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There IS Salvation Outside the Roman Catholic Church

We Can Confirm It Using the Holy Scriptures

As Well As the Vatican's Own
Dominus Iesus

[Yes; using the same document in which they pretend to prove that there is no Salvation outside "The Church"]

Part I (0)

NOTE: When we use the term "Catholic Church" in this document and others of this series (0), it does not refer exclusively to the Roman Catholic Church. We utilize the term "Catholic Church" in the manner that it was intended. "Catholic" = "Universal", that is the Church founded by Jesus Christ to serve as a universal instrument to spread the Good News and assist His children to return to the Father.


The purpose of this document:

(a) Is not to contradict the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the only avenue to the salvation of man;

(b) Is not to contradict the fact that He founded the Catholic (Universal) Church;

(c) Is not to contradict the fact that the Bishop of Rome has been the acknowledged Successor of Peter until recently.

To contradict any of the above facts would be like negating the fact that the sun rises at dawn and sets at dusk.

So... What is then the purpose of this document?

The purpose of this document is to:

(a) Identify why the Evangelization effort by the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church has failed;
(b) Point it out in the spirit of the document Dominus Iesus;
(c) Indicate what it will lead to; and
(d) Suggest what can the faithful, at large, do about it.


The need for the confirmation by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, that Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is the only vehicle for the salvation of man (1) - and not the Roman Catholic Church - explains the wave of disharmony originally caused by such document within Ecumenical circles and other religions of the world.

If 2,000 years after the Incarnate Word of God founded His Church, commanded it to Evangelize the world and equipped it with true supernatural powers (2), over 80% of the world population is not Christian, and those who called themselves Christians have been fighting, bickering and, in too many cases, murdering each other in the Name of God, there is obviously a problem somewhere, and we know, with great certainty, that God is not part of the problem.

Since God is not the problem, it is obvious that the root of the problem is man's arrogance, his Imperial Ego, which is fueled by the Prince of Arrogance - satan himself.


A man, when shaving with a razor blade, looks into a mirror. Otherwise, he will lacerate his face. Likewise, a surgeon cannot conduct a surgical procedure blindfolded.

Then, let us, members of the Body of Christ and the true constituents the true Catholic Church, look closely into the mirror so that we may be able to identify the problems which have plagued the Evangelization effort in the last 2,000 years.

At the first close look, we will be horrified. The reflected image is grotesque but, there is hope. God is indeed with us, the Catholic Faith has a treasure trove filled with the Sacraments and God wants to help us to bring out the beauty of Christ, as reflected by the Catholic Faith, as it was originally intended.

Why identify the problems now? Because then, and only then, we can correct the errors that we have perpetuated and move forward to the full fraternal unity which Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, called us to.

Drifting Away From the Roman Catholic Church
(and consequently the Catholic Faith and eventually God)

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the problem is reprinting below translated excerpts of a letter miguel de Portugal wrote to the Portuguese Episcopate on November 1993. (3)

Recently there have been many debates and reports regarding the rapid spread of religious sects in Portugal. It is reported that the Bishop of Setubal (4) declared that the Portuguese Church has to find new ways to counter head-on the religious sects."

As with any problem, if there is not a good definition of the problem, it cannot be resolved. The question that we must ask ourselves in Portugal and in the whole world is: Why are the faithful abandoning the Roman Catholic Church and flocking to sect-like religious organizations and other Christian institutions.

The definition is not difficult:

(a) Whomever is not fed in one place, abandons it for another one where nourishment is promised;
(b) Whomever is thirsty and cannot find water where he is at, abandons it for the place where water is promised;
(c) Whomever searches for the truth in the Roman Church and all he sees are lies and hypocrisy, abandons the Church and will go to the first place where the truth is promised.

Let us take one single case as an example. "How does the youth views the Catholic Church?

(a) If they attend Mass... they do not understand the miracle which is taking place... In addition homilies are seldom directed toward their immediate needs. Then, why would they want to attend Mass?
(b) They see their parents piously attending Mass on Sundays and then witness them... idolizing the material world and indiscriminately breaking the Laws of God the rest of the time.
(c) They see that their shepherds, the clergy... more immersed in the material world than they (the youth) themselves are.
(d) They witness so many people who live in mortal sin and yet take Holy Communion without the required Sacrament of Reconciliation.
(e) On the one hand they are told about the Eucharist Presence of Jesus Christ... and witness that... the majority of the Clergy and the adults faithful do not give it... reverence...

If that is the respect that the ecclesiastic, family and social leaders of the youth give to the Living God, it is logical that the youth not be very impressed with that "God".

With the above general review of the key causes behind the dwindling of the ranks of faithful and vocations, let us stand a few steps further back and look at the Administration of the Catholic Church as a religious institution.


Function of the Hierarchy

The Function of the Hierarchy is clearly and unequivocally stated in the Holy Scriptures. (5)

Then the twelve (apostles), calling together the multitude of the disciples, said: It is not reason that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. ...look ye out among you seven men..., whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

Unfortunately, the Hierarchy seem to have lost their way centuries ago and considered that it was more important to build up the Roman Catholic Church by temporal means than by spiritual means. Thus, at the Christianization of Emperor Constantine the Catholic Church began its journey to become an Imperial temporal force, the Roman Catholic Church, to the detriment of its charter to Evangelize the world.

The Dominus Iesus Document Reflects an Imperial Church

Some elements within the Vatican, in keeping with centuries old inbred philosophy of operation, seems to be more interested in making sure that the Roman Catholic Church retained its Imperial Supremacy than to portray it as what it really is: The best equipped vehicle available on earth to bring mankind to God through Jesus Christ.

True words poured as a torrent through the Dominus Iesus Document, yet the Elitist Imperial Spirit of the Opus Dei (6a) permeated the entire document pushing people away instead of drawing them to the fold, thus, causing great distress to His Holiness John Paul II.

Dear brothers and sisters - when one has a good "product", a "product" endorsed and promoted in the spiritual domain by the Creator Who sustains an awesome Universe, and no one is "buying" it, and many are actively rejecting, there has to be a problem in the "promotion and/or perception of the product".

Many leaders within the Roman Catholic Church have lost control and sight of the reality that the Catholic Church was established for man and not that man was created for the Roman Catholic Church. If man had not fallen from Paradise, obviously the Catholic Church would not be needed to help man to return to God since man already lived in communion with God in Paradise. Therefore, it is a theological fact that the Catholic Church was established for man.

What has been done is essentially deify the human Institution - that is, deify the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church. This trend has reached scandalous levels and, in essence, is blocking many from partaking of the Sacraments which are part of the Catholic Faith.

For Example

As Dominus Iesus rightfully teaches, Jesus Christ is the Head of the Catholic Church. The members of the Catholic Church constitute the rest of the Body of Christ. Therefore we are a "Whole" - The Mystical Body of Christ.

The Virgin Mary was declared the Mother of the Church (6b). Absolute truth: She is the Mother of Jesus and He, from the cross, gave us to Her as Her children. Thus, the Head and the rest of the Body - the entire Mystical Body of Christ, is indeed Mary's child.

For the purposes of the Imperial agenda, the Roman Catholic Church is being promoted as the Mother of the faithful more and more. "Mother"? The Roman Catholic Church? If Mary is the Mother of the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church is the Mother of the faithful, does that make Mary the grandmother of the faithful?

Is this just another Imperial slip?

No, it is not a slip. It is a very calculated procedure. Our true Mother, the ever Virgin Mary, has now been supplanted by the Roman Catholic Church too.

Therefore, through the Imperial propaganda the human component of the Roman Catholic Church has taken the place of Christ as well as the position occupied by the Virgin Mary, our true Mother.

Out the window goes Jesus Christ, out the window goes His Most Holy Mother - and man, controlling the Roman Catholic Church, is then enthroned.

In a masterfully subtle way, and without lying, the Dominus Iesus document implies to mankind that to be saved one must go through the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, whomsoever controls the Church, controls the salvation of mankind.

What a lie! A lie like that of the Donation of Constantine whereby he allegedly donated the Roman Empire to the Pope. A lie of such magnitude that the Roman Catholic Church had no other option than to acknowledge the lie during the 19th Century.


If indeed there could not be Salvation outside the Roman Catholic Faith - given the state of the world today due to the failed Evangelization effort of the Roman Catholic Church - the majority of its past Administrators would be either in hell or in Purgatory until the End of Time. Why? The Parable of the Talents [Matthew 25: 14-30], which ends with the following verse: "And the unprofitable servant cast ye out into the exterior darkness. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.", illustrates the reason quite well.
Therefore, Rome should be very happy that there were other avenues through which souls could attain salvation through Jesus Christ, otherwise, said Administrators would compose the single largest group of souls residing in hell.


As if all of the above were not enough to show how ridiculous is the Roman Church's stance about their exclusive claim to Salvation - now echoed by the latest claimant of the Papacy - Cardinal Bergoglio, aka Francis - let us see what Jesus has to say about it though this exchange with John:

Master, we saw a certain man casting out devils in thy name, and we forbade him, because he followeth not with us. And Jesus said to him: Forbid him not; for he that is not against you, is for you. [Luke 9: 49-50]

Shame on them! This is how stupid the Roman Catholic Church Administrators think the faithful are. Nonetheless....

....The Stage is now set.


The False Prophet [the Anti Christ (7)] was enthroned - and now, out of the limelight - to make the final arrangements for the...


The identification of False Christ (8).


The Faithful may do "this" and "this".

[0] Part II - Part III - Part IV
(1) Published as a Special Insert in L'Osservatore Romano, No. 36, 6 September 2000
(2) Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father. [John 14:12]
(3) Letter also published by the Portuguese daily O PUBLICO
(4) Bishop D. Manuel Maria Martins eventually resigned his Episcopate
(5) Acts of the Apostles 6:1-4
(6a) Mr. John L. Allen, Jr., who seems to be the the unofficial media spokesman and apologist for the Opus Dei confirmed in a July 15, 2005, National Catholic Reporter article (6b) that the Opus Dei, in the form of Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz, vicar-general of Opus Dei, and thus the number two official in Opus Dei, was one of the principal authors of the 2000 document Dominus Iesus. Once again, the principle of coherence is confirmed since the original document gave the impression that it was nothing more than another Opus Dei manifesto.
(6b) H.H. Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964
(6b) National Catholic Reporter referred to article
(7) The Anti Christ
(8) The False Christ

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