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Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Real?


Up to February 6th, 2012, we had every circumstantial proof that such crisis was not real but a staged sham. Now we can ascertain and prove, without a shred of a doubt, that indeed the alleged crisis was a staged sham.

We must qualify the statement - staged sham - however.

It was a "sham" because the world never was at the edge of a nuclear war as every talking head in the world claim. Yes, missiles were in Cuba; yes, Khrushchev was doing this to use it as a bargain chip (but with no intent of starting a nuclear war); and, yes, President Kennedy knew with absolute certainty that he could push Khrushchev as far and as hard as he wished, so complete was the information possessed by the US command about the "goings and comings" of the leadership of the Soviet Empire. 

A NOTE, added at the end of this document, dated February 6, 2012, will explain the details of such overwhelming confirmation.


 We realized that we had not been clear enough about the message that we convey in this document when originally published in 1999. Therefore, we wish to make it perfectly clear now.

[1] We do not deny that there were missiles in Cuba and more on their way.

[2] What we deny is that there was a crisis. The opportunity arose or, as it is being published by German sources, the opportunity was allowed to arise, to stage a needed crisis.

Five important and clarifying NOTES are posted at the end of the document. Dated: October 16, 2002, September 8, 2007, October 21, 2008, December 28, 2009 and February 6, 2012.


Consider that...

John F. Kennedy was the first [and only] Roman Catholic man elected President of the United States of America [1960].

President Kennedy endorsed the Bay of Pigs invasion to Cuba in April 1961. At the very last moment, just before the troops were to land at the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy canceled the support of the U.S. troops at the insistence of his brother Robert F. Kennedy, then Attorney General of the U.S.

Sometime later, President Kennedy, while addressing the Cuban community in exile, acknowledged his personal responsibility for the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion and the ensuing problems stemming from its failure. He apologized and handsomely made it up to the Cuban community in exile. [Had he come to the realization that he and his brother Robert had been tricked into such cancellation as part of a greater conspiracy?]

The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 has been considered the closest the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. came to engage in a Nuclear War.

However, the Emergency Command Center of the U.S., Mt. Weather, was not placed on alert as it should have been by those who were responsible of doing so, had the crisis been a real one. (1) & (2)

Keep in mind: The function, and sole purpose, of  the Emergency Command Center at Mt. Weather was to allow the U.S. government to function in case of a nuclear threat/attack thus "preventing our return to the stone age", paraphrasing Mr. Bourassa.

Important NOTES Added After Its Original Publication

Added on October 16, 2002

 Once again, the Missile Crisis of October 1962, which allegedly took the world to the brink of nuclear war, is on the news. Never mind that the Emergency Command Center was never placed on alert... literally screaming "foul play".

 We have just learned that the Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb in their Embassy at Washington, D.C. in 1961. President Kennedy knew about it. (5)

Another concrete proof that, even if there were indeed missiles in Cuba, the "Crisis" was just a staged act like the world may be witnessing again today.

Added on September 8, 2007

We have providentially encountered a third physical confirmation that the Missile Crisis of October 1962 was a staged event. This third physical confirmation (see NOTE of October 16, 2002 above for second physical confirmation) is in the form of  a listing found in the Clock Timeline.

This Global Security & News Analysis page is not your average "Internet Tabloid" as you will see when you visit their page or review  their Board membership. (3)

In this Clock Timeline page (4) they indicate their assessment as to how close the world is to Midnight - Midnight being the time for a nuclear holocaust. As you will see, there is no listing for the year 1962 although they have many other events/years listed when much less important events that impacted the probabilities for a nuclear holocaust, took place.

Added on October 21, 2008

President Kennedy's temperament has been defined by his ingenuity and cool head during the Cuban missile crisis, yet that was not his standard profile.

"There was a tendency to put off decisions, whether it was foreign or domestic policies ... to maintain as many options as you can." notes historian David Coleman of the Miller Center of Public Affairs. (*)

God has just delivered the one part missing: President Kennedy was part of the proven staged crisis.  Obviously, he was part of the charade - thus the uncharacteristic cool and steady hand.

(*)  News Report

Added on December 28, 2009

Since time disfigures the facts stored in our memory banks, you may see them again as they occurred in this series of news clips courtesy of YouTube. [Video no longer available; Sept. 2021]

Added on February 6, 2012

Providentially, we stumbled upon a book (6) which factually confirmed that the Missile Crisis was no more than a staged act. So far, we only had as concrete proof the article on Time magazine (2) which reported that the Emergency Command Center of the U.S., Mt. Weather, was not placed on alert as it should have been by those who were supposed to activate it were the crisis had been a real one.

In said book we "met" for the first time ever, Oleg Penkovsky, a top military Soviet intelligence officer.

Oleg Penkovsky went from a Russian World War II military hero, to becoming America's best human intelligence asset in the Soviet Union. He believed that Nikita Khrushchev's leadership was taking the Soviet Union onto the path of destruction.

Penkovsky was the highest level Soviet officer to ever spy for the United States or British Intelligence. The Penkovsky case is considered to have been the most successful Cold War espionage operation.

Penkovsky allowed the administrations of President Eisenhower and President Kennedy to bypass the bluster and rhetoric of Nikita Khrushchev, and to know the true facts concerning Soviet military preparedness. The files (7) indicate that Penkovsky's acts of espionage were able to accurately define for the United Sates the limitations of Soviet power. Through Penkovsky, the United States learned of the number of nuclear missiles the Soviets held and where, as well as their many technical difficulties.

Soviet GRU (military intelligence) documents, provided by Penkovsky to the U.S., exposed the friction among the Soviet high command over long term Soviet military strategy.

It turns out that President Kennedy and his top aides were absolutely sure, thanks to Penkovsky, that Khrushchev would not go into war for that or any other reason since they would lose the war "on the first round" The Soviets just did not have the nuclear capabilities to match those of the U.S.

This was known by the US top command since July 1962, although Kennedy acted out the drama on a televised statement on October 22.

Therefore, Kennedy was on very solid and secure ground when he issued his ultimatums to Khrushchev. He knew, because of Penkovsky, that Khrushchev's threats were hollow. No wonder the Emergency Command Center was not activated as we pointed out in 1992

As gesture of good will towards Khrushchev (to help Khrushchev save face and give this monumental sham some respectability) Kennedy agreed to remove the US missiles from Turkey. Why not? after all, the U.S. could still pulverize the Soviet Union without the missiles in Turkey.

Kennedy also promised, in "exchange" to keep his hands off Cuba which, of course, has been used as the excuse as to why the U.S. has never booted the Castro brothers and their pathetic revolution from Cuba.

(1) TIME August 10, 1992. Cover
(2) TIME August 10, 1992. p. 36
Key quotations from pg. 36:
Only once the facility (Mt. Weather) go on full alert - on Nov. 9, 1965, when a power failure darkened much of the Northeast. Bourassa (first head of Mt. Weather and its reliability) says he feared at the time that it was the result of a surgical nuclear strike.... Bourassa also put the facility on a high state of readiness following Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Surprisingly, Mount Weather was not put on alert during the Cuban missile crisis, though the situation was monitored closely.
(2a) See NOTE added on October 21st, 2008
(3) Board membership of Global Security & News Analysis.
(4) Clock Timeline page
(5) The Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb in their Embassy in Washington, D.C. TIME, November 12, 2001. p. 31
(6) "Los Espias Que Estremecieron Al Siglo", pp. 141-155 by F. M. Laínez, Ediciones Corona Borealis, ISBN: 978-84-92635-19-1
(7) Source

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