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December 2005


The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.



From GMcE  @  Ireland  [Published on December 30th]

Q. Further to your posting of Dec 28th 2005 -  is it correct to say that you are stating that as far as you are concerned that the full manifestation of Step 1 in your series of end time events will actualise before the expiration of the Patriot Act on Jan 22nd 2006.
Could you also indicate whether the posting entitled "An Announcement" which concerned information in your possession which indicated the possibility that the Miracle of Garabandal might take place on April 16th 2006,  which date you were not in a position to confirm or deny at the time, has been corroborated or not.
Also in that regard has the person who subsequently wrote to you and suggested that your proposed date was incorrect, and that he/she knew of another date that fulfilled all the conditions, but was waiting on the guidance of the Holy Spirit before confirming their date, been in touch again to reveal their information, and if so can you reveal it on your website.
Best Regards,


A.  In reference to said posting in our Board: First of all, the sections of the Patriot Act which have been extended for only one month were to expire on December 31. The "one month extension" of said key provisions of the anti-terrorism USA Patriot Act will now expire on February 3, 2006.

Secondly - m de P does not make the decision of what and/or how the information is published. We realize that humans are used to have other humans, who may have been called by God to serve Him, take the center stage - become "a star", so to speak. The moment a human who has been called to serve God assumes the "center stage"/"star" position, his/her service ends and, henceforth, those who "followed" him/her will be deceived.

m de P has been told before "Act your part!" - and he is. The problem was that those who have said that wanted m de p to
take the center stage - become "a star" so some of the "light" would be reflected on those close enough to him to urge him to behave in that way.

There is only One Star, One Light, One Way, One Master, One Lord - Jesus Christ ! -  and the greatest hope any human should have is to serve Him while deferring all the Glory to Him. After all: "Who is like unto God?" (*)

Regarding specific dates for "sign-posts along the way" events: Following is a prayer offered by m de P at least twice a day:

"Lord, help me to get accomplished today all that You want me to get accomplished, in the order that You Will it accomplished and in the manner that You desire it to be accomplished. I do not need dates - I just need Your assistance so that all that needs to be accomplished by each specific date is accomplished. Then, in spite of my miseries and limitations, I would have served You as You intended I do. Amen."

Why? Because any human with a certain knowledge of a major catastrophe taking place on a specific date will not, we repeat, will not be able to move and act how and when God wishes in relation with said upcoming catastrophe without his/her normal human reaction interfering.

We could give examples of how God has used m de P to greatly minimize the suffering ("....that waits humanity as prophecy is fulfilled and Divine Justice dispensed") resulting from events - very well known worldwide for their destructive magnitude - yet he did not know he "was doing it" until much later when God lifted a corner of the veil to show him how he was used. m de P wishes to assure you - one and all - that if he had known, even if he had tried not to interfere, his human reactions would have interfered. Maybe one day some of these stories will be told.

(*) The name "Michael",  "Miguel",  "Micaiah" precisely mean:   "Who is like unto God?" 

From Initials Withheld  @  USA  [Published on December 28th]

Q. On the TimeBomb 2000 forum, I saw a series of posts by B. B. predicting imminent war.  I sent to him the following  e-mail about your own site.
Regarding your assessment that WW3 is imminent, a Catholic who writes as "Miguel de Portugal" is saying the same: It Is About That Time

 He responded thus:

Yes,  throughout the world  there are a few  who have a similar sense.

  Peace and love,
Initials Withheld

A.  Sadly (for most of the people of the world) much of what we have said will be drowned out by the cacophony of the Band Wagon Crew.

1. We have been announcing this war since 1991 - when the US and Russia were signing the Nuclear Disarmament Agreement.
2. This war is just part of a complex cleansing system allowed by God and which, as you know, is called the Apocalypse, the Steps of which have been announced since 1992.
3. The war is intended to be the "Miracle of the Sun" equivalent for today's people to pay attention to what else we have said - view it as a confirmation that all else forecasted will take place. However, what can we expect? - What was the response to the Miracle of the Sun? About 150 millions deaths and untold suffering.
4. Unfortunately, God has no other choice left than to essentially "wipe the slate" almost completely clean

We thought that we could never possibly understand why God would allow the annihilation of over two thirds of the world population. We began to understand it at a meeting of "the Faithful" in 1992, now, thirteen years later, we fully understand it. He simply has no other choice to prevent His Elect from being dragged down to hell too.

It is because of this apparent futility that m de P, many times, feel like "throwing in the towel" in disgust, but then he realizes that he will have the Grace of an Eternal Life of Joy because Jesus did not "throw in the towel" at Gethsemane and went through with the fulfillment of His Father Will to the end, even if it appeared that all His efforts were in vain. Didn't He say: "Take up your cross and follow me?" Then, how can m de P possibly refuse the call from the One Who went through all to give him all?

From MV  @  USA  [Published on December 24th]

Q.  On Limbo and "There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church": My positions are the following:

1. I do not believe in Limbo in the first place and the support for my belief follows in No. 2 below.

2. A better statement closer to the truth than "There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church" is this: "There is no salvation outside the church".

Not just the Roman Catholic church but the "church" as defined in the catechism, which consists of the Church Triumphant -those who have been saved and are now saints in heaven; the Church Suffering -those still in Purgatory awaiting entry into heaven; and the Church Militant -we the faithful souls still on earth helping all  towards salvation, towards getting our names in the Book of Life, towards helping all of us reach the pathway into entering either the Church Suffering or directly to Church Triumphant after our death,  and away from the pathway to Hell.

To me, the Roman Catholic Church is merely a part of The Church Militant,  not the entire Church Militant. For I believe Protestants belong to this too. The non-believers, those of other religions, and those who have separated themselves from the church can be saved too- by Divine Mercy!

Proofs of my beliefs come from the words of Jesus Christ Himself, the Divine Word, in His message to St. Faustina revealing His Divine Mercy and pointing out our obligations as faithful souls on how we can help save and gather all of His children to His Church whose names are in the Book Of Life:  devotion to Divine Mercy.

Specifically I am referring to the Divine Mercy novena, with all the words dictated to St. Faustina by Our Lord Himself. Being that He is  the Divine Word, thus each word coming from Him is the truth,  unchanging, and everlasting.


A. Your corrected statement is "right on target" - and the explanation you offer could hardly be improved upon.

 Indeed, there is much Divine Wisdom in the Divine Mercy Novena - Wisdom that has slipped through the fingers of the Roman Church Administrators, but is available to those who have Eyes to See.

You may have not realized that there may be a contradiction in your statements above.  You state above that
"...we the faithful souls still on earth helping all  towards salvation, towards getting our names in the Book of Life." You also state "...pointing out our obligations as faithful souls on how we can help save and gather all of His children to His Church whose names are in the Book Of Life"

Just for the record, the second statement is the correct one. Time is developing parallel to Eternity - wherein there is no past nor future. In Eternity, as you seem to understand well, all has been concluded which clearly teaches those with Eyes to See that if you, MV, are to be in Heaven, in the Eternal Frame you already are and your name naturally is in the Book of Life. This Book of Life is already filled with all the names that need to be there.

Thus, your statement "...pointing out our obligations as faithful souls on how we can help save and gather all of His children to His Church whose names are in the Book Of Life" rules,  as we explained in our document about our active participation in the redemption of mankind.

We thank you for the opportunity to bring all of the above to the attention of the Faithful seeking for Light.

From DM  @  USA  [Published on December 22nd]

Q.  In late November, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found, In San Francisco, California, U.S.A. to be weeping a colored substance.  At first it was considered a hoax, but after the parish priest wiped the blood-red colored substance from the statue, the substance appeared again, as if the statue was weeping tears of blood.  The last I heard was that the Church was investigating the incident.  I have not heard anything since. 
If, indeed this statue of Mary was weeping blood, what could this possibly mean.  Mankind seems dense when it comes to incidents like this and cannot take a hint.  Does it mean that something catastrophic is about to happen to mankind or that something catastrophic has already happened and we still pay no heed?  Please continue to share with us examples of satan's snares so that we may be more alert to them.



Something catastrophic is about to happen to mankind  - For details review the messages of Akita, Garabandal, and Rosa Mystica.


Something catastrophic has already happened and we still pay no heed - For details review the Chronology of Fatima, the Secret of La Salette, the Apparitions of Kibeho, Rwanda (before the genocide in Rwanda) and Medjugorje, Yugoslavia (before the Serbian-Croatian genocide which ended Yugoslavia in a blood bath.)

Yes: Man (laity and clerical) is so abysmally stupid that God has to resort to extremes to get him back in the right track... and the grand finale will indeed be grand.

From LR  @  USA  [Published on December 19th]

Q.  Please continue to share with us examples of satan's snares so that we may be more alert to them.


A. A favorite and quite effective snare that satan uses is the following:

An individual has a fault/weakness/spiritual wound, which we shall call "X", which causes him/her to fall with certain regularity. The same individual has another fault/weakness/spiritual wound, which we shall call "Y", and  which causes him/her to fall once in a long while.

It so happens that fault/weakness/spiritual wound "Y" is quite serious and even in an  infrequent manner, the damages caused are great, while fault/weakness/spiritual wound "X", although active more frequently, has much less impact on the state of one's soul and the well-being of "thy neighbor".

satan's snare is to cause the individual to become almost obsessive about fault/weakness/spiritual wound "X" to the detriment of the individual paying attention to the most destructive fault/weakness/spiritual wound "Y".

To this snare, some Catholic "wise men" have added an "insurance policy" so that such snare will work more effectively by convincing the disoriented faithful that "a sin is a sin", with the implied aberration that all sins have the same consequences. This aberration transcends the one about the Earth being the center of the Universe (astronomically speaking) and that the Earth is flat; and is in equal footing with aberrant belief that the Jews crucified Jesus, although the source is the same one - satan.

How to avoid this? At least once a week conduct an evaluation of all your faults. Think about the negative consequences that each one may have in your soul and in others and focus on correcting the one which has the most serious consequences, without ignoring the others, of course.

And above all.... Never despair!, Never give up! He will see you Home if you so desire.

From MG  @  USA  [Published on December 15th]

Q.  I have been reading the text of the apparitions in Bayside, New York, as reported by Veronica Lueken.  However, I see that you do not give recognition to their claims of appearances.

Many of the transcripts are very frightening. Can you please explain your reluctance to do so?

Thank you,


A. We became familiar with Mrs. Lueken's reports nearly 20 years ago. The transcripts are no more frightening than what miguel de Portugal knows and we show in the Sequence of Events,  the Message through Akita, the fulfilled message of Kibeho and Rosa Mystica and the on going fulfillment message of La Salette, as well as the completion of Fátima.

We have nothing to say about Bayside - one way or another.
At this point (12/15/2005) God has not moved us yet to mention it, however, that should not be taken neither as a denial nor an endorsement. In all sincerity, if we gave you any other explanation for its absence in our Domains it would be a fabrication.

From JM  @  USA  [Published on December 12th]

Q.  Thinking about gratitude toward our Salvation - I was caused to wonder if the suffering souls in Purgatory bear their pains in patient gratitude for the Blessed Assurance of their Release to Paradise?

A. That is precisely the greatest consolation to the souls of Purgatory, with the second being that we remember them and pray for their prompt release. Their greatest sorrow, and the means to pay for their sins through the ensuing suffering, is to be able to see what their misdeeds have caused upon humanity.

Each good deed travels throughout humanity, bringing positive results/influence to those it comes across, as the water rings travel when we throw a stone into a pond, for example. Conversely, a bad deed travels throughout humanity, bringing negative results/influence to those it comes across.

We cannot think of a greatest deterrent to ungodly behavior, next to not offending our Lord, of course, than to have to witness from afar the bad consequences that we may have brought upon others through our improper behavior.

From DM  @  USA  [Published on December 5th]

Q.  # l.   I heard from the  Garabandal prophesies, I believe, that there would be the closing of Churches.  Does this mean that the Churches will be closed because of lack of attendance and/or priests to serve them or does this mean that something more sinister would cause the closing of the Churches?
A. The prophecy is al ready is being fulfilled en-masse due to lack of priests (or caring enough laity), vandalism (as hate mounts against Catholicism), lack of attendance (as the faithful becomes disenchanted with the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Vatican). However, if the remaining faithful do not cooperate with God as we have pointed out over and over again, we can reach a point that the Catholic Churches, as we know them now, would be summarily closed down.

Q. # 2. Is there any "hope" here in the U.S. for the reversal of Roe vs Wade and legalized abortions throughout the world,  or are legalized abortions here to stay until the end of time?  It would seem to me that before a "period of piece" can  be granted to the world,  the world would have to change its attitude toward abortions on demand.  Any thoughts on this? 
A. This is in the hands of the faithful, as we have pointed out above. From what we have seen in the last ten years, the "faithful" have become more "talkers" than "doers", therefore we would be surprised if abortion on demand is stopped.

Q. #3. I have been told that the appearance of our Blessed Mother at Medjugori  is a fraud or a "false claim of the appearance of  St. Mary. Please set me straight as to the Church's position on this claimed appearance of St. Mary.
A. We refer you to Chapter 7, Note 8 (and references) of our major document on Marian Apparitions. Your questions should be answered there. Nonetheless, we will add what we have stated before regarding the local Bishop initial approval of the Apparitions and then his disapproval of them: It seems that he was right both times. May those who have Eyes, See, and Ears, Hear!

Q. #4. I am concerned (actually outraged)  about the release of the movie in 2006, I believe, about the Da Vinci Code depicting Jesus married to Mary Magdalene.  I'm concerned that many will believe that there are descendants of Jesus running around in the world today.  To me, this would be ludicrous, as it would mean to me that there are a lot of 'gods" running around, as Jesus, being the Son of God, would have passed that quality along to His descendants, but there are many who would believe this.  Though we do not know God's reaction to the release of this movie,  it would seem to me that this movie "would not please Him in the least".   Any thoughts about what might happen after the release of this movie?               

A.  This twisted concept may come in handy for the False Christ appearance - since it gives him an already pre-programmed public to accept a direct descendant of Jesus as the manifestation of the Second Coming. The faithful is so confused and disoriented that with a little media assistance, as we have show, they will believe just about anything - which is precisely what satan wants.

From S  @  USA  [Published on November 30th ]

Q.  The letter sent to us dealt with participating in non-Catholic Home Schooling Support Groups.

A.  The issues raised in this letter were so important that we have utilized it to develop a new document entitled Living the Ecumenical Spirit  - Where? and How? - It Just Depends on the Circumstances. May the Holy Spirit of God guide each and everyone of you as you ponder through said document.

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