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A Public Forum - Part II

October 2007

The purpose of this Public Forum - Part II is to publish communications sent to us, communications which require no response from us, yet, we feel that their content is beneficial for the spiritual health of the Faithful.
We reserve the right to choose which communications will be published and to edit them as necessary for clarity. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential unless requested otherwise.
Please Note: When a communication appears on this Forum, does not automatically imply that The M+G+R Foundation agrees with all of its contents and/or conclusions.

From RC  @ USA - Published on October 30th, 2007

At your request, I have reviewed the History Channel program aired recently about "The Lost Book of Nostradamus".

Briefly, the "lost" book is alleged to have been presented by N (Nostradamus) (1) to a cardinal at the Vatican where it stayed under wraps for years.  Later it was purchased by the Italian National Library from someone else but the author was claimed to be N.  It was recently "found" by an Italian author who was apparently perusing the collection.
The book is a collection of 80 watercolor plates which depict many of the quatrains.  They are not bound together but in a portfolio which apparently was typical for the times.
Most important, the plates depict what "experts" contend is the apocalypse.  The images are all loaded with symbolism so one can read into many what one wants.  Basically the images are all bad news for the Church with representations of the Pope in various degrees of distress or danger and many representations of the AntiChrist.
Interestingly, this program addresses one of the criticisms featured on the preceding program (also recorded) which is, "Why can't you N experts predict something rather than telling us after the fact?"  To wit, where were those experts on Sept. 10, 2001?
Thus, there is a mad dash, if not frenzy, to figure out what is going to happen next.
The climax is that it will all end when certain celestial events occur.  These events only happen once every 13,000 years and are due again between 1992-2012.
Yes that 2012 number, again. (2)
The program admits that the book is not an original by N, but rather recopied.  The program insists that it must be important since it was kept and recopied over the years.
I believe that the book  importance and relevance was stated at least THREE TIMES, thus there must be a reason this book came to light now.
The basic problem with this kind of programming is that it gives people a fatal diagnosis without any hope of cure.  Worse, it trivializes the events since  there is a GAME for people to play in which one makes predictions using quatrains.  I agree that seers can and do see, but they are not doing God's Will.  It is fair to say that a prophet of God will announce that he is a prophet of God and act like one, with wisdom, patience, courage, charity and humility.
One can tell God's Messengers by what they say and do.
This program feeds into the Jonah syndrome.  As you know, it wasn't easy to get Jonah to deliver the message to Ninevah, but once he did, he actually looked forward to having Ninevah destroyed.  Shame on him!
If we learn anything from this program: it is
1. do not trust anything touched by the Vatican;
2. people are most driven by fear, greed comes in second; (3)
3. God provides warnings (4), but also hope that if we do the right thing, we can stay His Hand or mitigate the damage (5).
As Our Blessed Mother said, Pray, Pray, and Pray some more.
One can never Pray too much!



(1)  About Nostradamus' source
(2) About the Mayan Calendar
(3)  Pain - always catches man's attention
(4)  Miracle of the Sun at Fatima,  Upcoming Warning and A Personal Warning
(5) Indeed it is in our hands

From KH  @ USA - Published on October 27th, 2007

Regarding your mailing with the Subject: CDC: Suicide rate among U.S. girls soars (1) and considering the literature research that you requested I conduct to confirm the relationship you knew about "otherwise" between effect of the widely taken antidepressants and the ever increasing wave of suicides...

Goodness and wonder of wonders!  To say I am astounded, that would be an understatement.

I saw that headline yesterday, but never stopped to read the article, so it really came as a surprise this morning.  God is EVERYTHING that you proclaim about Him -- and more, and I am only sorry that I so often think Him into the very limited boundaries of my human understanding and imagination... something I pray to overcome but then there are still more amazement... this must be His Infinite Goodness.

Dearest m de P, thank you for sharing and thank God for providing these wonders for me to think about... I am sure I will be shaking my head in amazement for days.  I will keep praying about this and all the rest, and thanking Our Lord for His Blessed "alternate reality".
You have a Blessed day, too, and many thanks,


(1)  The referred to mailing....

The suicide rate among preteen and young teen girls spiked 76 percent, a disturbing sign that federal health officials say they can't fully explain.
For all young people between ages 10 to 24, the suicide rate rose 8 percent from 2003 to 2004 — the biggest single-year bump in 15 years — in what one official called "a dramatic and huge increase."
The report, based on the latest numbers available, was released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and suggests a troubling reversal in recent trends. Suicide rates had fallen by 28.5 percent since 1990 among young people.
As for why rates are up, Richard Lieberman, who coordinates the suicide prevention program for Los Angeles public schools, said one cause could be a rise in depression during tumultuous adolescent years.
Arias said the declining use of antidepressants in those age groups might play a role. But it's "not the only factor" that health officials will be studying.
Four years ago, federal regulators warned that antidepressants seemed to raise the risk of suicidal behavior among young people, so black box warnings were put on the drugs' packaging.
When partial teen suicide data was published earlier this year, experts noted at the time that the drop in sales of the drugs corresponded with a rise in the suicide rate. Now there is concern that some children who need the medication aren't getting it.


God willing we will address the antidepressant angle soon. In the meantime, be assured that the " Now there is concern that some children who need the medication aren't getting it. "  line is not surprising to us.  Notice we said "line" and not "reason". The schedule is being kept relentlessly.

It must be  this "alternative reality" (See Public Forum - Part I on September 7th)   miguel is living....
Original News report:;_ylt=Aje33lIo7ioaZ_.nW2QUAMla24cA

From WO @ USA - Published on October 22nd, 2007

Christ be with you!
Some late night web browsing on a totally unrelated subject led me to a very startling revelation: There is a provable connection between Opus Dei/OD related entities, their leaders and the nefarious organization known as Skull and Bones.
The well known group, Catholics United for the Faith (CUF), has always been a powerhouse conservative "catholic" entity, seemingly beyond reproach. Yet I could never figure out exactly WHAT they do, except posture and pose as pseudo intellectuals longing for a complete restoration of the power and glory of "Holy Mother Church", as they erroneously refer to the Church  (Mary was declared Mother of the Church by H.H. Paul VI and Mary is our Mother too - not the Church!).

Even after reading this, I am still unsure of WHY they are raising money ! Or what - in concrete terms - CUF actually does. While some broad goals are stated (without defining where the planned for facilities are to be located), one cannot readily find out who is running CUF (its officers, etc.). The address listed in in Steubenville, OH - where the famous liberal university is located; the University which produced many of the evangelicals who now populate EWTN. If memory serves me right, CUF used to have a mailing address suspiciously close to that of Opus Dei when they were located in New Rochelle, NY in the 80s.
Should that not be enough of a clue, the endorsement by Archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke - the poster boy for OD cooperators - will surely do!
Now here is the "clincher": The founder of CUF - H. Lyman Stebbins - went to Yale, where he was tapped for the demonic Skull and Bones (1) fraternity in 1933.
It can be said with certainty that a "Bonesman" is a Mason; to not be would be virtually impossible. Masons (2) are encouraged to "get involved with local churches"..... which can be viewed as a type of "operation by insertion into the local church"........ which are OD terms, to the letter.
So here we have a well known but inscrutable "catholic organization" founded by a man who was: a) a Bonesman, b) a presumed Mason, c) an investment banker - who obviously was able to use the previous two connections, d) a writer/self made intellectual who set himself up as an instant "catholic leader of conservatism/orthodoxy", e) one who helped engineer the desire for the return to the glory and power of the Vatican, et. al.
At his death, Stebbins was lauded by The Wanderer and other conservative/traditionalist periodicals. On hearing of his death I wondered: "Who IS this guy"? I had never heard of him....... yet it was as if a great actor or politician or global importance had passed.
The connections and implications of this are staggering! Yet I am not surprised, as the best way to commandeer an organization is to work from inside. And this only goes to prove what you have said regarding the threat from the Right, and the coming right wing order.
You remain in my daily prayers,



(1) . - (scroll down to 1933)
(2)  Note from The M+G+R Foundation: All "Masons" are not alike nor their intentions the same - any more than all Christians, Jews, etc.

From RC @ USA - Published on October 21st, 2007

Blessings to you on This Day of the Lord!
Sunday is a wonderful day to rest and be thankful for the week past and to contemplate and pray for wisdom, patience and courage to face the next week.
Today's Mass Readings remind us of the importance of perseverance and help from one another.  Most important we must continue to act on our faith as guided by The Holy Spirit.  Blessed are they who persist to the end.  Yes, Jesus, there will be faith on earth when you return.
It seems to be "a little known fact about a well known subject" but Jesus did not live a life of ease and comfort.  He was born to working class people and spent his life in service and affliction.  He saw The Big Picture, of course, and did not need faith, but He did do the job for which He was sent.  It is still a miracle that the All Powerful God would humiliate Himself to become one of us for the express purpose of saving us.
Our true destiny is to follow His Example (1), and to perserve in doing the right thing, always.  As He stated, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.
Peace and Best Wishes for a Great Week!

(1)  Follow Me - It is the easiest way!

From (Mrs.) AD @ USA - Published on October 19th, 2007

Regarding your communications about Ms. Kelly....

Thank you for your response in all honesty.  Reading what is published here at The M+G+R Foundation will not interfere with my journey to the Lord.

My Will is to follow The Father and to discern through The Holy Spirit.

We are all walking the same "walk", leading to the same goal...Heaven!
God bless!


From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on October 16th, 2007
[Feast of Mary's Purity (1) ]

May Our Lord continue to bless your efforts and may His Grace shine upon all who encounter the web site of The M+G+R Foundation... would please me very much to be included among those receiving messages directed to your  "Very Select List"... I struggle (2) with certain "desires of the flesh"  notably the pleasure I derive from certain limited expressions of crossdressing... desires that seem to be not satisfied with "just a little" but which exert never ending offers of pleasure amid suggestion to push those boundaries I set for myself just "a little further" and yet a little further still...

....but, even though I enjoy the pleasures of the moment, as it were, I am also aware of a sense of unsavoriness afterwards.... I infer these regrets to be the whispers of the Holy Spirit appealing to me to hang on (3)(4) to my sense of spirit over flesh "yet a little while ".


..your web site and its contents are a reminder that within me exists a divine nature... a receiving station for the appeals of the Holy Spirit to that "better nature"... are my first destination each morning when I set my compass for the day and I value your place in my life more than I can express to you in this world... may feel free to include these comments in a forum response such as finds favor in the Glory Of God... I forfeit all sense of shame to His Glory.


(1) Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
(2) And Jesus beholding, said to them: With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible
. [Matthew 19:26]
Do not despair, never give up! It is one step at a time.
(4) Take up your cross and follow Me - it is the easiest way.

From RC @ USA - Published on October 15th, 2007 [Memorial of St. Teresa de Jesus aka St. Teresa de Avila]

Blessings to you on This 90th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun!
"You have believed because you have seen, but blessed are they who have believed but not seen."
The world did not get the message from Fatima.  As the joke goes, "Remember World War II?  It was in all the newspapers." (1)
Today's First Reading [Joel 4: 12-21] reminds us that God will come to judge all the nations.
The Gospel reading [Luke 11: 27-28] is crystal clear, "Blessed are those who hear the word of God and act on it."
Some thoughts:
1. I was reminded at Mass today of an image from "Face Off" a Jerry Bruckheimer film (all of which are characterized by orgies of violence).  In the later part of the movie there is a huge shoot out.  One of the characters is mother to a young girl (I would guess about aged 12) whose favorite song is "Over the Rainbow" sung by Judy Garland.  Before the shoot-out begins, someone puts a set of large headphones on the young girl and starts "Over the Rainbow."  The soundtrack is strictly "Over the Rainbow" while the video shows automatic gunfire destroying everything in the apartment.  Mercifully the young girl is looking at her books and oblivious to the whole affair.  She survives, as does her mother.
I was struck by this image since it appears to me that in the forthcoming weeks or months, we too must have this child like trust and faith in God, for no one else will protect us.  Pray and stay close to God and we will be ok.  A few holy people (who prayed the Rosary daily) were protected at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; it can happen to us.
And if we don't make it?  Well, our earthly assignment was concluded and we were called home, where we really belong.
It is all good.
2. As I was leaving church, I noted a car with the following bumper stickers:
a.) Bring prayer back to schools
b.) You cannot be a Catholic and Pro-Abortion
Lee Penn is absolutely correct (2), a theology driven government, a theocracy, has got to be the worst of all worlds.  When you invoke the name of God you can do the most heinous things and few will stop you.  Rather they will jump on the bandwagon and make it worse.
There is also a bumper sticker which reads: Keep religion out of government; the last time we tried this we burned witches in Salem
For those not from the US, Salem, Massachusetts, made a big deal out of hunting down witches and burning them, all in the name of God.
We do not need anyone to tell us how to pray or how to vote, and certainly not some religious person.  Suffice it to say that religious people have a poor record for leadership.  (3)
3. It is appropriate that this 90th Anniversary fall on a Saturday.  Saturday is Mary's Day and a Day of Reparation to her Immaculate Heart. (4)  It is also a day of hopeful expectation.  Mary was the first human to teach us real faith in God.  She went through a lot, but as Jesus and Mary would both say, "Yes, but it was worth it."   Yes, I know Abraham had faith, but Mary was the one who was sent to teach us.
Peace and Best Wishes!

(1) Fatima and World War II
(2) The Return to "Christendom" : The State and Church Alliance - A False Hope for the Faithful
(3) What Went Wrong? Part I - Part II - Part III
(4)  Let us make every Saturday a Day of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

From (Mr.) IW  @ USA - Published on October 13th, 2007 [90th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima]

Your recent articles (1) when viewed against the backdrop of world events confirm, once again, that:
1. you are on target;
2. the world is simmering, about to boil;
3. scriptures must be fulfilled;
From a technical standpoint, we are in the lull or consolidation phase, just before a big move.  All the components are there and you expect it to move, but it does not.  Amateurs (like myself) think that we are wrong and often go in the wrong direction.  Pros know that you have to be patient for things will explode, and when they do, they will continue in that direction, relentlessly.  We are going to see a quantum jump.
The reason that technical analysis works is because it mirrors human behavior which has not changed since the beginning of man.  As you have stated, "In the absence of Divine Graces, man responds according to his fallen nature."
My birthday is in the middle of October.  From my perspective, I cannot remember too many good things happening in this month, or near my birthday.  In fact, I would say that October ranks as one of the worst months.  I have similar expectations for this year.  Yes, I realize that a bad attitude can be self-fulfilling, but the record for October in my life speaks for itself.

(1)  Board of Updates

From (Mr.) IW @ USA - Published on October 11th, 2007 [Feast of the  Motherhood of Mary]

Yesterday the Fed released the minutes of its last meeting and those who read tea leaves concluded that the Fed is prepared to lower interest rates again.  One of the precepts of the stock market is that it is based on perceptions, NOT REALITY.  That is, if you expect things to get better or worse, you buy or sell, not because that is the way things are.
What this means is that when your expectations are dashed, you PANIC and do a lot of crazy things, either on the buy or sell side.
Cooler heads have a plan and work the plan.  At least some have felt that the Fed would inflate the markets (to help Bush, the Republicans and the rich people).  In doing so, it is likely that inflation will worsen.  In support of this, commodities, including gold, are way up.
As you know, better than the rest of us, we are marking time and finding excuses for more excesses.  I am not impressed that the world is "pulling a Ninive" [Jonas 3: 1-10] since I don't see any in sackcloth and ashes, though some few are wearing the equivalent.  Praise God for them!  Earnings season has just begun and whatever the result, it will be "spun" to suggest that better times are ahead.
It is likely the markets will go to the sky.  And when the sky falls in, panic and calamity will usher in the New World Order that you have been announcing for years.
May God have Mercy on His Children.


From RC @ USA - Published on October 7th, 2007
[Our Lady of the Rosary]

You are indeed doing the work of Elijah.
I am sure you have helped a lot of people by your in depth explanation of why it is not proper to succumb to the "protocol" (1) of burying the Saint Joseph statue.
A few sayings and quotes come to mind:
1. Desperate people do desperate things; (2)
2. In a crisis, (3) all common sense goes out the window (ascribed to Richard M. Nixon)
3. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
What you have done and continue to do in Public Forum I  and II is show people how to go to God for all things.
Somehow we either never learned (4), or have forgotten, that God is the fountain of all goodness and everything that we will ever need comes from Him.
To know and practice this (5) is important for soon we will all need His help like never before. (6)
The most successful people think things through and have a plan.  They anticipate what is likely to happen and plan for it.  But most important, they have Plan B, C, D, etc., since life rarely goes as planned.  Praise God for sending you,  Miguel, to give to people the steps needed to "get it right" before catastrophe hits.
You have done and continue to do much good for the Children of God.


(1) See letters in Public Forum I dated October 3rd, 4th and 5th
(2) Do not despair - that is precisely what satan wants. Just seek the Will of God.
(3)  The Faith and world in crisis
(4) Why most never had a chance to learn that
(5) What Can We Do? Part I and Part II
(6) Redempting and Salvific Suffering

From LL @ USA - Published on October 4th, 2007

May the Peace of the Lord be with you always!
I would like to add some more about the St. Joseph statue being buried.

I have had my house for sale 3 times in the last few years, each time being unable to sell it. I have tried everything humanly and reasonably possible to do so, and yet it still remains unsold. I have also asked God to answer my request only if it is His Active Will for it to be sold. This is my story...
The first 6 months it was up for sale, I prayed to St. Joseph to help me sell it, but refused to bury the statue, I just thought it to be so disrespectful and the idea of putting it upside down in the ground seemed even worse to me, so i didn't do it, but i did pray a novena to him....

On the 9th day of that novena, while talking to my parish priest on an unrelated issue, a box containing a new statue was delivered to him. Since he already has so many statues, he offered it to me, without even opening the box....

I was very grateful for the unexpected gift and was even more delighted when I got home and saw that it was a statue of St. Joseph...

When my house didn't sell I took the 'gift'  as an answer to my prayer, that yes my prayer was heard , but for some unknown reason it was not God's Will to sell my home yet.
A few months later I relisted the house and tried again, this time a little more desperately, since I now knew for sure that staying in my current home was the cause of my daughter being so sick.

I sent her away to stay at my sisters house until I could find a new home for her, and she would be able to return to us... I prayed the novena again, and still refused to bury the statue.

Again there was no 'bites' and I wondered why.

This time everyone I knew started to make fun of me, including a priest friend, they all told me that my house wouldn't sell because i was being 'stubborn' and refused to bury the St. Joseph's statue.... and so foolishly, I relented.  I wanted to cry as I buried the statue, and only refused to put it upside down, like the package said, but I did bury it.

I prayed that if  it was 'wrong'  or 'disrespectful'  for God to please forgive me, that I was only doing so, in case it wasn't selling because I was just being stubborn....
The house still didn't sell, but this time God did allow me to acquire some money, in another way, which then enabled me to buy my new house.  I could now move my daughter home and she wouldn't be sick anymore... I may not  understand why my old house didn't sell, but I am soooo grateful that God saw fit to answer my prayer, even though it was in a different way than I expected.
Our new house is everything and WAY MORE than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for, and looking back over the last 3 years I can see that God was 'taking care of me' so much more than I had even realized.
If my house had sold the first or second time I listed it, it would have been disastrous, because I wouldn't have been led here, to my new home. I would have mistakenly bought one of the other houses that I had tried so hard to buy, but was unable to because my house didn't sell in time. God graciously 'blocked' the sale, despite my pleading and my not understanding, so I would be where He wants me to be....
And so here I am now for the third time, again trying to sell my house so that I won't keep making two mortgage payments since I am now also currently out of work. No one has even looked at my house for the last two months....

I again have prayed, and have still wondered why it has not sold, although this time, even though I still can't see what His plan might be, it is much easier to trust Him after all He has taught and given me....
I asked God the other day if it was something I did or didn't do, that might be the reason for the hold up, ...the next day I received your email about the Blue Army...

Upon reading your email, dread and fear filled me... I had disappointed my Lord again... I immediately rushed to my old house to dig the statue up, pleading with God and St. Joseph to forgive me, realizing what a fool I was to have listened to others, despite 'knowing their faces'  I didn't trust that the Holy Spirit was prompting me not to do it, because it was wrong.

I am so mad at myself, how could I fall for something so obvious...
I have tried with no success and then tried again with someone else helping me, but i still can't find that statue, even though i know exactly where I buried it!!
I asked God to forgive me, and must trust that He has.

The next day someone called my home asking me  if I would be able to volunteer that weekend at their church,  the caller ID displayed 'St. Joseph', as that was the church they were calling from!!! Of course I said yes and have hoped that my volunteering somehow atoned for my foolishness and inability to find that statue.
Then yesterday I was in a  discussion with a friend about something unrelated, but needed to use your document on 'divination' to make my point to her... now today I see that you have posted in the public forum, another persons story about the St. Joseph statue, and used the divination document as a footnote to make your point, I didn't think it a coincidence, so I am writing you in hopes of somehow giving God the Glory He so deserves, and to show how faithful and Merciful Our God is, even when we are so stupid...
I still don't know' whether God will allow my old house to be sold, but I will refuse to worry. I  know that He has not  taken me this far, and taught me so much, to let me go now.

So it no longer matters to me if He wants my house sold or not. I know He Will take care of me,  and so I am just grateful, even if I don't understand how and what He is doing. I will just keep praying that His Active Will be done in my life. You are right, God's Active Will is like 'having your cake and eating it too, without even gaining weight'
Thank you again, for allowing God to use you, to help me to learn what I needed to. You always remain in my prayers, and on my list of people to be grateful for...

love, peace, and blessings


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