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February 2005

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The purpose of Points to Ponder About was to stimulate thinking that would draw the disoriented Faithful back to God and away from the hypocritical duplicity of some religious institutions which are destroying the little faith left on earth. (For a more detailed explanation, see Points to Ponder About - Purpose). What used to be posted in this section has been integrated in For Your Information and Reference.

Note: This 'Point to Ponder About' section was prepared in the years 2005-2009. Some linked documents external to this domain may have been removed from the Net, or moved to different locations, since then.

Published on February 23, 2005

Do you ever wonder... Why, after a concerted and confirmed effort by European governments, U.S. and Roman Catholic leaders to remove/neutralize/disarm communist regimes Fidel Castro is still "thumbing his nose" to the U.S. from barely 90 miles away?

It has not been a secret since 1992 that the alleged Cuban Missile Crisis was a staged event - a staged event that even Castro believed and, in reality, had to watch from the sidelines like anyone else.

If one stops and really think about it - it does not make sense, does it....? Unless, of course....

Published on February 9, 2005

Do you ever wonder... Why we ask the Father, in the "Our Father", "...not lead us into temptation..." when the only one that tempts is satan?

Because... it is wrong in certain translations - English being one of them. It is correct in Portuguese, Spanish and some other languages.

It seems that our "Oh, so great Theologians" have missed it or they did not want to "rock the boat". Maybe they thought it was better to accuse the Father of being a tempter than to acknowledge yet another mistake.

God tests us - and we should be eternally grateful to Him for that! But tempt us? Never!

Therefore, that part of Our Father in English should be changed to " not let us fall prey to temptation..."

Published on February 3, 2005

Do you ever wonder... Why Mary is called Ever (before, during and after The Birth) Virgin? Because She Is!

(a) Before: She was reserved from before Her own birth to be the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.
(b) After: To have had marital relations with dearest Joseph would have been tantamount of committing adultery against Her Spouse - the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine? A case of adultery involving the Daughter, Mother and Spouse of God? It is something that does not even enter the realm of consideration.
(c) During: Well, that is for us to know for a fact, and for you to find out after you cross the veil. In the meantime - believe it as an Act of Faith!

As an act of fraternal love, we recommend to one and all - Christians and not Christians alike: Do not ever "short change" Mary for behind Her stands the Most Holy Trinity, Whose existence does not depend on whether one believes it or not and to Whom all creatures are accountable to without exception - satan included!

Just do not fall for another "apple story" (as Eve did).

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