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About Warning and Miracle Announced at Garabandal

They Will Not Come to Pass

The Reasons

Originally published in September 2010
Reissued in February 2023


On August 19, 2010, we issued a statement that announced, among other things:

Please be advised that: The Warning, Miracle and Sign announced at the time of the Garabandal phenomena at San Sebastián de Garabandal, Spain, between 1961 and 1965 will not come to pass in the manner in which they were announced then.

The world is heading, without further ado,
directly into the Chastisement, which was also conditionally announced in Garabandal and Akita, and which we have independently confirmed several times since 1992.

As the result of said announcement we received a letter from a close collaborator to The M+G+R Foundation. We have used said letter, and our response, to shed some more light on such potentially controversial announcement.


The above-mentioned letter follows

During the 1990s, as I was on my way in to the Catholic Church, I learned of the prophecies of the universal Warning, an illumination of conscience in which everyone would learn of the true condition of their soul and the nature of their sins. (i)

From 1999 onward, as I began to visit your site and saw the sequence of end-time events as you laid them out, (ii) I took it as a certainty that these miraculous, earth-shaking events would occur as prophesied by the Garabandal seers. And yet, as I understood the rest of the sequence of events, with the deceptions to be offered by the False Christ, I wondered several things:

(a) these Marian and traditional prophecies, as popularly understood, indicate that all —or almost all— of those who live through the universal Warning, the Miracle and the Sign will become Catholics. Most other religions (including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) would lose most of their followers to a resurgent Church. However, it would seem that this would —if it occurred— merely allow satan to entrap a maximum number of souls with his Vatican-endorsed counterfeit of the Return of Christ.

(b) I also wondered about the nature and efficacy of the spiritual correction offered by the Warning, as popularly understood. When I put together (1) the universal correction of conscience that the Warning would offer, with (2) the widespread acceptance of the False Christ and his allies, it seemed strange that God would fail to effectively warn people of the spiritual trap that would soon be posed by satan for the faithful.

Your recent announcement —that the Warning, Miracle, and Sign most likely will not be manifested publicly and for all mankind, as popularly expected— resolved these questions for me.

(1) If there is no universal Warning that would push every almost every survivor into the Catholic Church, then the true followers of God in each of the other faiths are likely to remain where they were. The continuation of Protestant and Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and other faiths will limit the audience for the Vatican’s False Christ.

(2) If there is no universal Warning and “judgment in miniature”, I do not have to wonder why most of the survivors do not receive —or heed— a Divine warning against the imminent peril of the False Christ.

Now I can understand it:

Because the rest of mankind has been left with the freedom of conscience to stay outside the Vatican’s sway ... the Jews say, “Feh! That goy, that Aryan impostor, is not from the House of David. You can keep that mamzer to yourselves!”

The Protestants dust off their Lutheran and Calvinist loyalties, and remember the old warnings about the papal Antichrist.

The Orthodox say “Anathema”, and “Remember 1204!” The Muslims identify the superman-like individual as Masih ad-Dajjal, and declare jihad against him. Followers of the Asian religions reject the superman-like individual as the leader of revived Western imperialism.

In short, just because mankind is not united in the “true faith”, much of mankind is protected from the False Christ because they remain loyal to their own tradition. The withholding of global miracles (such as the Warning, the Sign, and the Miracle as predicted by the Garabandal seers) is thus an act of Divine Mercy.



(i) For example
(ii) The Sequence of Events

Our Response

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

The “theo-logic” you utilize is correct for that is the way God has worked with humanity since there is recorded history. To better illustrate what we are saying, let us go back to the events at Fátima (1).

Mary did not say that there was going to be a second world war, nor did She say that communism was going to essentially engulf the world. Even though Mary knew that such events were going to happen (She lives in Eternity, where all has been finished (2)). She described those scenarios as conditional events. The conditions were left in the hands of mankind. The conditions were not fulfilled (1) and the events took place just as She described.

Let us move forward now to Garabandal. All throughout that time, the Second Vatican Council (3) was trying to bring the Imperial Church to heel – the heel of Jesus Christ (4). The Marian nature/purpose of said Council could not have been more graphically symbolized than by the gold rose Paul VI sent as a gift to Mary in Fátima (remember Rosa (Rose) Mystica (5) and the purpose of He manifestations?) and proclaiming Mary, Mother of the Church, at the end of the Council.

If the clear intent of the Second Vatican Council —the softening of the Apocalypse— had been fulfilled with John Paul I moving the Church in the new direction given by the Second Vatican Council, the conditional events such as the Warning, Miracle and Sign announced in Garabandal, may have been made manifest to all. Instead, he was murdered, opening the doors to the antiChrist (6) and the eventual manifestation of the False Christ (7).

Anyone who has an inkling of the Divine methods and logic and is familiar with Sacred History, as revealed by the Holy Scriptures —not the Roman Catholic Church’s version or the visionary in vogue— would see the “theo-logic” in your evaluation and conclusions.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this matter for those who Eyes to See, see, and those who Have Ears to Hear, hear.


This announcement should in no way —directly or indirectly— cast a doubt on the events of Garabandal which, without a doubt, were real and from Heaven. However, we all must remember that the Garabandal phenomena was not concluded when Mary revealed those dates, which were obviously conditional, and depended on how those who were entrusted with the Evangelization of His children acted. (8).

We suggest that the guidelines on “What to do?” that we published long ago (9) be taken out from the “Hope (it doesn’t happen) Chest” and followed, now.

(1) The Official Chronology of the Fátima Events
(2) About Time and Eternity
(3) Debunking the anti Second Vatican Council Myth - Part I and Part II
(4) The obvious reason for the Second Vatican Council
(5) Rosa Mystica
(6) The AntiChrist
(7) The False Christ
(8) The manipulation of revealed dates
(9) What can we do? Part 1 and Part 2

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Published on September 29, 2010, in Honor of the Great Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael - European Union • Reissued on March 3, 2023

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