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A Public Forum - Part II

September 2007

The purpose of this Public Forum - Part II is to publish communications sent to us, communications which require no response from us, yet, we feel that their content is beneficial for the spiritual health of the Faithful.
We reserve the right to choose which communications will be published and to edit them as necessary for clarity. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential unless requested otherwise.
Please Note: When a communication appears on this Forum, does not automatically imply that The M+G+R Foundation agrees with all of its contents and/or conclusions.

From Initials Withheld @ USA - Published on September 30th, 2007

I received an e-mail from Catholic Culture, with an editorial (1) by Dr. Jeff Mirus blasting an Italian bishop for his recent ruling, which forbids the celebration of the Tridentine Mass in his diocese - despite the recent B16 decree allowing free access to that rite.
Here's the key of his editorial, and the item that provokes my letter to you:
" I have said it before and I will very likely have to say it again: The most important liturgical disposition is obedience, the very virtue by which Christ saved us in following the Father's will, the very virtue which lies at the heart of what God the Son does at Mass. The precise form of the liturgy, the style of the music, the brilliance of the homilist, the exterior devotion of the faithful avail nothing without the willingness to be obedient to what the Church prescribes for Divine worship."
I am not in favor of disobedience to liturgical law, but I raise the alarm when anyone makes obedience the central virtue.  Would not the experience of the Nazis show us all the danger of unconditional obedience to any human leader or institution?  Furthermore, what makes obedience central to Christ's saving acts: weren't - and aren't - these centered on love ... rather than obedience?
Could it be that this is one of the key errors of Opus Dei: placing obedience at the center, rather than love (or truth)?

(1)  Catholic Culture : Commentary: Blog

From RC @ USA - Published on September 29th, 2007 [Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael]

Regarding your recent mailing..... (1)

The Iraq war has now gone on longer than the US involvement in World War II, with no end in sight.  The amount of money allocated for expanding this war is breath taking, but no one in power is willing to do the obvious, probably because of pride.
The US now is like a huge turtle on its back, unable to right itself without outside help.  Yes, I know that help is coming.  Lord have Mercy upon us.


(1) The mailing:

News Quote:

Congress agrees to raise U.S. credit limit Thu Sep 27, 11:21 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With the U.S. government fast approaching its current $8.965 trillion credit limit, the Senate on Thursday gave final congressional approval of an $850 billion increase in U.S. borrowing authority.


If our "Made In China" electronic $1.50 calculator does not fail us, the US debt works at about $30,000 per US citizen.  Thanks be to God that "our Treasure" cannot be touched by the upcoming crash....

Luke 12:33 Sell what you possess and give alms. Make to yourselves bags which grow not old, a treasure in heaven which faileth not: where no thief approacheth, nor moth corrupteth.

But then again, What do I know? or better yet.... What does He know? since that is the way the world acts while keeping His Holy Name at the tip of  its collective tongue.

From Initials Withheld @ USA - Published on September 27th, 2007 [Mary, Protector of Orphans plus  First Day of Sokkot - [Feast of Tabernacles] ]

In the September 2007 New Oxford Review (a traditionalist Catholic magazine), Dale Vree has an editorial titled "The Great Bourgeois Sexual Revolution" (pp. 22, 24).
The essay begins thus:
'In an article in National Review (June 25) titled 'A Farewell to Culture Wars,' Brink Lindsey makes the bold statement: 'The culture wars are over, and capitalism won.'"
Vree comments:
"Lindsey appeals to limited government, individual liberty, and free markets.  America is truly free: homosexuality, pornography, birth control, abortion, premarital sex, out-of-wedlock births, divorce, shack-ups, sexual debauchery, obscene language, the drug culture, etc.  This is liberty.  Do your own thing!  This is not licentiousness, it's freedom."
Vree continues (after quoting some supporters of the Sexual Revolution):
"On the other hand, thus spake Lenin (most of our readers will be astonished): ' "Freedom of love" ... is not a proletarian but a bourgeois demand.' He also said, 'Revolution ... cannot suffer license and orgies.  License is decadence.  It seeks intoxication for stimulus or stupefaction.  But the proletariat does not need to intoxicate itself anymore.  We need clarity, clarity, and still more clarity.  ...  Self-discipline and self-command is no slavery.'  Lenin also said, 'Promiscuity in sexual matters is bourgeois.  It is a sign of degeneration.'  And Stalin outlawed abortion.  Of course, Communism is not the answer."
Immediately, Vree ends the essay thus (bold added by me):
"What will it be, freedom or virtue?  You can't have it both ways, not anymore.  The NOR agrees with Lindsey: capitalism is freedom and hedonism.  But the NOR has a different solution: virtue..  But how do we get there?" 
Vree is - oddly - echoing Robespierre, the leader of the French Revolution in its last and most radical phase.  On May 7, 1794, Robespierre had told the revolutionary Convention that "Wickedness is the root of despotism as virtue is the essence of the Republic."  Robespierre was in favor of a republic of virtue, and - as the Terror showed - had no use for freedom..
[Source of the Robespierre quote: Elizabeth Knowles, ed., The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 6th ed., p. 648, Robespierre quote # 7]
When traditionalist Catholics start talking like Jacobin Revolutionaries, we know that we've got trouble ahead. (1)

(1) The parallel between the French Revolution and the End of These Times

From Initials Withheld  @ USA - Published on September 23rd, 2007

With reference to your recent posting [see September 8th posting] about military-type cyber attacks:

Here is a sobering article (1) about the risk of a cyber world war, from a major IT trade publication, Network World.

Two sections of the article leapt out at me:

[ From page 1 of the Internet version; bold added by me:]

"When the Estonian government was hit with major, sustained denial-of-service attacks this spring, the headlines screamed that it was the first incident of modern cyberwarfare.

The attacks disrupted a dozen government Web sites and networks run by ISPs, financial institutions and media outlets for several weeks in April and May. A global botnet of compromised home computers was used to create and direct the packet flood attacks that reached a peak of 90Mbps. Hackers also defaced key government Web sites with anti-Estonian slogans.

Pro-Russian activists were behind the cyber attacks, which were motivated by the Estonian government’s decision to move a Soviet World War II memorial. All in all, the hackers launched hundreds of individual cyberattacks against Estonian Web sites, ranging from less than one minute to 10 hours or more.

The Estonian attacks have left U.S. IT and network professionals wondering if they’ve entered a new era of cyberwar and what they should be doing to prepare for politically motivated attacks."

[From page 3 of the Internet version bold added by me ]:

"There are only two other known network attacks that were as devastating as the Estonian incident and have been called cyberwarfare. One, dubbed Titan Rain by the U.S. government, took place in 2003 and involved Chinese military attacks on networks run by Lockheed Martin, Sandia National Laboratories, Redstone Arsenal and NASA. The other incident, which the U.S. government refers to as Moonlight Maze, occurred in 1999 and involved Russian attacks on classified military information."

The article reassures the readers that Russia and China would not try to take us out with a Net attack, since it would harm their own economy. That's the kind of peacetime blindness that made people before 1914 say that a great war was impossible, because it would bankrupt the combatants.

Here is a very possible scenario about the sequence of enemy strikes if WW3 comes:

1. Massive dollar sales, or other efforts to start a financial panic.
2. Once the panic has started, all-out cyber attacks on government, financial, and infrastructure systems.
3. After chaos is "in place," the start of nuclear attacks: blind the satellites, use EMP to fry the grid, and hit US military assets.
4. And on from there ... till the end.

I am not saying that we ought to pre-emptively strike - but I hope that the PTB are (in their own secret plans) aware that these countries are NOT our friends.

Initials Withheld

From RG  @ USA - Published on September 19th, 2007

I also received an inner communication about the geographical location of Medjugorje and Garabandal.

It was in the year 1990 and I had just gone to bed and had a inner communication very strong but not in words that Medjugorje and Garabandal were in a straight line across the globe from each other. The compulsion was so strong that I jumped out of bed and grabbed a pocket atlas that I had and looked first at Spain. The atlas was very limited on latitude and longitude lines but it just so happened that it did show the 43 parallel line and I could see that Garabandal was just a little above it.

I then checked Medjugorje with chills running down my back and sure enough they were in the same place in latitude. I have told a few people, most notably Wayne Weible about it, but he misunderstood me and thought when I said latitude that I meant they were of the same importance which I suppose that is also true.

Anyway, I am glad I finally found someone else  (1) who also discovered this. I believe it is of major importance.


(1) Letter from miguel de Portugal to Albert Roux, US National Director of the Marian Movement of Priests

From An Investor and List Member  @ USA - Published on September 17th, 2007

In reference to the news report (1) your circulated today about France's position regarding war with Iran....

For Your Information - Coming this week:
1. There is much economic news to be released in the US especially the long anticipated Federal Reserve rate decision on Tuesday which will cause the markets to go crazy, either up or down;

2. Friday is quadruple "witching day", so named because that is the day of expiration for stock index futures, stock index options, stock options and single stock futures; as you recall there is a large put out (2) there which will expire on that day;

3. Finally, and perhaps most important, Friday, at sundown, starts Yom Kippur - the Jewish Day of Atonement

(1)  France warning of war with Iran
(2)  See posting below dated September 2nd for details on this.

From RC @ USA - Published on September 15th, 2007 [Memorial of the Sorrows of Mary]

I enjoy your sense of humor. (1)  It will be humor that gets people to see the light.
When you have a new idea, people fight tooth and nail against you, hurling insults, sarcasm, humiliation, and do everything possible to discredit you since you threaten their status quo.
They think that they have it all figured out and you are annoying them since you are positing a different situation for which they are not prepared.
First they dismiss you as a "crackpot,", "nut," take your pick of terms;
If that fails, they work night and day to prove you wrong logically.
When it becomes clear that you are right, they will say that they knew it all along.
People are proud and refuse to accept what is good for them.  That is why history repeats itself time and again.  Very few are smart enough to know that we have many built-in faults and but for the Grace of God, we would make the same mistakes for eternity.
Eventually the absurdity of all this will wake up the few who need to be awakened.  The rest are destined.

(1)  RC is referring to the following mailing to our Select List:

Quotes from News Report
Philadelphia's embattled police chief, acknowledging that police alone cannot quell a run of deadly violence, has called on 10,000 men to patrol the streets to reduce crime.
Sylvester Johnson says black men, in particular, have a duty to protect more vulnerable residents. He wants each volunteer to pledge to work three hours a day for at least 90 days.
"A steady exposure to violence just creates this toxic environment for children and youth. As adults, we don't want them to think they have to handle it on their own," said Rose Cheney, executive director of the Firearm and Injury Center at the University of Pennsylvania.


It used to be "Houston, we have a problem!" Now it is "Citizens, we really have a problem!"

We have a Gulf Coast, destroyed by Katrina, which has experienced very little progress in its reconstruction, an economy supported only by an illusion which can vaporize in a flash (no pun intended...), our armed forces spread so thin and weary that cannot snap into action should we face with an unexpected (unexpected by the blind, of course) military emergency, we have a de facto dictatorship regime - even with an opposition controlled congress and a 70 % disapproval rating by the general public cannot stop the executive branch from doing whatever it pleases them.  If that were not enough to make the dead snap into attention, now we have to recruit regular citizens to insure the safety in the nation's sixth-largest city.

Well, maybe this must be part of the alternative reality miguel is living.... or as it is often said: "It's always been that way - it is just the media that is making it appear so new and widespread...."

In any case, we must run.... need to see if I can hitch a ride in a turnip truck traveling to Wonderland - I have a Tea Party to attend with Alice, the Mad Hatter, et al...
Quoted News Report;_ylt=ApLADangsh7tCSltuWjpHqJH2ocA

From RC @ USA - Published on September 12th, 2007

I could not agree with you more.  God is AWESOME. I am not surprised, just pleased.  God has tried to teach all of us to be good fathers (and mothers) and to care for one another.
He knows what is going to happen, and He does not want His Children to suffer unnecessarily, so He warns them.  I find that easy to accept since I believe strongly in the Mercy of God.
I was recently told by someone close to me that I was living in an "alternate reality." 
I pray to God for the Grace to have her see what is about to happen.
You have done your job. (1)
One of the ironies is that many of us who are praying with our hearts for a delay and now a contraction of the time of the punishment are told that, "See, it didn't happen."
Ergo, "It will never happen." (2)
As they say in the stock market, "It is better to be a year early than a day late."
Best wishes and Peace



(1) The World Has Been Amply Warned
(2)  As "it did not happen" with World War II

From CG @ USA - Published on September 9th, 2007

In reference to Tom Monaghan's Ave Maria University (1)

"Bravo, Opus!"

No comments....



(1)  Article:

From ZM @ Ukraine - Published on September 8th, 2007 [Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, True Mother of the Good Shepherd]

You may find this article (1) worth of attention.

One more stone at US security. And to note that now world is not in state of "cyber war" and this was just small bite comparing to what can cause state paid professionals like with Estonia during monument dispute with Russia. News Report No. 1 and News Report No. 2

Best Regards,



(1)  Article:,8599,1636002,00.html

From RC @ US - Published on September 7th, 2007 [First Friday of Reparation]

Blessings to you on This First Friday which is also the Eve of the Feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother.
I agree that every Friday should be a day of reparation to Jesus and that every Saturday should be a day of reparation to Our Blessed Mother.
Every day of the week has its character:  Friday is the day on which Jesus atoned for our many and continued sins, Saturday is the day of hopeful expectation by Our Blessed Mother, as she awaited the Resurrection of Our Lord.
We owe every day to God, but these days should be extra special.
I can't help but notice the world "ramping up."  Gold price, nukes, violent weather.
You said it all when you said that Jesus gave us THE OPPORTUNITY for Eternal Life.
It is increasing clear that this is a two way street.  We need to do our part to love and serve God.  Failing to do so, we get nothing.
But as you like to say, "Jesus didn't say it would be easy, just that it would be worth it."
Blessings and Peace


From TJ @ USA - Published on September 2nd, 2007

In reference to your latest mailing (1) - Someone with a lot of money seems to agree with you. (2)


(1)  Latest mailing:

September 1, 2007

May the Peace of God be upon you!

We wish to share with you some thoughts which should be considered just that - "thoughts" - and not necessarily as prophecy.

As the clock ticks on and being fully aware what will take to implement the New International Order (1) with its One Universal Religion (2) through a normal socio-political evolutionary process, we cannot help but place ourselves at a pre 9-11 date and consider how long would have taken to implement the Road Map For National Security : Imperative for Change (3) through a normal socio-political evolutionary process, instead of being implemented through the urgency generated by the unexpected events of September 11, 2001.

Therefore,  the only way to match - or even come close to - the overall Divine time table will be for the quasi immediate manifestation of a global scale 9-11 equivalent which will, in turn, allow the implementation of the New International Order with its One Universal Religion just as quickly as the Patriot Act was approved by the U.S. Congress after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

May God have Mercy on His Elect!

miguel de Portugal

(1) New International Order
(2) One Universal Religion
(3) Road Map For National Security : Imperative for Change

(2) The reference of "someone witha lot of money seems to agree with you" comes from:

A huge downside purchase of “put” options by an unknown investor or conglomerate in Europe has both investors and NWO watchers abuzz worldwide. Someone has placed a $4.5 billion bet that within 30 days the European stock market will take at least a 33% nosedive. Such an event would be tantamount to the market crash of 1929.

The two sales are being referred to by market traders as “bin Laden trades” because only an event on the scale of the 9-11 “terrorist” attacks could make these short-sell “put” options valuable.( A “put” option is a bet that a stock will go down. A “call” option is a bet it will go up.)

There are 65,000 pending contracts at $750 in the Standard and Poor Index. This controls 6.5 million shares at $750 or $4.875 billion. The entity or individual offering these sales can make money only if the market drops 30%-50% within 30 days. If the market does not drop, the entity or individual involved stands to lose about $1 billion just for engaging in these contracts. On the other hand, if the prediction is correct, the reward could be over $2 billion.

For the remaing of the article visit the originating site at:

From SB @ USA - Published on September 1st, 2007  [First Saturday of Reparation]

I just finished reading your paper on Papal infallability.

It brought to mind the Pope's excommunication of the entire population of Scotland during it's war of Independence with England.  Imagine, all those souls lost because Edward III could bribe faster than Robert Bruce.  
Thank you for the work you are doing.   


From RC @ USA - Published on August 30th, 2007 

Blessings to you on This Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist.
Some thoughts.
1. Obviously, the Messengers of God are not treated well by mankind.  Those who deliver the Message of God suffer the same fate as His Son, Our Lord.

2. Humans are weak and pathetic and have no right to be prideful; we came from nothing; if not for the Grace of God, we would be nothing.
  to wit:
Men are routinely seduced by women.  It is a system error, built in.  Men may call women seductresses and treacherous, but men are simply weak and the temptation brings out said weakness;
Men are seduced further by drink and celebrations of grandeur (birthday parties, bachelor parties, stripper parties, etc.).  A lot of crazy things happen during those episodes driven by the pride of men acting in concert to reinforce each others pride.
Men make dumb oaths which they later defend as noble and honorable.  A wise man once said that you brain should move faster than your mouth.  We continually cite laws and regulations (many of which are immoral and unethical) and use these bogus authorities to inflict damage on the innocent, all the while being prideful and considering ourselves superior because we are upholding the honor of the law and justice.
3. I am not sure what the great temptations are for women, though money, fame and power seem to be up there.  I get the feeling that they like to control, especially from behind the scenes.  Perhaps treachery is in fact one of their great weaknesses.
4. Pride is clearly at the root of all sin.
5. As stated in a recent article, all the lessons are there in History, but so few graduate.
6. I continue to believe that with prayer, fasting, meditation and sincere efforts to try to imitate the Life of Christ that many can and will improve the lot of the world.  It is really our only hope.
Best wishes and Peace!


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