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There is nothing else we can do to further alert the World


Miguel de Portugal, through The M+G+R Foundation, has issued a great number of Documents (1) alerting the religious and lay world about the establishment of a One/New World/International Order (2) and the One/Universal Religion (3) as well as other conspiracies (4).

Many have dismissed those warnings because the physical proof in the world of that reality, through denial, is overlooked, thus ignored. Now, Providentially, we have been presented with the How to Achieve It outline in concrete form.


The purpose of this document is to provide the religious and lay world with such concrete outline which dates back to March 20th, 1969. No longer the decay of the world can be blamed on random events or 'naturally occurring progress'. It is the conspiracy that we have been denouncing on-line for over twenty years.

It will now become crystal clear that humanity has not left God any other option but to Reset Creation (in the way He will dispose of it, and not in the way some want to force it), as he has clearly announced, with insistence, through Mary.

If with the additional information which we are now publishing, the faithful and laity wishes to ignore this reality, there is nothing else that we can do, nor there is anything else God expects Miguel de Portugal to do regarding this matter [Ezechiel 3:17-21].

It is no longer our concern nor our responsibility any more that it was Jesus' concern about those who could not understand His parables:

"...lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." [Matthew 13:15]


God placed in our hands the concrete proof of the plans to establish a One/New World/International Order and the One/Universal Religion. This step by step outline dates back to March 20, 1969, although satan's original plan goes further back (5).

This revelation should confirm to the unbeliever the existence, scope and direction of a conspiracy which is revealed by an insider, Dr. Richard Day, who was the Chairman of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh from about 1959-1964, and then Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The key outline was delivered by Dr. Day at The Pittsburgh Pediatric Society in March of 1969.

The document that we are making available to our readers [see Section "The Transcription of the Tapes" at the end of this document] is a transcript of three tapes of reminiscences of the speech given on March 20, 1969 by Dr. Richard Day, an Illuminati insider, and made by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan a witness to the speech. The tapes were provided by Randy Engel, National Director of the US Coalition for Life, in 1988.

Dr. Dunegan attended a medical meeting on March 20, 1969, where Dr. Richard Day made “off the record” remarks during the address at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to students and health professionals, who were destined to be leaders in medicine and health care.

Dr. Day, who died in 1989, was at the time Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and was previously the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

In Tape III, an interview by Randy Engel, Dr. Dunegan details Dr. Day's credentials. These clearly show that Dr. Day was an establishment insider privy to the overarching plan of the Elite Group which rules the Western world and which is working toward the creation of a World Dictatorship.

This proposed global tyranny is usually called the New World Order and will comprise a secular as well as a spiritual component – a One World Government and a One World Religion. This plan can be accurately described as Lucifer's Totalitarian World Empire.

Before he began his talk, Dr. Day asked everyone to turn off all tape recorders and stop taking notes so that he could tell them, the prospective leaders of organized medicine, what was going to happen in the future. Dr. Dunegan sensed that Dr. Day's message would be important, ignored the request and took notes on a set of table napkins. He later organized and expanded those notes, which formed the basis for the three tapes.

The notes taken by Dr. Dunegan reveal, not just what is planned for the entire population of the planet, but how this evil cabal intend to carry out their plan. Anyone who studies the plan will recognize that Dr. Day's remarks are essentially a reiteration of the secret agenda being followed by the Global Elite, the Davos organizers. This agenda includes the elimination of segments of humanity by promoting ill health and spurious medical treatments, while at the same time suppressing effective treatments for disease and deliberately introducing man-made pathogens such as AIDS into the human gene pool.

Throughout his talk, Dr. Day justified his observations by using a philosophy founded upon a spurious theory made famous by the English natural scientist, Charles Darwin (1809-82) - namely evolution by "natural selection." This is forcefully described his ardent supporter, the English philosopher and sociologist Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), as the "survival of the fittest." This dangerous ‘science’ envisages an ever increasing separation between an elite racial group and degenerate human stock – namely the masses of humanity.

This confirming information has been provided to us by Randy Engel, who has dedicated her life to fight planned parenthood, sexual abuse by the clergy and now the Opus Dei, among other crusades.

She provided to us an accurate timetable of the origin and production of the documentation that we now present through our pages. The detailed timetable:

•  Dr. Richard Day's (6) conference took place on March 20, 1969.
•  In 1988, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan recorded his recollections of the conference on two tapes.
•  In 1988, Randy Engel was told about Dr. Day's conference by Dr. Dunegan and given the two tapes recording that Dr. Dunegan had prepared.
•  A few weeks after Engel received the tapes, she interviewed Dr. Dunegan creating the third tape.
•  In 1992 Dr. Stan Monteith (7), of Radio Liberty, interviewed Dr. Dunegan generating a fourth tape which is not a part of this report.

Following are some highlights of the Table of Contents Page of the transcription of those three tapes. We are reproducing it now so that you see how important it is for you to review the entire text.

Tape I
•  There is a power, a force or a group of men organizing and redirecting change
•  Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now
•  Redirecting the purpose of sex; sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex
•  Sex education as a tool of World Government
•  Tax funded abortion as population control
•  Anything goes - Homosexuality to be encouraged
•  Families to diminish in importance
•  Euthanasia and the "Demise Pill"
•  Limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating elderly easier
•  Planning the control over medicine
•  Elimination of private doctors
•  Introducing new difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases
•  Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control
•  Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination
•  Blending all religions... The old religions will have to go
•  Changing the Bible through revision of key words
•  The churches will help us
•  Restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination
•  Controlling who has access to information
•  Some books would just disappear from the libraries
•  The encouragement of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere
•  Alcohol abuse
•  The need for more jails and using hospitals as jails

Tape II
•  No more security
•  Crime used to manage society
•  Curtailment of American industrial pre-eminence
•  Shifting populations and economies; that is, tearing the social roots
•  Sports as a tool of social change
•  Gun Control
•  Eliminating femininity
•  Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment
•  Graphic violence
•  Entertainment as a tool to change the young
•  Weather control
•  Know how people respond - making them do what you want
•  Falsified scientific research
•  Terrorism
•  Financial control
•  Surveillance implants and televisions that watch you
•  The arrival of the Totalitarian Global System
•  People will just disappear

Tape III
•  Questions & answers


Most of the revelations in the transcription of the tapes of Dr. Dunegan about Dr. Day presentation (see "The New Order of Barbarians" in the last section of this document) can be already confirmed in today's world, therefore, the rest could be taken to also be true.

Those who have been alerted by us about the One/New World/International Order and the One/Universal Religion over the years now will not have an excuse not to believe our warnings - unless they are in total denial.

If they do not, it is no longer our responsibility. Our hands are well washed of said responsibility with all the qualified warnings that we have issued since 1998 (8).

We feel sorry for them, but there is nothing else we can do.


Now that you have concrete confirmation of 'where and how' the Elite's - the Davos crowd - intends to take humanity, we place this question on the table: Do you think God will allow it?

No, He will not. He prefers to erase most of humanity from the face of the Earth lest even the Elect be lost.

If you doubt it, you still can read a historical refresher (9) that the warnings from God through Mary are very real.

If you still not believe us, it is no longer our concern nor our responsibility any more that it was Jesus' concern about those who could not understand His parables:

"...lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." [Matthew 13:15]


The outline of the plan to provoke the decline of the World (and the consequent takeover by an elite) that Dr. Day, an Illuminati initiate, recounted in his 1969 speech, has come to our hands thanks to the work of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan (a first-hand listener to Dr. Day's speech) and Randy Engel.

Randy Engel transcribed the oral testimony of Dr. Dunegan, giving it the form of a long article, "The New Order of Barbarians" (10), which we have divided in three parts, formatted for on-line reading and made accessible through the following links:

The New Order of Barbarians

The Plan for The New World System as revealed in 1969

A transcription of the tapes of Dr. Dunegan about Dr. Day presentation

The New World Order – In Conclusion

An insider of the "Order" speaks

Transcript of Tape I
“There is a power, a force or a group of men organizing and redirecting change”

Transcript of Tape II
Tearing the social roots • Financial control • Surveillance implants

Transcript of Tape III
Questions & answers

(1) Religious and Political Alleged Conspiracies
(2) One/New World/International Order
(3) One/Universal Religion
(4) Proven Conspiracies
(5) The Illuminati - Fact or Fiction?
(6) Dr. Richard Day
(7) Dr. Stan Monteith
(8) Index of The M+G+R Foundation Documents
(9) A historical refresher that the warnings from God through Mary are very real
(10) Original Transcript from Randy Engel

En Español: El Nuevo Orden Mundial - En Conclusión

Published on January 26th, 2019

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