?

From whom do I seek council and from whom do I receive the blessed sacraments?  How do I proselytize while these events are occurring and justify to a seeker the reliability of the truth our faith provides?

I feel like a minnow swimming against the current in an ocean of sharks. . .

Thanks in advance for your response.


A.  First and foremost, neither all the members of the clergy nor those of the Hierarchy are corrupt. Some are very disoriented. Others "toe the party line" in words but their hearts are intimately united with God. Therefore, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you to these individuals from whom, at least for now, you may receive the valid Sacraments. We pray daily for these men because they are caught in the horrible cross-fire of the flaming liberals and the fanatic conservatives - neither of which have the faintest idea about  the real Jesus Christ. We encourage one and all to pray for them too, it is our duty.

How should you proselytize? The way Jesus intend it to be - By example!  Dear brother in Christ - if you posses something good, eventually people will notice it, as well as the good fruit it yields. Eventually they will quietly inquire about it from you. Soon they will want to have it too.

m de P has seen a waitress, who used to serve his table at a certain coffee shop he frequented, go from being an alcoholic, a drug addict and a prostitute ("Honey, where do you think I got the money to support my habits?" she once told him) to being a practicing  and level headed Catholic. He never asked her to become a Catholic or, for that matter, to join any Faith. She just wanted to have whatever he had.

This is just one case - he could fill pages upon pages of similar results - without even having ever tried "to convert" anyone.

In addition, you may explain to those who question the incoherence they see between words and deeds of the Church Administrators the same way we have done and do through the hundreds upon hundreds of documents published in this Domain.

The first thing to do, however, is not to deny the wrongdoing of "those who should know best". Then proceed to explain the difference between the Faith and the Administrators, quickly followed by the statement that, even though some Administrators think of themselves, and act as God - they are not and will never be!

They may then ask: How such rich Faith can come from such group of people? Just share with them the following parable:

There was a pure and holy maiden who mothered three holy children: Faith, Hope and Charity

As time went by, the pure and holy maiden started to become corrupt. As the corruption progressed into full-fledged prostitution, the first victim of this tragedy became the third holy child: Charity. Soon, Hope was corrupted too, as the result of the activities of the once holy and pure maiden, now turned into a prostitute... and Hope was no more.

Only one child was left - the first one: Faith. The father took notice of the tragedy in his family. He simply could not allow his firstborn, Faith, to also be corrupted, therefore he decided to directly intervene to preserve Faith because he knew that  through Faith he could bring back to life his two other children, Hope and Charity. Then, with the assistance of Hope and Charity, he could finally bring back to life, in its original state of holiness and purity, His Bride - the Church.

May all who have "Eyes, See" and "Ears, Hear"... and read, if you wish, the fulfillment of this parable in the Book of Revelations.

Last but not least: Do not worry about the sharks... the meek, also known as "the minnows", will inherit the earth.

May God continue to Bless and Guide you!

From B @ USA [Published on June 13, 2004]

Note: For ease of understanding and for the sake of coherence we will comment/respond to this communication in the multiple Question and Answer Format

Q.  I am writing you this note to ask you to pray for our family. We re being severely ostracized because we believe their is a master plan for the destruction of America. We believe so many things are going...  I can't go into all... but you know what I'm trying to say.

A. You may certainly be assured of our prayerful support. The true remnant is very small but God Will protect them.

The response of the people who are ostracizing you is very normal. Denial "is the name of the game"  because they cannot accept the truth out of fear. This clearly indicates where people's Faith truly rests on: Faith in institutions - Religious and Governmental, and not in God, as it should be.

Those who do not have strong Faith in God will not make it through, even if they are daily communicants. The great tragedy is that many who think they have strong Faith are deceiving themselves. In many cases such "Faith" is "intellectual faith" which is based on logic and much studying. The real Faith cannot be acquired by man - it is a Gift from God.

When the proverbial "chips are down" those of "intellectual faith" will cave in. They choose not remember the future of the house built upon sand [Mt 7:26] (human intellect) and not on rock (God), nor do they remember the warning of Jesus in the parable of the ten virgins. He will say to those unprepared: "I do not know you."  [Mt 25:12].

Thus, we must patiently pray for them. The rest - and their future - is in the Hands of God.

Q. Our family members and relatives think we're nutty. It is hard to tell some of them the truth. Now I'm beginning to feel we have done the wrong thing in bringing some of the worldly truths out in the open.

A. The information has to be carefully dispensed and allowed to be spiritually absorbed in accordance to the Will of God.  Never insist. We can take the horse to water, purify the water and present it attractively but, ultimately, the benefiting from it rests in his will. This is why, as the last resort God will issue the Warning.

Q.  It is so hard on us...  I am a home schooling mom who teaches my one son 15 yr. through Seton school home studies.

A. He never told us that it would be easy, but He assured us that it would be worth it. He also promised to supply the Graces necessary to endure what we must. Claim those Graces!  Remember the gemstones that Mary had in her fingers during Her Apparition at Rue the Bac (The Miraculous Medal Apparitions). When asked why those where not shining like the other gemstones were She answered (paraphrasing): "Those are Graces that have not been asked for."

Q. Why or oh why is the world so blind to what is happening? To be the minority is very hard. We re being called anti-American and to go and live elsewhere if we do not stand behind our government.

A. The answer to the first question - in its entirety - applies here too.

Q. I'm exhausted just trying to write you this note. If you have any words of wisdom to help me please please write to me.  I'm even afraid now to send this...

A. Pray much and place all of your trust in God. He has never failed nor will ever fail those who confidently trust Him and His Word. Keep your eyes, heart and soul fixed on Him, and offer the difficulty in overcoming any test and trail that you find in the way as we have explained elsewhere.

Summarizing : You are obviously on the "right track". satan would not bother someone he already has "in his pocket". May God continue to Bless you richly!

From LR @ USA [Published on June 10, 2004]

Q.  I have had much difficulty trying to "forgive & forget"...   I was having difficulty forgiving my own childhood abusers.  Someone then advised me that my "forgiving" an abuser didn't mean that I accepted what was done and the abuser wasn't held accountable.  This helped me get passed that block.

When our Lord says to us that if we come to Him with a truly sorrowful and contrite heart and we ask Him for forgiveness, even if our soul is stained red with blood, does this mean that:

When a person is forgiven his sins he is no longer accountable for them?  Is the sinner forgiven but still accountable for "Justice"?

May Our Lord continue to bless you and give you protection & strength.  Thank you.


A.  Debts to Divine Justice must be paid even when the sin has been forgiven. Furthermore, they must be paid "with the same currency".

People are led to believe that when they walk away from the confessional, they are finished with the sin and its consequences. No, that is not the case. The Eternal consequences of the sin have been dealt with but the "invoice" must still be dealt with.

The beauty of Divine Mercy is that God uses "discount coupons" to reduce the size of the debt that must be paid.

Speaking in terms that all can understand: If you stole 100 gold coins worth "X" and the sin is forgiven, you still, must pay what you stole, less the discount applied by Divine Mercy. This "discount" is dependent on many factors, factors which God applies on a case by case basis as He sees fit.

This is  why Indulgences, which are such a valuable component in the Treasury of the Catholic Faith,  are so important for us and the souls in purgatory.

Another example. Take abortion... Some people truly believe that an embryonic human is not already an integrated flesh-soul human being. Others just "don't want to think about it" and turn a blind eye to the issue - hoping that "it will go away".

Obviously the Mercy "coupons" applied to the first will be vastly different to those applied to the second.

Miguel de Portugal was once speaking to a woman who have had many abortions in the past. When he lovingly explained to her the reality of the situation, she, as the saying goes: "Almost broke her legs running to the confessional."  There is no doubt - when Mercy "coupons" are dispensed she will wall away with a handful.

From JH @ USA [Published on June 7, 2004]

Q.  I was rereading your document regarding making our way through life and how if we stick to gods plan our suffering will be minimized.

Thinking about this it struck me as being not the whole truth. For example what about the people who suffer in the third world - many of them blameless in the same way that the Irish people who suffered during the famine were in most cases blameless.

At that time the Irish people were a lot closer to God than they are now yet their path through life was fairly miserable if eye witnesses to their suffering are to be believed.

Wondering if you have any thoughts on this...


A.  Of course our document on Redemptive Suffering does not contain "the whole truth". Even though Rome believes to have "the whole truth", only God is the Plenitude of Truth, which means that only God has the complete Truth. He dispenses such Truth as and when and to whom He sees fit.

We will answer your very valid questions with two other questions:

If you sent your children to Summer Camp and provided the Summer Camp Administrators with all natural and supernatural tools necessary so that your children would have a happy, healthy and fulfilling passage through Summer Camp, yet, their experience would be a nightmare, which, in many cases would endanger their (eternal) lives upon their return to you, their father... Would you not bring them back to you as soon as possible?

And while you were making the arrangements for their prompt return, would you not do all you could to prevent them from falling into sins that would destroy their souls?

Whomever has the answer to those two questions that we have posed in His Name, will have the answers to the questions that you submitted to us.

We Praise God for the opportunity He presented to us through your question.

From KD @ USA [Published on June 3, 2004]

 Q.   First of all. I want to thank you for the helpful information that you disseminate through your site.  I have but one question today.  Do you believe that a hell exists where a condemned soul will suffer for all eternity by being constantly consumed by fire?  Would a loving God punish any non believing soul in such a manner?   Thank you for considering my question.



A.  Your question is certainly valid and of Universal Import.

We will answer the last part of the question first: "Would a loving God punish any non believing soul in such a manner?"

No, He certainly does not, we do!

However, the "non believing soul" qualifier needs clarification. A "non believing soul" because it has rejected God, is one thing. A "non believing soul" because it has not been Evangelized, is another situation completely different.

This difference in "non believing" souls will be covered in a separate document when God so Wills it. We know the answer for He has granted us that Grace, but, it is a matter of Heavenly set priorities.

However, let us make sure that one and all understand:

A "non believing soul" , in such state because it was never properly Evangelized OR abused by those who claim to represent God, does not necessarily go to hell. Those responsible for their being in that state of Evangelical ignorance have a better chance of ending up in hell than the victim of their inattention or abuse.

Secondly: "Do you believe that a hell exists where a condemned soul will suffer for all eternity by being constantly consumed by fire?"

Hell does indeed exist; however, although the suffering is symbolized by being burned but not consumed - that is symbolically never ending suffering - the suffering in hell has its root in the complete separation of the soul from God.

How do you feel when you express your love for someone? Good, isn't it? It simply feels good to be good and loving toward others.

How does one feel when one expresses hatred, dislike, revulsion for someone? It feels real bad - not good at all.

Why? When we love, we are in close contact with God. When we hate we are very far away from God. Take this to the Infinite level and, what do we have?

In Eternity with God you will feel so good that the best you felt in Time when you were kind and loving to someone will pale by comparison.

Conversely, in Eternity while separated from God, however bad one felt when hating someone in Time will be nothing compared to the misery that will be felt then.

Summarizing: Heaven, is Eternal Bliss indescribable in human terms, but we do get a taste when we love. Hell, is Eternal Suffering indescribable in human terms, but we do get a taste of it when we hate.

For those who feel that they cannot love: Do not despair, ask God for it. He will be delighted to comply because you will be helping Him in the redemption process. How "does that work"? That is a bit more complicated but very interesting!

   From Gemeni @ USA [Published on May 30, 2004 - Pentecost Sunday]

            Q.  Sorry, but you're a bit incoherent - it's disappointing.


            A.If we were to emulate your attitude, our response would be: "Sorry, but you're a bit uncharitable - move on!"

But of course, we are not; therefore, that would not be our response. Our response is:

We regret that you have failed to understand something that we attempted to get across and perhaps we did not do it in an appropriate manner. The most charitable thing to do, for the benefit of the thousands upon thousands of visitors that our Domain host every month, perhaps would have been to clearly explain why you believe that we are a "bit incoherent".

Perceived incoherence has three possible sources: (a) The information is not presented structured in a way that would avoid misunderstanding and/or misunderstanding; (b) The reader does not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the complexity of the concept transmitted; or (c) The writer possesses far more internal and related information than is published, therefore, by inadvertently omitting a link, the whole context of the information would appear, without a doubt, incoherent.

In any of the three cases, a coherent and charitable commentary/question from a confused reader would benefit all - the unsatisfied reader, the writer and the general audience.

It would also help everyone, if the complaining individual would take the time to mention the document or e-mailing that may have triggered such uncharitable criticism.

A review of our document on The Principle of Coherence may help the complaining individual to understand the word "coherence" and what it means.

In the meantime, to prevent any further disappointment, your address has been temporarily removed form our lists. 

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